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Current Leader Board:

*NCAA Bracket Standings* Michael Ballentine Michael B 128
Zach Brunner's Bracket Zach Brunner Zach B 79
Bracket rmize rmize Ryan M 76
Michael Allen's Bracket Michael Allen Michael A 73
Bracket jwisslead jwisslead James W 72
ConRyl ConRyl Connor R 71
Bracket mdewitte mdewitte Matthew D 70
M&M Marc Magana Marc M 70
Bracket sschuele sschuele 70
NickSea nlee Nick L 69
Bracket hhamilton hhamilton Hollie H 69
Bracket tross tross Tim R 56
Bracket ggarcia Gabriella Garcia Gabriella G 56
Bracket Michael Ballentine Michael Ballentine Michael B 55
Bracket dwade dwade Darin W 49
Bracket Thomas Gibbons Thomas Gibbons Thomas G 46
Bracket William Taylor William Taylor William T 46
Fitz's Bracket Scott Fitzpatrick Scott F 37


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