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NCAA Bracket Nation Contest


Welcome to the 1st Annual

NCAA Bracket Nation Contest

Presented by Vertex Sportswear!

CONTEST RULES: Entry into the contest is free! Each participant will have until March 17th at 12:15pm EDT to make any and all changes to your bracket. At 12:15pm EDT all brackets will be locked for ALL rounds. All the 1st round match-ups that you select correctly will be worth 1 point each. All the 2nd round match-ups you select correctly will be worth 2 points each.  All the 3rd round match-ups you select correctly will be worth 3 points. Each correct selection in the 4th round will be worth 4 points, and the 5th round will be worth 5 points. If you then select both teams in the final game of the tournament correctly you will receive 10 points, and if you correctly select the National Champion, you will also receive an additional 10 points. Any tie breakers for any of the 3 prizes will be decided by the total points scored by both teams in the National Title Game, without going over. Yes, this bracket takes skill, and it is a challenge. So either line it up and bury it from downtown, or sit on the bench, your choice!
RiseToYourOccasionShirt3rd place
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2nd place
Keep warm in style with this great looking durable hoodie for finishing in 2nd place!
1st place
This Colorblock Sport Duffle will have you looking like a WINNER! It features; 600 denier polyester, D-shaped zippered entry for easy access, Two large zippered pockets, Two exterior zippered pockets on front, Padded handle, Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, Two front zippered pockets, Two large side pockets, Dimensions: 13.5″h x 27.25″w x 14.5″d; Approx. 5,372 cubic inches.


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Current Leader Board:

*NCAA Bracket Standings* Michael Ballentine Michael B 128
Zach Brunner's Bracket Zach Brunner Zach B 79
Bracket rmize rmize Ryan M 76
Michael Allen's Bracket Michael Allen Michael A 73
Bracket jwisslead jwisslead James W 72
ConRyl ConRyl Connor R 71
Bracket mdewitte mdewitte Matthew D 70
M&M Marc Magana Marc M 70
Bracket sschuele sschuele 70
NickSea nlee Nick L 69
Bracket hhamilton hhamilton Hollie H 69
Bracket tross tross Tim R 56
Bracket ggarcia Gabriella Garcia Gabriella G 56
Bracket Michael Ballentine Michael Ballentine Michael B 55
Bracket dwade dwade Darin W 49
Bracket Thomas Gibbons Thomas Gibbons Thomas G 46
Bracket William Taylor William Taylor William T 46
Fitz's Bracket Scott Fitzpatrick Scott F 37


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