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3 Impacts From Impact

The countdown to Bound For Glory marched on! What moment was the most eye-popping? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The Aries Alliance (A-Double, K-Double, and Moose) was in good spirits after what they did to Johnny Impact on the previous week, but they were interrupted, strangely, by KM and Fallah Bahh, who have been taking direction from Scarlett Bordeaux in recent weeks. Interestingly, this led to Fallah receiving a World Title opportunity, with Austin Aries stating that after this, there will be no one left to challenge him. Fallah put up a good fight, but in the end, A-Double prevailed, after which he, Killer Kross, and Moose took down both Fallah and KM. However, Aries still has Johnny to deal with, as he made a vow to take the World Title from him at Bound For Glory.

Katarina continued to suffer embarrassment stemming from her actions a week prior. As we all recall, Katarina cruelly dumped Grado and revealed her affections for his best friend, Joe Hendry, only for Hendry to turn her down and voice his value of his friendship with Grado. Now fully single, the evil Katarina looked to get back to business in the Knockouts Division against Alisha Edwards, only for Grado and Hendry to appear. Hendry appeared to be apologetic and had a special music video just for her, only for the video to further voice his desire NOT to date Katarina. It was called, “Access Denied,” and the biggest thing that stuck out was Hendry referencing Katarina’s WWE gimmick as the (originally) incestuous sister of Paul Burchill! Lost in this is that Katarina got quickly rolled up and pinned by Alisha, but for the second straight week, Katarina was immensely infuriated and embarrassed.

Another match was announced for Bound For Glory, as oVe announced their plans to finally end their feud with the Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr and Fenix). It was Sami Callihan’s loss to Pentagon at Slammiversary that ended up getting Sami’s head shaved, and he would later force Dave Crist to shave his head in a show of solidarity. We have also seen Cage, the reigning X Division Champion, involved in the ongoing battle, and that led to Sami making the challenge:  oVe vs The Lucha Brothers and Cage for BFG. Most likely, this match will end the months long rivalry, and it will be a fantastic sight to see!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with Hell In A Cell.

On Raw, Nikki Bella defeated Ruby Riott, and later on, Natalya and Ronda Rousey defeated Alexa Bliss and Mickie James, only for Alexa to go after Ronda’s ribs, which suffered a bit of a beating during the match. On the following evening’s SmackDown, Charlotte defeated Sonya Deville in singles action, and she was greeting several fans following her victory when one of them assaulted her. The “fan” was none other than the evil Becky Lynch in disguise, and the Lass Kicker placed Charlotte in the Dis-Arm-Her on the entrance ramp. What was supposed to be a main event pitting Brie Bella against Maryse ended with both couples brawling, with Brie punching Miz in the face yet again.

On NXT, Shayna Baszler mercilessly defeated her opponent, and the main event saw Bianca BelAir and Nikki Cross compete to a double countout. The second episode of the Mae Young Classic saw Deonna Purrazzo, Zeuxis, Kacy Catanzaro, and Mercedes Martinez all advance to the second round, and on Lucha Underground, Ivelisse came up short in her bid to become Gift of the Gods Champion. On Impact Wrestling, Allie and Tessa had differing opinions regarding the latter being saved from Su Yung, and Alisha Edwards defeated Katarina in no time, mainly due to Katarina being embarrassed again by Joe Hendry and Grado.

Counting the mixed tag, Hell In A Cell featured a triple dose of women’s action, beginning with Becky Lynch defeating Charlotte to capture the SmackDown Women’s Championship for the second time! The victory comes just over two years after Becky became the first SD Women’s Champion, and she refused Charlotte’s show of sportsmanship after the match. Later on, The Miz and Maryse defeated Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, with Maryse pinning Brie, and Ronda Rousey’s first title defense was a successful one against Alexa Bliss.

There were rumors entering the event that WWE may pull off a double turn between Becky and Charlotte, with Charlotte turning villainous due to fans viewing the Queen as the antagonist in this situation. However, from what was shown on SD and at the PPV, it still appears that Becky is the true villainess of this angle. Charlotte, IMO, is a more natural heel than Becky, but I think a heel Becky would be different, and from what I and others witnessed, it looks like that will be the plan going forward. Becky and Charlotte will face off in a title rematch at WWE Super Show-Down on October 6 in Australia.

Every time I see Ronda and Nattie celebrating, I always think, “When is Nattie turning on Ronda?” There was a plan months ago for Natalya to turn heel against Ronda, but I believe that WWE backed out on it slightly out of respect for Nattie following the loss of her father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, as it would be in bad taste to portray Natalya as a villainess so soon after the tragedy. The aforementioned Super Show-Down will see Ronda aligned with the Bellas against the Riott Squad, and I suspect that will lead to Ronda’s rumored match against (more likely) an evil Nikki Bella at Evolution. If WWE does turn Natalya, it will most likely be after Evolution–months after–and regarding her motive, the villainous Natalya could express jealousy of Ronda’s rise and popularity, with the claim that she “created” Ronda.

Happy birthday to former WWE talent Audrey Marie, who turns 30 this Monday! Audrey Marie is known for being part of the early stages of the current NXT; back when it was FCW. She reigned as FCW Women’s Champion and was part of the transition to NXT, which saw her on the losing end of a number of matches in 2012. Audrey later turned heel and began her first big angle with Sasha Banks, attacking Sasha and revealing herself as the “secret admirer” who sent her various notes. Audrey’s villainous motivation was jealousy of Sasha, who began rising while Audrey was out injured, leading to Audrey’s victory over Sasha later on. She was released from WWE in mid-2013, and competed at a Queens of Combat event a year later, losing to Heather Patera. It would be her last match to date, as Audrey is enjoying retirement, as well as a marriage to Matt Clement–aka WWE superstar Tyler Breeze.

A new week begins with the aftermath of Hell In A Cell on Raw and SmackDown, as well as Episode 3 of the Mae Young Classic! Until next week!

3 Impacts From Impact

The NFL had it’s Opening Day, but Impact was explosive as well! Who delivered the biggest clutch play? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Impact saw matches being made for Bound For Glory, and the biggest one came in the main event segment. It began with Moose explaining his actions from the previous week, and he stated that he joined Austin Aries and Killer Kross because Eddie Edwards was never there for him. Moose claimed that he was always at Eddie’s side when his beating at the hands of Sami Callihan turned into an obsession with him, and also ballooned into problems with Tommy Dreamer and problems in his marriage. Yet, according to Moose, Eddie was not there for him following his loss to Aries and the bad aftermath that befell him, and it was Aries who contacted him and told him that he could be a big star if he could only ignore the fans. It was after this that Johnny Impact appeared and announced that he will challenge Aries for the World Title at BFG, and this news (while expected) had me elated. Johnny ended up laid out by the villainous triumvirate, but BFG still should see Johnny victorious and finally capture the World Title, especially to promote his upcoming appearance on Survivor.

A Knockout turned heel for the first time in this calendar year, and to no surprise, it was Katarina who made the swerve. Many (myself included) had Katarina turning heel the very second after her unlikely relationship with Grado began, and the prediction was turned up once Joe Hendry entered the fray. Despite Eli Drake planting seeds of doubt into Grado regarding Katarina and Hendry, all was well and Grado and Hendry were teamed up against the Desi Hit Squad. At some point, Grado decided to tag himself in after Hendry fought the Squad, but he couldn’t finish the job and the Squad ended up winning. Katarina berated Grado after the match, telling him that she never loved him and that she was in love with Hendry. Now, a lot of us figured that Katarina and Hendry would become a villainous couple, but to my surprise, after Katarina kissed Hendry, she ended up turned down. Hendry voiced his value of his friendship with Grado, and in response, the evil Katarina slapped Hendry and walked off. So if the character statuses hold up, it looks like Grado and Hendry will remain as a tag team, while Katarina returns to the Knockouts Division as a heel. There have been some fans wanting Katarina to bring back her evil Winter character, but I don’t think that will happen.

As I stated before, Impact was beginning the build to Bound For Glory, and the very first match made for the event will see the end of the LAX/OGz war. In a segment that could draw comparisons to The Godfather, Konnan and King met with the commission, who stated that the violence went too far when King accidentally struck a young boy named Richie with his car. With that, it was decided that the two sides will battle it out for the last time in an all out war at Bound For Glory, and this time, Konnan and King will be part of this bout. The scene was an epic one, no doubt, and I think this match at BFG will be epic as well, especially with Konnan and King involved.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up (September 9, 2018)

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

Raw featured three women’s matches, the first being the Bellas returning to the ring and defeating the Riott Squad’s Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. Next up, Alexa Bliss, who will have her rematch against Ronda Rousey, defeated Natalya with Ronda’s arm bar submission, and thirdly, Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Dana Brooke and Ember Moon. After the match, Dana–frustrated with the poor coaching of Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews, had enough and decided to quit Titus Worldwide–after nearly a year as the group’s statistician. Wow!Image result for smackdown live Naomi and Asuka

On SmackDown, Charlotte and Becky Lynch had their war of words leading to their title encounter at Hell In A Cell, and Naomi defeated Peyton Royce, only for both IIConics to attack the former SD Women’s Champion. Naomi would have backup in the form of Asuka, who took out both Aussies. The show ended with Carmella accompanying R-Truth as he defeated The Miz, after which Brie and Daniel Bryan got their hands on their foes. Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega’s attempt to interfere resulted in the pair being on the receiving end of simultaneous Yes Locks.


On Wednesday, Kairi Sane won her first match as NXT Women’s Champion, and fought off against an assault by former champion Shayna Baszler. After NXT went off the air, the 2nd annual Mae Young Classic got underway, with Tegan Knox, Rhea Ripley, Lacey Lane, and Meiko Satomura becoming the first four women to advance in the tournament. Lucha Underground saw an interesting exchange between Melissa Santos and Catrina, and the next night’s Impact was full of interesting developments. Katarina turned heel and dumped Grado, and revealed her affections for Joe Hendry, only to be turned down. Tessa Blanchard’s first title defense against Su Yung was successful, but she had to be saved by Allie and Kiera Hogan, as she was almost placed in a coffin by Su.

So much happened on screen and off-screen, there were plenty of announced women’s matches for WWE. First off, Mickie James vs Lita was announced for Evolution, giving the event a grand total of seven matches. Other than this match, the four championship matches will take place, along with Alexa vs Trish and the MYC final. Two matches were announced for WWE’s Super ShowDown in Australia, as a second SmackDown Women’s Championship contest between Charlotte and Becky was set, and the event will see the IIConics face off in their homeland against Asuka and Naomi! Wow, what a week!

Image result for mixed match challenge 2018

This week also saw the announcement that the popular Mixed Match Challenge will return. 10 teams will participate in this year’s tournament, which will include many returning pairings, such as defending champions The Miz and Asuka, and the immensely popular Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss. Married couples Jimmy Uso and Naomi will team up again, as will Rusev and Lana. The six new pairings include reigning champions AJ Styles (WWE Champion) and Charlotte Flair (SD Women’s Champion), Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox, Kevin Owens and Natalya, Bobby Lashley and Sasha Banks, Finn Balor and Bayley, and my favorite, R-Truth and Carmella. That team was formed as a result of the hilarious SD segments that would see Truth attempt to challenge Carmella to matches for a title shot, and the events of this past Tuesday was done to promote the team, which may result in a face turn for Carmella. The MMC returns on September 18.

A new week begins with the final countdown to Hell In A Cell on Raw and SmackDown. Also, the first round of the Mae Young Classic continues this Wednesday! Until next week!

3 Impacts From Impact (Redefined Edition)

An explosive and shocking Redefined edition of Impact is over and done with! Who shocked people the most? Who delivered the biggest moment! Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Undeniably, the biggest impact came in the main event, which originally had Austin Aries and Killer Kross facing Moose and Eddie Edwards. However, when Moose was found laid out (assumingly by Kross), Eddie was on his own against his two foes. The match would see Moose emerge–his head bandaged–and re-enter the match, while Kross appeared to be leaving A-Double hanging! It was all revealed to be an elaborate ruse, as Moose speared and assaulted Eddie, while also revealing that he was never attacked backstage! Moose turned his back on his best friend, and is now in cahoots with Aries and Kross, as the turncoat delivered a vicious beatdown to Eddie, which included the use of two chairs, one of them being wrapped around Eddie’s neck. An angry Alisha Edwards slapped Moose for his actions, with Moose actually threatening to harm Alisha in response. As if Aries wasn’t dangerous enough on his own, now he has Kross and Moose on his side! The question remains: Can Aries be stopped?!

Another big impact was made by Tessa Blanchard, who defeated Su Yung and Allie to capture the Knockouts Championship, the title Tessa felt she had deserved ever since she first stepped foot into Impact. Throughout her entire five months in Impact, Tessa felt she was deserving of the title, and took offense to Allie going after Su under the belief that Allie was going after the title and stepping ahead of her. It was Allie who made the challenge to both women, and it was Allie who ended up pinned by Tessa. One has to wonder what the rest of the Knockouts Division will be in store for now that Tessa is champion.

Could Rich Swann be headed for the X Division Championship? The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion competed in his biggest Impact match to date, going on to defeat an X Division pioneer in Petey Williams. It was in an interview a week prior that Swann basically viewed his match with Petey as one of the early steps to becoming X Division Champion. The title is held by Cage, who successfully defended against Fenix, but one has to believe that Swann will climb the ladder and get a shot at the title, and that will definitely be a must-see match.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

Tonight’s Raw featured Dana Brooke getting her chance to shine, only to end up defeated by Sasha Banks. Later on, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus appeared and confronted Elias over his denigration of the city of Toronto, Trish’s hometown, before she was interrupted by her Evolution opponent, Alexa Bliss. Bliss officially announced that her title rematch will happen at Hell in a Cell, and not only was she accompanied by Alicia Fox, but Mickie James returned with the pair. Fox competed against Natalya and was defeated by the Queen of Harts, and it was later in the program that Trish, Nattie, Ronda Rousey, and the Bellas participated in an epic selfie, which is still getting tons of notice.

On SmackDown, Billie Kay defeated Naomi, just as her Iconic partner, Peyton Royce did on the previous week. We would also see Maryse and Brie Bella get physical heading into their mixed tag affair at Hell in a Cell, and the main event saw Charlotte successfully defend the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Carmella, only for Becky Lynch to attack her former friend and declare that she will get her title at Hell in a Cell. More on this later.

On the following evening’s NXT, the evil Aliyah brought her new persona in full form against Dakota Kai, but even though she lost, it was great to finally see Aliyah as a villainess on the NXT program. Johnny Mundo and Taya’s wedding on Lucha Underground didn’t end well, as Matanza crashed the party and took out the bride and groom, all thanks to Ricky Mundo. On the following night’s edition of Impact Wrestling, Tessa Blanchard defeated Su Yung and Allie to capture the Knockouts Championship, the very thing she had been after from Day One.

Regarding the Charlotte/Becky angle, it was announced just a couple of days after SmackDown that WWE is changing the direction of their feud due to the fan reactions. Becky’s heel turn at SummerSlam and her supposed villainous actions that have followed have been only met with cheers, as Becky is one of the more popular women in WWE and many (myself included) feel that she hasn’t really had a fair chance to truly shine, as it has been almost two years since she was champion. So what direction are they going? Well, WWE is taking the whole “face/heel, good vs evil” aspect out of the angle, and they are portraying this as just a spat between two former friends; each of whom have valid points. We do not know where Charlotte and Becky will go after this feud ends, but WWE does not plan to make this a double turn and have Charlotte as the villainess in this angle. It is also not definitive that Becky will go back to being a face, or if she’ll be back to her budding villainous role after this ends. Their title match has not been officially announced for the PPV on September 16, but it’s a foregone conclusion.

Congratulations go out to former three-time Divas Champion Eve Torres, as she gave birth to her second son, named Renson (pronounced “Henson”) this past Thursday. Eve’s first-born son with husband Rener Gracie, named Raeven (pronounced “Haven”) was born in September of 2015. Meanwhile, another WWE baby is on the way, as it was announced this past week that female Tough Enough winner Sara Lee is pregnant with her second child with her husband, former NXT Tag Team Champion Wesley Blake.

On a sadder note, the world of women’s wrestling suffered two losses this past week. Joshi wrestler Aya Koyama, who also competed as Aliya’, passed away on Monday at the age of 45 after battling cancer. Koyama’s wrestling career began in 1996 and lasted until 2001, after which she began competing in the MMA world. She returned to wrestling in 2005 and competed until 2008, which was followed by a brief MMA run in 2010. Just days later, professional wrestler Ray passed away at the age of 36, due to a brain tumor. Ray, born Lin Byron in Hong Kong, competed mostly in Japan before working SHIMMER events in the States from 2012-2014. She was diagnosed with the tumor in December 2015, and it became inoperable two months later, forcing her to retire. Ray planned to return to wrestling in May of 2017, but her health took a turn for the worse. Condolences go out to the families of both women.

A new week begins with the continued hype for Hell in a Cell on Raw and SmackDown, as well as Kairi Sane’s first appearance as NXT Women’s Champion. The 2nd annual Mae Young Classic starts this Wednesday, and SHINE Wrestling will crown a new SHINE Champion in a one-night tournament this Saturday! Until next week!

3 Impacts From Impact

Another amazing edition of Impact is in the books! Who delivered the biggest moment on the program? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Eddie Edwards isn’t one to back down from anyone, no matter how small the odds are in his favor. So it was no surprise that the former World Champion kicked off the program calling out Austin Aries and Killer Kross, and he got what he asked for. Eddie was in control first, but the two-on-one advantage was too much for him. In a huge surprise, Moose–who we haven’t seen much of since he was defeated by Aries–came out and saved Eddie from A-Double and K-Double. Moose’s help was met with appreciation from Alisha, and it appears that Moose and Eddie’s friendship is back on, after Moose failed to get through to Eddie during his angle with Dreamer.

KM and Fallah Bahh have been trying many things to rack up victories, and as we saw when they were guests on Scarlett Bordeaux’s “The Smoke Show,” the sultry host talked KM into doing things Fallah’s way, after weeks of doing things KM’s way have only led to losses. Fallah’s method included having KM adopt his performing traits, including donning the same gear and removing his boots. It was weird, it was hilarious, but it ended up being successful, as they defeated–of all teams–the Desi Hit Squad! So it looks like Fallah’s way is the way to go; it would be very interesting if this actually leads to the duo becoming tag champs. Only time will tell.

Kiera Hogan defeated the aforementioned Alisha Edwards in singles action, all with Allie at ringside. After Kiera’s match, Allie took the time to take a stand against her two main foes: Su Yung and Tessa Blanchard. Allie decided to challenge both of them to a three-way match, with Su’s Knockouts Championship on the line. This has been a long time coming; Su wants to maintain her stranglehold on the division, Allie wants to avenge Rosemary and Madison Rayne, and Tessa wants to cement herself as the #1 Knockout in Impact Wrestling. This is definitely a clash of the titans!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

The fallout from the 31st annual SummerSlam started on Raw, as Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Ember Moon were defeated by The Riott Squad. The six of them, along with the rest of the Raw women and the Bellas, were all present as Stephanie McMahon appeared and was supposed to introduced the new Raw Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey. Instead, Stephanie took the time to put herself over, taking credit for not only the Women’s Revolution, but for Ronda as well. Ronda later came out and counteracted against Stephanie’s self-serving claims, giving credit to all of the women and then bringing them up on the ring. Needless to say, the Raw Commissioner didn’t take too kindly to Ronda’s stance on equality, as she attempted to paint Ronda as a vicious fighter whose sole purpose is to break the arms of the rest of the women’s division. Ronda stated that she only breaks the arms of people who deserve it, leading to the new champion (yet again) taking Steph’s left arm out of commission. Stephanie will never learn, however, she took her latest setback against Ronda out on Kurt Angle, who she chastised for not being present during the segment. She decided to hand a mandatory “vacation” to Angle, and make Constable Baron Corbin the acting GM.

As for SmackDown, we were looking for the answer(s) to the question, “Why, Becky, Why?” It was at SummerSlam that Charlotte Flair captured the SmackDown Women’s Championship by defeating Becky and Carmella, and the former of the defeated combatants feigned congratulations before attacking her now former friend. Regarding an explanation, Becky stated that Charlotte was holding her down for years, and she even accused the fans of not entirely being in her corner, going as far as stating that they actually allowed and condoned Charlotte taking what was “rightfully hers.” This led to Charlotte coming out and reigniting their brawl, with the SD Women trying to calm things down. More on this later, as other Women’s action on SD saw Peyton Royce defeat Naomi, and Rusev and Lana defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega in a SummerSlam rematch. As for Carmella, Paige granted her a title rematch set for this Tuesday. Much more regarding the SD Women later.

Post-Takeover NXT featured Deonna Purrazzo competing in a losing effort against Bianca BelAir; this was Deonna’s first contest on NXT as a signed competitor, and I do like her look, very edgy and somewhat villainous–despite being a babyface combatant on the program. Lucha Underground saw a confrontation between Catrina and Melissa Santos, that became violent when Catrina assaulted Melissa, and Impact saw Kiera Hogan defeat Alisha Edwards, making Alisha 0-for-2 since returning to the ring. After Kiera’s match, Allie decided to challenge both Su Yung and Tessa Blanchard to a three-way contest for the Knockouts Championship, as she had unfinished business with both women.

OK, so, let’s address the Becky Lynch heel role. A lot of people have noticed Becky getting cheered for her attack on Charlotte and for her promo on SD, as it is being attributed to fans being upset over Becky being pushed aside for two years. It has led to many stating that they made the wrong woman the villainess in this thing, but it’s clear that this confusion is due to the fact that they were in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is an unconventional city; their fans don’t cheer good guys and boo bad guys. They cheer who they like and boo who they don’t like. If this happened in nearly any other city in the US, Becky would be treated as a heel. Turning Becky heel was a good move, keeping her heel would be a smarter move. We’ve seen Heel Charlotte a lot for a long time, and Becky can’t be heroic forever. This week’s shows are in Canada, which is notoriously unconventional, but I don’t think it affects the women. One has to believe that Charlotte and Becky will face off at Hell In A Cell on September 16, meaning that Carmella will be written off this Tuesday, and the aftermath of the rematch could see Charlotte attacked by the evil Becky to set up the grudge match.

Speaking of Hell In A Cell, SmackDown kicked off with The Miz and Maryse confronted by not only Daniel Bryan, but Bryan’s better half, Brie Bella, who entered and decked Miz. Bryan later announced that Paige approved a mixed tag team contest pitting the couples against each other–the match we had hoped would happen at last year’s WrestleMania. This was the first match announced for the PPV, and it gives Brie a separate storyline of her own, while Nikki could go on her own and get the wheels rolling in her rumored match with Ronda Rousey for Evolution. Speaking of that, I couldn’t have been the only one who thought that Nikki would turn heel and attack Ronda during that segment on Raw. I seriously thought she would jump in and go after Ronda to save Stephanie, but it was not the time, it was too early. The Ronda/Bliss rematch should happen at the HIAC PPV, and that should be the forum where Nikki attacks Ronda and sets up their match for Evolution.

A new week begins with Raw and SmackDown in Canada, and after NXT, the WWE Network will air the Mae Young Classic Bracketology special! Until next week!

3 Impacts From Impact

Questions were answered on Impact, but which answers provided the biggest impression? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Impact ended with the ultimate battle between LAX and the OGz, which was taken to the streets. Konnan was given the right to make the rules, with the LAX founder stating that he and King should stay out of the battle and let their teams fight it out. Of course, King violated the terms, forcing LAX to turn it up a notch in their quest to end their war. When the dust settled, LAX stood tall and took back their rightful tag titles. The end result saw the group looking down at King, who dared Konnan to take him out. After relentless goading from King, the scene, and the entire show, ended with Konnan acquiescing. With the OGz out of their hair, who will be next to go after LAX?

We received answers regarding Austin Aries’ alliance with Killer Kross, which began when Kross interfered and took out Eddie Edwards, allowing A-Double to retain the World Title in the main event. Aries stated that Kross is now his insurance policy, and regarding Kross, he stated that he joined Aries because they both want change. Aries’ verbal jab at Eddie and Alisha brought the former out…with cane in hand. His shots towards Kross took him down, but only temporarily, as Kross choked out Eddie while A-Double watched and talked trash. Needless to say, this thing between Aries and Eddie isn’t over, and the duo of A-Double and K-Double looks to be a lethal one.

To the surprise of no one, Tessa Blanchard interrupted Allie’s non-title contest with Su Yung, staying true to her vow to be close by regarding the Knockouts Championship. However, it would be Allie as the only Knockout standing, as she fought back against Tessa’s attack by taking down both her and Su. Tessa wasn’t the only one who kept her promise, as during Allie’s match, Kiera Hogan continued having Allie’s back, as she took down a few of Su’s undead brides. Even so, Allie, Su, and Tessa appear to be headed towards a collision with one another, and it should be very interesting when they finally clash.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with SummerSlam in Brooklyn!

On the Raw side, Alexa Bliss vented about so much to kick off the program, but mainly about Ronda Rousey being her main obstacle. Her attempt at having security protect her failed, as Ronda took out all four guards, and she also failed to defeat Ember Moon in non-title action. Later in the program, The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection’s feud with the Riott Squad continued, as the returning Ruby Riott defeated Sasha Banks. On SmackDown, a summit of sorts between Carmella, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair became highly confrontational, and after it was over, Paige decided to pair up Charlotte and Becky against Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, with the Horsewomen winning. On NXT, Kairi Sane defeated Aliyah just days before her title opportunity, and Impact saw Tessa Blanchard crash Allie and Su Yung’s match, with Allie standing tall after taking down both foes.

SummerSlam Weekend kicked off with NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV, which saw Kairi Sane defeat Shayna Baszler to capture the NXT Women’s Championship. In this second rematch of the inaugural Mae Young Classic Final, Kairi defeated Shayna with a counter that turned into a three-second pin, giving her the title. Unless things change in the next two months, Kairi Sane will enter WWE’s Evolution event as the NXT Women’s Championship, and she’ll most likely defend in a rematch against Shayna, or against another opponent altogether.

SummerSlam saw a triple dose of women’s action, with the first two matches being on the SmackDown side. The pre-show saw Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega defeat Rusev and Lana, continuing their combined winning streak against the Bulgarian Brute and the Ravishing Russian. Regarding the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch and Carmella to capture the title for the second time, doing so by delivering the Natural Selection to Becky while the Lass Kicker had Carmella in the Dis-Arm-Her submission. For Charlotte, this was another historic moment, as this was her seventh’s main roster women’s championship, tying the record set by WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus a dozen years ago. After the match ended, Becky appeared to be in a congratulatory mood; hugging Charlotte twice after her victory. However, Becky later delivered a vicious assault to the woman she once considered a friend, and as a result, Becky turned heel for the first time on the main roster, and the first time since 2015.

The hat trick of Women’s Championship changes was completed later in the event, as Ronda Rousey soundly defeated Alexa Bliss to capture the Raw Women’s Championship. This was a match that saw Ronda mostly toy with Bliss, who did manage to get some offense in, but in the end, the Baddest Woman on the Planet placed her armbar submission to Bliss, making her submit. Ronda became the first woman to win championships in UFC and in WWE, and after her victory, she celebrated with Natalya Neidhart and the Bella Twins. I have to say, I was so happy to see Nattie at the event. We all know what she went through on Monday, as her legendary father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, tragically passed away at the age of 63. Natalya was set to appear on Raw and face Bliss in non-title action, but she did not appear due to her father’s sudden passing.

Some more WWE Evolution news. Before losing the Raw Women’s Championship, it was announced that Alexa Bliss would face off against none other than WWE Hall of Famer and former seven-time WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. The announcement was made on Saturday, one day before SummerSlam, and is the first officially announced match (other than the four championship matches and the MYC Final) made for the event, which will take place on October 28. The announcement was met with mixed reactions, with some looking forward to the match, though others feel that Trish should be facing one of the Horsewomen. Trish was the subject of a pair of rumored matches, the first one being a possible encounter with Mickie James, which would reignite their 2006 feud. Another rumor had Trish teaming with fellow Hall of Famer Lita against the Bella Twins.

Speaking of the Bellas, or one of them at least, a rumor floating is that WWE is planning on having Ronda Rousey face Nikki Bella at Evolution, with the match being made due to their immense popularity. Ronda is know in the sports world and for her film appearances, and Nikki, of course, is considered one of the top names in WWE and has made a name for herself on reality TV. This report was made hours before SummerSlam, meaning that this would have happened even if Ronda hadn’t won the title. Now that Ronda has, though, this match–if made official–will be for the Raw Women’s Championship, and it would most likely see Nikki as a heel in the weeks leading to the match. As for Brie, one has to believe that she’ll be out of that angle and most likely be involved in Daniel Bryan’s feud with The Miz, and with that, it would be interesting to see babyface Brie interacting with ambitious villainess Nikki heading towards Evolution.

The fallout from SummerSlam begins with Raw and continues on SmackDown and partially on NXT! Until next week!


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