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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with Money In The Bank.

Raw featured the fallout from Alexa Bliss’ deceptive defense of the Raw Women’s Championship, which had the champion facing challenges from not only Nia Jax, but also Dana Brooke, former Women’s and Divas Champion Mickie James, the returning Emma, and former three-time Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. All of this led to a six-woman tag team bout, which saw Alexa Bliss walk out on her partners and leave Emma to tap out to Sasha. We also heard from Bayley, as she was interviewed by Corey Graves. It appears that Bayley is not done pursuing the title she once held and defended at WrestleMania.

SmackDown featured a pair of women’s matches; Naomi defeating Tamina, and getting taken out by Lana afterwards, while Charlotte defeated Natalya, all while Becky Lynch and Carmella watched backstage. The following evening’s NXT ended with Asuka, Nikki Cross, and Ruby Riot clashing in an elimination match for the NXT Women’s Championship, and following Ruby’s elimination, Asuka and Nikki fought to a no contest, and continued fighting after the match ended! As a result, the two will face each other in a Last Woman Standing Match on the last NXT of June.

Impact Wrestling featured two Knockouts related matches being set for Slammiversary. First off, Angelina Love and Davey Richards will face off against Alisha and Eddie Edwards in Full Metal Mayhem at the event, and it was also announced that Rosemary and Sienna will face each other in a Title Unification Match. During the announcement for the title bout, Sienna challenged Allie to team with Rosemary against herself and Laurel Van Ness, with the match set for the next Impact.

A historic Money In The Bank PPV rounded out with week, with the first-ever Women’s MITB Ladder Match kicking off the event. After the proverbial dust settled, Carmella walked out as the first ever Miss Money In The Bank, but it would be James Ellsworth who climbed the ladder, grabbed the briefcase, and gave it to her. The controversy was brought up by not only Shane McMahon, but SD GM Daniel Bryan, who will return tomorrow night, and it will be addressed on SmackDown. Carmella teased cashing in later that night during Naomi’s match against Lana, but thought better of it. Regarding the title bout, Lana definitely showed out and showed some improvement, but Naomi walked out as champion.

As teased this past weekend, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis made their appearances at the MITB PPV, marking Maria’s return to WWE after seven years. The couple has spent a year in TNA, with Bennett promoted as “The Miracle,” while Maria ran wild as the evil leader of the Knockouts. Their gimmick in WWE is a little bit different. For one, Mike Bennett is referred to as Mike Kanellis, and they are portrayed as a villainous “lovey-dovey” couple. I have to say, we don’t see a lot of those. We all know this will lead to them feuding with Cena and Nikki Bella, especially given the real-live drama between Maria and the Bellas.

You know, it’s hard to believe that today marks exactly one year since Natalya turned heel. What’s even more amazing is that Natalya’s heel turn came out of nowhere, without any seeds planted. It was at last year’s Money In The Bank that Natalya and Becky Lynch banded together to face Charlotte and Dana Brooke, and after a miscue led to their defeat, Natalya brutally attacked Becky. After their brief feud ended, Natalya was basically put to the backburner for the rest of the summer and all of fall, but it was at the near end of last year that the Queen of Harts was transformed into a more vicious character. On December 20, the evil Natalya revealed herself as the villainess who attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series, and this was followed by a cruel war of words that lasted until February of this year. After the Superstar Shake-up, Natalya banded with Carmella and Tamina to form The Welcoming Committee, but they seem to be on their own again. Though Nattie didn’t win MITB, I still see big things from her in due time.

WWE confirmed the first four names for the upcoming Mae Young Classic:  indy sensations Toni Storm and Princesa Sugehit, and NXT mainstays Lacey Evans and Sarah Logan. There have been rumors that WWE is in talks for Serena Deeb to participate in the tournament. Serena has competed in several indy promotions, but also had a seven month stint in WWE as the lone female member of CM Punk’s villainous Straight Edge Society. Serena actually retired from wrestling in the summer of 2015, but her returning to wrestling in the tournament would be epic indeed!

A new week begins tonight, as Raw sets the stage for the upcoming Great Balls of Fire PPV on July 9. Hopefully, the women’s match will be announced tonight. Tomorrow will see the fallout from Money In The Bank, and on Wednesday, Lucha Underground’s Cueto Cup Tournament continues! Until next week!

3 Impacts From Impact

Week 2 of Impact’s India shows is in the books, and so many developments were announced! What stood out the most on this past edition? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The biggest impact was 15 years in the making, as Sonjay Dutt finally captured the X Division Championship! For years, Sonjay Dutt had the unfortunate stigma of being the best to never win a championship–in his case, the X Division Championship. His last opportunity did not end well, as he received a lethal right eye injury courtesy of Low Ki. The match was set last week, as Sonjay made the challenge after Low Ki retained against Caleb Konley, with Low Ki accepting. What made Sonjay’s victory epic was that it took place in his native India, and it was celebrated by a vast majority of the X Division. And, of course, this was a long time coming!

So at long last, the Knockouts related matches were announced for Slammiversary. During Davey Richards’ participation in the Gauntlet Battle Royal, it was announced that he and Angelina Love will face off against Eddie and Alisha Edwards at Full Metal Mayhem at Slammiversary. Later on, after Braxton Sutter’s victory, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness appeared and challenged Allie and Rosemary to a tag team match for the next Impact; all the while, it was also revealed that Sienna will face Rosemary in a Title Unification Match at the event. Even with two KO matches set for the event, I have to believe that Allie and LVN will face each other at the event as well, either in singles action or in a mixed tag involving Sutter and Kongo Kong. I wouldn’t be surprised if an announcement happens.

Moose’s rivalry with Eli Drake and Chris Adonis has reached another level. Sharing the sentiment that Eli was screwed out of the Grand Championship, Eli and Chris challenged Moose to a match at Slammiversary. This prompted the Grand Champion to announce that his partner will be none other than NFL free agent running back DeAngelo Williams, who was shown training to wrestle. DeAngelo, who has played for the Panthers and Steelers, was actually in Moose’s corner during one of his title defenses, and now it looks like he’ll be teaming up with his fellow NFL cohort against Eli and Chris at Slammiversary. Needless to say, the card is stacking up!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

3 Impacts From Impact

Impact made history with their first show all the way from India! What moments stood out the most from a country with over 1 billion people? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Four title matches took place on Impact, with the two World Titles being among the four being defended. Bruce Prichard kicked off things by announcing that Bobby Lashley and Alberto El Patron would each defend their titles, but against opponents to be announced later. Lashley’s opponent was none other than Grand Champion Moose, while Alberto defended against Chris Adonis. The Slammiversary main event was at stake, as each challenger could replace a champion with a win. In the end, both Lashley and Alberto successfully defended their belts, and the main event is intact. One has to believe, though, that the Grand Championship rivalry between Moose and Eli Drake is far from over.

The first of the four title contests was an X Division Championship bout between Low Ki and Caleb Konley; a bout that saw Low Ki on the receiving end of a brutal eye shot from Konley. In the end, Low Ki was victorious, but he was later encountered by Sonjay Dutt, who was instantly cheered in his home nation. Still donning an eyepatch due to Low Ki’s strike to his right eye, Sonjay challenged Low Ki to a one-on-one X Division Championship contest, which Low Ki accepted. Sonjay has the unfortunate stigma of being in Impact for several years, but never capturing the X Division Championship. Sonjay will have his chance on the next edition of Impact.

The Knockouts Championship was decided as well, with Rosemary quickly retaining against Laurel Van Ness, despite Sienna’s involvement. We would see the continuation of the Allie/Rosemary alliance, as Allie came to the aid of the Demon Assassin as she was being assaulted by Sienna and LVN. I am just loving this Allie/Rosemary thing more and more as the weeks go by, and I have a sinking feeling that we may see a tag team bout at Slammiversary. The bad thing about this is that the KO Championship won’t be defended if this happens, but it seems like the most logical route to go here.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!


Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

Coming off an Extreme Rules PPV that featured an underwhelming title bout in the women’s division, Alexa Bliss was held to her promise to defend her title against ally Nia Jax, as Kurt Angle made the match official for the evening. Alexa attempted to get Mickie James and Dana Brooke to help her, but she was turned down and had to go at it against Nia. Mickie and Dana entered and stood at ringside, and TBH, I thought that one, the other, or both would turn heel and help Alexa. Instead, Alexa provoked the duo into assaulting her, which resulted in a DQ win in the champion’s favor.

On SmackDown, Lana made her long awaited return and attempted to insert herself in the historic Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. She was turned down by Shane McMahon, and laughed at by Naomi, but Lana got the last laugh when she distracted and assaulted Naomi during the three-on-three match, which led to Tamina pinning Naomi for the victory. An angry Naomi demanded a match against Lana, and even put her own title on the line. Shane was adamant that Lana was not deserving of a title match, but since Naomi wanted Lana so badly, he made the match for the MITB PPV.

The second Lucha Underground back from hiatus featured a lot of the lethal ladies, with Sexy Star resurfacing during the Mundo/Mack overtime match, which Mundo won thanks to Taya. Kobra Moon’s manipulation of Drago was successful, as Drago betrayed partners Aerostar and Fenix and helped the evil queen’s henchmen capture the Trios Championships, and Catrina made her presence felt alongside Mil Muertes, as he was defeated by Prince Puma. On NXT, Sarah Logan was defeated by Peyton Royce, and Impact Wrestling saw Rosemary successfully defend her Knockouts Championship against Laurel Van Ness.

A lot of news in the women’s wrestling world this past week! First off, congratulations to Reby Sky, as she and Matt welcomed their newest edition to the Hardy family, Wolfgang Xander Hardy, born on Thursday. In Total Divas news, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax have been announced as the newest cast members of the E! series, which will enter its seventh season. On the flipside, Renee Young announced that she’ll no longer be part of Total Divas, which means the show’s cast will include the Bellas, Natalya, Naomi, Maryse, Lana, Paige (at the moment), Alexa, and Nia, with Eva Marie also departing the show.

Speaking of Lana, though she is booked as a heel, there are reports that she will quickly become a babyface due to her immense popularity. She received huge cheers in her return on Tuesday, despite her villainous persona and her actions towards Naomi later on. Lana will challenge Naomi for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at the MITB PPV, which may be her first match on the blue brand unless they book her to compete on SmackDown this week.

And in even more news, SmackDown’s Charlotte reportedly filmed a movie this past week. According to reports, the movie that Charlotte is filming the highly anticipated Psych film, which is set to air on the USA Network in December and will be holiday-themed. The film is a continuation of the Psych TV series that aired on USA for eight seasons between 2006 and 2014. Charlotte is not the first WWE talent to participate on Psych; as the show has a huge WWE connection. The series’ stars, James Roday and Dulé Hill, are huge WWE fans (they even guest starred on Raw separately), and WWE related guest stars have included Mickie James, John Cena, Stacy Keibler, The Miz, The Big Show, and the Bellas.

Last but not least, happy birthday this past Friday to Deonna Purrazzo, who turned 23. Deonna, even at her young age, has competed for about four years for several different indy promotions, including Queens of Combat and Ring of Honor. She has appeared for Impact Wrestling a few times, most notably at the second and fourth Knockouts Knockdown shows. Deonna also made appearances on WWE’s NXT program, but she made a bit of a splash late last year when she appeared on SmackDown. Deonna appeared on December 13 as Alexa Bliss’ supposed opponent, and it was two weeks later that Deonna appeared as the evil La Luchadora character alongside Bliss; her appearances came before Mickie James played the role when she was unmasked.

A new week begins with Raw tomorrow and will follow with the last SmackDown before Money In The Bank. NXT will feature a three way rematch for the NXT Women’s Championship, this time under elimination rules, and the week will end at Money In the Bank in St. Louis! Until next week!

Top Rope Top 10: The Best Active Wrestlers Today

The talent inheriting the landscape of professional wrestling may arguably be the best to ever grace the squared circle. We must not only look at the WWE to identify these 10 athletes as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground have showcased some of the best wrestlers and matches over the past year. Taking that into consideration, here are my top 10 active wrestlers today!

10. Dalton Castle

Dalton has connected with the fans in a way his androgynous predecessors never achieved. “The Party Peacock” packs a punch of fun that is all too often forgotten in a business built on bludgeoning your opponent. Castle’s wrestling and charisma combined to make him a standout in ROH where in-ring quality has always been the key focus.

09. The Miz

The Miz is the best heel the WWE has had in recent memory. His promos are continuously exceptional then the “shoot” feud with Daniel Bryan made him the best in the business. The addition of real-life wife, Maryse, only elevated the level of heat The Miz garnished from fans. His mic skills,  a manager not afraid to interfere and some of his best in-work with Dolph Ziggler all aided the Miz into returning the Intercontinental Championship and himself to relevancy.

08. Zack Sabre Jr

If the last year and a half that Sabre is having is an indication of where he is going then the sky is the limit. From capturing the PWG World Championship, competing in the Cruiserweight Classic, winning the Evolve Championship, recapturing his British Heavyweight Championship or shocking the world by joining Suzuki-gun, Sabre is having one of the best runs outside of the WWE. He is having matches with a global who’s who of the wrestling world and becoming renowned for his in-ring work.

07. Tetsuya Naito

There is no one who is over man with the fans of Japan than this man. If it was not for, Omega versus Okada at Wrestle Kingdom XI then his match with Hiroshi Tanahashi would have earned match of the night honors. Naito has completed his second defense of the IWGP Intercontinental Championships and his star power has never been more evident. There is no doubt that his stock will only continue to rise throughout 2017.

06. Chris Jericho

Jericho saves! Over the past year, he was the highlight of Raw. He helped elevate Kevin Owens to main event status. Jericho might not be the same in-ring performer he was in his youth but he has reinvented the wheel and kept himself on top of the game. This has become glowingly apparent during his absences from WWE television while touring with Fozzy.

05. Bobby Roode

Glorious might be an understatement at this point in Roode’s career as his current run in NXT has shown us nothing less than excellence. Roode relays an old school train of thought and it has only made him more successful. He does not rely on spots to sell his match but instead is considerably one of the best in-ring technicians and is capable of putting on a 5-star match anytime he jumps in the ring.

04. Shinsuke Nakamura

It can be argued that Nakamura is one of best in-ring performer today and what else would you expect from the man known as the King of Strong Style. His work is flawless as he smoothly transitions from move to move. His ability to sell is matched only by the best of all-time. It seems no matter if he was in Japan or NXT, each time that he entered the ring, he put on matches that can be considered candidates for match of the year. His mannerisms, charisma and in-ring skills will transcend him past Japanese legend into global icon.

03. Kazuchika Okada

This man is half the reason, I will be watching Dominion 11 live at 3:00 AM. Okada’s IWGP Heavyweight Championship title run is considered by many to be one of the best runs in the history of any title. Okada is not your garden variety champion relying heavily on his spots to sell his story, he prefers to tell a new story with each opponent and it has paid dividends for him. Whether against Kenny Omega, Katsuyori Shibata, Minoru Suzuki or Tiger Mask W aka Kota Ibushi, the matches have been near perfection each time. The adaptability of Okada makes him a true master of his craft.

02. AJ Styles

There might not be any better in-ring performer right now than AJ Styles. His accolades across the globe already put in him the top-tier of best in the world. It was his sudden rise on the WWE stage that put Style’s on another level. He has helped to make SmackDown Live the A Show for WWE t. His matches with Cena were instant classics and he got Shane McMahon over to put on one of the best matches at WrestleMania.

01. Kenny Omega

Since 2016, Kenny Omega has had one of the biggest impacts on professional wrestling, whether it was the turning on AJ Styles and taking control of the Bullet Club, or his epic match with Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 11, everything he seems to do is pure brilliance. Omega has the complete faith of NJPW as he became the first foreign wrestler to headline the Tokyo Dome since Brock Lesnar. He boosts one of the most unique characters in wrestling, infusing his love of video games and anime into his persona. Omega constantly redefining what it means to be the best in the business. His matches never fail to amaze and he can keep an audience on their toes.

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

Raw featured Sasha Banks defeating Alicia Fox, only for Alicia to get the last word with an attack towards The Boss. Later on, Alexa Bliss defeated former ally Mickie James, and her attempt to deliver Kendo Stick shots to Mickie was thwarted by Bayley, who swung the stick well, but Bliss got out of dodge. Speaking of Sasha and Alicia, the story is that the two women could be on opposite sides of a mixed tag match at Extreme Rules next Sunday, with the returning Cedric Alexander serving as Sasha’s partner.

On SmackDown, the villainous Welcoming Committee suffered their first setback, as Natalya and Carmella were defeated by Charlotte and Becky Lynch, with Becky making Carmella submit. That would not be the last we would see of the women, as Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina each campaigned to get a shot at Naomi’s championship, and even Charlotte and Becky threw their proverbial hats into the ring. Shane McMahon announced that the five of them will compete against each other on this upcoming Tuesday’s SmackDown, with the winner getting the title shot at Money In the Bank on June 18. More on that later.

No women’s action on post-Takeover NXT, but Impact Wrestling saw Allie on the receiving end of a beatdown from Laurel Van Ness and Sienna, before Rosemary stepped in and served as an unlikely savior for Allie. The Knockouts Champion spewed her mist at Sienna and took out LVN, and it looks like Allie has an ally in the form of the Demon Assassin.

Happy birthday to Nia Jax, who will turn 34 on Monday! Nia has quickly become one of my faves dating back to when she was competing at live events. She finally debuted on NXT in October 2015, establishing herself as the Women’s Division’s villainous powerhouse. Nia was drafted to the Raw brand during last summer’s returning brand split, and in the near year that has passed since then, she competed at WrestleMania as one of the four combatants in the Raw Women’s Championship contest. I do see her becoming champion in a matter of months; I do hope it happens.

Regarding Money In the Bank, reports are out that the first ever Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match will take place at the PPV. I’ve been wanting this to happen for years, and with the women competing in the type of matches that allow them to take hard bumps in the last year, the door has been open for this historic occurrence. The planned winner has not been documented, but I see one of two things happening. Option A could see the five way match thrown out somehow, and the five women compete in the ladder match, which Carmella (most likely) would win. Or we could have Option B: Carmella wins the five way, wins the title at the PPV, and someone else wins MITB. In that scenario, I would think that Natalya would win MITB, and then we would see the evil Queen of Harts betray Carmella and take the title for herself. Oh, the possibilities!

Some more news regarding the upcoming Women’s Tournament. For one, it was renamed The Mae Young Classic a few days ago (perfect name, IMO). It was recently reported that the event will feature not only female commentators, but female referees as well, which is very epic, in the opinion of this eager women’s wrestling fan. Jim Ross will call the action, but the choices for female commentary are many. I could definitely see Renee Young as one announcer, and maybe they throw in this year’s inducted Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix in the mix; hopefully as a heel commentator. Regarding female referees, WWE has used indie competitor Kennadi Brink as an official at some live events; I would love to see her and a few other women officiate matches in the tournament. Now they need to announce when the tournament will be uploaded to the WWE Network! Inquiring minds want to know!

A new week begins with Raw and will end next Sunday with Extreme Rules in Baltimore. Lucha Underground returns this Wednesday, as will The Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

3 Impacts From Impact

An amazing edition of Impact saw things shape up for Slammiversary. What stood out on this latest edition? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Ethan Carter III is going to Slammiversary! The main event saw EC3 defeat James Storm and Magnus in a three-way match to become the apparent #1 Contender for the World Title. The match was made last week, and in the beginning of the program, Bruce Prichard had to lay down the law and keep the three combatants in line, threatening to cancel the match if they got physical with each other. The program suggested that EC3 is the top contender for Lashley’s Impact World Championship, which begged the question, “What about Alberto El Patron?” Alberto is the current holder of the GFW Title, which has been dubbed a “golden ticket” to the Impact title. So is Alberto in the mix for Lashley’s title or not? Time will tell.

A week after Joseph Park laid out the challenge, Josh Mathews appeared and attempted to apologize to Jeremy Borash, but neither JB nor Park were buying it. After Josh lashed out at the pair, Joseph was set to fight Josh, only to be interrupted by Josh’s tag team partner for Slammiversary–none other than Big Poppa Pump himself, Scott Steiner! Steiner, in his first Impact appearance in what has to be about five years, entered and beat down Joseph, putting him in the Steiner Recliner. Steiner later ran JB off, allowing Josh to return to the announce table.

Braxton Sutter was again on the losing end in his feud with KM, as he and Shera were defeated by KM and Kongo Kong. After the guys ran off and brawled, Sienna and Laurel Van Ness were beating down Allie, when all of a sudden, Allie had backup in the unlikely form of Rosemary. The diabolical Knockouts Champion, who is on her own now, spewed her mist at Sienna and took out LVN, and it appears that Rosemary is in the corner of Allie, which should make for an interesting aftermath.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact. Next week, new GFW Tag Team Champions will be crowned, as LAX will face the Veterans of War in the tournament final! Until next time!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with Backlash.

On Raw, a rematch between Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks ended with the former of the two winning, while Alexa Bliss brought out the Kendo Stick to her championship rival, Bayley. This prompted Kurt Angle to make Bayley’s rematch against Bliss a “Kendo Stick on a Pole” Match, set for Extreme Rules on the first Sunday in June. Meanwhile, SmackDown saw the contract signing for the six-woman match pitting Naomi, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte against the wicked Welcoming Committee. Following this, an impromptu match saw Carmella defeat Naomi for the second straight time.

On NXT, a match I’ve been waiting for saw Sonya Deville defeat Lacey Evans. It was difficult to tell the face/heel gimmicks, but it appeared to me that Sonya was portraying a Goldberg-esque babyface, as she did rev up the crowd while delivering her intense offense. I hope she continues that role, and I would love it if Lacey took this “Lady of NXT” gimmick and used it to portray herself as an arrogant villainess. Impact Wrestling featured Sienna’s first defense of the GFW Women’s Championship, a successful outing against ODB.

A big weekend for WWE in Chicago began with Takeover, which saw Asuka successfully defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot. It was a great match, but I didn’t like that they had to have Asuka pin both women. I mean, how does that make Nikki and Ruby look? Of course, Ember Moon was supposed to be in that match, but she was injured during Asuka’s villainous attack on NXT a few weeks back. I sense that we will have to wait until Brooklyn in August for the overdue Asuka/Ember rematch.

The following evening’s Backlash saw the Welcoming Committee continue their winning ways and defeat Naomi, Becky, and Charlotte. Natalya picked up the win when she made Becky submit, which was pretty symbolic, since Becky turned down Natalya’s offer to join them. The story was that the powers that be were planning on turning Charlotte back heel again, and I thought it would happen right after the loss, but it didn’t. Either they’re saving that for SmackDown, or they are keeping her face. Honestly, I hope it’s the latter.

According to reports, Sasha’s loss to Alicia is the continuation of Vince’s negative sentiment about The Boss. It’s been documented for almost a year that Vince is low on Sasha’s ability as a babyface and her ability to lead the division as champion. Evidence of this was displayed during the latter half of 2016, as while Sasha did win the title three times, she always lost it back to Charlotte at the very next PPV just weeks later. Honestly, this has me wondering if they really are going to go through with Sasha turning villainous and feuding with Bayley. Granted, Vince’s lack of belief in Sasha as a face would definitely cause them to turn her back heel again, but if it’s a lack of faith overall, then that’s a different story. It all depends, really, on Extreme Rules. If Bayley regains the title in two weeks, then that will open the door for the awaited Sasha turn, which will lead to the one-on-one encounter at SummerSlam.

A new week begins tonight with the penultimate Raw before Extreme Rules. SD will see the fallout from Backlash, and Impact Wrestling will feature Eddie and Alisha Edwards against Davey Richards and Angelina Love. Until next week!

3 Impacts From Impact

Yet another amazing Impact was in the books, as Slammiversary gets closer. What stood out the most during the show? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Magnus went on a quest to get back into the title picture after losing the GFW World Title to Alberto El Patron. His “golden ticket” gone, Magnus first placed blame on Bruce Prichard before finally taking matters into his own hands. After providing commentary during a grudge match between Ethan Carter III and James Storm, which the latter won via disqualification, Magnus then laid out Storm and got into it with EC3. This prompted Prichard to make the following match:  Magnus vs EC3 vs Storm for next week! Prichard had some words for EC3 afterwards, and that prompted an attack toward Prichard from EC3.

We not only saw Jeremy Borash return to Impact, we also saw the return of Joseph Park, the lovable lawyer brother of Chris–you know, Abyss. Joseph Park served as JB’s attorney, who announced that JB was immediately reinstated, which did not please Josh Mathews. After Josh verbally lashed out at Joseph, the never-intimidated lawyer challenged Josh to a fight, and dared him to find a partner to take on Joseph and JB at Slammiversary. Now the event is six weeks away, so Josh has plenty of time to find a partner. However, given the fact that literally no one (outside of Madison Rayne) likes him, even six weeks isn’t enough time. Even so, this should put the rivalry to bed, unless they plan on an actual Josh/JB singles match at Bound For Glory–I wouldn’t put it past them.

Though we finally saw a showdown between Kongo Kong and Braxton Sutter, this thing isn’t over. After Kong defeated Sutter, the defeated latter was on the receiving end of a beatdown from Kong and KM, before Mahabali Shera stepped in on Sutter’s behalf. It was there that the tag match was set for the next Impact:  Sutter/Shera vs Kong/KM. But that’s next week. What’s to stop them from stretching this out until Slammiversary in July? I still sense Sienna vs Allie for the GFW Women’s Championship for the event. It’ll be announced in a matter of time.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

3 Impacts From Impact

An immensely epic Impact Wrestling is in the books! With Slammiversary closing in, who had the biggest breakout moments? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The “golden ticket,” aka the GFW World Championship, is now in the hands of Alberto El Patron! The main event saw the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion defeat Magnus to capture the GFW belt, which Magnus had called the “golden ticket” to challenge for the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. Magnus successfully defended that title against Matt Morgan a week prior, but his luck ran out when he faced El Patron, who has been hellbent on capturing Lashley’s World Title, which he won on in his Impact debut but had to hand back to Lashley. It does look like we have our main event for Slammiversary:  Lashley vs El Patron. It should be made official on the next Impact.

At long last, the She-Wolves, Alisha Edwards and Angelina Love Richards (the name Angelina was referred to; I like it, IMO) battled inside the six-sided ring, and it ended with the vicious Angelina clocking Alisha with a chain, resulting in a DQ. I mentioned Slammiversary and I do see this very personal and bitter rivalry coming to an end at the event on July 2. We should see the couples fight each other at the prestigious event.

Eli Drake made yet another impact, as he went after Moose after his defense of the Grand Championship against Marshe Rockett. It became a three-on-one mugging, as Tyrus and later Chris Adonis joined in as well. Adonis had been going after the Grand Championship, while Eli has been looking to get ahead. Eli is a guy who should have been World Champion, but they consistently keep Lashley as champion even though his run is becoming immensely stale. It looks like Eli will have to crawl before he can walk, though I wouldn’t exactly call the Grand Championship “crawling.”

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!


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