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The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

After seeing Marty The Moth right where Mariposa left him, we head to the temple, where the Cueto Cup Tournament continues! The first match of Day 2 features Vinnie Massaro competing against the massive Cage. Vinnie reminds me a lot of Impact Wrestling’s Aiden O’Shea–the stereotypical Italian-American character. Cage is another one I’ve been wanting to see get some elevation on Lucha Underground; he has held the Gift of the Gods Championship, which is a golden ticket to the Lucha Undeground Championship. However, Cage has yet to hold that title, and he was actually close to defeat at the hands of Vinnie Massaro. Vinnie made the mistake of attempting to use Cage’s gauntlet against him, and that would be his downfall. Cage emerged victorious, and after the match, he put the gauntlet on and walloped Vinnie.

We see yet another captivating video promoting the upcoming Johnny Mundo/Rey Mysterio Lucha Underground Championship contest, and following this, it’s back to the temple…and Marty The Moth is creeping behind Melissa Santos. His opponent in the Cueto Cup Tournament is The Rabbit Club’s El Saltador, so it’s crazy vs psychotic. And the creeping towards Melissa continues during the match, as Marty moved towards her and even tossed Saltador towards a barrier right close to Melissa. Marty won his match, and Melissa looked somewhat chagrined. Though as I’ve said many times before, I would not be surprised if she ends up falling for him. In fact, I’m calling it:  Melissa will end up with Marty at Ultima Lucha Tres!

Mascarita Sagrada’s match against Pindar is next, but before that, we see the Rabbit Club worshipping him, believing that he’s their leader, only for Sagrada to walk past them. Back to Marty, and as we see, he has a shrine to Melissa (surprised we didn’t see this sooner). He is later confronted by his sister, Mariposa, who stated that Marty’s affections for Melissa has made him weak, and should Mariposa defeat Fenix in her match, then it will be sister vs brother. We’ll see Mariposa later on.

Back to the temple, where Kobra Moon leads Pindar in his battle against Mascarita Sagrada. The diminutive Sagrada has a huge fan following, with Pindar’s offense gaining nothing but disdain from the fans. After being dominated, Sagrada delivers big time offense towards his massive opponent, from both inside and outside the ring, only for Pindar to shut down the tear. Pindar continued his assault towards Sagrada, and of course, Kobra Moon gets a shot in as well. Sagrada later delivers a dizzying head scissors to Pindar, and even fights off (and later slaps) Kobra Moon! However, this only angers Kobra Moon, who sends Pindar to successfully finish off Sagrada, with the evil queen cackling over her minion’s latest victory.

The main event follows, with the immensely demented Mariposa facing off against Lucha Undeground’s first-ever Triple Crown Champion, Fenix. Without question, this is Mariposa’s toughest task to date in LU, and despite Fenix’s games early in the match, she started off faring well against the former Lucha Underground Champion. Even with Mariposa’s effort, Fenix won his match, but following the victory, Marty entered and beat down his second round opponent, much to Melissa’s horror. Fenix fought off the sinister siblings, and it appears that we may see something brewing between Fenix and Melissa; the latter blew a kiss to the former. Hmmm.

The Cueto Cup continues next week and so will the Lucha Lowdown! Until then!

The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to The Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground.

Tonight, it’s all about the Cueto Cup tournament, but we begin the program with Pentagon Dark in Dario Cueto’s office. We have not seen him since Black Lotus and her group took him out and broke his arm, and he was threatening to do the same to Cueto. Cueto appeased Pentagon by placing him in the tournament, which Pentagon vowed to win. The tournament was announced on the previous week; 32 combatants fighting in a round robin tournament, with the winner challenging for the Lucha Underground Championship at Ultima Lucha Tres.

On to the temple, where former #1 Contender The Mack faced off against Mala Suerte in a first round match-up. Of course, Mala Suerte is part of the immensely eccentric Rabbit Tribe, and Mack had to deal with the strange behavior and the mind games of his opponent. All the while, Mack was coming off nearly capturing the Lucha Underground Championship, and he was looking to get back into contention once again. It was an even match, mind games and all, but it took one Stunner for The Mack to win and advance.

We see Cage backstage donning the gauntlet he won in the best-of-five series against Texano. Cueto approached him and invited him to a meeting with Mayor Delgado, who Cueto has been in league with for a while. Cage originally turned it down, but he was given a business card, and business is definitely picking up.

Another first round match at the temple, and it’s Pentagon Dark against Argenis. What’s amazing is that despite being pushed as an intimidating and demonic figure, Pentagon Dark hasn’t won the Lucha Underground Championship as of yet, but maybe this tournament could be his chance. However, Argenis put up an amazing fight, as it seemed like an upset was coming. But reality set in and Pentagon Dark emerged victorious, and as usual, he was not done there, as he performed his trademark: breaking Argenis’ arm.

As Matt Striker announced before the break, the next first round match was Famous B vs Texano. We have seen Famous B attempt to recruit Texano in the past, and he even tried again, even offering to allow Texano to pin him. As we expected, Texano broke up his own pin and powerbombed Famous B, picking up the easy win. Despite watching Famous B’s decimation, The Beautiful Brenda took a liking to Texano, as she gave him a slap on the posterior. Oh man.

A segment promoting the upcoming Lucha Underground Championship contest between Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio follows. These two have a history dating back to WWE, when Mundo captured the WWE Tag Team Championship from Mysterio in 2005 when he was part of MNM. As announced by Dario Cueto, the Mundo/Mysterio title contest will take place during the finals of the Cueto Cup tournament.

The main event followed, with Drago facing off against former partner, Aerostar, in a first round match. This is years in the making, as they faced each other six times, with each one winning three times. However, this is a huge grudge match, as Drago–coerced and seduced (if you will) by the evil Kobra Moon–betrayed Aerostar and Fenix during last week’s Trios Championship match, and now holds the titles with his queen’s henchmen. Of course, Kobra Moon led the new look Drago to the ring for battle, and despite Drago’s betrayal, Aerostar extended his hand in respect, but Drago turned that down. With that response, Drago and Aerostar brought the fight to each other, and of course, Kobra Moon got involved on several occasions. In the end, Drago not only defeated Aerostar, but under Kobra Moon’s orders, Drago decimated his longtime former partner and friend.

We now see Cage meeting with Delgado; having obviously changed his mind regarding meeting him. Cage said bluntly that he doesn’t work for Delgado, but he was informed that it would change. At that moment, the gauntlet’s power took over and he held Delgado by his throat. Cage released his hold, but he later delivered a fatal blow that crushed Delgado’s head, killing him.

Before I end this week’s Lucha Lowdown, congratulations to Johnny Mundo and Taya, who announced their engagement yesterday. According to reports, Mundo and Taya (real names John Hennigan and Kira Forster) have been dating since sometime last year, and the couple took to social media to announce their good news, with Taya showing off her new ring!

That’s this week’s Lucha Lowdown! The tournament continues next week! Until then!

The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to The Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We pick up exactly where we left off from last week’s All Night Long Lucha Underground Championship Contest! The match ended tied at three falls, with The Mack’s winning attempt coming just a hair late. Dario Cueto forced an overtime one-fall to the finish match to take place tonight, and to kick off tonight’s show, Cueto made the match Falls Count Anywhere! After various near falls, we see Ricky Mandel interject himself and take a chair from Mack’s possession. Later on, Sexy Star, who appeared during last week’s contest, came back and ran Mandel off, with the fight coming within eyeshot of ring announcer Melissa Santos. Despite Sexy’s help, PJ Black appeared and went after Mack, but got a Stunner for it and ended up going through a table. Even with that, Johnny Mundo still couldn’t put Mack away, and was nearly pinned and defeated by the challenger. In the end, however, Taya, who we did not see last week, made the ultimate difference, and Mundo got the winning fall and retained.

As Matt Striker stated, Dario Cueto had an announcement for Ultima Lucha Tres, and after putting himself over for the umpteenth time, Cueto made his announcement by revealing the Cueto Cup, which was brought in by Melissa Santos. Starting next week, 32 competitors will compete in a single-elimination tournament, where the winner will not only win the Cup, but also a Lucha Underground Championship opportunity at Ultima Lucha Tres. Speaking of the title, Cueto announced that on the night of the finals, Johnny Mundo will defend his title against Rey Mysterio, who took out Matanza in the mid-season finale!

Cueto announced that the Trios Championship would be defended, and after the break, Drago, Fenix, and Aerostar were in the ring, and their challengers–of course–were Kobra Moon and her evil snake henchmen. Kobra’s attempt to control and force Drago to bow to her has been documented for months, so this match is a long time coming. The champions’ momentum was halted by Fenix being on the receiving end of a stunner, and it was at that moment that Drago spewed mist at Aerostar! Drago later crossed over to Kobra Moon’s side, and he was tagged in to get the pin on former partner Aerostar, and new Trios Champions are crowned. To say that Kobra Moon’s coercion was successful would be a huge understatement!

The main event followed, with Prince Puma and Mil Muertes facing each other in a Boyle Heights Street Fight. And while I’m at it, let me just marvel at seeing four lethal women tonight:  Sexy Star, Taya, Kobra Moon, and Catrina; five if you count Melissa. Anyway, the fight was dirty and gritty, and even included Puma being tossed into Cueto’s office. We also saw a staredown between Muertes and Vampiro; the latter having guided Puma for a while now. Puma was closing in on victory, but of course, Catrina (in all her evil glory) struck Puma with the stone she carries. However, Vampiro left his announce position to hand Puma a brick to use on Mil Muertes, who was given the stone by Catrina. Puma won the weapons battle, as he clocked Mil Muertes with the brick and got the pinfall win.

That is the Lucha Lowdown for this week! The Cueto Cup tournament starts next week! Until then!

The Lucha Lowdown

It may have been only four months, but it seems like an eternity! Nevertheless, Season 3 of Lucha Underground resumes, and the Lucha Lowdown is back!

The lovely Melissa Santos makes the announcement: the only action tonight will be The Mack’s opportunity against Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship, and it will last “All Night Long!” This means that this match, as Matt Striker stated, will last for the duration of the broadcast. Whoever has the most falls by the end of the program will walk out as the Lucha Underground Champion, so it’s basically an Iron Man Match, which I love. The “All Night Long” stipulation was made by Mundo himself, after he (with the help of Worldwide Underground) defeated Mack in a match where the winner would decide the stipulation. Mundo’s arrogance and belief that he’s in better shape than Mack led him to make this stipulation, but it was back and forth for the first few minutes. Mundo, however, delivered the End of the World to Mack, and he drew first blood with the first fall.

After the first commercial break, Mack closed in on a match tying fall, but Mundo managed to kick out at two. After another Mack near fall, Mundo again went for End of the World, but that led to a Mack roll-up attempt. Mundo–in typical fashion–resorted to holding the top rope to gain a second fall and go up 2-0. Mack dives through the ropes and onto Mundo, and following that, the challenger delivered an onslaught of offense towards the champion. Even with all of that, though, Mack’s pin attempt resulted in a two-count. Mack rolls through a Mundo crossbody, and later delivers a powerbomb to get on the board, making it 2-1.

The 2nd commercial break ends, and Mundo, with his 2-0 lead cut in half, turned up the aggression towards Mack. Mack delivered the first near fall after the 2nd break, and after Mundo kicks out, we see dueling shots between champion and challenger. Mundo delivered a Spanish Fly to Mack, but the challenger kicks out at 2. Mundo went back to the top rope, but Mack joined him and delivered a suplex to the champion. Mack finally staggered over to Mundo with a pin attempt, only for Mundo to grab the bottom rope. Mundo delivers a spinning move from the top rope, but he lands awkwardly and appears to have injured his right ankle. The X sign was thrown by referee Marty Elias, but Mack sent Mundo back in the ring.

Back from the 3rd commercial break, and to no surprise, Mundo was not hurt! He leapt up, revealing his deception (which included a stretcher coming out) and delivered a quick pinfall to Mack to go up 3-1. Mack has been making Mundo pay for his deception, and after another break, Mundo attempted to strap himself to a stretcher. The challenger brought Mundo back into the ring, and we finally see Mack deliver the Stunner, and it’s a one fall difference again. We see Mundo run out of the ring with Mack chasing him, but later on, we see the actual Mundo come from under the ring with a Singapore cane, and the Mundo who ran off is actually PJ Black. A 2-on-1 assault happens, but we see Son of Havoc even things up, delivering Singapore cane shots to Mundo and PJ. Havoc actually knocks on the door of Dario Cueto’s office, and gets a pair of beer cans from the boss. Havoc revives Mack, and the challenger is on fire, swinging for the fences like he’s Aaron Judge! After he’s taken out, Mundo calls for the house band to play a victory song for him, only to be taken out by the maracas player, who is revealed as Sexy Star! After Sexy’s assault, Mack puts Mundo through a table, and three seconds later, it’s all tied up!

Down to the final five minutes, we see a ladder and a table brought in. Mundo sent Mack face first on the ladder, but despite that, a two count. Mack’s pin attempt saw Mundo grab the bottom rope, and after this, Mundo placed Mack on the ladder, setting up an End of the World attempt, which misses! Down to two minutes, and Mack sees what could be a golden opportunity! Mack placed Mundo on the table, and he began climbing the ladder, as the clock tick to the final 60 seconds! We FINALLY see Jack Evans come out, holding Mack at bay before he’s taken down by Sexy Star and Son of Havoc. Down to under 30 seconds, and Mack delivers a frog splash to Mundo! Mack gets on top of Mundo for what could be the winning pin, but just as Marty Elias’ hand was going down for the third time, the clock ran out!

So the match ends in a draw, and now we see Cueto out of the office, saying that there are NO TIES IN THE TEMPLE!!! However, Cueto decided to save overtime for next week; sudden death, next fall wins it, and Cueto stated that he doesn’t care if it takes ALL NIGHT LONG! So Mundo escaped as champion, but gets a Stunner from Mack!

What a return for Lucha Underground, and next week, it continues! One fall to the finish, Mundo vs Mack! That is this week’s Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

The Lucha Lowdown (Midseason Finale)

Welcome to the latest edition of The Lucha Lowdown, which will recap the midseason finale of Lucha Underground!

lu_mid_seasonThe episode opens in Dario Cueto’s office, as they discuss Cage and the power of the gauntlet. Just then, Dragon Azteca Jr. enters, and he informs Cueto that he wants Matanza in the ring–as he is looking to avenge himself as well as Rey Mysterio. Azteca stated that he wants Matanza in a Deathmatch, which–of course–Cueto acquiesces. That match will serve as tonight’s main event.

Back in the temple, Matt Striker informs the viewers about the main event, while Vampiro sends an ominous warning to Mil Muertes. As for the first bit of action, it’s two of my faves:  Texano (a cross between Stan Hansen and John “Bradshaw” Layfield) and Joey Ryan (who I call a sawed off Johnny Mundo) facing each other one-on-one. We later see Famous B and The Beautiful Brenda appear; both dressed in Western gear. Remember, Famous B had been attempting to recruit Texano as his latest client, only for Texano to turn him down. Even sillier, Brenda inserted a horseshoe–yes, you read that right–to Texano to use as a weapon, which he does to get the victory.

The Lucha Underground Champion, Johnny Mundo, along with PJ Black and Jack Evans, are in the ring, and he’s addressing the crowd. Mundo claims that he is Lucha Underground’s only star and he defeated everyone in the temple, while claiming that his Worldwide Underground co-horts were the only ones who believed in him. After his pals leave, Mundo addresses his latest challenger, The Mack, who Mundo defeated to name the stipulation for their title fight, stated that Mack doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as him, among other insults. The challenger entered the ring and fought Mundo, only for Black and Evans to resurface to assist the champion. After delivering Stunners to the goons, Mack went after Mundo, who called security. Mundo escaped, but Mack took care of the guards–one by one. Mack later took possession of Mundo’s title, and said–in his own way–that he will take it soon.


Back to action; we see Cage, with his gauntlet, facing off against Veneno–who we all should know by now is actually Cortez Castro under a new identity. This is Cage’s first match since winning the brutal best-of-five series against Texano, and he made quick work of Veneno. We even see Cage get rough with the referee after the match. Sexy Star suddenly enters the match, and–in Spanish–fingerpoints Veneno as the one who had been placing spiders in her locker. After beating down Veneno, Sexy warned him to stay away from her.

Backstage, Prince Puma is training, all while remembering Konnan’s guidance and his feud with Mil Muertes. He is later encountered by the always alluring Catrina, who warns him that death is the reason why he’s having the visions. Puma said that he sees a lot of pain, but it’s not his, it’s Mil Muertes’. Catrina taunts Puma and stated that she sees the same thing, only it’s Puma’s blood that is spilled.

LUthroughTheRoofGIFWe now move on to the main event, and before I go into detail about that, I have to bring up Melissa Santos. Not only do we see her as the lovely ring announcer on Lucha Underground, we can now see her on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, as she is seated at the desk near the boardroom in every episode. The main event, as mentioned earlier, saw Matanza and Dragon Azteca Jr. fighting each other in a Deathmatch, when after Azteca was taken out, Rey Mysterio suddenly entered and ReyGIFLUfought the monster, face-to-face, with the fight ending with Matanza being sent through the ceiling of Dario Cueto’s office, which caused Cueto to close the temple!

The episode ends with Marty the Moth shown creepily stalking Melissa Santos, when he is suddenly abducted by his sister, Mariposa, coming a week after Marty attacked her. She tells him he has her attention… maybe he’s not that little boy any more. Maybe the Moth has finally seen the light. He smiles and she slaps him but that just gets a laugh out of the creeper, saying “I did good.” Oh man oh man.

So much good stuff from the midseason finale, but it’ll be a long wait! The third season will not resume until Summer 2017, so about 5-7 months! And with that, the Lucha Lowdown goes on the same hiatus! Until the summer!



Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

The first week of 2017 began with a new #1 Contender for Charlotte’s Raw Women’s Championship being crowned. Bayley and Nia Jax faced each other for that golden opportunity, and with Nia possibly closing in on victory, Sasha Banks–the latest bane of Nia’s existence–emerged. Nia took her eye off the proverbial ball and focused on Sasha, which allowed Bayley to get the victory. Bayley’s championship opportunity will come at the Royal Rumble in San Antonio–three weeks from now.


SmackDown Live was chock full of women’s action and storylines. First off, Becky Lynch actually faced off against the evil La Luchadora, who plagued her on the previous week. After getting a submission win over her new foe, Becky removed the mask, revealing La Luchadora as Alexa Bliss. However, that was a ruse as the real La Luchadora entered and joined Alexa in attacking Becky. NXT’s Aliyah made a surprise appearance on SmackDown, as she was defeated by Carmella, who continued her “romance” with James Ellsworth. We also saw some continuation from Maryse and Renee, with the former slapping the latter, and Nikki and Natalya aired their grievances in the ring. Nattie’s cruel statement that John Cena will leave Nikki and she’ll die alone was met with Nikki’s patented forearm to the evil Queen of Harts.

Wednesday’s two-hour NXT featured Ember Moon defeating Billie Kay and Liv Morgan in a Triple Threat Match, while Lucha Underground saw Sexy Star defeat Mariposa, as well as Mariposa being assaulted by her own brother, Marty the Moth. Meanwhile on Impact Wrestling, Sienna defeated Allie, but only due to Laurel Van Ness distracting Allie with some flirtation towards Braxton Sutter. This past Friday was TNA’s One Night Only:  Live PPV, which saw Rosemary defeat Sienna in her first defense of the Knockouts Championship.

So to recap briefly, the La Luchadora angle is three weeks old, and has yet to see the reveal. Ironically, it was Becky Lynch who began the angle as a joke against Alexa Bliss, but the last two weeks have seen Becky as the target of a villainous La Luchadora. Regarding reports, it was Deonna Purrazzo who competed in the costume on Tuesday, playing the role for the second straight week. Updated articles posted earlier this week confirmed that Mickie James will be revealed as La Luchadora and feud with Becky, with the feud supposedly leading to Becky facing off against the heel Mickie at WrestleMania 33. Mickie last portrayed a villainess during her last months in TNA, and last served as a heel in WWE all the way back in 2006. Reports state that the Becky/Mickie feud could be booked as the top feud in SD’s Women’s Division, meaning the title could be inserted. With all of that coming into play, I would think that the evil Mickie would reveal herself as La Luchadora at the Royal Rumble in three weeks.


In TNA news, Raquel announced on social media that she has parted ways with TNA, only just under a year with the company. Raquel, real name Gabi Castrovinci, began her wrestling career as part of WWE’s Tough Enough program in 2015. After her elimination, she joined TNA last January under the name Raquel, and was placed in a short-lived angle with Bobby Lashley. Raquel’s in-ring debut came at Knockouts Knockdown 4 in April, but due to her bad performance, she was taken off TV for several weeks. She returned in the summer as the babyface manager for The BroMans, a role she played until around the early fall. Raquel resurfaced on TNA’s Xplosion program as a selfie-obsessed villainess, losing matches to Jade and Madison Rayne. She continues to compete on the independent scene, mainly at SHINE Wrestling, where she is one-half of the tag champions with Santana Garrett.

A new week begins tomorrow, and this week’s SmackDown will finally see Nikki and Natalya face off in a massive grudge match! Until then!

The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

Tonight is the final Lucha Underground before the mid-season finale, and we see Mil Muertes fuming over Prince Puma’s interference from last week, which caused him to lose to Jeremiah Crane. Catrina stated that Vampiro was involved, and they have to get to him. Speaking of Crane, he appeared and boasted to Catrina over defeated the man she loves, but Catrina stated that Mil Muertes is not the man she loves! Hmmm.


Into the temple, the stunning Melissa Santos introduces the first combatants of the evening: Mariposa and Sexy Star. This rivalry is being renewed due to Sexy targeting Mariposa with accusations of sending spiders to her as part of some twisted mind game, though Mariposa has insisted that she has done no such thing. Sexy demanded an “old fashioned fight” with Mariposa, and of course, Dario Cueto was happy to oblige. Just like Sexy wanted, it was an old fashioned fight, and she emerged victorious after a double stomp, but not without some pain. After the match, Marty the Moth entered the ring to apparently condole his sister, only to attack her! Wow!


We see Mascarita Sagrada training backstage, only for The Rabbit Tribe to appear and…well…worship him, claiming that he is the white rabbit. They asked him to be at ringside for their match, which followed this crazy segment. Their opponents were Kobra Moon and her sinister henchmen, but instead, the wicked villainess decided to send Drago (who she was dragging on a chained leash) to fight in her place. Now I have to say, Kendrick and London were my favorite tag team in the old days of WWE’s Smackdown, and I am elated that each one is showing out in different promotions; Kendrick in his return to WWE and London in Lucha Underground. Drago gets the pinfall victory, and is chained up again by Kobra Moon. Meanwhile, Drago’s Trios Championship partners, Fenix and Aerostar, take out Kobra Moon’s goons, and it appears that the triumvirate is standing strong again, much to the dismay of “the Queen.”

mundomackgifBackstage, The Mack congratulated Sexy Star on her victory over Mariposa, but informed his good friend that he wants to go it alone in his upcoming championship contest against Johnny Mundo. About that, Mack was approached by Dario Cueto, who informed him that while he will be facing Mundo, it will not be for the title, as he wants a huge title match to occur. Cueto stated that the winner of their non-title match will pick the stipulation for their upcoming title encounter, which I assume will happen next week. To no surprise, Jack Evans and PJ Black attempted to get involved, and their distraction allowed Mundo to deliver a low blow and get the roll-up victory. With Evans and PJ holding Mack down, Mundo stated that Mack couldn’t hang 10 minutes with him, so that led him to make his stipulation with three simple words:  All Night Long. As Striker stated, their match will last the entire length of the show, but still, it was not announced when this match will happen.

That is this week’s Lucha Lowdown, and next week is the midseason finale! Until then!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, the final week of 2016, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

Raw saw the continuation of the Sasha Banks/Nia Jax angle that began last week, as Nia Jax was back to her role of destroying jobbers. Nia’s latest victim was Scarlett Bordeaux, who is best known for competing in Ring of Honor, and also participated in TNA’s second Knockouts Knockdown PPV in 2014. She portrayed a Sasha Banks fan, which only angered the imposing Nia en route to squashing her. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Bayley faced each other once again, and with Dana Brooke as Charlotte’s personal referee, the Raw Women’s Champion literally stole one from her current rival.


Regarding SmackDown, not much follow-up from Natalya’s revelation that she attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series, but we have a different development in the blue brand’s women’s division. One week after Becky Lynch bested Alexa Bliss in a non-title match, doing so dressed as La Luchadora, she received another chance at the SmackDown Women’s Championship. During that match, La Luchadora suddenly appeared, a different woman of course, and she caused a distraction that allowed Alexa to win. That was one of two standout attributes of the match; the other, unfortunately, was the dislocation of Alexa’s arm.

A two-hour NXT aired this past Wednesday, and regarding women’s action, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce defeated Liv Morgan and Aliyah, while Asuka defeated Nia Jax. Not much women’s action on Lucha Underground, and the next night’s Impact was a look back at everything the Hardys went through this year, though there was some news regarding Reby Sky. She announced at the end of Apocalypto that she’s pregnant. The new offspring’s gender was revealed in the end of the Hardy New Year broadcast:  it’s a boy!


This past Tuesday would have been the 47th birthday of the legendary Chyna, who passed away on April 20. On the following day, Former Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell celebrated her 31st birthday, and is enjoying retirement from wrestling. Taryn’s wrestling career began in WWE in 2007, and after her departure in 2010, she joined TNA in 2013. She started as a referee, but transitioned into an in-ring competitor en route to her Knockouts Championship win in November 2014.



The evil La Luchadora at the December 27 edition of SmackDown Live

Back to La Luchadora. One mystery ends in SmackDown’s Women’s Division, yet another one starts. Who was La Luchadora from Tuesday’s SmackDown? Three rumored names were listed regarding La Luchadora’s identity:  Tamina Snuka, Deonna Purrazzo, and the returning Mickie James. A report stated that Mickie James is rumored to be revealed as the evil La Luchadora, and act as a villainess in a feud with Becky Lynch. However, that same report stated that it was Deonna Purrazzo who appeared under the gimmick on SmackDown, distracting and attacking Becky Lynch during her title match. Deonna donned the costume, according to the report, because Mickie was not available that night. If this is true, I’m elated, because I want to see Mickie as a wrestling villainess just once more.

A new week begins tomorrow, with the first shows of 2017! Hopefully, La Luchadora will officially be revealed on SmackDown, and we should see the latest in the Charlotte/Bayley angle. Sexy Star will face Mariposa again on Lucha Underground; the last edition before the midseason finale! Until next week, and Happy New Year!


The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Undergound!

The final Lucha Underground of 2016 begins with Prince Puma receiving some mentoring from Vampiro, even pledging himself to his new master. Should have expected this; it will definitely be most intriguing.

lu-cage-blood-mainOn to the temple, where Jeremiah Crane is in the ring set to face off against the always imposing Mil Muertes, who–as always–has the always sinister Catrina with him. Crane showed absolutely no trepidation as Mil Muertes entered, staring a hole in him and delivering the first blows. The massive former Lucha Underground Champion regained control, and even faced him towards Catrina, who sent her own message to Crane. Prince Puma later invaded the ring and swung a Singapore Cane at Mil Muertes, and that distraction allowed Crane to pick up the upset victory over Mil. Catrina gave a look of what appeared to be confusion, while Puma continued his assault towards Mil Muertes, while kneeling towards Vampiro, who gave an expression of approval.

We see Sexy Star backstage being encountered by a Johnny Mundo fan, who gave him a package supposedly from a secret admirer. However, it was revealed to be a spider, continuing this saga of someone targeting her. Later on, Famous B, with The Beautiful Brenda, appears to be attempting to recruit Texano. To no surprise, Texano isn’t really having it; can’t say I blame him.

Back to the temple, the announcement was made that Johnny Mundo and The Mack will clash for the Lucha Underground Championship next week; the first show of 2017! Meanwhile, Mundo’s Worldwide Underground pals, PJ Black and Jack Evans, entered the ring to face off against Angélico and Son of Havoc. Each side held the Trios Championship at least once, and WU definitely has history with Angélico after they put him on the shelf, only for him to return and cost Mundo the LU Title. If there were any concerns regarding how Evans and Black would gel after the former duped the latter, they were answered when they emerged victorious over their opponents.

Sexy Star appeared again, furiously entering Dario Cueto’s office demanding another match with Mariposa, not a No Mas Match, just an old that beating! Cueto granted her request. Later on, Cage and Texano faced off in Match #4 of their best-of-five Ultimate Opportunity series. Texano found new life by winning Match #3 after losing the first two, and it was an inadvertently exposed turnbuckle that led Texano to victory in this match, evening things at 2-2. However, Cueto, in his usual fashion, decided to have Match #5 take place on the spot! And another added wrinkle:  anything goes!

bigendingluTo say that Texano and Cage took advantage of the Anything Goes stipulation would be an understatement. Even with Cage bleeding from his head, he went all in and all out in this pivotal match, as did Texano. Both used everything but the kitchen sink, and they took the fight through the crowd several times. Texano’s attempt at a high risk dive missed, but Cage’s chair shot to Texano’s head did not! Even after all of that, Texano kicked out, and the fight marched on! Texano later placed Cage in the crossface, but a roll up broke up the submission. Cage delivered the Discus Clothesline, but even that didn’t defeat Texano! Cage needed to deliver what appeared to be a Jackhammer to finally get the victory over Texano in the fifth match, winning the series.

Cueto congratulated Cage on his victory, but he decided not to give the opportunity in front of the crowd, claiming that they’re weak-minded. Cage was brought into Cueto’s office, where he saw his “prize,” an ancient gauntlet. Cage turned it down, but Cueto managed to get him to try on the gauntlet. After holding up Cueto by his throat, Cage changed his mind about the gift. Ooooh boy!

That is this week’s Lucha Lowdown! Next week it’s Johnny Mundo vs The Mack for the Lucha Underground Championship! Until then!

The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to The Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

botbluchagifThe show kicks off with the Battle of the Bulls tournament final:  The Mack, Jeremiah Crane, PJ Black, and Cage, all fighting to become #1 Contender for the Lucha Underground Championship! Each of these men competed in four way qualifying matches to advance to this final, which was contested under elimination rules. The quartet showed out throughout the first eight minutes, which included Crane placing Cage in a submission move, only for “The Machine to power out. However, Texano–Cage’s opponent in the best-of-five series–got involved and caused a distraction led to his elimination.

Down to just Mack, Crane, and PJ, and Crane nearly had Mack on the ropes for a two count. However, Mack’s top rope slam was more than enough to eliminate Crane, bringing it down to just Mack and PJ. And in no time, a Stunner made The Mack the tournament winner, and the #1 Contender. We could see The Mack vs Johnny Mundo, or even more dramatic, we could see the Mack against his longtime friend, Sexy Star. We’ll know the result later on.

Trios Champions Fenix and Aerostar are looking for their partner, Drago, when they are encountered by the fiendish Kobra Moon, who informed the pair that Drago returned to KM’s tribe. She and her henchmen later fought against Fenix and Aerostar, and while the pair held their own, the numbers game was too much for 2/3 of the Trios Champions. Kobra Moon later warned the pair that next time, it will be her Drago who leaves them for dead.

The main event is close, and we see Sexy Star backstage congratulating her friend, The Mack, on his victory in the tournament final. Mack wished Sexy luck in the title bout, while Sexy stated that it would be an honor to defend the title against him. Meanwhile, we see Jeremiah in Dario Cueto’s office, and it looks like he has an upcoming match for next week. mundossHe later acquired an object that he left as a kid, which was revealed to be a Ouija board, and he encountered Catrina, while revealing that his match is against Mil Muertes.

The main event cage match between Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo for the latter’s Lucha Underground Championship followed. It was back and forth between the two, as expected considering Sexy’s drive to regain the title that was stolen from her by Mundo. She even passed up an opportunity to climb out and over, to make a death defying dive towards her opponent, which only resulted in a two count. The fight continued on until Mundo did the unfathomable:  he removed Sexy Star’s mask. Knowing that a luchador(a)’s mask is sacred, Mundo capitalized on Sexy hiding her face and escaped outside the cage, holding on to the title. Mundo’s celebration was halted by The Mack, who delivered a stunner to his future opponent.

We now see Drago, who is being taunted by Kobra Moon. She hinted that she has an offering for Drago, who stated that he would rather starve. Kobra Moon stated that eventually, a dragon must eat, before cackling in evil delight.

That is this week’s Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!!!


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