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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 6)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

The show kicks off with the same people who ended last week’s episode:  The Rabbit Club. With a more sinister look, Paul London entered the ring and faced off against the debuting Dezmond X, in a match for the last remaining Aztec Medallion. When we last saw the Rabbit Club, they brutally killed, yes killed Mascarita Sagrada, after Sagrada led him to the White Rabbit. Any belief that their murderous actions would lead to any sort of power or advantage was squashed, as Dezmond rolled up London to capture the final Medallion.

Antonio Cueto comes out and congratulates Dezmond for his victory, as he’ll participate in next week’s Gift of the Gods Championship match. He later called out the seven Medallion winners to place the Medallions on the belt to declare their spots in the match. First up was Dragon Azteca Jr, followed by King Cuerno, Ivelisse, Dezmond X, Son of Havoc, The Mack, and Mil Muertes. In true Cueto fashion, Antonio decided that seven was an unlucky number and that only six combatants will participate in next week’s Gift of the Gods match. One person will be out, and it will be decided in an impromptu battle royal, where the winner will choose who is out of the match. Already, Cuerno, Ivelisse, and Dezmond are out, and Mack and Havok ousted Mil Muertes and Azteca! Two-thirds of the reigning Trios Champions are left, making an interesting conundrum. That was solved quickly when Havoc actually sacrificed himself and performed an over the top rope Suicide Dive, fitting, because it eliminated him and gave Mack the victory. So who did Mack choose to eliminate? Not surprisingly, the biggest threat: Mil Muertes.

Next up, Vibora enters the ring, with the fiendish Kobra Moon, as he faced off against Johnny Mundo, who had his better half, Taya, with him. It didn’t take long for the women to get involved, and that involvement led to Mundo gaining the advantage, but only for a one count on Vibora. The fight continued on, with Mundo going to the top rope, and diving on top of Kobra Moon! After Taya talks trash, PJ Black is shown waiting in ambush, and he decked Vibora with a chair while Taya distracted referee Justin Borden. Mundo’s End of the World, however, only delivered a two count! A frustrated Mundo superkicked Borden, and Worldwide Underground was set on destroying Vibora, only for Drago and Daga to even the odds. Vibora fought off Mundo’s attempt with a chair by delivering a chokeslam, but that only got a two count!

We later see Ricky Mundo get his boss out of harm’s way, but they both ended up taken down by Vibora. The fight marches on, with Johnny Mundo delivering a series of kicks before being taken down by another chokeslam, this time for the victory. A pleased Kobra Moon entered the ring to celebrate with Vibora, but it was shortlived due to PJ and Taya’s chairshots. Daga and Drago returned as well, resuming a huge brawl between the two sides!

We later see Ricky Mundo with Jack Evans, the only WU member we didn’t see in the fight. Ricky lashed out at Jack for not being out there and helping his fellow members, only for Jack to again explain that he doesn’t like snakes and walk off. Ricky’s creepy doll suggests that he should eliminate Jack like he did to Angélico. The plot thickens.

On to the main event, which was made last week: Cage challenging Pentagon Dark for the Lucha Underground Championship. Though this was made last week, it had been stewing for several weeks after Cage’s attack towards Pentagon, and it was last week that Pentagon cost Cage one of the Aztec Medallions, but gave him a shot at his title. The superheavyweights went at it outside the ring before finally going inside and battling it out. Cage gave Pentagon everything and then some in his quest to capture the title, but he came up short, as Pentagon finished off The Machine and retained his title. Pentagon thwarted Cage’s attack and attempted to break his arm, only for Cage to successfully fight him off and take down the champion. He later reminded Pentagon that he can’t break his arm, because he’s not a man, he’s a machine!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with Extreme Rules.

Raw featured more drama involving Bayley and Sasha Banks, as their counseling continued, all the while, Nia Jax and Natalya defeated Alexa Bliss and Mickie James in tag team action. On SmackDown, lumberjills surrounded the ring as Asuka faced off against James Ellsworth. Though Asuka was victorious, Carmella did get the upper hand thanks to Ellsworth spraying a substance into the eyes of the Empress of Tomorrow. As a result, Paige informed Carmella that during her title defense at Extreme Rules, Ellsworth will be locked in a shark cage and hoisted above the ring.

On NXT, Shayna Baszler found herself confronted by Candice LeRae, who slapped the NXT Women’s Champion, leading to a brawl. Later on, Kairi Sane defeated Vanessa Borne, and staked her claim to the aforementioned title, referencing her Mae Young Classic victory over Shayna. That same evening on Lucha Underground, Ivelisse defeated Joey Ryan to capture one of the seven Ancient Aztec Medallions, putting her one step closer to possibly becoming Lucha Underground Champion. The following night’s Impact Wrestling saw Allie victorious over Shotzi Blackheart, only for Tessa Blanchard to attack her from behind. As a result, Tessa and Allie will face each other at Slammiversary, and speaking of the event, Su Yung continued her haunting mind games on Madison Rayne during an interview.

At Extreme Rules, Carmella managed to successfully defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Asuka, thanks somehow to Ellsworth, who actually escaped his cage. He ended up on the receiving end of another beating by Asuka, only for Carmella to send Asuka head first into the cage for the victory. The Raw Women’s Championship Extreme Rules match saw plenty of chaos; not only from champion and challenger, not only from Natalya and Mickie James, but from Ronda Rousey, who left her seat and went after Mickie and Alexa. Amidst the melee, Alexa Bliss emerged victorious, and one has to believe that Ronda will get a shot at her at SummerSlam next month.

The big news broke on Thursday that former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn would return and participate in the second annual Mae Young Classic. Six more names were announced later on, with one of them being NXT regular Rhea Ripley, who performed at last year’s tournament, marking the first returning combatant. Other names include Nicole Matthews, who is best known for her time in SHIMMER, where she is a former SHIMMER Champion and Tag Team Champion, as well as American Ninja Warrior contestant Kacy Catanzaro. International indy stars Jinny, Vernice Gabriel, and Io Shirai were also announced, totaling seven participants in the 2nd MYC.

Despite Bayley and Sasha’s current angle, neither of them were part of Extreme Rules. The reason is that the plans have the two Horsewomen facing off against each other at SummerSlam on August 19. If this happens, it will come full circle for both women, as they faced each other in Brooklyn three years prior, where Bayley won the NXT Women’s Championship as part of a double coronation, as Sasha was moved up to the main roster along with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Despite the ongoing fights between the two women, face and heel roles have not been established, making this a very peculiar angle.

A new week and the fallout from Extreme Rules begins with Raw tomorrow, and Impact will have their final show before Slammiversary! Until next week!

The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 5)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We kick things on the temple, and Cortez Castro is in the ring with a Singapore Cane in hand. As to why he’s in the ring, well, Antonio Cueto is out to cover that base. He revealed what we know:  that Castro’s a police officer. Antonio also got to the root of the matter, Castro is Matanza’s latest sacrifice, and in just a matter of seconds, Matanza defeated Castro, and afterwards, Castro joined Mr. Pectacular in Matanza’s growing list of sacrifices.

Next up, one of the five remaining Aztec Medallions is on the line, as the always sleazy Joey Ryan faces off against Ivelisse. Ivelisse is coming off getting a violent revenge on former boyfriend Jeremiah Crane during Grave Consequences, and she is now looking to do something she’s never done: compete in a Gift of the Gods Match. Ryan proved to be a formidable foe, but Ivelisse continuously countered against the offense of her opponent. This includes Ivelisse delivering various lethal kicks to Ryan, as well as a German Suplex for a two count. Ryan set Ivelisse up for a Power Bomb, but Ivelisse gets out of it and delivered a Sunset Flip for the victory! Ivelisse joins Dragon Azteca Jr and King Cuerno as collectors of one of the Aztec Medallions.

Another Aztec Medallion match follows, but it’s a very interesting one. It’s a three way match, and the participants are the Trios Champions: Killshot, Son of Havoc, and The Mack. Antonio Cueto comes out and decides to add yet another wrinkle to this already intriguing match:  a second Aztec Medallion! In this match, the winner gets one medallion, and the other goes to the defeated combatant who was not pinned. The champions wasted no time fighting each other, and as the early stages of the match showed, if there is an antagonist in this match, it’s definitely Killshot, who was taken out of the ring, allowing Mack and Havoc to go at it in the ring. Killshot gets back in, only for Mack to take him back out and deliver an over the top rope dive on top of his partners.

Mack and Killshot fight in the ring, while Havoc is out of the ring momentarily, but he does get back into the fray. As Matt Striker mentioned, it would have been easier for Havoc to stay out, he would win a Medallion regardless of what happened in the ring, but that is not Havoc’s style. Killshot talks trash to Havoc, with Havoc answering back physically, leading to a back and forth battle with shots being traded. Mack gets back in, and all three combatants fight in the ring against each other. Mack delivered a tackle to Havoc and later turns his attention to Killshot, who delivers a clothesline to Killshot before receiving a dropkick. Havoc later delivers a double curb stomp to both combatants, but he is later on the receiving end of Mack’s offense.

After all of that, Mack’s near fall was actually the first of the match, with Havoc kicking out and staying alive. Killshot prevented Havoc from delivering his finisher, and took him down, only for Mack to end up delivering a Stunner to Killshot! BOTH of Mack’s opponents were down, and when it came to the choice of which one to pin, Mack decided to pin Killshot for the victory. As a result, Mack received a Medallion for the win, and Havoc got one because he wasn’t the one pinned. Killshot, of course, didn’t take things well, as he shoved away Havoc and knocked Mack’s Medallion out of his hands.

There are now two Aztec Medallions left, and one of them is on the line in the main event, as Mil Muertes, along with the new-look Lady in Red, Catrina, faces off against Cage. This match was made a week prior, after Cage took down Pentagon Dark in his quest for the Lucha Underground Championship. When super-heavyweights clash, it’s expected to be a brawl, but the combatants started things off by delivering some technical wrestling moves…THEN the brawling started. Cage actually grabbed Catrina by her hair, but he paid for it at the hands of Mil Muertes. The combatants returned to the ring, but Mil inadvertently speared the ref, allowing Justin Borden to enter as a replacement and nearly count a victory for Cage. Cage took out Borden, but Rick Knox enters and counts two in Mil’s favor. Mil took down Knox, leaving no new officials left.

Nevertheless, the fight continued, and both men delivered a vicious fight to each other, with Cage set to deliver a chair shot to Mil Muertes. However, in a huge shocker, Pentagon Dark revealed himself to be disguised as a fan, and he beat down Cage with a steel chair! After Cage was placed back into the ring, Mil Muertes delivered the final blow to Cage, picking up the victory and an Aztec Medallion, while Pentagon Dark got his payback. However, the usual Lick of Death from Catrina did not follow, as her new look comes with a new demeanor. Pentagon informed Cage not to feel bad about losing the Medallion, as he is giving Cage something better: a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship next week!

For the first time this season, the Rabbit Club make an appearance! So does Mascarita Sagrada, who promised the group that he would introduce them to the White Rabbit. We finally see the White Rabbit, with Paul London wanting his guidance for whatever he wishes. The White Rabbit wanted them to do one thing:  kill the man who brought them to him, Sagrada. London does so by bludgeoning Sagrada, much to the White Rabbit’s amusement. Wow.

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

Raw featured Bayley and Sasha Banks attending their counseling sessions, which included the expected return of Dr. Shelby; who successfully brought Team Hell No together. Meanwhile, in the ring, Nia Jax was set to face off against Mickie James, but before the match, Nia announced an important update to her title rematch against Alexa Bliss:  it is now an Extreme Rules match at the PPV under the same name. It was announced before hand that Ronda Rousey will appear at Extreme Rules, as her suspension was only from Raw, but not from PPVs. Nia defeated Mickie thanks to Natalya keeping Bliss at bay.

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On SmackDown, Asuka’s match against James Ellsworth ended in a double countout, but Carmella delivered the last shot afterwards. Later on, Becky defeated Peyton Royce in singles action, continuing her winning ways in her climb back to the title picture. The next night’s NXT saw Dakota Kai victorious over Santana Garrett, while Shayna Baszler stated that there’s no one in the Women’s Division who could end her title reign. Lucha Underground saw Johnny Mundo and Taya victorious over Kobra Moon and Daga, only for Worldwide Underground to be taken down by the Dragon Tribe afterwards. On Impact, Allie and Madison Rayne defeated Su Yung and one of her undead brides, despite Tessa Blanchard’s evil attempt to sabotage Madison and Allie.

As stated in last week’s edition, LuFisto vacated the SHINE Championship due to the fact that she would be undergoing surgery next Thursday, one day before a scheduled title defense against Kimber Lee at SHINE 52. Shine Wrestling announced that a new champion will be crowned in an eight-woman one night tournament set to take place at SHINE 53, with the eight combatants being announced at next Friday’s SHINE 52 in Ybor City. SHINE 53 will take place on September 8 in Queens. Shine Wrestling is familiar with tournaments, as they have crowned all of their inaugural champions in such a fashion, most recently the SHINE Nova Championship tournament last year, which was won by Priscilla Kelly.

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Alicia Fox returned to the ring this weekend at a live event in Philadelphia, doing so on the losing end of a six-woman tag team bout. Alicia was aligned with Riott Squad members Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan against Bayley, Ember Moon, and Natalya, with the role contrasting her appearance on Raw two weeks prior, where she was shown hugging Bayley backstage. As for why Alicia was with the Riott Squad, it was due to the fact that Ruby Riott suffered a knee sprain recently, and it was stated that she would be sidelined possibly for weeks. This was why she wasn’t on Raw as Liv Morgan lost to Ember Moon, with Sarah Logan in the former’s corner.

A new week begins with the final countdown to Extreme Rules in Pittsburgh, as well as more from NXT, Lucha Underground, and Impact! Until next week!

The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 4)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We begin with the familiar leather boots of Catrina, as she walks towards Fenix and takes his life force, using it to reignite her own. Meanwhile, Melissa Santos is shown looking at photos of her and Fenix, mourning the man she loved. She is later approached by Catrina, who stated that Fenix gave his life for the woman who truly loved him, and gave her medallion to Melissa, as Catrina no longer needs it. Whoa.

On to the temple, Big Bad Steve is in action, and with The Beautiful Brenda at his side, he is set to face off against Jake Strong in a grudge match. Jake and Steve were partners with Sammy Guevara in a Trios Championship match, but after their defeat, Jake not only took out his partners, but he broke the ankle of Famous B. Steve is looking to avenge Famous B, but as the early stages of the match showed, he was off to a bad start, as Jake dominated Steve from the get go. It wasn’t even close. Jake delivered an absolute onslaught towards Steve, and ended it with the Ankle Lock, forcing Steve to tap out. After the match, Jake delivered a Gutwrench Powerbomb to Steve. An ankle breaker; methinks Jake should meet Pentagon. Can you imagine?!

Antonio Cueto is in his office meeting with King Cuerno, and the topic is the Gauntlet of the Gods. Cuerno stated that the Gauntlet was stolen from him, and as both of them stated in agreement, the Gauntlet is a dangerous weapon. Cuerno stated that its danger is why he stole it from Mil, but someone stole it from him. Antonio offered an appeasement:  an Aztec Medallion. In fact, an opportunity for one. Cuerno’s opponent: none other than Chavo Guerrero. Later on, Cage enters and wants Pentagon after his attack last week, however, Antonio doesn’t acquiesce. He states that Cage will have to win one of the Medallions to get a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship, and his opponent for his match next week…Mil Muertes. The plot thickens.

Tag team action now, with Kobra Moon and Daga facing off against the first couple of Worldwide Underground, Johnny Mundo and Taya! I myself have been looking forward to this because Taya and Kobra Moon are my two faves in Lucha Underground, and the match starts with Taya and Daga going back and forth, but Taya’s momentum is stopped by Daga. Taya tags in the Mayor of Slamtown, Johnny Mundo, but Daga continues his dominance, even getting a near fall on the former Lucha Underground Champion. This match was weeks in the making, as Kobra Moon cost Mundo at Aztec Warfare, and it was two weeks ago that Mundo and Taya took down Drago and Kobra. Speaking of Kobra, she enters and gets a near fall on Mundo before Daga gets back in. Taya is knocked off the apron, allowing the duo to focus on Mundo.

Mundo and Daga in the ring; the former delivering a high flying spin move for a two count. Taya finally gets back in, and she and Mundo begin double teaming Daga. However, Mundo’s attempt at a superkick inadvertently strikes Taya, and this allows Daga to tag in Kobra, who delivers her kicks to both Mundo and Taya. The women are left in the ring, and it was at this moment that PJ Black entered and delivered a kick to the back of Kobra’s head, allowing Taya to deliver a curb stomp and get the victory. Their celebration is cut short when Vibora enters the ring, clutching Taya and Mundo before PJ breaks it up. Despite being outnumbered, Vibora takes down the trio, and delivered a splash to Taya before taking down Mundo with a chokeslam followed by a standing moonsault! While Taya and Vibora are held down, Kobra Moon vowed to Mundo that he would bow down to her and refer to Kobra as his queen.

We later see Matanza warming up before he is visited by Antonio, who stated that it was time for his son’s first “sacrifice.” Oh boy. Mr. Pectacular is in the ring, his first appearance since his Aztec Warfare debut. Antonio comes out, and I think two and two are coming together here. My gut feeling is right, as Antonio announces that for the first time, a Sacrifice to the Gods will take place, and Matanza will deliver that sacrifice. Mr. Pectacular delivers a dropkick but spends WAY to much time reveling in it to realize the utter danger he’s in. That kick is all he gets, as Matanza flat out destroyed and dominated him in no time flat. And in an utter flash, Mr. Pectacular disappears.

Main event time in the temple, as Chavo Guerrero faces off against King Cuerno in a match for one of the six remaining Aztec Medallions. Dragon Azteca Jr. won the first one two weeks ago by defeating Drago, and after a fight outside the ring, Chavo placed Cuerno inside the ring to finally get things started. Cuerno delivers a clothesline to stop Chavo’s momentum, and the two delivered blows to each other before Cuerno tossed Chavo out of the ring. Chavo swings and misses with a chair and ends up having the chair kicked to his face by Cuerno. The combatants are outside the ring again, with Chavo tossing Cuerno over the rail and into the crowd. Cuerno, with help from some fans, stands on the rail and delivers a high flying move to Chavo.

Back in the ring, Cuerno climbs the ropes, only for Chavo to stop his momentum and deliver a superplex to his opponent. After a near fall from Chavo, the foes continued battling it out, with Chavo picking up another near fall. Chavo later resorts to his family’s tradition of shady tactics by exposing a turnbuckle, but Cuerno prevents himself from going head first into the exposed steel on numerous occasions. Cuerno climbs the top rope and takes down Chavo before ejecting him from the ring, and later delivers a suicide dive towards Chavo. However, with the combatants back in the ring, Chavo delivers the Three Amigos, but two-thirds through, Cuerno counters with a modified piledriver and gets the three count! He joins Azteca in collecting an Aztec Medallion, and is one step closer to becoming Lucha Underground Champion!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 3)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We kick off with Worldwide Underground backstage…with Ricky Mundo introducing “Rosa” to PJ Black and Jack Evans. Whoa. Anyway, Johnny Mundo and Taya enters, with the former stating that the Reptile Tribe is declaring war on WU, and Jack Evans is enlisted to face one of the members, news that doesn’t sit well with Evans. The rest of the group leaves, while “Rosa” states that Ricky’s secret is safe with her. Again…WHOA.

Onto the temple. Jack Evans is in the ring, and it looks like he has a new opponent, who Melissa Santos introduces as XO Lishus. And we see Melissa AGAIN upstaged as Evans snatches the mic and gives his own intro. XO starts out as a formidable opponent for Jack Evans, even tossing him out of the ring while, well, showing off his vivid personality. Evans took back over with a thumb to the eye, and put XO in a submission hold before working on the arm of his opponent. After some somersaults, Evans again places his fingers into the eyes of XO, who is hit with a “Let’s Go XO” chant in his debut. XO is placed in another submission situation, but frees himself quickly. A flabbergasted Evans charges XO, but ends up on the receiving end of XO’s offensive onslaught and is nearly pinned. The match ends with XO delivering a top rope move to Evans, and picking up a huge upset win over one of the members of the Worldwide Underground!

Pentagon Dark–Lucha Underground Championship and all–is in the ring, and he talks about his back-to-back successful title defenses:  first in Aztec Warfare, and then last week against Matanza. He says that anyone else who wants the title will fail as well, and after this, Cage enters and takes down the Lucha Underground Champion, which includes clocking Pentagon with the belt. Cage was not done there, as he later put Pentagon Dark through a table, and informs Pentagon that he can’t break him, as he is not a man, he’s a machine! Cage’s motive is clear: he plans on becoming Lucha Underground Champion!

Backstage, Fenix is backstage with Melissa; the first time they’re shown together this season. Melissa worries for Fenix, as he’s going up against Mil Muertes and Jeremiah Crane in Grave Consequences, but Fenix promises that he will survive and win just like he did before. Melissa comes out and returns to the temple, and announces the introduction of Grave Consequences. Mil Muertes comes out, with the always lethal Catrina at his side, the same Catrina who serves as Crane’s motive for even considering being in this match, let alone participating. Speaking of Crane, he’s introduced next, and he enters with focus and determination in this hostile environment. Triple Crown Champion Fenix is the last to be introduced, and the first ever three-way Grave Consequences is underway.

As Melissa stated and Matt Striker repeated, the rules for this modified Grave Consequences is that TWO of the combatants have to be sealed in caskets, with the survivor winning. This was originally Fenix vs Mil Muertes one-on-one, as demanded by Catrina, but Crane wanted in as well in his quest to impress Catrina. For the most part, it has been Crane and Mil going at it, back and forth, but Fenix managed to get back in the match and take down Mil, before Crane eliminates him from the equation again. At one point, Mil had both of his opponents in his clutches, only for Fenix and Crane to fight him off. Fenix delivered a kick to Mil, who later ended up put through a table by Crane. After Crane took down Fenix, Mil suddenly emerges from behind and beats down Crane. Though Fenix dove on top of both opponents, the match later shifted back into Mil’s favor.

Fenix and Crane are in the ring after Mil is put through a table for the second time, and we later see Crane place Fenix in the casket. Just as he’s about to shut the lid, Ivelisse returns and attacks Crane with a hammer, just as Crane did to her a long time ago! A defiant Crane flipped off his ex-girlfriend, but it would be the last thing he’d do, as Ivelisse sent him inside the casket, and shut the lid! So the third wheel is eliminated and it’s down to Mil and Fenix, and with that, Melissa leapt out of her seat and cheered Fenix on! Fenix almost had his foe in the casket, but Mil managed to escape and dominate Fenix afterwards. Fenix’s offense is stopped by a chokeslam from Mil on the casket, bending the lid. A worried Melissa watches as Fenix struggles in his battle; meanwhile, Mil opens the casket and places Fenix in, successfully sealing in his diminutive foe.

A week removed from losing to Pentagon Dark, Matanza is seen being chained up, with his father, Antonio Cueto, standing over him. Antonio stated that he failed his son by allowing just a piece of his humanity, and that Dario cared for his brother while unleashing his power. He later stated that the care and humanity got Dario killed and made Matanza weak, and he later tossed Matanza the key–the one thing keeping him somewhat human. Under the advisement of his father, Matanza destroyed the key. What little humanity he had…is gone.

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

Coming off Money In The Bank, Alexa Bliss celebrating her MITB ladder match victory as well as her fifth overall championship win came to an abrupt and just end when Ronda Rousey entered and took down Bliss, as well as General Manager Kurt Angle, and referees attempting to stop her. Before this happened, Alexa was informed that she will defend the title at Extreme Rules against Nia Jax in a rematch. Later on, Sasha Banks and Bayley’s latest attempt to work together and mend fences fell short as they were defeated by the Riott Squad. Afterwards, Sasha and Bayley’s friendship appeared to be kaput for good, as Sasha shoved Bayley and walked away, and this was followed by a backstage brawl and Bayley making one last attempt to talk to Sasha.

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On SmackDown, Carmella and James Ellsworth celebrated the former’s “victory” over Asuka, and it was after this that the Empress of Tomorrow appeared and was able to take down Ellsworth, but not Carmella. A rematch seems to be in the works, and elsewhere, Becky Lynch defeated Billie Kay, and later vowed to get back on track and become champion again. Post-Takeover NXT saw Bianca BelAir victorious over Dakota Kai, and later that evening on Lucha Underground, Taya made her first appearance of the season and took down Kobra Moon, doing so as part of Johnny Mundo’s payback against Kobra Moon for what occurred on Aztec Warfare. The following evening saw Taya defeated by Madison Rayne, who later announced her intentions to challenge Su Yung for the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary.

So yet again, we are left with a Sasha/Bayley confrontation that has left us wondering which one turned heel. I still don’t know. They’ve dragged this out for the entire calendar year, and we saw one brawl between them before WrestleMania. Despite this, both were portrayed as babyfaces and it was dragged out for an additional two months, and Raw still didn’t give us that answer. I’m hoping we get some idea of who’s good and who’s evil on the next Raw, because it’s been five months of this and it has just gone nowhere.

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Congratulations to Bianca BelAir, as she tied the knot with her fiance, fellow NXT wrestler Montez Ford (one half of the Street Profits) over the weekend! Also, more congratulations to Charlotte Flair, as she is one of many athletes featured in ESPN Magazine’s annual “The Body” issue, with the special edition entering its 10th year. And WWE officially announced the taping dates for the second annual Mae Young Classic: August 8 and 9. The airdate for the tournament hasn’t been announced, and there is no official word on who may participate.


A new week begins with the continued build to Extreme Rules on Raw and SmackDown, as well as NXT returning to Full Sail and more from Lucha Underground and Impact! Until next week!

The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 2)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

The episode opens inside the lair of King Cuerno, which Catrina magically enters in pursuit of the gauntlet, only to find it gone from its case. Cuerno stated that even he knows how dangerous the gauntlet is, only for Catrina to reveal that her life force can’t continue without it. Cuerno only told Catrina that he gave it to someone, but wouldn’t reveal who it was.

Inside the temple, Melissa Santos introduces the first match of the evening, a defense of the Trios Championship! The Mack, Killshot, and Son of Havoc were put together last week after Dante Fox was missing in action, and they were set to face Famous B’s group, Infamous Inc. As usual, Famous B (with The Beautiful Brenda) interrupted Melissa and made his intentions to collect Trios gold, only to reveal that his clients, Dr. Wagner Jr and Texano were busy in Mexico. Famous B introduced his three new clients, beginning with Big Bad Steve, a mechanic, followed by a young star known as Sammy Guevara. However, B saved his best for last when he brought out Jake Strong, and if the face is familiar, it should be! The man entering as Jake Strong is best known as Jack Swagger, a former ECW and World Champion in WWE!

Killshot and Guevara started things, only for the latter to show his own swagger with a one-gun salute to Killshot. Son of Havoc is tagged in, and I apologize for not mentioning this last week, but he is actually in his second reign as Trios Champion, as he held the title before with Ivelisse and Angélico. Big Bad Steve enters and Killshot returns to the ring, only for Jake Strong to enter and display his strength before he is ejected by Killshot. After chaos outside the ring, Guevara picked up a near fall on Havoc, and was on the receiving end of a double team by Mack and Killshot. Strong tosses out the former, but ends up on the receiving end of kicks from the latter. A distraction by Famous B allowed Strong to put the Ankle Lock on Killshot, who tapped out, but it went unnoticed as Famous B was still busy with the official. Mack broke up the Ankle Lock and delivered the Stunner to Steve, and after a 360 splash from Havoc, the Trios Champions retained their gold. After the match, an infuriated Jake Strong took out his partners, much to the shock of Famous B, who attempted to calm down his blue-chipper. It was to no avail, as Strong took down B and put him in the Ankle Lock, even snapping the ankle!

Antonio Cueto appears and brings up his late son, Dario’s, concept, the Gift of the Gods Championship, and he announced that the first of the seven Aztec Medallions would be up for grabs tonight, and the first combatant to enter was none other than Drago, with the always deliciously evil Kobra Moon leading the way. His opponent is none other than Dragon Azteca Jr., and for both men, this is a very important battle. An Aztec Medallion is a golden ticket to compete in a seven-way match for the Gift of the Gods Championship, with the titleholder cashing the title in and fighting for the Lucha Underground Championship. Kobra Moon wastes little time getting involved by tripping up Azteca, only for Azteca to dodge Drago’s attack and go back on the offensive. The match becomes back and forth again, but we later see Drago begin the process of removing Azteca’s mask; a huge show of disrespect in lucha wrestling.

Azteca’s mask wasn’t all the way off, but he managed to get it back completely on and focus on his opponent. Drago picks up a near fall on Azteca, but Azteca gains momentum until he is kicked in the face by Drago, which leads to yet anohter near fall. However, Azteca was able to deliver a head scissors from the top rope to Drago, and gets the winning pinfall as well as an Aztec Medallion. One down, six to go, and Kobra Moon is left indignant at Drago for his failure. We later see Johnny Mundo enter and talk trash to Kobra Moon, allowing Taya to enter and take down the evil queen, while Mundo delivered a low blow to Drago.

Catrina later appears to Antonio and tells him that she’s stuck between the Temple and the spirit world. She demands Fenix, mainly out of revenge for him eliminating Mil Muertes in Aztec Warfare, and wants Mil to face Fenix in Grave Consequences next week. Antonio accepts Catrina’s request, and the match is on for the next episode.

It is now main event time, and for the second week in a row, Pentagon Dark will defend his Lucha Underground Championship, this time against the monster himself, Matanza. Pentagon enters the main event on the schnide against Matanza, losing both of their previous encounters, which included a battle at Ultima Lucha Dos. With Antonio, Matanza’s father, watching, Pentagon wasted no time going after his opponent, starting a chaotic brawl that took place outside the ring. Matanza ended up on the receiving end of one chop, but dodged another and went on the attack against the champion. Finally, champion and challenger both enter the ring, and it was the challenger, Matanza, who got the first near fall on champion Pentagon. Even after the kick out, Matanza continued his dominance until Pentagon took him down with a clothesline, leading to a near fall of his own.

Pentagon delivers a Codebreaker to no avail, and Matanza goes back on the offensive after kicking out at two. After back and forth deliveries, Pentagon went on the top rope, only for Matanza to deck him an attempt to take down his opponent from that same position. The champion fights off Matanza and later delivers not one, but two Mexican Destroyers! This is followed by a Package Piledriver, and three seconds later, Pentagon is still Lucha Underground Champion, handing Matanza his first singles loss in Lucha Underground! Of course, Pentagon is not done, as he attempts to break the arm of Matanza, only for Antonio to come out with the key, allowing Matanza to power out. Despite this, Antonio slapped his son, stating that Dario spoiled him and made him weak.

After this, Antonio returns to his office, where he is encountered by Jeremiah Crane, who wants to bury both Mil Muertes and Fenix, doing so to impress Catrina. This leads to Antonio modifying the Grave Consequences match, making it a three way for next week! Wow!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4 Premiere)

It’s the middle of June, hockey and basketball are done, and that can mean one thing: Lucha Underground is back! Not only that, the Lucha Lowdown is back as well, and with a recap of the fourth season opener!

Following a recap from Season 3, Season 4 kicked off with the funeral service for Dario Cueto, while his father, Antonio, is told that the Temple in Boyle Heights cannot be used anymore, while it was revealed that he was the one who ordered the hit on his son! Season 4 barely getting its feet wet and the shockers are coming already! Wow!

We now see Melissa Santos conducting a 10-bell salute to Dario, only for Antonio to appear and interrupt the service. After a shot of announcers Matt Striker and Vampiro, Antonio introduces herself as the new owner of Lucha Underground, and even promised a new champion, as Pentagon Dark will defend the Lucha Underground championship in Aztec Warfare! Later on, we see Killshot and The Mack, two-thirds of the Trios Champions in the ring, with Antonio informing that the champions will be in Aztec Warfare, but with their partner, Dante Fox, MIA, Antonio stated that not only will the pair start the match, but the #3 entrant will be their championship partner! The #3 entrant was none other than Son of Havoc, and the three of them started the match.Image result for lucha underground season 4

The first countdown is on, and #4 is none other than the King of Sleaze himself, Joey Ryan! Like always, Joey brings out the handcuffs and chains himself to one of the ropes, a tactic he’s used many times. Entering at #5 is Mr. Pectacular, who we Impact fans know as Jesse Godderz, with Aztec Warfare being his debut for Lucha Underground. The first elimination came when Killshot rolled up his partner, The Mack, much to the Mack’s shock. Already, the defending champion Pentagon Dark makes his way in at #6! Joey, for some reason, decided to go after the champion after freeing himself from his cuffs. Bad move. Pentagon eliminates him quickly. Son of Havoc goes after him, only to get nearly pinned by Killshot. SOH does get the drop on Killshot, eliminating him.

And who enters at #7?! Tommy Dreamer!!! After Mr. Pectacular is eliminated, the Innovator of Violence stares down Pentagon before they fight, and we later see the match’s first female entrant, as Mariposa enters at #8. The demented sister of Marty the Moth took down Dreamer and swung the Kendo Stick towards the champion. Dreamer strikes Pentagon, leaving Mariposa to end up eliminated by Son of Havoc. Outside the ring, Dreamer brings out the thumb tacks, but he ended up tackled on top of them by Pentagon! Pentagon eliminated Dreamer, and Vinnie Massaro enters at #9–and receives a pizza. Massaro even offered a slice to Pentagon, only for Pentagon to shove it in his face and eliminate him. Only in Lucha Underground.

Image result for lucha underground season 4Entering at #10 is another former Impact Wrestling name, Hernandez! He briefly appeared for LU three years prior, including participating in the very first Ultima Lucha, and he quickly got in Pentagon’s face. It would be his undoing, as he would be eliminated by Pentagon, but not before getting his arm broken. Pentagon and Son of Havoc fight, with the former eliminating the latter. At #11, the former champion, Johnny Mundo, enters, and the two of them battle it out. #12, originally supposed to be Angélico, is actually Ricky Mundo, and he and Johnny team up on Pentagon before Ricky is quickly eliminated. The Triple Crown Champion, Fenix, enters at lucky #13, followed by Jeremiah Crane at #14. Crane delivers a chair to Fenix’s midsection, and later delivers a brain buster to Fenix, which doesn’t work in his favor. Mil Muertes enters at #15, with Catrina at his side of course. The second-ever Lucha Underground Champion mows down the competition, but the rest of the combatants fight back, ending with Fenix quickly eliminating Mil Muertes!

Daga enters at sweet #16, with the deliciously evil Kobra Moon at his side. He’s tossed out by Crane following a flurry of offense, and at that moment, Chavo Guerrero returns to Lucha Underground as the #17 entrant! Crane mocks Chavo, only to end up taken down and eliminated by Pentagon. Chavo enters and fights Pentagon before eliminating Fenix. As for the aforementioned Daga, his stay was short lived, as Mundo eliminated him. King Cuerno enters at #18, while Kobra Moon lets out her anger over Daga’s elimination. Dragon Azteca, Jr enters at #19, and he quickly goes after Chavo and Mundo, the former WWE guys, before delivering an aerial attack to Pentagon. Meanwhile, Kobra Moon returns with Vibora, who is not in the match, and sends him after Mundo–as he was the one who eliminated Daga. And who enters as the 20th and final entrant? Marty the Moth! The first time he’s seen after his humiliation, and he pins Mundo, capitalizing on Kobra Moon’s wrath.

Image result for lucha underground season 4

Chavo ambushed Azteca with a chair, but his attempt at the Frog Splash was thwarted by King Cuerno, who delivered his own splash and eliminated Azteca. Cuerno had Pentagon up on his shoulders, but Chavo takes Cuerno down with the Gory Bomb, eliminating King Cuerno. Chavo himself is eliminated by Pentagon, and we are now down to Pentagon, and an unlikely finalist in the form of Marty the Moth. Marty the Moth as Lucha Underground Champion? It almost happened on two occasions, as he picked up two near falls on the defending champion. We see Marty actually biting Pentagon’s fingers, and takes down Pentagon, but only for another two count! Pentagon delivers a flipping Piledriver to Marty, and a second Piledriver leads to a successful title defense for Pentagon Dark! Of course, this is followed by the breaking of Marty’s arm, Pentagon’s sinister symbol.

Antonio Cueto congratulates Pentagon, but announced that next week, he would defend the title against Matanza! Wow, what a way to kick off Season Four of Lucha Undeground! Next week, and the weeks to come, should be off the chain!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!


3 Impacts From Impact

The Impact after Crossroads is over and done with! Who delivered the biggest shockers a week after the event? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The post-Crossroads Impact was main evented by a Feast or Fired match: an Impact Wrestling trademark that originally took place at close to Thanksgiving time, but now occurs earlier in the year. Of course, Feast or Fired is Impact’s modified version of WWE’s Money In The Bank, only with four briefcases and multiple combatants fighting for the cases. As is the case (not a pun), one case holds a shot at the World Title, one holds a shot at the X Division Championship, and one holds a shot at the tag titles, but a fourth one has a pink slip:  the “Fired” part of Feast or Fired. When all was said and done, all emerged with the cases, with no clue what’s in them. The next Impact will reveal the contents of the cases.

For weeks, X Division and Grand Champion Matt Sydal mentioned his “guru”; the man who guided him to success in the last few weeks. At long last, the identity of Sydal’s guru would be revealed, and imagine our shock and flat out displeasure when we found out that Sydal’s guru was none other than Josh Mathews! Impact’s lead announcer left Sonjay Dutt and revealed himself as Sydal’s guru, which largely astonished Sonjay. Even more shocking, Sydal removed the Grand Championship and rewarded the title to Josh, which is perhaps the most insane thing to happen on Impact in its entire existence.

Jimmy Jacobs’ habitual demand for Abyss to appear has brought out the immensely sinister Father James Mitchell, who actually commended Jacobs, only to remind him of everything he has done and the proverbial (and literal) sleeping giant that he has awoken as a result of his actions. Following this, Mitchell stated to Jacobs that Abyss is back in full, and he brought The Monster out to beat down Kongo Kong. The diabolical minister also said to both Jacobs and Kong that they are invited to a ball…Monster’s Ball! So Jimmy Jacobs got what he wanted, but as the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!


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