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3 Impacts From Impact

The Impact after Crossroads is over and done with! Who delivered the biggest shockers a week after the event? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The post-Crossroads Impact was main evented by a Feast or Fired match: an Impact Wrestling trademark that originally took place at close to Thanksgiving time, but now occurs earlier in the year. Of course, Feast or Fired is Impact’s modified version of WWE’s Money In The Bank, only with four briefcases and multiple combatants fighting for the cases. As is the case (not a pun), one case holds a shot at the World Title, one holds a shot at the X Division Championship, and one holds a shot at the tag titles, but a fourth one has a pink slip:  the “Fired” part of Feast or Fired. When all was said and done, all emerged with the cases, with no clue what’s in them. The next Impact will reveal the contents of the cases.

For weeks, X Division and Grand Champion Matt Sydal mentioned his “guru”; the man who guided him to success in the last few weeks. At long last, the identity of Sydal’s guru would be revealed, and imagine our shock and flat out displeasure when we found out that Sydal’s guru was none other than Josh Mathews! Impact’s lead announcer left Sonjay Dutt and revealed himself as Sydal’s guru, which largely astonished Sonjay. Even more shocking, Sydal removed the Grand Championship and rewarded the title to Josh, which is perhaps the most insane thing to happen on Impact in its entire existence.

Jimmy Jacobs’ habitual demand for Abyss to appear has brought out the immensely sinister Father James Mitchell, who actually commended Jacobs, only to remind him of everything he has done and the proverbial (and literal) sleeping giant that he has awoken as a result of his actions. Following this, Mitchell stated to Jacobs that Abyss is back in full, and he brought The Monster out to beat down Kongo Kong. The diabolical minister also said to both Jacobs and Kong that they are invited to a ball…Monster’s Ball! So Jimmy Jacobs got what he wanted, but as the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

For the first time ever, Raw aired live on Christmas Day, and it featured Absolution defeating Mickie James, Sasha Banks, and Bayley in a six-woman tag team match. Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss’ promo was interrupted by the one and only Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka, who declared her entry into the Women’s Royal Rumble–after which she delivered a swift kick to Alexa. On the following night’s SmackDown, Ruby Riott made her own declaration for the Rumble, and later defeated Naomi in a brief match-up. After that, the Riott Squad went after Naomi and the incoming Charlotte, which led to a brawl that later included Natalya, Carmella, Lana, and Tamina. In a video exclusive, Natalya announced that she, too, will enter the Women’s Rumble.

Image result for Alexa Bliss and asuka

The final NXT of 2017 featured Ember Moon successfully defending her NXT Women’s Championship against Absolution’s Sonya Deville, only for Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane to appear and humorously set her sights on Ember’s title. However, Shayna Baszler (the tournament’s runner up) made her appearance and attacked Sane with a vicious submission; clear revenge over her loss to Sane in the MYC finals. So with that, 2017 is over, but let’s look at what a year it was for women’s wrestling.

Image result for Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane

To say 2017 was a huge year for women’s wrestling would be an understatement. WWE fans were treated to the return of Mickie James, fans of Impact Wrestling saw a legendary farewell from Gail Kim, and the women of NXT and Lucha Underground continue to show out, as well as the Women of Honor. So much history was made as well. The first ever Women’s Money In the Bank ladder match took place, and we even received a rematch of that same bout on free television! This past August and September gave us the Mae Young Classic; 32 women from all over the world competing on the grand stage. At long last, the Women of Honor will have a championship to fight for, and the year was capped off with the announcement of the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble. And even with all of that, I have a feeling that 2018 will somehow top the landmark moments of 2017.

A new week (and year) starts with Raw and will also include the first Impact of 2018, as Laurel Van Ness defends her newly won Knockouts Championship against Allie! Until next week! Happy New Year!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with TLC.

Raw featured a double dose of women’s action, with Sasha Banks defeating Alicia Fox via submission, only for Alicia to beat down Sasha backstage. Also, the dream team of Bayley and Mickie James defeated Emma and Alexa Bliss, with James pinning Bliss. On SmackDown, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Naomi defeated Tamina, Lana, and Natalya, while Carmella was on commentary, and on Wednesday’s NXT, Ember Moon defeated Sonya Deville and Ruby Riot to earn the right to join Kairi Sane and Peyton Royce at NXT Takeover.

Thursday’s Impact was main evented by Taya and Rosemary clashing in a grudge match, with Taya emerging victorious. However, Rosemary got the last laugh when she delivered her red mist right in Taya’s eyes, and then challenged Taya to a First Blood Match set for Bound For Glory. An edition of Impact’s sister show, Xplosion, featured Ava Storie defeating Amber Nova in a match between two women I (and many others) would like to see more often on the main Impact program.

Bliss is still the Raw Women's Champion!

The TLC PPV took place in Minneapolis, with three women’s matches on the card. On the pre-show, Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox in a rematch from Raw–due to Alicia’s backstage assault. On the main show, Asuka kicked things off with a victory over Emma in her official main roster debut, and Alexa Bliss successfully defended the Raw Women’s Championship against Mickie James, who gave an impassioned interview after her bout, thanking the fans for supporting her while also stating that she’s not done chasing her seventh title in WWE. Will she get a rematch? Only time will tell.

Three women’s matches took place at the PPV, but none of them featured Nia Jax. Nia made waves with the news that she was taking time off, with the rumors stating that she’s frustrated with her role (and who could blame her?). An escalated rumor had her walking out in the same fashion that Neville did, though, it was reported that her time away will be brief and she’ll be back in a number of weeks. Nia joined the cast of Total Divas for the upcoming seventh season, which will premiere on November 1; a week after the Total Bellas Image result for taryn terrell 2017 returnseason finale.

One thing that is certain is that Taryn Terrell is, indeed, done with Impact once again. Taryn returned to Impact in August at Destination X; attacking longtime rival Gail Kim and costing her the Knockouts Championship against Sienna. Taryn spent her brief time continuously antagonizing Gail, and doing the same to Allie, while also winning a pair of tag team bouts in the process. The former Knockouts Champion was announced as one of three challengers for the title at Bound For Glory, which originally had Taryn, Gail, and Allie all challenging Sienna. Taryn’s last Impact appearance had her on the receiving end of a slap to Gail Kim, and it was on this past Thursday’s edition that Taryn was announced as being removed from BFG. Her official departure was reported a day later, meaning that the Knockouts Championship contest will be a three way.

A new week begins with the TLC fallout on Raw, which will also mark the final countdown to Survivor Series weekend! The last spot of in the NXT Women’s Championship Fatal Four Way will be decided in a battle royal, which will feature NXT regulars and a number of women from the Mae Young Classic! Until next week!

The Ultima Lucha Lowdown (Part III)

Welcome to Part III of The Ultima Lucha Lowdown!

Part III kicks off with the long awaited Last Luchadora Standing contest between Sexy Star and Taya, two women who have been at each other’s throats for so long! Taya has cost Sexy quite a bit this season, that and the recent real-life issues elsewhere have led to this match that should settle things between these two phenomenal women. To the surprise of no one, both women took this fight outside quickly, with Taya ramming Sexy’s back to the railing. The brutality plays an important role in this match, as the winner has to make sure that her opponent cannot answer the referee’s 10 count. We later see Sexy dish out some punishment of her own; ramming Taya’s face onto the gate. Taya’s already bleeding, but Sexy isn’t done, as she gets the table (in Dudley Boyz fashion) and rams Taya’s face on that as well! The table finally comes in to play, as Taya sent herself and Sexy through the table from the stairs! However, Sexy managed to barely beat the 10 count, and win the match, serving as the Last Luchadora Standing!

Image result for Sexy Star and Taya

Next up, the Trios Championship is on the line, with Vibora, Pindar, and Drago (with Kobra Moon) defending against the makeshift team of The Mack, Dante Fox, and Killshot. The Mack won this title opportunity last week during Part II of this event, but it was Dario Cueto who threw the proverbial curveball of teaming him with Fox and Killshot: two combatants who not only can’t stand each other, but went through hell in Part I of this fabulous event! However, winning can cure all ills, and the rivals worked together with Mack, who got into the match and brought the fight to Drago! Fox and Killshot came together to take down Vibora, only for Kobra Moon’s largest minion to fight back against the pair. Mack took down Vibora, and Fox and Killshot delivered an aerial assault to the champions! And in the end, a shocker: the unlikely trio won the titles! All Kobra Moon could do is stand in shock at what had occurred.

Image result for Son of Havoc and Pentagon Dark

The main event commences, and it is Son of Havoc and Pentagon Dark facing off in a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Championship! This match was made weeks ago after the traditional seven-way match ended with Havoc and Pentagon gaining pinfalls at the same time, prompting Dario Cueto to have the two of them face each other for the title. The title means a guaranteed shot at the Lucha Underground Championship, a title NEITHER combatant has ever held. For Pentagon, that title means he’s one win closer to pure dominance. For Son of Havoc, the title means he’s one win away from ultimate redemption. The two warriors put each other through hell to get the title, and in the end, Pentagon Dark climbed the ladder and took possession of the Gift of the Gods Championship!

Image result for Son of Havoc and Pentagon Dark

Next week, Ultima Lucha Tres concludes with Prince Puma fighting for his career and his second Lucha Underground Championship. We see the challenger with Vampiro, preparing him for his ultimate battle next week.

It all concludes next week! Until then!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with Hell In A Cell.

Fresh off the verbal confrontation on Raw, Mickie James was looking to get physical with Alexa Bliss, especially after the cracks on Mickie’s age continued. Instead, she ended up facing Nia Jax (while WWE makes us forget that Alexa and Nia were actually feuding), and ends up winning via DQ after Bliss gets involved. After Mickie takes out Bliss, she is encountered by Kurt Angle, who gives Mickie a Raw Women’s Championship opportunity against Bliss at TLC on October 22. Later on, Bayley and Sasha Banks team up again and win, this time against Emma and Alicia Fox.

Image result for mickie james 2017

SmackDown saw Natalya and Carmella victorious over the Charlotte and Becky Lynch, and on this past Wednesday’s NXT, a double dose of women’s action, beginning with Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross defeating Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Kairi Sane, the inaugural Mae Young Classic winner, made her NXT TV debut and defeated Aliyah. Lucha Underground featured Part 2 of Ultima Lucha, which saw Ivelisse defeat Catrina, and Mariposa turn against Marty the Moth during and after his loss to Fenix, resulting in Fenix and Melissa Santos shaving his head. On Thursday’s Impact, a Knockouts Championship match was set for Bound For Glory: Sienna will defend against Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell, and Allie at the event on November 5.

The Hell In A Cell event featured Charlotte vying for the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Natalya, and as stated in the pre-show, Charlotte has a chance to become the first to have held the NXT Women’s Championship, the now-defunct Divas Championship, and both Raw and SD Women’s Titles at least once. Natalya, who also made history for breaking Trish Stratus’ PPV match record, prevented Charlotte from doing so, as she intentionally got herself disqualified by using a steel chair. Clearly this thing isn’t over.

Natalya is disqualified after savagely attacking Charlotte with a steel chair, but is still the SmackDown Women's Champion.

The Bayley/Sasha team-ups have been interesting as of late; it has me wondering if this is the moment that they’ll finally go through with the Sasha heel turn that had been rumored and planned for about seven months. If WWE is going though with Horsewomen vs Horsewomen at (most likely) Survivor Series, then we may have to wait on that. Charlotte’s face turn after WrestleMania puts all four WWE Horsewomen on the side of good for the first time ever, and while the UFC Horsewomen aren’t established heels (though it may seem like they are), WWE wants to keep their own quartet as babyfaces for the time being.

A pair of former Mae Young Classic combatants made the news, as Serena Deeb visited the WWE Performance Center, mainly to mentor the up and comers. Serena participated in the tournament this summer, defeating Vanessa Borne in the first round before she was eliminated by Piper Niven. On the flipside, it was reported that Impact may be interested in indy sensation Tessa Blanchard, who has competed in several indy promotions and even appeared on WWE’s NXT a few times. Tessa’s MYC participation was brief; she was eliminated in the first round by eventual tournament winner Kairi Sane.

A new week beginst with Raw, and will include a Triple Threat pitting Liv Morgan, Nikki Cross, and Peyton Royce against each other, with the winner joining Kairi Sane in the NXT Women’s Championship contest at Takeover. Until next week!

The Ultima Lucha Lowdown (Part II)

Welcome to Part II of the Ultima Lucha Lowdown!

We kick off with Jeremiah Crane backstage with Ivelisse, with Crane finally revealing to Ivelisse that he’s in love with Catrina, her opponent for tonight. Ivelisse tells Crane that she doesn’t need him, and she’ll deal with Crane after she’s done with Catrina. She even delivered a superkick to Crane for good measure.Image result for pimpinela escarlata lucha underground

Into the temple, and we have the first match of Part II of Ultima Lucha Tres: a Unique Opportunity Battle Royal! Joey Ryan, The Mack, and The Rabbit Club were among those in the ring, and the last entrant introduced was none other than the returning Pimpinela Escarlata! We see Vinny Massaro eliminated by Worldwide Underground members PJ Black and Ricky Mandel, while the Rabbit Club took out Son of Madness. A huge elimination saw Mascarita Sagrada take out both Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro. Pimpinela and Sagrada ousted all of the Rabbit Club, but Pimpinela ended up eliminating himself while taking out another competitor. With Sagrada out, it was down to the WU members and The Mack, who eliminated both WU members for the win!

Out comes Dario Cueto, “El Jefe,” who tells Mack that he will receive a Trios Championship match due to his victory. However, like all of Cueto’s “Unique Opportunities,” there’s a price: Cueto will choose Mack’s partners, and they are none other than Killshot and Dante Fox–the same men who KILLED each other last week! Oh, and the title match is next week. Oh boy.Image result for pimpinela escarlata lucha underground

Next up, the match fans (myself especially) have been waiting for:  Ivelisse vs Catrina! This match was a year in the making, though, it was actually longer than that, as Catrina has been a thorn in Ivelisse’s side dating back to the first Ultima Lucha! It was after Catrina cost Ivelisse against Taya at Ultima Lucha Dos that Ivelisse laid out the challenge, which Catrina accepted. This is Ivelisse’s first match back in months, while it’s the first time that Catrina has ever competed in the temple. The sinister siren brought the fight to Ivelisse in very violent fashion, which included Catrina hiding out in Cueto’s office and ambushing Ivelisse with not one, but TWO glass bottles to Ivelisse’s head. Even covered in blood, Ivelisse was not deterred, and she delivered an onslaught that sent her running back to the ring!

Even Catrina’s double underhook finisher was not enough to take down Ivelisse, prompting Catrina to unleash the very stone she uses to control Mil Muertes. Ivelisse took the stone out of her possession, leading to a tug of war for the weapon. Ivelisse wins that battle, and strikes Catrina to pick up the pinfall victory! Three years of redemption was awarded to Ivelisse, as she finally defeated someone who had been plaguing her for so long. It was at that moment that Jeremiah Crane resurfaced and attacked Ivelisse with a hammer, and later striking one of Ivelisse’s previously injured ankles in the process!

At long last, the main event is underway: Fenix vs Marty The Moth in a Mask vs Hair contest. This has been building for so long; solely based on Marty’s long and documented obsession with ring announcer Melissa Santos. Fenix catching Melissa’s eye has made Marty more unbalanced than he already is, causing him to develop another obsession:  removing Fenix’s mask. Fenix agreed to put his mask on the line, but only if Marty risks his hair, and this match is underway. Of course, Mariposa is always a wild card, and she got involved early as she hooked the leg of the Triple Crown champion. She got involved again as she thwarted Fenix’s aerial attempt, but her brother failed to get the pinfall. Not only that, we see Fenix take out both siblings with a high flying attack, and apparently, that set off Mariposa to the point where she flipped off Marty and walked off, leaving Marty on his own!

Taken aback by his sister’s abandonment, Marty slipped on his own two feet, but got back in the fight. He decided not to waste time and decided to try to tear Fenix’s mask, prompting an angry Fenix to fight back. Marty delivered a vicious assault to his opponent, which included sending him to a turnbuckle that Marty exposed earlier, much to Melissa’s immense dismay. Despite the punishment, Fenix kicked out and stayed in this match, later delivering a modified cutter to Marty. Fenix continued to fight off and kick out of everything Marty delivered to him, but every shot was countered by his opponent. We later see Fenix deliver a Springboard from the top rope, but even THAT wasn’t enough to take down Marty! The combatants fought back-and-forth, even with Fenix weakening and bleeding still. After Marty’s latest pin attempt was unsuccessful, he went to the lunchbox and took out a pair of scissors, and it was at that moment that Melissa attempted to appease Marty to save Fenix. Marty brought Melissa into the ring, and received a slap for good measure. Not only that, Melissa delivered a Mason Crosby-like kick between Marty’s uprights, and that led Fenix to victory–with both Fenix and Melissa covering Marty!

Image result for pimpinela escarlata lucha underground

Marty got out of the ring looking to renege on the bet, and he joined his sister upstairs. However, Mariposa struck her brother with a chair, and later handcuffed her brother to the bannisters! We now see Mariposa assisting Melissa with her brother’s humiliation:  having his hair cut off in front of all of the Believers! All Marty could do was just sit and take it, as Fenix and Melissa cut and shaved Marty’s hair, leaving him embarrassed, broken, and furious!

Ultima Lucha Tres continues next week!!! Until then!

The Ultima Lucha Lowdown (Part I)

Welcome to Part One of Four of The Ultima Lucha Lowdown, which will recap the first night of the highly anticipated Ultima Lucha Tres!

The lovely Melissa Santos welcomes us to Ultima Lucha Tres, hard to believe that it’s the third edition already! And how fitting that this event will take us into October, coinciding with MLB’s postseason! And at long last, we are underway with the very first match: Famous B vs Texano! Now, Famous B is still sporting a broken arm, and of course, like the slick item he is, he talked to Dario Cueto, who gave him a partner in this match: Dr. Wagner Jr! Of course, Wagner is doing all of the work; B is looking to have Texano as his client, and he’ll get that with a win. B finally gets in after Texano is weakened, but it doesn’t last long, as Texano fights back! The Beautiful Brenda provided a distraction, and that allowed Famous B to get the roll up on Texano! Texano is now the client of Famous B, per the stipulation!

Next up is Night One’s main event: Killshot vs Dante Fox in a Hell of War match! It all comes down to this; a rivalry between two soldiers and brothers in arms that has been brewing for so long. It’s a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match, but it’s not like any other! The first fall is competed under First Blood rules, and both men are wasting no time looking to make each other bleed! Of course this whole thing stems from Fox’s belief that Killshot left him to die in battle, and he has spent several months unleashing a violent payback towards his fellow soldier, which included that massive dive towards Killshot with a chair! He also has some sinister plans involving a pane of glass, and he just set the glass on two chairs, making a makeshift glass table for Killshot to go through, and he does just that! Killshot’s back draws blood due to the shards of glass, giving Fox the first fall!

The second fall is underway, a No DQ match, but Killshot is bleeding BADLY all over his back! Despite this, Killshot put up a valiant fight against Fox, needing to do so to stay alive in this Hell of War contest! Fox kicked out of Killshot’s onslaught, but that prompted Killshot to toss his foe into a board of barbed wire!!! This even shocked referee Rick Knox, who made the three count in Killshot’s favor after a finisher! It’s all even at one, meaning the third and final fall is necessary: Medical Evac!

The third fall is underway, Medical Evac! The rules are similar to that of an Ambulance Match, the only way to win is to incapacitate your opponent to the point that you can easily place in a military ambulance. To say that both men are worse for wear is an understatement; BOTH men with blood covering their backs! Killshot delivers a devastating move to Fox, and later straps him to the gurney; all he has to do is put him in the ambulance. A defiant Fox fights back and manages to free himself from the gurney, and the fight marches on! Both men take the fight to the perch where the band usually plays, where Fox is using an amp cord to strangle Killshot. Killshot later grabbed a bottle and smashed it on Fox’s head, causing him to fall through a glass table! Silence hits the arena, as Vampiro wonders if Fox is even alive! Killshot later picked up Fox and placed him in the ambulance, and he wins the match, though neither look like winners in such a brutal fight.

Ultima Lucha Tres continues next week, as Ivelisse returns to face Catrina, marking Catrina’s very first match after three years of LU! Also, a Unique Opportunity Battle Royal will take place, and the main event will be Fenix vs Marty The Moth in a Mask vs Hair match!!! Until next week!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with No Mercy.WWE Photo

Raw took place in San Jose, so for those of you expecting You-Know-Who to return, you got it! On the program, Nia Jax defeated Alexa Bliss in non-title action, and we saw a confrontation between those two and Sasha Banks. At that moment, Bayley returned from injury and got involved in the brawl, which ended with Bayley and Sasha standing tall! Later in the program, Bayley was added to the Women’s Championship contest, making it a five way at No Mercy. As for Emma, she was still in her native Australia following WWE’s latest trip to the Land Down Under.

Charlotte made her first appearance on SmackDown in weeks, as she thanked the WWE Universe for supporting her during the hospitalization of Ric Flair. Of course, that didn’t deter Natalya from interrupting and making it all about her, which led to Charlotte challenging Nattie for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Naomi, Tamina (with Lana), and Becky Lynch all threw themselves in the mix, and that prompted Daniel Bryan to put the potential challengers in a #1 Contender’s contest. The match main evented SmackDown and was won by Charlotte, who pinned Tamina for the victory. Charlotte’s championship shot will come at Hell In A Cell on October 8.

NXT featured a battle between a pair of Mae Young Classic combatants, as Bianca BelAir defeated Lacey Evans; all the while another MYC participant, Dakota Kai, threw her name into the NXT Women’s Championship mix, as did Sonya Deville. Lucha Underground featured Melissa Santos’ in-ring debut, as she and Fenix were defeated by Marty the Moth and Mariposa, while Impact featured Taya Valkyrie defeating Ava Storie, as well as a brawl between six Knockouts.

Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss is set to defend the gold in a Fatal 5-Way Match.

The No Mercy PPV saw Alexa Bliss successfully defend the Raw Women’s Championship in the five-way match when she pinned Bayley, which was a bad move. Bayley was supposed to have a comeback story, but instead she gets pinned in her first match back, on PPV no less. For the entire week, we saw promos for Asuka’s upcoming debut on the Raw brand, and the PPV officially confirmed that Asuka’s Raw debut will come at the TLC event on October 22.

Happy birthday this past Tuesday to Eva Marie, who turned 33! Eva Marie’s WWE career began in 2013, when she was also announced as part of the cast of Total Divas. On-screen, Eva Marie portrayed a villainous henchwoman for the Bella Twins for the first few months, until all three became babyfaces due to AJ Lee’s promo. She continued working the main roster until 2014, when she began training to improve her in-ring skills. Eva Marie returned on NXT, portraying a villainess once again with a gimmick that included donning a red robe and referring to herself as the “Red Queen.” She racked up wins against various women and later formed an alliance with the debuting Nia Jax in the process, before returning to the main roster last year and teaming with her fellow Total Divas at WrestleMania. Eva Marie was drafted to the SmackDown brand in the returning brand split, and she was given a new gimmick which included a voiceover promo and also had her backing out of competing. She received a 30-day Wellness Policy suspension last summer, but even after it ended, she didn’t return to WWE TV and finally left last month. Outside of WWE, Eva Marie filmed movies, one of them being Inconceivable, which starred Nicolas Cage and Gina Gershon.

Image result for kaitlyn wwe

Kaitlyn returned to a wrestling ring this weekend, training at the Main Event Training Center in Fort Lauderdale. Her last wrestling match came on January 8, 2014, when she was defeated by AJ Lee on Main Event before retiring. Kaitlyn competed in WWE for three and a half years, which included a five month Divas Championship reign in 2013. In the years that have passed since leaving WWE, Kaitlyn has focused on her clothing line, Celestial Bodiez, but after reading that news, I do hope she returns to wrestling; in the indies, Impact, or even back in WWE. It still bothers me that Kaitlyn never had a proper run as a heel; she would have made an excellent villainess if given the chance. I could definitely see Kaitlyn as a returning heel on NXT; most likely aligned with Sonya Deville and Bianca BelAir.

A new week begins with the fallout from No Mercy, and will featured SD’s build to Hell In A Cell! Ultima Lucha begins this Wednesday, and Victory Road takes place on Thursday! Until next week!

The Lucha Lowdown (September 20, 2017)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We see a training session between Fenix and ring announcer Melissa Santos, as they will be teaming together against Marty the Moth and Mariposa. This will be Melissa’s first time competing in the squared circle, and judging from the training session, she’s doing very well. It gets a bit hot and heavy and at one point, Melissa wanted to see Fenix unmasked, but Fenix refused, saying in so many words that his mask means everything to him. Melissa says that she’ll always be Fenix with or without his mask, and the segment ends in a make out session! Whoo!

On to the temple, where Famous B is serving as the guest ring announcer, while The Beautiful Brenda serves as the guest timekeeeper. Dante Fox competing against Texano, who Famous B still wants to recruit as his client; even after taking a broken arm for him. Of course, Brenda suffered the same fate as well. Dante Fox still has Killshot after him, as their feud doesn’t appear to be over; and Killshot was shown with his eyes on his former brother-in-arms. Fox started the match bringing the fight to Texano, only for the former AAA Mega Champion to counteract against him. Famous B gets involved again, as he announced Texano as the winner despite Fox kicking out at two, and that caused a distraction that led to Fox rolling up Texano for the victory. Texano was about to deliver a beating to Famous B, but he was stopped by Dario Cueto; who needed him as tonight’s ring announcer. However, Cueto did put the two in a match for Ultima Lucha, much to B’s extreme dismay. But there’s a twist:  if Famous B somehow (as Cueto put it, twice) wins, then he will hand over Texano’s LU contract to Famous B, meaning that Texano will be Famous B’s client!

We later see Son of Havoc in Cueto’s office, where the Gift of the Gods Championship is on display. Havoc is one of the combatants in tonight’s seven way match, and as he put his medallion on the belt, he stated that he will win the title and turn it into a Lucha Underground Championship match at Ultima Lucha Tres. We see Pentagon Dark place his medallion on the belt, and he made the same vow to win the title, while also vowing to break the arm of all six of his opponents. Cueto got on the phone and called medics for the main event.

Next up is the anticipated in-ring debut of Melissa Santos, as she and Fenix will face Marty the Moth and Mariposa. I have to say, I adore Melissa’s look; her ring gear is just amazing! Of course, this is the latest chapter in the long story of Marty’s maniacal obsession with Lucha Underground’s ring announcer, and it will (or should) conclude at Ultima Lucha, when Marty and Fenix face off in a Hair vs Mask Match. Mariposa started things with Fenix, until Marty entered and got his hands on the man he considers his “romantic rival.” So far it’s been back and forth, with the Triple Crown Champion delivering immense offense to Marty. At that moment, Melissa decided to tag herself in, but before she could enter, Marty grabbed Fenix and took him to his and Mariposa’s corner. The maniacal siblings dominated Fenix, until Fenix delivered a devastating kick to Marty. And speaking of devastating, Melissa delivered a huge kick to Marty, and later took down Marty with a crossbody! What followed was impressive teamwork between Fenix and Melissa, but even so, only two-counts came as a result. Marty and Mariposa regained control, and we later see the latter tie down Fenix while Melissa delivers slaps to Marty, who later pursued Melissa relentlessly. We see Melissa caught in a very unfortunate situation, which ended up with both siblings taking her down and getting the three count. After the match, Marty brandished a pair of scissors and was on the verge of cutting her hair, but Fenix broke free in time to save her.

The main event follows, and it is the anticipated Gift of the Gods Championship match. Paul London, Mala Suerte, Saltador, Cortez Castro, Drago (with Kobra Moon), Son of Havoc, and Pentagon Dark, all competing against each other for the title. And this isn’t elimination rules, one fall to a finish here! After the chaos is sent outside the ring, we see Pentagon and Saltador fighting, only for Drago to enter and get taken down by Castro. Drago and Havoc in the ring, but Havoc tosses him out. Pentagon takes out Havoc, and is face-to-face with Mala Suerte. The two of them fight, and it was Mala Suerte who delivered a near fall to Pentagon. Pentagon’s near fall is broken up by Drago, and we see them fight before Castro breaks it up. Nothing but various near falls and combatants getting in and out, and back in again! Pentagon begins taking down two members of the Rabbit Club, and we later see Havoc deliver a moonsault to Saltador! Each one delivers a pin on a Rabbit Club member, and Marty Elias delivers the three count…for BOTH of them! Controversy! Now, there can only be one winner, and Dario Cueto decided that the two winners will face each other at Ultima Lucha Tres for the Gift of the Gods Championship in a Ladder Match!

We see Cueto voicing his worries about how the gauntlet has changed Cage, but he sees potential in Jeremiah Crane and Mil Muertes as holders of the gauntlet. So he’s made the match; Cage vs Crane vs Mil Muertes–winner gets the gauntlet!

Ultima Lucha Tres starts next week!!! It will be a four episode event and here are the matches that will take place:

El Dragon Azteca Jr vs Matanza (Steel Cage Match)

Ivelisse vs Catrina

Fenix vs Marty the Moth (Mask vs Hair)

Sexy Star vs Taya (Last Luchadora Standing)

Killshot vs Dante Fox (Hell of War)

Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs Mil Muertes (winner gets the gauntlet)

Gift of the Gods Championship:  Son of Havoc vs Pentagon Dark (Ladder Match)

Lucha Underground Championship:  Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo (c) (Career vs Title)

Eight fantastic matches in four weeks! I can’t wait! That is this week’s Lucha Lowdown! The Ultima Lucha Lowdown begins next week! Until then!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

Raw featured Sasha Banks defeating Emma via submission, with Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax on commentary. As we all know, Alexa will defend the Raw Women’s Championship against Sasha, Nia, and Emma, with Nia and Emma being added to the match after they defeated Alexa and Sasha in tag team action. The next night, SmackDown was in Vegas, and Natalya was successful in her first defense of the SmackDown Women’s Championship, defeating Naomi with Carmella was on commentary.

Image result for kairi sane mae young classic

Of course the biggest moment came following SmackDown, as Kairi Sane defeated Shayna Baszler in the finals of the Mae Young Classic. Kairi went through Tessa Blanchard, Bianca BelAir, Dakota Kai, and Toni Storm to reach the finals, and following her victory, it was announced that Kairi will compete for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Takeover: Houston in November.

NXT saw Ruby Riot face Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, and with the shocking help of Nikki Storm as Ruby’s partner, the pair defeated the self-professed “Iconic Duo.” On Lucha Underground, Sexy Star and Taya were on opposite ends of an Atomicos match, with Taya and Worldwide Underground winning. We saw more of Taya on Impact the following evening, as GFW’s newest villainess defeated Amber Nova in her in-ring debut for the promotion, and then basically made a demand to Karen Jarrett regarding the impact (no pun intended) she’s making.

Just when I was asking the question “Where are Liv and Aliyah?”, I see the former in a video on With the NXT Women’s Championship vacant, the entire women’s division in NXT is vying for a shot, and Liv Morgan was no exception. What I couldn’t help but notice was that Liv gave a bit of a heel persona in the video; not too much, but just enough. It’s been far too long since Liv have been on NXT TV, and the same goes for Aliyah. I would love a heel turn from one, the other, or even both; though if I had a choice, it would be Aliyah. I still loved how great of a heel Aliyah was when she faced off against Liv.

Mae Young Classic competitor Princesa Sugehit made waves this past weekend, as she lost a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Mask vs Mask match against Zeuxis at the CMLL 84th Anniversary Show. Sugehit, who portrays a ruda (heel/villainess), won the first fall, but lost the next two, and following her defeat, she removed her mask and revealed her face to the crowd. Sugehit’s participation in the Mae Young Classic was short; she defeated Kay Lee Ray in the first round, but was defeated herself by Mercedes Martinez in the second round. In other news, Christy Hemme announced the gender of her quadruplets: three boys and one girl. The former Diva Search winner and Impact Knockout announced her latest pregnancy last weekend on social media.

A new week begins with Raw and will conclude at No Mercy in Los Angeles! Until next week!



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