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Straight Up Smack Down – Episode of the Year


Yes! Yes! Yes! “Episode of the Year” is right…’s that for some click-bait? Now to be fair, it’s only March but to make that statement even more interesting; what if I added to it by saying this week’s Smack Down Live (the aforementioned “Episode of the Year”) was highlighted by merely 2 segments? That’s a pretty loaded statement, considering the 22 episodes so far this year! Well, it’s all true & it centers around one individual: Smack Down Live’s General Manager, newly reinstated active roster member, & all around Yes-Man, Daniel Bryan. Here is a piece that WWE.COM filmed as Bryan was trying to gather his thoughts for Tuesday night:

It’s so hard not to root for this guy. He was never a “WWE prototype” & even less the part without the aspect of his wrestling ability, but that’s what galvanizes his fans. They recognize the struggle of not only the character, but the person against the machine of WWE. Make no mistake, Daniel recognizes it but occasionally, so does Vince.

The news broke earlier Tuesday & was all over the internet, social media, airwaves, etc. that Daniel had cleared all medical tests in order to be reinstated as a member of the active roster. Bryan began the show in Dallas by saying this:

As the kids say, all the feels. Instantly speculation starts running rampant of who will be Daniel’s opponents this year? (I looked for a New Day “Who? Who?” GIF to post here, but after 10 minutes I just gave up.”)  I commented on CleatGeeks tweet that I want Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz finally. One problem….okay, two problems. First, obviously they are both on different shows. Ok, well a little “Superstar Shakeup” after Wrestle Mania can get Miz back over to Smack Down & remedy that hold up. The second problem is a little trickier.  Maryse is just about due with their first child. So Miz can be traded to Smack Down Live, but I doubt he will be reporting anytime soon. That would be a funny angle if Miz used his paternity leave to initially avoid Daniel Bryan. Other potential opponents mentioned have been Johnny Gargano, A.J. Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, & of course, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens.

Well those last two couldn’t wait to get their hands on Daniel in a WWE ring. Bryan called both Owens & Zayn to task for their assault on Shane last week & this was the fallout:

Personally, I was very encouraged to see the ability & range of motion by Bryan. There were no signs of ring rust whatsoever. I think everyone is expecting a reinstatement of some sorts for both Zayn & Owens for a match at Wrestle Mania against the team of Shane & Daniel.

These two segments beat anything Smack Down Live has done this year, by leaps & bounds. Everything else in this week’s episode was either cut or felt inferior to these segments.  When I say cut, I mean that normal time-killing entrances were cut for the likes of the Riott Squad, Charlotte, & Rusev. If you’re an avid Smack Down watcher, that is an eye grabbing statement.

Here was Shinsuke Nakamura versus Rusev (nevermind the replica Rusev made of KO in the previous video thumbnail):

While it was obvious at the end that Nakamura didn’t need any of Styles help to defeat the Rusev Day advantage, Shinsuke felt the need to reinforce that notion to A.J. backstage:

Charlotte & Natalya had a very matter-of-fact type run-in to create this match……..

The attempt by Carmella to cash in her Money in the Bank contract has kept fans engaged lately, but I think it will not ultimately end up in her favor. I hope I’m wrong because I love title changes, but I don’t see it happening unless the Asuka/Charlotte match at Wrestle Mania looks like Charlotte is about to win until a Carmella run-in.


In other news, the United States title match at Wrestle Mania is (again) a Triple Threat match:

Okay, so those were the main takeaways from this week’s Smack Down Live but don’t get it twisted. These other segments were just the filler. Those two Daniel Bryan segments elicited the most emotion & reaction from ANY episode this year thus far.

I know I’m ready for next week’s episode, are you?! Thanks for reading!!


The Raw Truth

Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday, March 20th 2018. This marks the launch of my column which we call The Raw Truth( more like a repackaging, as we have had this weekly article before, but now we have a new writer and a different twist)!
Weekly, I will review Monday Night Raw (WWE) and discuss what, why and when things are happening, who’s hot, who’s not and what do the recent story lines point to in the future?

I, Tim Keogh do solemly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and most importantly tell the RAW Truth.

Last night, we saw another effort to put Roman Reigns “over” compliments of an aided beatdown from Brock Lesnar. At the beginning of the show, Reigns confronted Kurt Angle and said he wasn’t leaving the ring until Lesnar showed up (playing off of Lesnar’s recent “no shows”). Angle reminded Reigns he was suspended and had to leave.
When Reigns refused, members of the “US Marshalls” showed up to arrest Reigns. That did not fare well for the US Marshalls as Reigns attacked them (while handcuffed). Lesnar’s music then hits and he proceeds to run to the ring and blast Reigns with chair shots, F5’s and generally pummels him. Reigns leaves on a stretcher, only to have Lesnar appear again and flip the stretcher over. Fans seem to be slowly turning on Lesnar and I applaud the creative effort to get this done-didn’t seem likely a few weeks ago.

The Asuka/Bliss match was good, Bliss has mastered the insincere comments about Nia and it’s a decent “feud” build up. What seems to be overlooked is the size difference between the two. Nia is a giant among women (and some men) and the “tale of the tape” makes this a mismatch. The drama and mic skills added by Bliss help move this feud along. It’s also funny to see Mickie James in a supporting “heel” role.

The John Cena segment, wherein he was “calling out” the Undertaker, lasted way too long and ended very strange. After minutes of crowd incite on Cena’s part and again calling Undertaker a “coward” for not even responding to his challenge, Kane hits the ring and choke slams Cena? Not sure what all this means but, if it doesn’t culminate in a Cena/Taker match, this is all wasted time.

Finally, the Ultimate Deletion match with Hardy and Wyatt. Wow is all I can say. Simply tough to watch and beyond lame. It was clunky and hard to follow, the ending was weak and, given the recent issues with Jeff Hardy, his cameo was ill timed as well. I hope WWE got the need to use this gimmick out of their system. It was unique when initially done in TNA, but this was like bad grindhouse cinema.

The next three weeks might have some decent story line changes for Wrestlemania 34, but, much of what you will see is “filler time” and talent promos.

Have a great week-we will talk next Tuesday!


Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

It was a loaded Monday evening for the women, beginning with Sasha Banks defeating Sonya Deville, after which Absolution beat down Sasha. As for Bayley, she was at ringside until Sasha’s victory. Asuka appeared on Raw to address her choice to face SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania, only to be interrupted by Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. This led to Asuka defeating Mickie in a rematch of their encounter in Toronto back in November 2016, and later on, Alexa was backstage with Nia Jax, as Alexa claimed that she planned to have Nia face Asuka. After Nia’s victory over an enhancement talent, Alexa was shown revealing her true colors to Mickie, bashing Nia and revealing that she used her for months. This sent Nia into a rage, but Alexa and Mickie both got out of dodge in time.

Image result for Charlotte and Asuka

SmackDown saw Charlotte and Asuka in a face-to-face segment just two days after the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble winner made her decision, and later on, Carmella defeated Naomi in a one-on-one contest. Charlotte was in action herself in the Mixed Match Challenge; as she and Bobby Roode defeated Rusev and Lana to advance to the semifinals of the 12-week tournament. The following evening’s NXT saw Dakota Kai victorious against the evil Lacey Evans, but she would later be confronted by Shayna Baszler, who already attacked Dakota weeks prior. This brought out Ember Moon, who opted to defend her title against Shayna once again, this time at NXT Takeover: New Orleans; after which, she and Dakota took down Shayna.

Thursday’s Impact Wrestling saw new Knockouts Champion Allie being congratulated by Kiera Hogan, only for the now-heel Braxton Sutter to attempt to get back with Allie. Looking for a golden ticket perhaps? Later on, Rosemary and Taya had their grudge match, which ended in a double countout. However, the fight didn’t end there, as the women brawled outside the ring, with Taya again on the winning end of the fight.

Today is a special day for me: it’s my birthday! Today also marks the anniversary of a memorable moment in WWE:  the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event, which featured an important women’s wrestling swerve. On March 18, 2006, Trish Stratus and Mickie James were paired up against Candice Michelle and Victoria; Torrie Wilson was supposed to be Trish’s partner, but she was taken out by her former Vince’s Devils cohorts, opening the door for Mickie–whose obsession with Trish reached a breaking point–to replace Torrie. Trish and Mickie were defeated, and after the match, Mickie pretended to respect Trish’s boundaries, before again attempting to kiss her. After she was rebuffed one more time, Mickie brutally attacked Trish, giving us the heel turn we saw coming for months. It led to Mickie and Trish clashing at WrestleMania 22, with Mickie defeating Trish to capture her first of six championships in WWE. So here it is, 12 years later; Mickie is a heel once again with Alexa Bliss, and in the most ironic of twists, she’s part of the bullying of Nia Jax. What occurred on Raw is supposed to be the main thing that leads to an Alexa/Nia encounter for the title at WrestleMania. and that match should be made official on the next Raw.

Raw also saw the announcement of what was then known as The Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal. Following a video package honoring Moolah, the match was announced, and it was revealed that women from Raw, SmackDown, and NXT will participate. Now, one day after the announcement, there was a lot of backlash, as fans were upset over the Battle Royal having Moolah’s name on it. This was due to immensely unsavory allegations regarding the Hall of Famer, with stories of her that include holding down women’s wrestling, sabotaging her female trainees, stealing their money, and even forms of sexual abuse towards her female trainees. On Thursday, WWE removed Moolah’s name following the uproar, and the match is simply known as the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal. The battle royal was rumored for a while, though it is not known if it will serve as a replacement for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, or if both BRs will happen at WM.

A new week begins with Raw on Monday, as Alexa Bliss and Asuka will face each other. We will also see the continuous build to WrestleMania Weekend from Raw, SmackDown, and NXT! Until next week!

3 Impacts From Impact (Crossroads Edition)

Crossroads is in the books, and what an event it was for the Impact roster! Who had the most memorable moment? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Once upon a time, Matt Sydal was labeled as a “choke artist” by then-Grand Champion Ethan Carter III. Since then, Sydal has won not one, but two titles, as he captured the Grand Championship and exited Crossroads as the X Division Champion as well! Sydal challenged Ishimori to a match for that title in Canada, only for Ishimori to respond and make the match Title vs Title. The two champions battled valiantly and with plenty of heart, but in the end, it was Sydal who emerged victorious, and walked away with both titles. In just a brief period, Sydal went from being unable to win the big one, to winning two big ones!

There were three championship matches with only one title up for grabs each, and the only one that resulted in a new champion was the Knockouts Title clash between Allie and Laurel Van Ness. Laurel’s attempts to one-up Allie in the weeks leading to Crossroads all failed miserably, and in the title contest, she attempted to do the same thing she did in their last clash:  use the belt as a weapon. This time, Allie fought back and successfully defeated Laurel to capture her second Knockouts Championship, and as shown later in the program, she was congratulated by Hall of Famer Gail Kim, who served as a mentor for Allie as she rose above anyone who attempted to knock her down.

Lashley was set to team with foe turned ally Eddie Edwards against oVe, but Sami Callihan’s violent attack towards Eddie took him out of the equation. Lashley went at it alone against oVe, though his solo act was cut short when Brian Cage arrived and served as a makeshift tag team partner, leading to victory over the Crists. However, Cage turned down Lashley’s show of respect afterwards, and honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if these two behemoths ended up facing each other some time down the line!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

Straight Up Smack Down


Normally following a pay-per-view, the next Smack Down Live would have a lot of carryover segments based on the event’s outcomes. Well this week’s episode was a little different. There was a lot of Fastlane fallout in Indianapolis on Tuesday, but that did not include the World title program. A.J. Styles began the show, only to be interrupted by Shinsuke Nakamura to talk about their Wrestle Mania match. There was zero reference to the 6 man title match at Fastlane……

Shortly after, Aiden English & Rusev interrupted Nakamura with some unfinished business to attend to from their Fastlane match. If you would had missed Smack Down Live from the past few weeks and/or Fastlane itself, you needed to pay close attention to Tom Phillips during Rusev’s entrance. Here’s why:

There was almost no precursor or set up for this altercation, if you were just checking in this week. That’s a bad job by WWE, who spends so much time being repetitive on many other things. Second, there was no announcement of any match…..AT ANY POINT. The closest thing that said was that “Rusev was looking to celebrate Rusev Day with a victory over the WWE Champion.”  Rusev just created his own match by appearing & walking to the ring. When we returned from commercial, the bell rang for Styles & Rusev to begin the match. I guess when the General Manager is absent, certain talent can just make their own matches?

Really good match & the interference by English was a nice way to get Nakamura involved. But Shinsuke had his reasons to help A.J. this week & according to him, every week leading up to their Wrestle Mania match:

Let’s now go from that segment, to down the hallway backstage, so we can catch up with Jimmy Uso & Big E:

Yes, the Bludgeon Brothers beat up the other members of New Day & Jey Uso at Fastlane so bad that they couldn’t make it to Indianapolis on Tuesday. Some people just don’t learn. Big E & Jimmy Uso teamed up to avenge their fallen compadres & even attempted to use steel chairs as weapons:

Silly boys, chairs are for the Attitude Era. This is 2018, you need to get yourself a medieval times mallet. No surprise, the Bludgeon Brothers won. I’m pretty excited to see what kind of crowd chant the international fans have in store for the Bludgeon Brothers at Wrestle Mania. They really outdid themselves a few years ago with the chant for the tag team of Sheamus & Cesaro:


After Charlotte’s victory over Ruby Riott at Fastlane, Asuka appeared to let both Charlotte & the WWE universe know that she has chose her opponent to face in the championship match at Wrestle Mania:

If Nakamura/Styles is the number 1 must-see match for me this year at Wrestle Mania, this would just about be tied with it. 1A & 1B. There’s a lot of expectations for Nakamura/Styles to live up to, so there’s a good chance that Queen versus Empress COULD steal the show at Mania. I can’t wait. Asuka was advertised to appear on Smack Down Live this week & again confront Charlotte but this is all we got:

I’m not going to lie, near the end of that when Asuka said “BECAUSE…” I thought for sure she was going to say “New Day ROCKS.”  The segment ended with Randy Orton’s entrance playing, then Randy appeared & he began walking to the ring as the graphic for a match between Bobby Roode versus Jinder Mahal was shown……

Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t see any heat to this United States title picture. Outside of Orton winning the title this past Sunday, this whole scene is just very uninteresting.

Smack Down Live’s biggest storyline of the year has been anything but “uninteresting.” Fastlane further drove the wedge between not only Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens’ relationship, but also their already bitter relationship with Commissioner Shane McMahon. Following the incident at Fastlane, Sami was first to vent on this week’s episode……

Then a little while later, Owens blew up in an interview:

Shane McMahon appeared at the end of the night’s show to announce that Kevin Owens would face Sami Zayn at WrestleMania & that he (Shane) would be taking a leave of absence himself from the brand. Sami & Kevin both showed up to make sure that Shane wouldn’t change his mind on taking that leave of absence:

Despite all of the match stunts, rope-a-dope dancing around, Jordan brand shoes & somewhat contemporary clothing, Shane sure sounded like an old man on that sell job at the end. I joked on Twitter that if you looked away from the visual, it sounded like he was passing a kidney stone. We’ll see where this leads, but my guess is it ends up a triple threat match at Mania.


Thanks for reading!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with Fastlane.

Raw kicked off with Kurt Angle announcing that he and Ronda Rousey will face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 34, an announcement that came after Ronda stated to Stephanie that she wanted to face the Raw Commissioner at the grand stage in New Orleans. Later on, Asuka again defeated Nia Jax in one match, and another saw Bayley defeat Mandy Rose, which drew an attack from Absolution. Sasha Banks made the save, but as for her and Bayley, there was still tension. SmackDown kicked off with Ruby Riott and Charlotte Flair exchanging words before their encounter at Fastlane, and it continued with Becky Lynch defeating Carmella in singles action.

Image result for kurt angle ronda rousey

Photo by; Muscle and Fitness

On NXT, Bianca BelAir picked up another singles victory, and backstage, Lacey Evans was backstage talking about taking down women she believed were beneath her, until she was interrupted by Shayna Baszler again calling out Ember Moon. The following evening’s Impact Wrestling was the Crossroads edition, which saw Allie defeat Laurel Van Ness to capture the Knockouts Championship. This was Allie’s second Knockouts Championship victory, and after her big win, she was congratulated by her mentor, Hall of Famer Gail Kim.

Image result for allie knockouts champion

Photo by;

Saturday featured the women of Shine Wrestling taking center stage in Queens, with SHINE 49 taking place. The main event saw LuFisto successfully defend her SHINE Championship against SHINE Tag Team Champion Mercedes Martinez, continuing a reign that began all the way back at SHINE 40. Among other women, Brandi Lauren and Amber Nova (who have been seen on Impact Wrestling in 2017) appeared at the event, with Amber losing to Amanda Carolina Rodriguez, while Brandi defeated Shotzi Blackheart.

The following night was WWE’s Fastlane event, which featured a double dose of women’s action. In a match that was announced this past Tuesday, Natalya and Carmella defeated Naomi and Becky Lynch, after which the latter pair came out in support of Charlotte during her title defense against Ruby Riott. After that pair and the rest of the Riott Squad were ejected, Charlotte delivered the Figure Eight and retained the title, only to be encountered by Asuka, who made up her mind and challenged Charlotte at WrestleMania!

Image result for asuka charlotte flair

Photo by;


So with Wrestlemania four weeks away, two women’s related matches are locked in. Ronda Rousey has her match, and Charlotte and Asuka will clash for the blue brand’s Women’s Championship. The “Queen vs Empress” battle has been rumored for a while, especially considering the fact that Asuka didn’t announce her choice even after Raw’s Elimination Chamber PPV. So with Asuka on SmackDown, it seems like Nia Jax will be the one pursuing Alexa Bliss and the Raw Women’s Championship, though that remains to be seen.

A new week begins with Raw, and so begins the final countdown to WrestleMania! The final four weeks will be most interesting, as Raw, SmackDown, and NXT all prepare for the grand stage! Until next week!

WWE Fastlane Preview & Predictions

This Sunday is the last pay per view stop for WWE before the spectacle that is WrestleMania. Many question will be answered come Sunday like who will be WWE champion come mania? How will Cena make it to mania? Will Cena become a 17-time world champion?  Will Carmella finally cash in her money in the bank? This is the last shot for most to punch their tickets to mania the question is who will be on the show and who will have to buy a ticket to get in?

WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler (Six-Pack Challenge Match)

Image result for AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

This match has grown each week from when it started as a triple threat between styles, Owens and Zayn after the 2 on 1 at the Royal Rumble. Then over the next two weeks Corbin and Ziggler were added. Then last week after Cena failed to win at the Elimination Chamber he called out the Undertaker but then almost immediately said that would not be possible, so his path would run through Smackdown Live. Cena went on to beat Styles in the main event to earn a spot in the match at Fastlane making it a six-pack challenge with the winner to main event WrestleMania. There are only 2 people who have the chance to win this match is Styles and Cena. But, Cena won’t win because WWE won’t let Cena break Rick Flairs record at just any old pay per view especially with WrestleMania up next.

My Prediction; Styles retains

SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos vs. The New Day

Image result for wwe fastlane

The first few times we saw this match it was amazing they put on a great show and stole the night each time, but I believe this to be the 5th or 6th pay per view that we have seen this match at. I’m not saying that this won’t be a good match because these teams always put on good matches what I’m saying is that this is showing that Smackdown Live has no faith in their tag team division to make any other good matches. This pay per view is supposed to start the set up for the WrestleMania card, but this match just feels like a filler because we have seen it so much.

My Prediction; Usos Retain

SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Ruby Riott

Image result for wwe fastlane

The final showdown between Flair and the Riott Squad commences at Fastlane with it all on the line. Flair has defeated the other members of the Riott Squad except for Ruby Riott. Flair has decided to lay it all out if Ruby wins she walks in the Wrestlemania as the Smackdown Women’s Champion and on the heels of the biggest win of her career, if flair wins when will have defeated the entire Riott Squad. ‘

My Prediction; Flair wins

United States Champion Bobby Roode vs. Randy Orton

Image result for wwe fastlane

Roode has claimed his first title in the WWE now it is time to defend that title against on of the top talents in the WWE Randy Orton. Orton has held almost every title in the WWE except for the United States Title. He was the youngest WWE Champion ever and has held more titles than almost any except for a few. This will be Roode’s toughest challenge yet and it is time for Roode to prove he belongs at the top.

My Prediction;  Roode Retains

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev

Image result for Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev

This match is pure filler just to keep Nakamura busy until mania. The story behind this match is that during a match Nakamura had against English Nakamura landed a knee to English’s throat damaging his vocal cords. The damaged vocal cords prevented English from being able to sing the Rusev Day song so now Rusev is out for revenge. There is no way Nakamura loses this match while they are trying to build him up to main event his first ever WrestleMania.

My Prediction; Nakamura wins

Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Natalya & Carmella

Image result for wwe fastlane

This tag team match is made up of the top two faces and top two heels on Smackdown Live teaming up. This is mostly a filler to one fill in space, but it will also set up a match down the line to determine the number one contender for the title that is unless Carmella cashes in her Money In The Bank at the end of the Women’s Title match.

My Prediction; Natalya and Carmella

Straight Up Smack Down



We’re just a few days away from Fastlane this Sunday in Columbus, Ohio but Smack Down was live in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Tuesday night. The show kicked off in a less than ordinary fashion as Dasha was standing in the ring to introduce Charlotte Flair, then immediately after introduced Ruby Riott for a war of words:

Not shown at the end of this clip was Ruby’s Riott Squad entering the ring, but then they all dispatched as Bobby Roode made his entrance. I guess they were either afraid that Roode would aid his Mixed Match tag team partner & attack them? Seems like a good idea that WWE cut that part of this segement from their YouTube page.


Becky Lynch faced Carmella after their own war of words in a backstage segment.

I feel so bad for these two women. Lynch was on fire after the draft & became Smack Down Live Women’s champion, but hasn’t been a serious contender since she lost the belt.  Carmella was getting a big push alongside James Ellsworth & became an important part of the title picture following her “win” at Money In The Bank but has since just been like any other character, every other week. Speaking of miscast women wrestlers on Smack Down Live, Naomi & Natalya organized a match for all four of these women at Fastlane:

There is zero hype for this tag match & absolutely nothing about it feels special. Why is this a pay-per-view match? Seems like a 1 commercial match that we could see 45 minutes into any random weekly Smack Down episode….


On a funnier note, Rusev, Aiden English, & Shinsuke Nakamura all had a funny exchange on this week’s episode & the end result actually materialized into decent outcome for a match this Sunday:

That still makes me laugh. Nakamura with a pretty spot on impression of Aiden’s singing & then Rusev’s bewildered comment of “You can’t just make up your own holiday, bro”  Priceless. WWE would be smart to use this match when the crowd hits a lull on Sunday. Both are fan favorites & booking it as the first match when the crowd is initially hot to start would be an error in my opinion.

Jinder Mahal faced Randy Orton for the 1,534,715th time:

and Jinder won like he always does against Orton straight up. I’m sorry, I took absolutely zero notes about this match because I’m just so sick of seeing it.

Speaking of callbacks to last year’s feuds, A.J. Styles addressed the Green Bay crowd & WWE Universe regarding John Cena’s pointed words for the champion from the previous night on Raw:

I really liked Dolph’s contribution here. He was loud but effective & really sounded authentic behinds his words. The result of this confrontation was the beginning to their singles match:

I don’t understand, how did Shane punish Sami & Kevin for their involvement in the Ziggler/Styles match? Seemed like he actually punished Dolph & A.J. by making them wrestle another match & against 3 other fresh superstars! Somebody needs to set Shane straight & get his head examined. So basically here’s a preview of Sunday’s main event, minus Cena & the title to the winner…..

Unfortunately, I think many saw that ending before it actually happened. What better outcome to show the fans that there are no alliances heading into Fastlane’s main event, than to have Sami pin Kevin? It’s the equivalent to one Bella twin pinning the other, in the hopes of becoming champion.

So that was our go home program for Fastlane & I understand that WWE is just trying to be super cautious with all the talent before Wrestle Mania, but there is just so little buzz for this pay-per-view on Sunday. I say “pay-per-view” even though it’s on the WWE Network, but imagine if this was an actual pay-per-view…..who would be coughing up $30-$40 for this show? Not me, that’s for sure.

Who knows, maybe this will be a good show after all & Sunday afternoons are always better when there is a WWE pay-per-view to look forward to in the evening.

Thanks for reading!

3 Impacts From Impact

On the first Impact of March and the final show before Crossroads, who delivered the most devastating shot? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

After another victory over Hania, Rosemary announced her claim to the Knockouts Championship. She would be interrupted by a familiar foe in the form of Taya Valkyrie, who returned to Impact after a lengthy hiatus. Taya made Rosemary the focus of her villainous mission when she debuted on Impact, and their feud was resurrected when Lucha Royalty delivered an assault to the Demon Assassin, which ended with Taya standing tall and cackling at her fallen rival. Rosemary and Taya were set to face each other at Bound For Glory, but Taya’s visa issues kept her from appearing at the event, and put their feud on hold. Now that Taya’s back, she’ll not only resume her battle against Rosemary, but she’ll make an attempt to become Knockouts Champion.

Staying in the Knockouts Division, Laurel Van Ness had plans to for a ceremony which would tie her permanently to the Knockouts Championship. KM (in all his silliness) hosted the ceremony, which was interrupted by Braxton Sutter, who finally completed his lengthy heel turn earlier after losing a match on the program. He attempted to get back with Laurel, going as far as saying that Allie ruins people’s lives, only to be turned down by Laurel. Speaking of Allie, Laurel’s “ceremony” was just an excuse to lure Allie out in the open so she could take her out, only for Allie to surprise Laurel and take down her foe.

Apparently, Braxton isn’t the only one turning heel, it looks like Matt Sydal is going down that same path. We now know that Sydal’s match against Ishimori will be Title vs Title, with the winner walking away as Grand Champion and X Division Champion. Ishimori accepted Sydal’s challenge in the form of a scroll, which bashed Sydal’s personality. It was promised that we’d see Sydal’s guru at Crossroads; can’t wait to see who it is.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which recaps everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw.

The Elimination Chamber came and went, and Monday’s Raw in Anaheim kicked off with Alexa Bliss boasting about her successful title defense in the Women’s Chamber. Mickie James was by her side, and once Asuka entered, the pair and Nia Jax began assaulting the Empress of Tomorrow. After Bayley and Sasha Banks entered the fray, a six-woman tag team bout took place, with Asuka, Sasha, and Bayley emerging victorious. The following evening’s SmackDown in Los Angeles, featured Ruby Riot defeating Naomi, bringing her one step closer to her ultimate goal of besting Charlotte and taking the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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Tuesday also kicked off the quarterfinals of the Mixed Match Challenge, with The Miz and Asuka defeating Sasha Banks and Finn Balor. It was the first of three quarterfinal matches of the highly popular tournament, and the three winners will advance to the semifinals, which will also feature a fourth team brought back by popular demand. The next night’s NXT featured a rematch of the Mae Young Classic finals, this time with Shayna Baszler defeating Kairi Sane and later making a challenge to Ember Moon. Thursday’s Impact featured Rosemary again defeating Hania, only to be encountered and taken down by the returning Taya Valkyrie. Also, Laurel Van Ness’ attempt to “marry” the Knockouts Championship was thwarted by Allie, making two LVN weddings that Allie has crashed.

So let’s start with the proverbial elephant in the room: Mickie James has turned heel. Mickie returned to WWE’s main roster as a villainess in January 2017, aligning with Alexa Bliss on the SmackDown brand against Becky Lynch. Their partnership ended just months later on the road to WrestleMania 33, after which both women were moved to Raw as part of the Superstar Shake-Up. Mickie actually feuded with Alexa due to her former ally’s digs at Mickie’s age, and they were at odds until the weeks leading to the Elimination Chamber PPV. The following evening’s Raw saw Mickie cement her villainous alliance with Alexa, but a live event in Kalamazoo, MI saw Mickie on the babyface side of an eight woman tag match. Mickie teamed with Asuka, Bayley, and Sasha Banks against Alexa, Nia Jax, and Absolution’s Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. However, Mickie turned heel during the match and delivered a kick to Bayley to help Alexa, but despite Mickie’s evil persona, Asuka picked up the win for the babyfaces. It was reported that Mickie’s heel turn was done to fill the void on the heel side of the Raw Women’s Division; a void made by Alicia Fox’s injury.

Monday’s Raw also saw the continuation of the Sasha/Bayley angle, where Bayley actually walked out on Sasha during the six-woman tag bout. Many were led to believe that the longtime white-meat babyface of the Women’s Division actually turned heel, but she did help Asuka during the match. It was clear that Bayley’s actions were a result of Sasha’s deceptive behavior towards her, which began at the Royal Rumble and escalated at the Elimination Chamber event. There have been rumors that WrestleMania 34 could have a whopping four Women’s matches at the event–five if you count Ronda and Stephanie’s involvement in the mixed tag. Other than that and the title matches (whatever they may be), one such match could see Bayley and Sasha settle their differences at the grand stage, with Sasha most likely playing the heel role. It was also rumored that WrestleMania could see a women’s battle royal which would be done in the same form as the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and would also replace that match this year.

A new week begins with Raw and SmackDown in Milwaukee and Green Bay, respectively, and will end with SmackDown’s Fastlane PPV in Columbus. It will also include Crossroads, the special edition of Impact which will include a title encounter between Laurel Van Ness and Allie! Until next week!


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