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50 Shades of Blue

Well it’s getting to the squeaky bum time of year. The league should be done and dusted when you think of the loss to Palace, the draw to a shocking Swansea side and then the Costa penalty miss against Liverpool. But here we are 7 points clear and another tricky scalp taken at the weekend against Bournemouth.

Here are the player ratings from our 3-1 win in which Hazard and Alonso scored and also an Own goal:

Chelsea: Courtois (7), Azpilicueta (7), Cahill (7), Luiz (7), Alonso (8), Moses (8), Matic (7), Kante (8), Pedro (7), Costa (7), Hazard (9).

Subs used: Fabregas (5), Willian (n/a), Zouma (n/a).

Man of the match: Eden Hazard.


Well the talking points.

Costas form is horrible, and being on Twitter is really dividing the fans. Some our saying we should forgive his form because of how he was before Christmas, where as others are saying he should go to China. I have to admit I would like him sold in the summer. Costa last season was poor as was a lot of our squad and wanted to leave in the summer, but Conte made him stay and he was on fire. However since January Costa not only has dried up with the goals but his selfish play and lack of energy is making us play with 10 men. Poor Batshuayi must wonder if he is actually made to play football because some of Costas performances make you wonder if Michy is actually that bad that he isn’t being given a chance. Costa is 30 next year and if we can get over 50 mil for a player whose head can be easily turned and only turns up for half a season then we should take the money and run.

Hazard or Kante!!!!!

What the hell is this twitter debate. Some of our fans disgust me and they don’t support clubs they support the player and the team of where ever he goes. I am furious that I see Kante play well and I see some of our immature fans claim Kante is overrated just because he stole the headlines of their beloved Hazard. True fans would embrace any of their players being given praise, they wouldn’t slate them because their fave player isn’t getting a mention at the time.

Marcus Alonso is not the quickest and isn’t the cleverest but he gives 100% and has chipped in with some vital goals and for that I am grateful. Some of our fans are so spoilt they have no respect. Everyone has to be world class at everything they do for our fans to appreciate them. Tottenham don’t have a world class player  in every position but they are still doing well and giving us a run for our money and the fans appreciate even when a player like Kieran Trippier comes in and puts in a performance, but our fans are relentless in abusing our own players and even when they put in a good performance they still slate them. This is why we are known as a plastic club because a lot of our fans show disrespect to their own. It needs to stop. There is being unhappy with a players form and voicing your opinion and there’s slating a player just because you don’t like him.


I love Conte, I love what he has done at Chelsea and I love him as a person but his methods baffle me. He rectified his error against City and it was good to see but he is a very stubborn man. Conte seems scared to rotate players and scared to change anything and it will be his downfall when we are back in Europe next season. Why bring Ake back and not play him? The kid was doing wonders at Bournemouth and instead of allowing him to continue to develop Conte has bought him back and halted the development. Zouma is rusty  but he is the best defender at the club, Calamity Cahill has not captained us to a clean sheet in weeks and Zouma should be given a run to get fit so we are not running round the transfer market making pointless signings when what we need is already within our ranks. I hope Conte realises this and starts playing some of the quality we have rather than spend on madness.


In Other News:

Loan news and Van Ginkel is killing it out in Holland, he netted his 16th goal in just 24 starts at the weekend. His Chelsea career was cut short due to a poor injury but has shown in Holland and at Milan that he possesses quite a lot of talent and his goal scoring exploits from Midfield are better than a certain Dele Alli that everyone is raving about.

Tammy Abraham netted his 24th goal of the season this week and has missed 6 games with injury too which makes you wonder how prolific he would’ve been, makes you wonder also how many goals he would’ve scored at a side who is battling to stay in the league. What will be the stupid thing is that the Chelsea board will see this and go and splash 70 odd million on someone stupid when we have a prolific young man in our own ranks. Someone tell me how these men became millionaires again because their decision making on business deals seems that of amateurs.

Andreas Christansen set a record in Germany at the weekend by completing over 98% of his passes. The youngster oozes class and it will be disgusting if he isn’t integrated into the first team next season. Our defence has been leaky as of late and needs to be reshuffled with our youngsters. However as previously stated Conte doesn’t seem to want to make any changes incase he gets exposed!!


Pit of the Week:

Another shocking performance, how many more of these will Conte allow before he gives someone else a chance.

Peak of the week:

Marcus Alonso, many thought Hazard was great and yes he was but Alonso was up and down and scored a brilliant free kick and has really showed stability in a position that hasn’t been stable going forward since the Ashley Cole days.


Next Fixture: Man United (a)


Until next time………KTBFFH


50 Shades of Blue

Well well well, the Blog has returned and after a little absence I am still pleased to say that we are top of the league, and 10 points clear of the Spurs.

On the weekend we had a potential Banana skin against Stoke away. Now Stoke will either be amazing or poor but either way they love to be physical. Eden Hazard was ruled out due to an injury picked up in training, so the unfancied Willian started as well did the equally unpopular Matic in place of Cesc.

Here are the match ratings:

Chelsea: Courtois (7), Azpilicueta (6), David Luiz (7), Cahill (7), Moses (6), Kante (8), Matic (7), Alonso (7), Willian (8), Diego Costa (7), Pedro (6).

Subs used: Loftus-Cheek (6), Fabregas (6), Zouma (n/a)


Chelsea ran out victorious in a 2-1 Victory with goals from Cahill and Willian. Chelsea were not every really in danger in this game and even without the Belgian magician we seemed comfortable and I always felt during the match that we would get the 3 points.


However I want to address a few things some may be controversial.

I think we should sell Costa in the summer. He has been a good player for 3 seasons and has bagged a huge amount of goals, but he is getting older with 30 being breached soon and with the fee that China is willing to pay we should snap their hands off. People will think I am mad, but when Costa isn’t scoring or looking happy what does he actually bring to our game? I am sick to death of watching him pick the ball up and get his head down and just try and run towards goal, he is beyond greedy and his play looks as though he cares more about him getting the praise rather than the team.

Lukaku debate!!!

Some want him back, some want him to stay away, some call him a stat padding donkey, some call him a goal machine! The fact is at 23 he is a goal scorer. He divides opinion so much that I’m not even sure myself what I want. All I know is the lad has a very impressive goals record and he has banged in goals for West Brom and Everton, if given a chance at Chelsea could he soar to the next level?

We seem to be being linked with a lot of Monaco players I will happily take their attacking players, however the defenders I am not so keen on and don’t see them improving our side. Watching them defend against Man City made me cringe and at some points I saw Man City on the break and Monaco defenders Sidibe especially, just walking back as though it didn’t matter if city scored. I am not sure why scouts would see that and think  “OH YES”.

Alonso still getting stick from some Chelsea fans does get my back up. The guy gives 100% effort every week, chips in with goals and assists but because he gets beaten through his lack of pace, some fans say the most awful things about him. Some of our fans really need to grow up.

Lastly. Kante! How on earth I have seen our own fans complain about Kante’s recent hype is beyond me. The guy doesn’t bother anybody he just goes out on the pitch and does his thing, yet we have fans who are disgusted that he is being praised. Why are they disgusted that a player from their side is being praised? I have to ask myself what kind of fans we have, and what do they actually want because I am baffled and lost for words. We seem to have a fan base that like to fight their own fans and ridicule some of our players that are actually doing well. We are 10 points clear it doesn’t mean we are immune to criticism but why cant we be as one when we can clearly see people really making a monumental effort to take us to the title!!


In other news:

Youth player Charlie Wakefield bought his dad a sports car to say thank you for being there, and supporting him get to where he is today. A fantastic gesture when you think about how spoiled today’s players are.

Nathan Ake recall was clearly a waste of time but it seems he may be used in a deal when we bid for Virgil Van Dyk in the summer. How we treat are youth is shocking, keep spending millions when we have players of such quality already within our ranks.

Eden Hazard is facing a fortnight out and is likely to miss the next home game against Crystal Palace.


Pit of the week:

Costa performance against Stoke was quite embarrassing.

Peak of the week:

Cahill netting the winner to keep us 10 points clear.


Next Fixture: Crystal Palace (h)


Until Next Time……….KTBFFH


50 Shades of Blue

What can be a better weekend than ruining the gunners title challenge for another year!

I admit when I saw we had Arsenal and Liverpool back to back I did think we would face 2 defeats, but I am over the moon to be proved wrong.

I was a bit frustrated by the line up as I thought Cesc had done more than enough to warrant starting but Conte went with his usual tried and tested line up and the blues ran out 3-1 winners.

Here are the match ratings:

Chelsea: Courtois (7); Azpilicueta (7), David Luiz (7), Cahill (7); Moses (8), Kante (8), Matic (8), Alonso (8); Pedro (8), Diego Costa (7), Hazard (9)

Used subs: Zouma (6), Fabregas (7), Willian (6)


Goals from Alonso, Hazard and Fabregas gave us the win, but it could have been so much more if it wasn’t for Costa.

A lot has been written about the forward over the past month or so and we thought his return game back from being dropped silenced the media and showed his love for Chelsea. Since that game Costa has been awful. A very below par performance against Liverpool in which he missed a penalty, and then on Saturday he produced one of the most greediest displays I have ever seen. There were 4 occasions that Diego could’ve laid on passes for players in better positions and on 4 occasions he decided to hold onto the ball and try to score and didn’t succeed. One time you can forgive, but 4? What frustrated me was that he went nuts at Pedro when an attempted through ball by the busy Spaniard didn’t make it through, yet Costa who even looked up and saw his options and still decided to not pass felt his actions were ok. Conte however was on the side line going crazy! Costa had been in superb form this season, but needs to understand the game isn’t just about him and to bring his team mates into the game more. We could’ve really sent out a destructive statement if Costa had laid those chances on as a 5-1 demolition of Arsenal may have just broken the spirits of the chasing pack.

Cesc Fabregas the bench magician came on and buried his old side. Agent Cech laid a pass straight to Cesc and with one calm swipe of his right foot he sent the ball over Cech and into the back of the net. To his credit he didn’t celebrate, although the Arsenal fans booed him and if it was me I would’ve gone all Adeybayor on them.

Arsenal fans have been slating Cech and I said it from day 1 when they signed him. Cech is a quality keeper, however he gets beat at his near post to easy and he doesn’t dive to his full extent and I felt his best days were behind him. Yes he is solid but that wasn’t going to improve, and his recent displays have highlighted my point.

Ngolo Kante is not human. I had to pause the TV and check there was only one of him on the pitch because at one point I saw him clear the ball and be on the end of his clearance. If there was a heat map for his performance then the pitch would be glowing like an Australian bush fire. What impressed me was that further up the field he showed neat footwork and confidence to set up some attacks and hold onto the ball in pressure situations. He really is cementing his place as a true blue and I believe he will go from strength to strength and become a cult hero.

Photo by; ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

Eden Hazard is a magicians magician!! What an outstanding performance and what an outstanding goal. He teased and tormented the Arsenal defence all afternoon and the goal he scored just embarrassed 3 players to the point 1 got subbed.  Strangely Hazard goes quiet when we play the likes of Hull at home etc but comes alive during the big games, having now scored against Spurs, City, United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Everton in the past 12 months. If only we could see this on a regular basis then Eden would no doubt be on the list for that coveted Ballon D’OR.


In Other News:

Fans were making their own headlines as Antonio Conte was at the Juventus vs Inter game at the weekend. Did anyone stop and think that maybe Antonio who had given his players 2 days off just wanted to go and watch the side he represented for 16 years and then managed whilst visiting family? I think we like to think too much into things when we see managers in places or players in places rather than just be logical.

Morata and Isco have both told Madrid they will be leaving in the summer, could the destination be Chelsea? Conte is a huge fan of both players but the recent refusal to spend huge amounts of money could prove to be a huge issue.


Pit of the Week:

Costa’s performance at the weekend which stopped Chelsea bagging more goals


Peak of the Week:

Beating arsenal 3-1 and creating a nice gap between us and them other clubs.


Next Fixture: Burnley (a)


Until Next Time……….KTBFFH

50 Shades of Blue

So here we go now on the important part of the season heading into February and with important games to play.

1st game of the weekend was a nice win over Brentford in The Fa cup, which also sadly was the last game for Ivanovic but I will touch on that later.

What we did see though was a  start for Ake and quite an assured performance and we also saw a cameo from Kenedy.

Chelsea were dominant in their victory and goals from Pedro, Michy, Ivanovic and Willian gave Chelsea the victory and a 6th round away to against Wolves.

To the Premier League and a game that bought mixed views from Chelsea fans with a fixture away at Anfield to face Liverpool. Now Liverpool have been on some rocky form but always seem to pick themselves up when they play Chelsea. Liverpool have been looking tired lately but so have Chelsea so I wasn’t expecting a positive result. A lot of our fans on Twitter have a blind faith which gives them meltdown issues when their blind faith gets let down. If they were more realistic it may help matters more.


Chelsea: Courtois (7), Azpilicueta (7), David Luiz (8), Cahill (7), Moses (5), Kante (8), Matic (7), Alonso (6), Willian (7), Diego Costa (7), Hazard (7)

Subs: Fabregas (7), Pedro (6), Batshuayi (6)


Chelsea drew 1-1 which wasn’t a bad result, infact to go to Anfield and not lose is quite positive, even with Costa missing a penalty. Kante was immense and put in a midfield performance that broke a tackling record with 14 tackles in the game which was only 3 less than the Liverpool team collectively!!

The issue isn’t the result for me it is the players and Conte.

Now many will say I am repeating myself but that is because the same things keep happening.

As always let me break it down.


Matic: When he came back and dominated Yaya Toure on his debut, I thought wow we have finally replaced Makele. Matic then went on to dominate Centre Midfield for the next 12 months. Matic then had a rough patch that seemed to have recovered under Conte however his last 7 games have been pretty awful. Fans are saying Conte has won us 9 points clear how dare you question him. That’s the blind faith I am talking about. Having a good manager doesn’t mean he is perfect and wont make errors!! Fergie is the best manager of all time, yet he still made errors with selection that he admits. Fabregas has been excellent when he has come on and instantly lights up and speeds up our forward play. So why is Conte watching this and not doing something about it? The reason why Kante made so many tackles against Liverpool is because he is doing his AND Matic work! How can Kante make 14 tackles and Matic make 2? Cesc made 2 and he was on the pitch for 10 minutes, he also created 3 chances. He needs to play and with Arsenal playing Coquelin and Chamberlain in center mid maybe now is the time to let Fabregas play and cause havoc.

Hazard: There was a debate on Twitter about his input in the game. Some say he was our best attacking player, some say he was awful. Amazing how the game can be watched but seen through so many different opinions. Personally I think Hazard knows he will start and so he plays at a level of whatever he fancies in that game. Ronaldo, Messi had a desire to be the best and trained hard to get their, Hazard wants to be the best but doesn’t have the motivation to do it. His consistency is alarming in the fact that he isn’t consistent and his form is so sporadic. He will show up against Man City but go missing against Hull at home!! Someone explain that to me. Hazard needs to take a long look at himself and think does he want to be a good player or a world class player!

Conte: I have touched on the Fabregas incident but my issue with Conte is one that some fans don’t like. How dare I question the Messiah. Well simply because I am not looking through rose tinted glasses and I can see the car crash happening! His treatment of Batshuayi is awful. Yes Bats hasn’t helped himself but at the same time giving him 4 minutes here and 1 minute there is so confidence destroying that I wonder what kind of man would do that to a player. He gave Batshuayi 30 seconds against Liverpool….Why? For what purpose? I don’t see why treating a player like that is allowed at any club. I honestly believe at some point we need to give them both a go up top with maybe Hazard or Pedro behind them and watch the goals flow. My other worry is Conte is very stubborn he is playing the same line up week in week out. Moses needs a rest he is being exposed now and his defensive frailties are being exposed by sides. Ake is here now and hasn’t  been on bench 2 out of 4 games!! Why bother bringing him back?


In Other News:

Chelsea was rumored to have had bits rejected for Gordon, Dembele and Candreva and Biabiany the pace merchant rejected a loan move to us on deadline day. All I can say to this news is thank bloody God.

On loan Striker Tammy Abraham has broke the record for most goals scored by a teenager in the Championship. Tammy with 18 goals has been the one bright spark in an otherwise dismal season for Bristol City.

Sadly we say good bye to Ivanovic, the man who won it all at Chelsea. Now I had an argument on Twitter yesterday with a fan who took shots at me because I was dissing City and he decided to slate me on being 2 faced as I slated our own legend Ivanovic. Yes I slated Ivanovic, because at the time he was performing poorly, I am not going to watch a player play bad and say well he helped win the champions league so I will allow him these 12 months of been awful. No that is not how it works, I am grateful as are all Chelsea fans about what Branna achieved with us and his many heroic moments, but at the end of the day his perfomances were leading to us dropping points so I will remember him as the man who won trophies rather than the man who gave Paulo Montero a new contract when he ripped Ivanovic apart. Farewell Branna and take care on your new journey.


News just broken

Frank Lampard has retired from football at the age of 38. I had just submitted my 1st draft of this post and now have just seen the news.

For me Frank is the best Midfielder in Premier league history. Defended, Attacked, scored set pieces, long rangers, tap ins, headers, left foot, right foot all of this while being quite a slow man. Chelsea’s all time record goal scorer, winning it all with the  club and forever being in our hearts. Frank we love you. Build the man a statue!!!

Pit of the week:

Costa penalty miss. For me I could tell he would miss by his run up. It was a very sloppy penalty at a saveable height for a keeper that goes the right way and could’ve given us an 11 point gap going into a run of winnable fixtures. Hopefully it doesn’t play on Costas mind and he is back at his best on Saturday.

Peak of the week:

Leaving Anfield without a loss showed we are firming our grip on that Premier league crown.


Next Fixture: Arsenal (h)


Until next time……KTBFFH



50 Shades of Blue

So it wasn’t pretty but the job got done, and with the job came a big fingers up to the Media from Diego Costa.

What a great weekend for the blues, with Liverpool, United, City and Spurs dropping points. We had to win at the weekend and although we were never in serious danger the performance was quite lethargic.

Here are the ratings from Sundays match.

Chelsea: Courtois (6); Azpilicueta (6), David Luiz (6), Cahill (6); Moses (7), Kante (6), Matic (6), Alonso (6); Pedro (6), Diego Costa (8), Hazard (6)

Subs: Fabregas (7), Willian (6), Batshuayi (6).

Now for the Talking points.

Diego Costa: What a performance from the big man! From the 1st minute he showed his intent by lashing a volley just inches wide of the post. That was a warning sign and for the rest of the game he chased every ball and battled like a warrior and was rewarded for his hard work when he slammed home just before the half time whistle and celebrated by basically telling the media all they do is talk rubbish. Costa was bought off with 5 minutes to go and the crowd sang his name and clapped off the man that with his performance said he was here to stay.

Antonio Conte: I love the man! He has rejuvenated the squad and has built a passion around the Bridge! He also has started the Era of the 4-3-3 as I now see so many sides adopting the formation. With all these positives I must point out 2 previously visited negatives.

1- His substitutions are way to late in the game, yes we won at Hull but we were a bit under the cosh and clearly needed some fresh legs but Conte just watched the game and seemed hesitant to make the change. This could damage us in future when actually play more games and players need rest etc.

2- Conte needs to change the 11. Fabregas needs to start and Cahill needs to come out of the 11. He has been a good servant and yes scored at the weekend but papering over the cracks is all it did. Cahills defending is always putting us under pressure, his erratic passing and fouls in silly areas really dent our game. With Ake and Zouma waiting I feel his time may soon be up.

Nemanja Matic: He has got way to comfortable, and the weekend performance showed this! He spent the game running up and down, which would look great if he was a long distance runner, but he isn’t he is suppose to be a footballer who makes tackles and passes and put his big frame about. What I saw was a man who was dominated in midfield buy Tom Huddlestone!! What made Matic’s performance worse was the immediate impact Cesc made when he came on. The game was screaming out for Cesc and he came on and constantly found the spaces to play in nice passes. Fabregas won more tackles in his little cameo than Matic did all game. Cesc also picked up an assist and made another 4 chances in his little time on the pitch. Surely Conte can’t keep ignoring the majestic Spaniard.

Eden Hazard: Hull at home is where Hazard should be sparkling and running riot. He was well shackled and looked uninterested if I am honest. Hazard talks about wanting to be an elite player yet doesn’t put in elite performances on a consistent basis. Hazard will either be a quality player or a world class player I guess which one will be up to his mentality and effort.


In Other News:

Marco Van Ginkel is having a field day back at PSV. He has had 2 perofmances and 2 goals and dominated the midfield, I do wonder if he will make it at Chelsea as he certainly has the pedigree.

Baba Rahmann has been injured in the African Nations and will now face 9 months out. We wish him a good speedy recovery.


Pit of the Week:

Matic awful performance against quite a poor side.

Peak of the Week:

Costa shutting up the media.

Next Fixture: Brentford (H)


Until Next Time……….KTBFFH

50 Shades of Blue

So back to winning ways! Spurs was just a blip and now we are back!!! No No No, lets be realistic.

It was a great win on the weekend, but let us not get to carried away there is still a long way to go and we haven’t been playing out of our skins in the way Liverpool and Spurs have!

I watched the Spurs at the weekend and the fluid play made me jealous, Conte has done a great job and is definitely the man for us but I still feel we have that bit of magic missing in midfield.

Pedro has hit form and is playing very well, but beyond him and Hazard I really do worry about our attacking play.

We beat Leicester at the weekend without being threatened too much. a 3-0 win with goals from Alonso (2) and Pedro.

Here are the match ratings:

Chelsea: Courtois (7), Azpilicueta (6), David Luiz (7), Cahill (7), Moses (7), Kante (6), Matic (7), Alonso (9), Willian (7), Hazard (8), Pedro (8).

Subs used: Fabregas (6), Batshuayi (n/a), Loftus-Cheek (n/a).

Man of the Match: Marcos Alonso


Talking Points.


Chelsea win without Costa. I believe this wasn’t a case of winning without Costa but the winning despite all the fuss and morale in the camp. A lot has been written in the press about what happened, and the media really had fun. For some reason whenever anything happens the media love to jump all over Chelsea and make all kinds of crap up. Let me set the record straight, Costa wasn’t injured everyone can see that but Conte being the man he is has handled this in a spectacular way unlike a certain man last season. If Costa goes then let it be in the Summer, for now he needs to concentrate on winning us the title with more goals which I think he will do. I will leave it there as I have to many opinions and causing a storm isn’t what I want to do.


Marcus Alonso has been unfairly treated by some of our fans. Some of the things they have been calling his is totally uncalled for. He has gone out and given everything for the shirt and yes he has made errors but he has also at time defended very well. 2 goals at the weekend show that he can raise his game to another level and can be an asset. He may not be blessed with natural ability, but he sweats for the shirt and I cant ask for more than that.

In Other News:

Planning permission has been granted to build the 60,000 seater stadium. Chelsea will have their last season next year and will then look at moving to Wembley to play their games.

Patrick Bamford is off to Boro for 10million. Chelsea never bought him to fight for a place, it was clearly a profit move and they have done well to get 10 million. However I see the sneaky board members plan! As I write this Chelsea have bid for Adama Traore, the lightning quick winger who has no end product…..Theo Walcott anyone. But hopefully under Conte he can flourish and put that football brain into gear.

Tammy Abraham scored again……Water is Wet.


Pit of the Week:

Some unfair criticism of Kante. If you look at his numbers the guy has been phenomenal, he hasn’t played like he did for Leicester but he has really made a difference in that midfield. One fan suggested this week Kante should be dropped and Matic and Cesc should start…That fan needs to be dropped on his head…Again.

Peak of the Week:

Beating Leicester, City losing and United and Liverpool drawing. 7 points clear.


Next Fixture: Hull (h)


Until next time……..KTBFFH

50 Shades of Blue

FA Cup weekend is usually one of my favourite weekends as underdogs come to get wins against the big teams and dreams are made. Its also a chance to see the youth play and what they bring to the side. This year though it seems to have lost its magic with not many smaller sides getting the big draw they crave and most matches were teams from the same division playing each other.craigmackailsmith

However the might blues got a draw against Peterborough a team close to my heart as my old school strike partner Craig Mackail Smith bagged 99 goals for the Posh and I was often on the terraces cheering him on. Envious it wasn’t me as I often outscored him during our time at school!

I was lucky enough to be available to make the trip to the bridge this week to watch the game and have to say I was rewarded by some outstanding performances. Chelsea won 4-1 with goals from Pedro (2) Willian and Batshuayi and could have been so much more but for some sloppy finishing and final passes.

Whilst in the stands I was able to run my eye over some of our players and I have broke it down into the following terms.:

John Terry: John had a comfortable game considering he has been out for a while, his sending off was harsh but I feel against top sides he will struggle, I would love him to be offered a new contract or another role at the club as I think his influence is needed desperately and he is a legend. However I think his playing days at a top level are over and I never thought I would say that but we need to move on but with him in a different capacity.

Loftus – Cheek: Since he made his debut he hasn’t exactly filled all the promise that we imagined. Many lazy performances and an arrogance that assumed that he believed he had already made it. It seems that Chalobah getting the nod ahead of him has woken him up as Ruben put in a Man of The Match display. He was everywhere, defensively and offensively. He picked up an assist and also should’ve scored. His constant drives from midfield were a joy to watch and yes it was Peterborough but he still had to go out there and perform and perform he did.


Chalobah: We have something special here. The kid oozes quality. Glides across the pitch with such elegance! Skilful, tough in the tackle, passing ability long or short, everything just seems to be in his locker. His link up play with Ruben and overall performance were a joy to watch and I think we have a real gem in this young man.

Zouma: When his name was announced the bridge erupted as though a new signing had been made. Zouma was understandably rusty but put in a good performance. There was 1 outstanding moment where he beat 2 men and played in Willian with a 40 yard pass that would’ve been spoke about for days if it was any of the World Class defenders we see at Barca or Madrid! I was baffled when I saw on Twitter that some fans were saying he didn’t look his usual self! The kid has been out for 11 Months of course he wont come back and be exactly the same on his 1st game back. The level of expectation amongst some of our fans just baffles me. Conte has come out and said Zouma is the best defender at the club and he will play and I am looking forward to seeing him on the regular.

Ivanovic: Outskilled and out paced by league one mid table wingers…..Need I say anymore?

Willian: I know I am not his biggest fan and again on twitter someone had the audacity to say Willian has been consistent, but the guy is so poor. Last season Willian won player of the year….How bad did everyone else have to play for Willian to be able to shine? I like his efforts at time but like Oscar he has been too inconsistent and flatters to deceive! He has 6 awful moments but then will score and people will forget the awful bits, but I don’t no way! His touches and decision making yesterday were shocking for a player from Brazil he beat his man once in the game and these were league 1 players. In the 1st 5 minutes he took 2 corners neither beat the 1st man and one barely beat it off the ground. Willian is a good squad player but he is not consistent enough for a 1st 11 place!

Batshuayi: Oh Michy. Yes he scored and well done to him for that, but yesterday was just a car crash for him. Contes press conference about Michy was him sticking by his player and having great man management skills because 42,000 people in that stadium saw a player desperate to impress and failed his audition. He was very greedy at times choosing to shoot when others were in goal scoring positions and he didn’t really beat his man with skill or pace, and the 1 time he did he put a nice opportunity wide when easier to hit the target. I understand his frustrations but his performance spoke volumes as to why Conte didn’t play him against Bournemouth and instead chose players with better technical abilities. Michy can be a great player for us but he needs to spend less time on Twitter and more time on the training pitch.

This brings me to my next point about the whole Llorente saga! I was fuming at 1st as I thought how pointless. But then I opened my ears and eyes. Michy clearly needs games and with Costa in the form he is in you really can’t drop him and that isn’t helping Michy. It would have been easy to send him on loan to a foreign side, but Chelsea clearly wants to keep him which is why they are wanting him to be loaned into the Premier league so he gets the league experience. Whilst having Michy gone Conte is turning to a man he has trusted before who has scored 6 goals in 14 starts for possibly the worst side in our league. Is it the marquee signing we want….No. But does it make sense? Now I look at it, it most certainly does benefit all parties. The only thing is Michy not wanting to go and wanting to stay and fight for his place. If that’s the case it tells me all I need to know about him that he rather sit on bench and chat to people on Twitter than go and play 90 mins every week and prove his ability in the English league.


Finally I want to welcome back Nathan Ake, a nice recall from Conte and another deal that makes sense as Ake can play left back and has been in scintillating form for Bournemouth. Many of us wanted a well known name for that position but if the name is a lad from out youth team who has been performing well in the league then I for one am happy to see that. Good luck Nathan we all wish you well and look forward to seeing you in the shirt storming down the left.


In Other News:

Ray Wilkins keeps opening his mouth and spouting about Chelsea. Firstly slating Michy and then Slating the club for bringing back Ake saying that Ake will be distraught. Wilkins is still bitter from his sacking at Chelsea and the older he gets the more the bitterness is starting to show.

The decision will be made this week if Chelsea can go ahead and build their new 60,000 seater stadium. If permission is given Chelsea will look to complete the stadium by 2021 and will be asking to use Wembley for home games. The only problem is Spurs too will be using it so we may have to ground share.


Pit of the Week:

John Terry returning to starting line up and not being able to finish the game due to the sending off.

Peak of the Week:

Loftus-Cheeks performance was outstanding and I hope this kick starts his Chelsea career.


Next Fixture: Leicester (a)







50 Shades of Blue

So the streak is over! Thank God I say and I will delve into why later.

Firstly we start with a nice win over Stoke at the weekend. Personally I feel stoke played to their strengths and put the ball in the air which was a struggle for Chelsea, and old man Crouch caused all kinds of problems for our defense.


Here are the ratings from that game:

Chelsea: Courtois (7), Cahill (7), Azpilicueta (7), David Luiz (7), Alonso (7), Fabregas (7), Kante (6), Moses (7), Hazard (7), Costa (8), Willian (8).

Subs used: Matic (6), Ivanovic (4), Chalobah (4).

Chelsea ran out 4-2 winners with goals from Cahill, Willian (2) and Costa.

What this game showed was that if needs be Chelsea can power on from setbacks as they were pegged back twice. It also showed a huge vulnerability in our side. The win gave us win number 13 and the record was in sight, however we had a difficult trip to White Hart Lane to face an inform spurs side.spurssoderlogo


Before the game I highlighted 2 simple facts.

  1. This time 2 years ago we were on a fantastic run, and then faced Spurs at the lane and were turned over because certain things weren’t addressed because our wins had papered over the cracks, and 2 years later it looked like history would repeat itself.
  2. Spurs are quick all over the pitch and Pochettino has their fitness levels at a place where they can press for the whole 90 minutes, which would put Chelsea under pressure so if even 1 player is having a bad game, Tottenham would be able to capitalize.

When I saw the Spurs line up, rightly or wrongly I knew defeat would happen.

Spurs have conceded the least goals in the league and played with a back 3 that consisted of 2 great headers of the ball and 2 with fantastic pace. They then had 2 wing backs who are currently in the form of their life, and that offered pace and power down the wings. Ahead of them and inform Eriksson and a red hot Alli.

Maybe these things were addressed and maybe not, but the result ended 2-0 to spurs and the streak was over! Here are the ratings:

Chelsea: Courtois (6), Cahill (6), Luiz (7), Azpilicueta (6); Moses (6), Kante (7), Matic (6), Alonso (6); Pedro (7), Costa (6), Hazard (7)

Subs used: Willian (5), Fabregas (5), Batshuayi (6)


So I have 5 points I wish to address.

  1. Conte has turned into a hero at Chelsea and rightfully so as he isn’t afraid to make tough decisions and his getting rid of deadwood and letting players flourish has been well received by the fans. However his ability to change a game during a game leaves a lot to be desired. Chelsea were under the cosh and for some reason he left it too late to make subs, the game was calling out for creativity yet Fabregas who has 4 assists in his last 2 games was stuck on the bench until the 79th minute. Spurs were quite comfy playing against 1 up top so why not switch it to 2 up top and stretch spurs at the back? Conte obviously knows more than me but doesn’t mean he is always right and the fans always wrong, and I think on this occasion he got it wrong.
  2. The Streak. I feel it has been a burden in someway for some fans, as the constant winning has given some fans a false sense of security. Now I am not saying that I want us to lose etc what kind of fan would I be? However as a fan there has to be an element of realism and  I am confused why people have watched our recent games and then thought we would go to Spurs and win. The streak papered over a lot of cracks and yes they were wins but they were not all of the highest quality, and things were not addressed regarding form of players and lack of energy. I feel now we have lost we can re group and peoples eyes are more open to realism.
  3. The Board aka Emenalo is an ongoing argument I see on Twitter. Roman I think is being advised so poorly that it is affecting our game. Emenalo is in charge of our transfers and our scouting, this is a man who was coaching 6 year olds in some 3rd world country before Avram Grant put him on the payroll because they were friends. The amateur nature of how he walked into the club is frightening and yet he has somehow become invincible and given the task of making signings that will turn us into an elite club. The man is a joke and a lot of his signings or lack of signings has been a joke and the sooner he leaves the club the better. Look at last night we were ripped apart from a 5 million signing from MK Dons. If we buy a player from MK Dons they are sent on loan and given no opportunity to establish a run in the side to actually make a statement.
  4. The players are human and make mistakes and will not win every game that’s just a fact of life. However some selections just baffle me. Why is Cahill wearing the captains armband? If I am looking for strong leadership on the pitch and someone to pick the team up then Gary Cahill is one of the last I would pick. Why has Kante become so underrated? he does a different job at Chelsea to Leicester yet seems to be so underrated by our fans! Costa and Hazard, if they don’t perform Chelsea don’t play well so why is this not being viewed and other players being bought in that will galvanize the squad and help us reach our goal. The manner of our defeats is the issue, when we lose we actually get torn apart over the pitch and that’s the scary thing. If lose in battle lose by causing damage! However I will say both Spurs goals could have been prevented but lack of closing down was a huge issue both times by Matic and it led to brilliant deliveries being tucked away, and both times really by an unmarked Alli!
  5. Twitter fans just know everything don’t they. This week I got blocked because I said to a fan we won’t sign VVD and for some reason he got so upset and blocked me. Blocked a member of the club he supports because had a different view on transfers. Isn’t it something when people who are part of the same club don’t even get along. As soon as we lost to spurs people were putting up posts on how all of a sudden all our players were rubbish and needed to be sold. I think sometimes as fans we need to take a good look at johnoblmikelourselves and wonder what we expect from a team. If a team can’t earn your respect after 13 unbeaten then you have very unrealistic views of a team.


In other news

John Obi Mikel is on his way after managing to con manager after manager ha. No seriously I wish him well in wherever he ends up.

Chelsea are still in talks for Frank Kessie, Roman want 30 million and Chelsea as usual want a budget deal.

Brighton have put a loan package together for Ruben Loftus Cheek. The promising midfielders career has stagnated and he really needs a run of football to showcase his talent or will just be another wasted academy product.


Pit of the week:

Losing to spurs without any fight.

Peak of the week;

Still being top.


Next Fixture: Peterborough (h) Fa Cup




50 Shades of Blue

So we did it, the club record has been broken of 12 consecutive wins. What hasn’t been highlighted is the fact that Chelsea also holds the record now for most wins in a row in a single season, as both United and Arsenal did it over 2 seasons.

The record was broken in a tough game against Bournemouth and with Costa and Kante unavailable through suspension, many fans were wondering how the game would pan out. Chelsea ran out 3-0 winners with goals from Pedro, The sublime Eden Hazard and an own goal which to be fair should have been credited to Pedro as his shot was on target.

Here are the Match Ratings via Sky Sports.

Chelsea: Courtois (7), Azpilicueta (7), Luiz (7), Cahill (7), Moses (6), Fabregas (7), Matic (7), Alonso (7), Willian (8), Pedro (8), Hazard (9).

Subs used: Batshuayi (n/a), Chalobah (4), Aina (n/a).


Now don’t get me wrong I am over the moon with the win and the record and I am over the moon with Conte and I wouldn’t dream of questioning his decisions. However I have to disagree with his treatment of Batshuayi! Now I understand that Batshuayi wasn’t his signing, but to not play your only available striker against the likes of Bournemouth is one thing, but to bring him on with literally 2 seconds of the match left is bang out of order.


Batshuayi has spent a lot of his time on Twitter playing the fool, and maybe hasn’t applied himself well in training, but he has scored goals this season and this would’ve been a great opportunity to see what he can do, but now I feel his confidence would’ve have been dented and I really feel sorry for the lad.


On a separate note I had an argument with a guy on twitter today who tried to argue with me that Lampard was a number 10/Second Striker. It baffled me because he was an Arsenal fan and arguing with me about the position of probably our greatest ever player. His motivation for this was purely because he wanted to say Fabregas was a better player and deserved more praise, and it got me thinking…Why cant we praise other players apart from just the ones we like? Why does everything have to be a competition? Why can’t we just see a players phenomenal record and applaud rather than running to the stats book to find a comparison and try be negative. We have been blessed to live in a generation of top quality players and it should be enjoyed and not trodden in the dirt repeatedly.


In Other News

Oscars deal will go through on Jan 2nd as he moves to China. For those of you that read my blog or follow me on twitter, you will know that this has been the best Christmas present for me. I got his name on the back of my shirt and after that his only good game was a Hat-Trick against the mighty MK-Dons. If at 25 you choose to go and play in China, it shows your ambition and highlights why you couldn’t get a regular game once a top manager realized you didn’t have the desire to be one of the best. 60 million thank you and goodbye.


The silly media season has begun where Chelsea will be linked with every Italian player and every player that plays in positions we are looking for. The James Rodriguez deal is a no go and fans are fooling themselves thinking our board will pay anything over 50 mil for him. More realistic is Kessie of Atalanta. A lot of our fans are excited about this, one fan even said he has watched Kessie since last season which baffled me as not many people I know watch Serie B…Its hard enough watching Serie A!! But low and behold we have bid for the youngster dubbed the new Yaya Toure. If that’s the case please lets make sure we have a good stock of Birthday cakes.


Pit of the Week:

Media whinging about our fixture list, it shows that we are back and feared again but also shows that they really have nothing to complain about us anymore so are finding the slightest thing.

Peak of the Week:

Hazards sublime performance. he may not be Ronaldo or Messi but in Hazard we have a little wizard. He drifts around the pitch and pulls defenders all over the place. The fact that on International Breaks he works with Thierry Henry I feel has added a lot more to his game in the final 3rd. Other teams fans on Twitter call him overrated, but you know they would be calling him best in the league if he was at their side.


Next Fixture: Stoke (h)


Until Next Time……..KTBFFH



50 Shades of Blue

chelsea3dlogoinarticleSo here were are approaching the festive period, sitting 1 point off relegation and definitely out of champions league football running……… Oh no wait sorry that was last year, maybe some of our fans should understand that! Because this year we are top of the league, we are defending well, and we are scoring goals!

West Brom the latest team to be ‘Conte’d’ and let’s be honest it was a very tough game.

Chelsea ran out with a 1-0 win thanks to a moment of genius bullish and determined play from our very own Diego Costa. Robbing Mcauley of the ball by the Corner flag and driving towards goal before curling a beautiful effort into the top corner.

Here are the player ratings:

Chelsea: Courtois (7), Azpilicueta (6), David Luiz (6), Cahill (9), Moses (7), Kante (7), Matic (6), Alonso (6), Pedro (6), Diego Costa (9), Hazard (7).

Used subs: Ivanovic (4), Fabregas (6), Willian (5).


Now onto the nitty gritty and the murmurings on Twitter.

We are top and rightfully so, however it is clear that we do need to bring in some quality. We can all see this but there seems to be fans who only want to focus on this. Yes we can be critical of something and give a different view but when we are doing so well and much better than last year why do we have some fans who want to slate the team. What is it that you’re actually wanting? Do you even know?

Do these fans understand football? I keep hearing that because we aren’t in Europe we should be smashing sides because we have rest. That is a ridiculous statement to make. On the day it is still 11 vs 11 and we need to apply ourselves and not just rely on fitness levels.chelsea-vs-west-brom

West Brom are on a great run of form, and Pulis knows how to set his sides. One supporter wrote ‘West Brom were all over us’

This highlights the delusion amongst our negative fanbase. West Brom had 1 shot on target and had 31 % of the possession, with only 13% of that possession coming in our half so how is that West Brom being all over us? It seems some fans are so negative that they see what they want to see and ignore any positives or any actual facts that go against their negative views. I don’t understand why you would support a team and despite positives just constantly find negatives.

Barcelona had a great Tika Taka era and didn’t play well every game, Celtic dominate Scotland and don’t dominate every game so why do we have a fan base who feel’s that we have some right to dominate everything and everyone, and it’s just unrealistic and quite arrogant.


On quite a similar note 2 situations that happened over the weekend I wish to address.

marcos-alonsoFirstly fans complaining that Fabregas didn’t start are crazy. West Brom have scored the most goals this season from set plays. Fabregas is 5ft8 and Matic is 6ft3. Matic wins aerial balls and Fabregas doesn’t. It may not be a game plan that everyone agreed with but Conte has shown enough for us to trust him and if he makes a decision that he feels tactically is the best for the team then why do we get so angry. It isn’t a fact that Conte doesn’t trust Fabregas it is more that Kante and Matic work very well together and everyone really is on top form so why upset that, because the same people calling for a change will be the same people who complain if we lose that Conte changed it!!

Marcus Alonso is my 2nd point! No frills player. Does his job sometimes good and sometimes bad, but I hate how our fan base have become like those other sides who slate our own players who actually have given 100%. He may not be as gifted as others and sometimes caught out of position but his overall play has enabled Hazard to get forward and often Alonso is 2 on 1 with no assistance and has done very well considering. I think people need to look at the bigger picture rather than shooting off frustrations at the 1st signs.


In Other News

Chelsea are looking to terminate the loan deal of Charly Musonda and send him on loan elsewhere.

Kenedy also has returned to the bridge as high flying Watford have decided he isn’t good enough!!

Remy is still injured and we should get him off our books!!

Roma are rumored to be interested in Fabregas. It’s amazing that teams who won’t sell us players then come asking if ours are for sale!!

Chelsea are unlikely to face a points deduction for failing to control their players. A sanction which would really damage our season.


Pit of the Week:

Arsenal not giving up the chase and staying hot on our tails


Peak of the Week:

Costa scoring a beauty of a goal to keep us top


Next Fixture: Sunderland (A)


Until Next Time……..KTBFFH




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