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Ray Allen sees great potential in Jabari Parker

The Chicago Bulls signed talented forward Jabari Parker to a two-year, $40 million contract on July 14 and the move has plenty of excitement and buzz around it because of Parker’s potential to become a key part of a surging Bulls team.

There were questions about Parker’s health because he already dealt with two torn left ACLs in his first four seasons in the league but at the beginning of the summer he worked out with Ray Allen, who was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame, for four days and according to Gery Woelfel, journalist and editor for, Allen praised Parker.

“He’s a very good, humble, down-to-earth guy,” Allen said. “As a player, he reminds me of Paul Pierce but bigger. His potential is so great.”

Parker has been a capable scorer, averaging 15.3 points on 49.0 percent shooting in 183 career games but his injury struggles raised concerns about his long-term future. Allen comparing him to Paul Pierce speaks volumes about Parker’s potential, as Pierce was one of the best players in the league during his 19-year career. Pierce won an NBA Championship, an NBA Finals MVP award, made several All-Star games and he owns Celtics records in 3-point field goals (1,823), free-throws (6,434) and steals (1,583).

The Bulls will meet the media on September 24 and have their first practice the following day. The team has the option on the second year of Jabari Parker’s deal so next season is crucial for him. Ray Allen complimenting him and working with him on his shooting form can really help his development.’s Matthew Blum believes that playing alongside 2018 All-Rookie First Team selection Lauri Markkanen will help Parker shine.

With Markkanen stretching out to the perimeter, Parker has room to operate in the midrange — an area of the floor he’s comfortable in but was often clogged in Milwaukee. If Parker can increase his efficiency around the rim, he and Markkanen should complement each other very well and develop a promising inside/out scoring tandem.

Markkanen and Parker are part of the young Bulls core along with Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and 2018 first-round pick Wendell Carter Jr. Look for the Bulls to go far this season as long as all of them are healthy and gel together.

NBA Top 10 Thursday: Top 10 Weirdest Mascots

You know as a kid, clowns were always really creepy? Well, clowns have a bit of competition these days. Mascots are a fun and time honored tradition in sports, but in the NBA, some teams have gone the extra creepy, Five Nights at Freddies route. Here are my top 10 weird NBA mascots….



Number 10: Clutch The Bear: Houston Rockets

This guy right here is somewhat disturbing. For one, he doesn’t look anything like a bear, and another thing is that creepy smile he has on his face. When you think of sports mascots, you don’t think of a reject from Disneyland. Plus his name, what exactly is he going to clutch? Hmmm?


Number 9: Go the Gorilla: Phoenix Suns

This one is bad, very very bad. It looks like a $20 Halloween costume you buy at one of those temporary costume shops that springs up in old super market buildings. What’s even worse is the creepy look that is permanently adorned on his face, a look of that no matter how cheesy, still can send chills into the souls of every person who sees it.


Number 8: Franklin the Dog: Philadelphia 76ERs

Oh the harmless dog, why would this be creepy? Well, if you have vision you can see why.

From his awkwardly shaped face, to his eyes that seem to look right into your heart, the 76ers mascot is one that we could do with out.


Number 7: Jazz Bear: Utah Jazz

When your team name is a style of music, finding an appropriate mascot is a challenge. Whoever came up with this one though hit a sour note. He looks like a possessed Chewbacca. Mascots should not look like something they chase on Monster Quest.


Number 6: Slamson: Sacramento Kings

I’m starting to get the feeling that some of these are just recycled movie costumes. Gorilla looks like an extra from Planet of the Apes, Jazz Bear is Chewbacca and this guy would be an evil Lion from the Wizard of Oz. The lack of visible eyes and the odd expression on it’s face are the things of nightmares. Imagine running into this walking home at night…….


Number 5: Sir CC: Cleveland Cavaliers

You can speculate why LeBron left Cleveland, but we know the real reason. This insanely creepy mascot. I mean look at it. I don’t know what circle of hell this thing came from but I’m sure most Cavs fans would like it to return there. As if they aren’t going to suffer enough this year.


Number 4: Coyote: San Antonio Spurs

For those of you who understood the Five Nights At Freddie’s reference from the beginning of this article, this one fits it perfectly. Those glowing green eyes look like something you would see in a cheap horror movie, cheesy enough to laugh at yet still terrifying. Being the Spurs mascot, you can’t help but wonder what he does with a set of spurs in his off time……maybe we shouldn’t.


Number 3: Bango the Buck: Milwaukee Bucks

Picture if you will, you’re walking through the Wisconsin woods, clouds obscure an already dim sun… You hear a rustling in the black trees, you stop and look around, already you have made a fatal mistake. As you stand there in fear, he pounces on you…..congratulations, you have just entered the twilight zone…..

I think Rod Serling would approve.


Number 2: Mavs Man: Dallas Mavericks

There is so much wrong with this, I could do a whole article on it. From the scary face, to the basketball skin, in the immortal words of the internet, “this ain’t it.”  We all know the Mavericks gave up on winning a long time ago, but now we know where they put that energy….into scaring the life out of their fans.


Number 1: Benny the Bull: Chicago Bulls

Out of the fires, he arose, this mascot looks like he should be hell’s mascot, not Chicago’s. From the fiery red hair, to the look of murder in his eyes, and the blood tipped horns that have probably ended many way before their time, Benny had no choice but to be number one on this list. If you see him coming for you, say your prayers……


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NBA Top 10 Thursday: Top 10 Point Guards

As we head into the Final month of no basketball, ranking players is going to get more and more fun, so today I go through and rank who I think are the top 10 point guards heading into the season…..


Number 10: Jamal Murray: Denver Nuggets

Related image

Murray is heading into his 3rd season as a pro, and he is still trending upwards. He made significant gains in almost every stat from his rookie year to last year and will look to improve even more. Nearly doubling his ppg average, (9.9 in 2016 to 16.7 in 2017) and taking up his FG, Rebound, and assist numbers, Murray is a super star on Denver’s offence and will likely get that same recognition this year league wide.


Number 9: Eric Bledsoe: Milwaukee Bucks

Image result for eric bledsoe

Like Murray, Bledsoe saw some major improvement in the 2017 season, taking many of his stats up (17 ppg, 47% FG.)  In 2017, he moved cities, leaving the Suns after 5 years. As the Bucks start off a new coaching regime, Bledsoe will likely shine even brighter.


Number 8: John Wall: Washington Wizards

Image result for john wall

If not for injuries, Wall would be much higher on this list. He has been to 5 All-Star games and has the skills to rank much higher. But missing 41 games will no doubt take some kind of toll on him. If he can get back to numbers like we saw in 2016 (23 ppg, 10 assists, and 45% FG shooting) then Washington is bound for a good run in the East.


Number 7: Ben Simmons: Philedelphia 76ers

Related image

The reining NBA Rookie of the year, Simmons will only get better. Simmons averaged 15.8 points, 8.1 rebounds, 8.2 assists per match-up. While Philly didn’t go as far in the post season as many thought they would, they have a very dangerous squad that includes Simmons, and star center Joel Embiid.  (If you want to see where the Top NBA Centers rank, click here!)


Number 6: Jrue Holiday: New Orleans Pelicans

Related image

After almost a decade in the league, Holiday had one of his truly best seasons last year. He threw up career high scoring numbers (19 ppg) and also chipped in 6.0 assists, 1.5 steals, 1.5 triples and nearly a full block every game. Playing along side star Anthony Davis no doubt helped his numbers as well.


Number 5: Damian Lillard: Portland Trailblazers

Related image

Lillard had one of the best season overall of his career in 2017-18 and received 1st Team All-NBA honors. As the face of the team, Lillard came up clutch so many times and helped Portland reached the number 3 seed in the West. Even though Portland, came up short in the playoffs, getting swept by Utah and Lillard’s numbers looking far worse then they had all year, the Blazers are in prime position to make another run with Lillard at the helm.


Number 4: Chris Paul: Houston Rockets

Related image

Oh man, the bad luck Chris Paul had when so close to the Finals. An injury in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals was a turning point in that series. Health played a role in Paul’s less then spectacular season in Houston. Once know as the “Point-God,” Paul missed a career high 24 games and the last 2 of the WCF. He averaged just 7 assists, the lowest number since his rookie year. That said, a return to health, plus playing on the same team as currant MVP James Harden, and his still elite level skill set should have him see a major up swing in 2018.


Number 3: Russel Westbrook: Oklahoma City Thunder

Image result for russell westbrook

Say what you want to about Russell Westbrook, bu you can’t knock his game on many levels. He has averaged a triple-double over the last 2 years with 25.4 points, 10.1 rebounds and a league-best 10.3 assists per contest. His main flaw is his selfish play sometimes, but with another year playing with Paul George coming up, and the team getting better by releasing Carmelo Anthony, you can expect Westbrook to become more of a team player.

Number 2: Kyrie Irving: Boston Celtics

Image result for kyrie irving

If Kyrie had stayed healthy and played like we know he would have, many things would be different right now. One, the Celtics would likely have been in he NBA Finals, and two, he would be number 1 on this list. After having surgery to repair his knee, an infection is what ended up finishing his season. The time he did play though, he was great. He racked up 24 ppg, shot 49% from the field, and averaged 6 assists. Next year returning health and with one of the best young teams in basketball should make Boston the team to beat in the East.


Number 1: Steph Curry: Golden State Warriors

Image result for steph curry

Streph shows few of slowing down. Playing on a team of all-stars, Curry is free of having to carry a team and is therefore likely to have many more years of success. He racked up 26 ppg, shot 46% from the field and an amazing 42% from downtown. The thing to watch with him is the lingering ankle issues that have plagued him his whole career and cost him 31 games. The Warriors were able to go on that stretch fine with all star Kevin Durant leading the charge, that said, Curry is still the most important member of this franchise. With out him, the offence slows down quite a bit, and while still able to win, Curry makes it all so much easier. He’ll likely get a shot at a 4th ring this season.


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Making The Mercury Sunny For Fans

The Phoenix Sun’s Devin Booker is trying to make the Mercury in Phoenix a little mare bearable, especially for their fans. In a really nice gesture toward the WNBA Phoenix Mercury and the fans of basketball in Arizona Booker bought 500 tickets to their game this Friday night.

Image result for Devin Booker phoenix mercury

The question may be, does Booker have that many friends? Well, I guarantee you he has that many fans, and they are the ones who are going to benefit in this gesture of kindness and support. Kindness because he is going to give them to fans free of charge at the Fry’s Plaza just outside of the Talking Stick Resort Arena. Support, because with the tickets being free Booker hopes to pack the house with Mercury fans as they play in a must win game this Friday at 7:00pm with the free tickets being given away starting at 5:00pm with a limit of 4 per person on a first come first serve basis.

The game is game 3 in a 5 game series in which the Mercury have drooped the first 2 games by the same score of 91-87. In game 2 the Mercury were actually down by 18 points at one point and forced the game into overtime only to take the tuff luck loss to the Seattle Storm. The Mercury were very competitive during the season and were rewarded with a 6th place finish in their league. They have already had one series win in these play-offs and are vying to get another at home Friday night.

Image result for phoenix mercury wallpaper

The NBA’s Phoenix Sun’s have supported the Mercury all season long with Booker being seen enjoying the action at multiple Mercury games and fellow Phoenix Sun’s star, Deandre Ayton bought 300 tickets to afore mentioned series win against the Dallas Wings. The Phoenix Mercury are in the WNBA semifinals for a sixth consecutive year.But they haven’t won a game at this stage since 2014, going a combined 0-8 against Minnesota (2015-16) and Los Angeles (2017).

This is a very nice classy move by these two Sun’s players twards their fans. It is one of those things that is not reported a ton, but we here at cleatgeeks wanted to share this story and invite you to the game even if you have to buy your ticket, it is still cost friendly. To buy tickets for the game visit here and find tickets from just $9.00, if the free ones are gone.

Suns Are Close On A Trade With Rockets

Phoenix and Houston are reportedly close to a four player swap.The deal would give the Suns a starter at a position of need yet leave them with a void at another position of need.

The proposed deal would send forward Ryan Anderson to the Suns and point guard Brandon Knight to the Rockets. Phoenix also would send former first-round pick forward Marquese Chriss to Houston and the Suns would get guard De’Anthony Melton in return from the Rockets.

Image result for ryan anderson rockets

Photo by; Mug The Bookie

If the trade goes through as expected, Anderson would essentially be the starting power forward that Phoenix needs. He averaged 9.3 points last season and has two years left on a four-year, $80 million contract he signed with the Rockets in 2016. The Suns, provided no money changes hands along with the players would leave Phoenix on the hook for the remaining salary. According to Ryan Anderson signed a 4 year / $80,000,000 contract with the Houston Rockets, including $80,000,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $20,000,000. In 2018-19, Anderson will earn a base salary of $20,421,546, while carrying a cap hit of $20,421,546 and a dead cap value of $41,686,183.

Knight, looks to be the biggest loser in this particular trade. Brandon, who missed all of last season with a knee injury was on track to be fully healthy by the start of the season. So much so, that he was pegged to be the starting point guard for the Suns. Now, he figures to see time as a backup to Chris Paul in Houston.

Image result for brandon knight phoenix suns

Sports Spectrum Magizine

The trade does give the Suns a starting power forward but it would also leave Phoenix searching for a starter at the point guard position with no one on the roster ready to assume that responsibility.

Honestly, more than anything this may be a dump of a trade to get rid of a disappointing player. That player would be the 6-foot-10 Chriss, the eighth overall pick out of Washington in 2016. The Suns had high hopes when they drafted him. He also gave them reason to continue those hopes with his first year production. But sadly his average dropped from 9.2 points as a rookie to 7.7 points last season. But he is just 21 years old and a change of scenery may do the young man good.

Melton was a second-round pick out of USC this year who had some good moments in Summer League play.

This almost has the feeling that the Suns are working on another trade to accompany this trade that when it is all said and done will make more sense than this current trade does with the way it leaves the roster

NBA Top 10 Thursday; Top 10 Stadiums

Let’s look at some stadiums, shall we…..

Number 10: Target Center

Related image

Image result for Target center

The home of the Timberwolves. A great arena. Not the best on this list obviously as it’s earned the 10 spot, but still a solid arena.  Capacity: 19,356  

Number 9: Golden 1 Center

Related image

Image result for golden 1 center

Yes, the Kings are definitely not the NBA’s greatest team but they have a pretty cool arena and new one. The Kings might not be great but they certainly play in a great home.  Capacity: 17,608

Number 8: Toyota Center

Related image

Related image

The Rockets have been playing pretty good as of late, and maybe their arena has had something to do with it. Most likely not, but still they have a pretty decent place to play.  Capacity: 18,043


Number 7: Smoothie King Center

Image result for Smoothie King Center

Image result for Smoothie King Center

The Pelicans have been improving, and their actually looking alright for the future. But one thing that looks quite alright is their home arena.  It’s old yes, but still a decent place.  Capacity: 17,791


Number 6: Quicken Loans Arena

Related image

Related image

A pretty decent place for a once great team.  Not much more to say…..  Capacity: 20,562


Number 5: The Pepsi Center

Related image

Image result for pepsi center

Underrated arena, just like the Nuggets. The Pepsi center is a pretty cool place for a team to play.  Capacity: 18,007


Number 4: Oracle Arena

Related image

Related image

Yes, nobody really likes the Warriors but this arena is pretty good actually. A big, shiny, old, arena.  Capacity: 19,596


Number 3: The Staples Center

Related image

Related image

The Clippers are still trying to make it as elite, but the Staples center already has.  Capacity: 21,000


Number 2: TD Garden

Related image

Image result for td garden

 Ah so close to number one! Just like the Celtics last year. Awesome arena. Capacity: 19,580


Number 1: Fiserv Forum

Image result for Fiserv Forum air

Related image

What can we say. Just a fantastic arena. This brand new home court is one of the best looking NBA arenas ever. Milwaukee just got a lot better. Hopefully the team can follow too.  Capacity: 17,500


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NBA Top 10 Thursday: Top 10 Centers

Number 10: Andre Drummond: Detroit Pistons 

Related image

Last season was a good one for Drummond. He averaged 16 Rebounds a game, a career high for the 6 year vet. Also adding to his improvement was his work at the free throw line.  Before, he was sitting at just 38% from the line, last year he bumped it up to 60%


Number 9: Nikola Vucevic: Orlando Magic 

Image result for Nikola Vucevic


A real leader on the Magic’s offence, Vucevic is almost the total package in a basketball player. He’s an amazing passer, and play maker. Last year he took his 3 point shooting up a notch, making over 60 and recorded his first tipple double.


Number 8: Kevin Love: Cleveland Cavaliers

Image result for kevin love 2018

With LeBron James off to L.A., Kevin Love is now the face of the Cavs. Love has had a rough year, suffering 2 panic attacks, a broken hand, and a concussion during the playoff series vs Boston. That said, he is now Cleveland’s most reliable scorer and will have to play at a high level once again if the Cavs want to make the playoffs in the post-LeBron era.


Number 7: Al Horford: Boston Celtics

 Related image

Al Horford is making a name for himself now not just for his defensive skills, which are league leading, but now scoring. He has made himself a viable 3 point threat, making 42% from downtown. You can talk about Kyrie and Tatum as the main scorers for the Celtics, but don’t sleep on Horford.


Number 6: Clint Capela: Houston Rockets

Related image

An excellent dunker and Averaging 13 points and 10 rebounds last year, Clint Capela is part of the back bone of the Rockets offence. He led the NBA in shooting percentage from the field, with 65%.


Number 5: Rudy Gobert: Utah Jazz

Related image

Because of Rudy Gobert, the Jazz ranked in the top three in multiple defensive categories, including opponent points in the paint and opponent second chance points, and Gobert finished fourth in total blocks. Along with averaging 10 points and 10 rebounds, Gobert is a an all around threat on both sides of the ball.


Number 4: Demarcus Cousins: Golden State Warriors

Related image

Yet another star player has jumped on the Warriors championship train. Cousins is looking for a huge bounce back after tearing his ACL in January. Now part of the fast paced Warrior offence, he will need to keep up with his team. Before his injury, he averaged career highs in both points (25) and rebounds (12) while also shooting 47% from the field. If he can stay healthy, he should be be a huge part to getting Golden State to yet another…..sigh….well, you know.


Number 3: Nikola Jokic: Denver Nuggets

Image result for nikola jokic

Jokic is a rising star in the NBA. After a slow start to last year and a minor injury, Jokic blew up on offence. He racked up the 4th most triple doubles in the league last year (10) and averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds a game. He also shot 39% from downtown. A skilled passer and leader on offence, Jokic will only continue to improve and get Denver that much closer to the post-season.


Number 2: Joel Embiid: Philadelphia 76ers

 Related image

Perhaps the most dominant player in the Eastern Conference, and one of the most in the NBA, Joel Embiid is looking to place himself in all time greatness. Despite missing his first 2 NBA seasons, and playing only 30 games in the 2016-17 season, Embiid came back with a fury last year, averaging 23 points and 11 rebounds over 63 games. Probably the most gifted player on this list, only his injury history keeps him from number 1.


Number 1: Karl-Anthony Towns: Minnesota Timberwolves

Related image

The big man up north, K.A.T has kept turning heads last year.  He played all 82 games for the third straight year, shot an amazing 42% from downtown, and led the NBA in double-doubles with 68.  Consistency and protecting the rim seem to be his only weaknesses, but he keeps trending up and improving and will likely continue to dominate this year.


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NBA Top 10 Thursdays: Top 10 City Jerseys.

Hi everyone, this is my first article in a while so I hope you like it!  It feels good to be back home here at CleatGeeks!

One of the best things the NBA did recently is the creation of it’s City Jerseys. They bring out the unique flavor and attitude of each city or state that the team proudly represents. Today, I go through and list my Top 10 City Jerseys. This list is purely my opinion and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.  Ok, let’s jump right in!



Number 10: Phoenix Suns.

  Image result for phoenix suns city jersey

This one draws it’s inspiration from the rich Hispanic community in Phoenix and Arizona. This is such a clean look with the 2 shades of purple and the word fonts. Definitely hope they keep this one for a while.


 Number 9: Orlando Magic.

Image result for orlando magic city jersey


This one is just fun. According to the team’s website, “The Magic’s City Edition uniform celebrates the magic that exists in our solar system and beyond.” This is by far one of the coolest uniforms not just in the NBA, but sports as a whole.


Number 8: New York Knicks.

Image result for new york knicks city jersey

This one is very cool. It pays tribute to the city’s fire department and really, what’s better than that? New York’s fire department is one of the finest in the country and this jersey is a great way to show how much they mean to the people of the city.


Number 7: Washington Wizards.

 Image result for washington wizards city jersey

This one is pure fire! For me, white is one of the best looks and this jersey pulls it off perfectly. The side designs are shaped like the Washington Monument and the dot on the i is a basketball. This has a very D.C. feel to it and  should even be their main uniform I think.


Number 6: Philadelphia 76ers.

 Image result for philadelphia 76ers city jersey

This one is on this list not so much for it’s looks, but it’s historical background that I love. The color is a nod to the paper that the Declaration of Independence was singed on. The word “Phila” is written in cursive font like the words on the Declaration as well. Add the red and blue stripes on the arms and collar and this makes one very patriotic outfit.


Number 5: Toronto Raptors.

   Related image

This one is a far cry from the Raptors regular colors. The black and gold is not only really awesome looking, but a nod to one of Toronto’s favorite sons, Drake. The gold arrow pointing up north is a really nice touch.


Number 4: Golden State Warriors.

Image result for warriors city jersey



The Warriors did a really nice job on this one. The jersey pays tribute to the Chinese culture of the Bay area in California. This is not only an important nod to the city, but also honors the teams relocation to the Bay area, which was the same year that San Francisco’s China Town opened up. The blue dragon design over looking the Golden Gate Bridge is such a sick look for the champs.


Number 3: Memphis Grizzlies.

Image result for grizzlies city edition jersey



The history behind this jersey is by far the best of any of these uniforms. The bold white look with black lettering pays tribute to the civil rights struggle that took place in the 1960s.  The Grizzlies press release on these says it all

“The story behind the uniforms dates all the way back to February 1, 1968, when two Memphis Sanitation workers, Echol Cole and Robert Walker were crushed to death by a garbage truck. This incident and years of dangerous working conditions led black sanitation workers to strike. This strike coined the slogan ‘I Am A Man’ and eventually brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Memphis only weeks later to march alongside the protesters. It was on that very trip that he was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel on April 4, 1968.”

The wording is in the same font as the wording that was on those signs. Hopefully this uniform stays in their line up for a while.


Number 2: Denver Nuggets.

Image result for denver nuggets statement jersey


Ok, this might be the homer in me that put this jersey so high, but the Nuggets really did a great job on these. The Nuggets overhauled their whole look for the 2018-19 season.  These uniforms embrace the colors of the Colorado state flag, (red, blue, and yellow.) and the word mark proudly displays the nick name of Denver. As a Nuggets fan myself, I will definitely be picking one of these up.


Number 1: Miami Heat.

Image result for heat city edition jersey



This one is it. It is clean, it is fire, and, it is just as cool as it gets. The Heat decided to go with one of the greatest parts of Miami history by designing this jersey with the iconic TV show Miami Vice in mind. The light blue and pink, coupled with the word font are direct throwbacks to the show. As a huge fan of Miami Vice, this one was a no brainer for me.


Well, what do you think of this list? Hit me up on Twitter @GeeksportJosh and tell me what jerseys you think should be on this list.


Thanks for reading!

Lakers Rookie Summer League Recap and Draft Grades

Image result for lakers rookie 2018 press conference picture

The Lakers had another great summer league finishing 6-1, unfortunately losing to the Portland Trail Blazers 91-73 in the summer league final. Although that loss snapped their 12 game summer league win streak dating back to last year, it was another year of players showing what they’re capable of and surprising a few people.

We were able to get a look at all three players drafted and see who could potentially grab that 15th spot on the Lakers roster and let’s not forget Josh Hart, summer league MVP who has shown he’s much more than a three and D player.

Now that we’ve been able to see a glimpse of what these players can do and the players drafted around them can do I felt it was the perfect time to give out some grades on all of the Lakers picks.

Mo Wagner

Image result for isaac bonga summer league

Wagner had a shortened summer league, only playing in three games, he was shutdown after suffering a left knee contusion injury.

He did impress though in his few appearances, averaging 10.3 points 8 rebounds and 2.7 steals. Although he had 2.7 steals he did struggle defensively, it’s something he needs to work on but offensively Wagner was about to score well down low, showing he’s more than just a three point shooter.

Wagner is a seven foot sniper, he had a great march madness which led to his rise on many draft boards but 25 still may have been a reach.

I like Wagner and his fit for LA but I would’ve loved to see them grab Mitchell Robinson and then draft Wagner at 39. But I understand you can’t always play the waiting game, if that’s your guy go and get him.

Grade: B

Svi Mykhailiuk

Image result for svi mykhailiuk

Svi is looking like the steal of the draft, almost Kyle Kuzma like. He balled out in Summer League, making the Summer League 2nd team averaging 16.6 points 4 rebounds and shooting 48% from the field.

The four year player out of Kansas joined the team at only 16 years old and has steadily improved every year. The kid is a sniper from deep but this summer he showed his skill set is much more diverse than that, he can handle the ball, get to basket and even play some defense.

Mykhailiuk really stood out this summer, lights out shooting is just what the Lakers need to space the floor, he shot 42.9% from deep in Summer League.

The Lakers are extremely deep at the wing but the 6’8 sharpshooter will surely find some minutes if can play half as good as he did this summer

Grade: A

Isaac Bonga

Image result for isaac bonga summer league

Isaac was a surprise on draft night, the 6’9 18 year old German forward is coming straight to the league from Europe. His combination of size, defense and playmaking is what intrigued the Lakers so much, they were the only team he worked out for.

He played in seven summer league games only playing 9 minutes per game putting up 2 points and 1 rebound. Even though he’s played pro overseas he took some time to get adjusted, turning the ball over seven times in first game but that’s fine.

Bonga was initially viewed by most as a foreign stash player but on July 6th he signed to the Lakers for three years.

He didn’t get stashed but I believe he’ll likely spend some time in the G-League developing before he steps on the court the Lakers.

Isaac Bonga is an interesting project, he’s the most unknown out of all three picks but I like what he could potentially bring to the table.

Grade : B

A lot of experts were very critical of the Lakers draft but I liked it. I genuinely felt that they were moves based around what would work best with Lebron and we signed him. Bron loves shooters around and the Lakers drafted two sharpshooters.

The Lakers already have one of the best young cores in the league and these three could add to it soon. It’s early but I really liked what I saw out of summer league, I could definitely see some of guys making an impact early on and earning a spot in the rotation.

How Does The Dominance In The West Impact The NBA?

LeBron James, Demarcus Cousins, Paul George, Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo. All of these players either moved out west, or re-signed with their current teams, making this year’s Western Conference a star studded group. They have arguably 8 out of the top 10 players in the NBA, and that’s facts, not opinions. The Lakers are relevant again, Houston is still a powerhouse, Oklahoma City managed to hold onto PG13 and keep a solid core intact, and do I even need to bring up Boogie joining the Warriors? So how does this impact the NBA itself?Image result for last 10 nba champions

The last 10 NBA Finals have either been won by a Western Conference team, or a LeBron led team. Now that he is in the west, it clears a path for teams such as Boston, Toronto, and Philadelphia to make it to the Finals. It seemed like Boston was going to bully their way past the Cavs this year, but of course, LeBron pulled out his bag of tricks and knocked them out in 7 games. Philly has rising stars in Embiid, Simmons, and Fultz. Toronto still has Lowry, plus they now have acquired Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard and let’s not forget they were the #1 seed in the east. The east is going to be much more competitive, and yes Boston has to be favored with the return of Irving and Hayward, but the conference championship is very much anyone’s to grab.

What about the west? How does this impact this conference? Clearly, the Lakers are contenders, Houston is still strong, and Golden State could win 70+ games. But these signings make this a much more competitive conference. The Warriors have formed this team to beat LeBron, and now that he will meet them in the second round or conference finals, anything is possible. Competition brings in fans, and fans bring in money. These moves will pay off for the NBA more than people think. The Warriors do have a few more years at the top of the league, but if LA lands Kawhi or another stud, keep an eye out. Oh, did we mention Image result for nba western conferenceHouston and LA are both favorites to sign Carmelo? Watch out Golden State.

Which Eastern Conference team could now benefit the most?

The Eastern conference is up for grabs, so who is going to take it? With the Cavaliers running out of talent, they will likely slide down the rankings of the conference. The easy answer would be, “Boston is going to bulldoze their way to the Finals, they nearly did last year without their top 2 stars!” Clearly. But, that’s not the question. So, who really does benefit most? This answer is crystal clear, it has to be the Toronto Raptors. For the past few years, Toronto has dominated the regular season, only to get torched by Cleveland each year in the playoffs. They match up well with any other team, and now with their biggest threat out of the conference, who is going to stop them from making this a competitive year? Every team benefits from the shift in dominance, but Toronto ultimately comes out on top here.


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