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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 18)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

The show kicks off with Taya–going by Taya Mundo–demanding Antonio Cueto’s appearance. Antonio appears, and Taya wastes no time with her demand:  she wants Matanza NOW! Antonio acquiesces, making this match another “Sacrifice of the Gods.” This is Matanza’s biggest Sacrifice match, as he has never faced someone like Taya before. As usual, the First Lady of Worldwide Underground brought the fight, but Matanza took control, even thwarting Taya’s attempt at a DDT. Taya got back in it shortly afterwards, and even delivered a moonsault to Matanza, but only for a two count! Just when Taya appeared to be done for, Johnny Mundo appeared and delivered a superkick to Matanza! The former Lucha Underground Champion took down Matanza, getting his own payback from the events of the wedding.

As a result of the happenings, Johnny Mundo and Matanza will face each other at Ultima Lucha Cuatro in a Sacrifice of the Gods match, adding to the already stacked card for the event. Speaking of Ultima Lucha, the next bout has four men who will be involved in the event, as The Mack and Dragon Azteca Jr entered to face the unlikely team of Mil Muertes and Fenix in a Tornados Tag Team Match. The Mack will face off against Mil Muertes in a Deathmatch at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, while the same event will feature Fenix and Azteca going at it in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match. In a Tornados Tag Team Match, all participants are allowed to be in the ring, and after the chaos, it was Fenix and Mack going at it in the ring, until Mil entered and faced Mack. Mil sent Mack over the top rope, and he and Fenix worked together to take down Azteca!

Their animosity towards each other was shown a bit, but they still managed to work together against their opponents. Mack delivered Stunners to both opponents; first separately and then simultaneously! Fenix took down Mack, only to be on the receiving end of an amazing DDT from Azteca! Azteca’s pin attempt on Fenix was broken up by Mil, whose own attempt was broken up by Mack. Even the cameraman isn’t safe from this back and forth action, as he ended up an inadvertent recipient of Fenix’s kick, meant for Mack. Fenix delivers a Frankensteiner to Mack, but only for a two count. Mil and Azteca fight in the ring now, with the latter speared by the former. All four are in now, and it ends with Fenix and Mil taking down their opponents simultaneously, and even pinning them for the victory!

Famous B and The Beautiful Brenda are in the ring, with the former talking about the events of the wedding between Johnny Mundo and Taya. Regarding Matanza’s attack, Famous B stated that his life flashed before his eyes, and that he rehabbed his injuries and is coming out of retirement to compete! Ricky Mundo interrupts, and it looks like he is Famous B’s opponent. As we all recall, Ricky was responsible for the chaos that occurred, as he was the one who intentionally released Matanza, allowing that doll of his get in his head. Ricky defeated Famous B in no time, and then took the mic and admitted to being the culprit who released Matanza, stating that Worldwide Underground treated him like a nobody for a long time. He also stated that as long as Taya is around, Johnny will never value him, leading to a challenge towards Taya for Ultima Lucha Cuatro. The deranged Ricky would later use The Beautiful Brenda as an example of what Taya could be in for, as he placed Brenda in a crossface submission.

The main event follows, and it has Reklusa making her Lucha Underground in-ring debut against Pentagon Dark, and Reklusa wasted no time going after the #1 Contender for the Lucha Underground Championship! Despite the manic offense of Reklusa, Pentagon regains control of the match, as he took over and fought his opponent both inside and outside the squared circle. Pentagon’s plan was to send a message to Marty the Moth with his relentless offense, but he ended up on the receiving end of Reklusa’s physical trap. Pentagon fights back and delivers a devastating Jackhammer-esque move, but even then, Reklusa kicks out at two, and kicked out again after another high impact manuever from Pentagon! Reklusa delivers the Canadian Destroyer to Pentagon, but only for a two count! However, Pentagon managed to finish off Reklusa with the piledriver, and after the three count, he has his sights set on the Lucha Underground Championship! Pentagon originally planned on breaking Reklusa’s arm, but instead, he brought out the thumbtacks for more devastation. However, Marty appeared and went after Pentagon with a barbed wire bat, and even more shocking, Marty and Reklusa doused Pentagon with gasoline, appearing that Marty was going to set him on fire, only for Marty to blow out the flame from his lighter! Wow!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next time!

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