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3 Impacts From Impact (Bound For Glory Edition)

Another epic and amazing Bound For Glory event has come and gone, and with that said, here is the Bound For Glory edition of 3 Impacts From Impact:

The biggest Impact came from the man with that very word in his surname, as Johnny Impact finally captured the Impact World Championship against Austin Aries. The rivalry became very personal very recently thanks to Aries delivering verbal shots towards Johnny’s real-life wife, Taya Valkyrie. In fact, I have to bring up the fact that a fan held up a sign during the match that said “Rosita Disapproves,” referencing Aries’ former fiancee, Thea Trinidad, who was in Impact as Rosita and currently in WWE as Zelina Vega. Aries stated that his backup will be at ringside, while asking Johnny to bring Taya as his support, and it ended well for Johnny, as he left Bound For Glory as World Champion.

Before supporting her husband in the main event, Taya competed in a title match of her own, as she went one-on-one with Tessa Blanchard. This was a long time coming for Taya, she had proven herself already as a Knockout in Impact, and she was getting this opportunity in the grand stage of Bound For Glory. To the surprise of no one, Taya and Tessa competed in a spectacular match, as both women gave their all. However, to the surprise of some (myself included), Tessa emerged victorious, retaining the title against Taya. One has to wonder if Taya will remain in the title picture, while another question is:  “Who’s next for Tessa?”

Bound For Glory is always full of surprises, and the biggest one came during Eli Drake’s open challenge. Eli laid out a challenged to anyone from New York City, and out came James Ellsworth! Now Ellsworth is no New Yorker, though in answer to Eli’s claim about his residency, Ellsworth stated that he “dated a girl from Staten Island,” a reference to his WWE angle with Carmella. It was epic to see Ellsworth in an Impact ring, but he ended up easily defeated by Eli Drake, who demanded Hall of Fame competition. Before you can say, “ask and ye shall receive,” Impact’s latest Hall of Famer, Abyss, entered, and took down Eli, completing his assault by putting him through a table!

Bound For Glory was amazing and I believe the aftermath will be just as epic! Until next time!

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