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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 19)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We start off with Jake Strong, dressed to the nines, in Antonio Cueto’s office. Cueto wants to put Strong in the main event of Ultima Lucha Cuatro, but Strong does not want a free ride, stating that no man will doubt his supremacy. Cueto later offers Strong one of the seven Aztec Medallions, which is a ticket to the Gift of the Gods Championship. Strong stated he better same some of Matanza’s sacrifices for him, while adding that it’s no longer Cueto’s temple, it’s his.

In the temple, Cueto announced that he has awarded the seven Medallions from the Gift of the Gods Championship, usually, combatants have to fight for the medallions. The holders were introduced as follows:  Aerostar, PJ Black, Hernandez, Big Bad Steve, King Cuerno, the aforementioned Jake Strong, and the returning Dante Fox! Cueto announced that six of the seven men will compete for the Gift of the Gods Championship, and that the seven of them will compete in a battle royal for the right to choose who is out of the match. We saw this before regarding the last septet, and it ended up with The Mack winning and taking Mil Muertes out of the match. Big Bad Steve and Hernandez are the first two ousted, and we see Black and Cuerno go at it, only for Strong to send both of them over, but not out. It was Aerostar’s kick that eliminated both men, and his elimination left just Strong and Fox.

Both combatants fought back and forth, hitting each other with everything in their arsenal, but in the end, Strong eliminated Fox and won the battle royal. As for who Strong chose to eliminate, in a strange response, Strong decided not to eliminate anyone, stating that he wanted all of them. Cueto made the match:  a Seven to Survive Elimination Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship. Strong said that he’ll beat ANYONE that Cueto gives him, leading to a match made for later in the program:  Jake Strong vs Johnny Mundo!

We are now treated to a match between former Trios Champions Killshot and The Mack, and this has been a long time coming as well. Mack was not happy with Killshot’s treatment towards their partner, Son of Havoc, and that has led Killshot to believe that Mack turned his back on him. Speaking of Son of Havoc, he was shown up top as an interested viewer. Another interested party was Mil Muertes, as he invaded the ring and went after The Mack, leading to a DQ in Mack’s favor. Son of Havoc’s attempt to help his friend got him taken down by Mil, who later thwarted Mack’s attempt at a Stunner.

Matt Striker interviews Ivelisse and Xo Lishus, with the former stating that they were challenged to face The Rabbit Tribe AND the Reptile Tribe, but Joey Ryan was not cleared after his attack at the hands of the White Rabbit. Xo Lishus introduced their new partner, Sammy Guevara, who was last seen getting his ankle snapped by Jake Strong. However, Famous B showed up and reminded Sammy that he signed a seven-year deal with him, and that he is ordering him to leave with him and partner up with Dr. Wagner and Tejano. Instead, Sammy delivers a Suicide Dive on Famous B and chucks the contract in the trash can, which he placed over Famous B’s head. Wrestlers always did have a way to tender their resignations.

The three team elimination match for the Trios Championship has been made official, and it is also official that Taya and Ricky Mundo will face each other at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, which is two weeks away! We now go to our main event and it’s an epic one:  Jake Strong vs Johnny Mundo in a battle between former ECW Champions! Strong stated that he could take down and defeat anyone, but was clear in this match that Mundo was Strong’s toughest opponent in Lucha Underground. Despite this, Strong had Mundo set up for the Ankle Lock, but Mundo kicks him off and later gets a two count on Strong. The Ankle Lock is applied again, but Mundo delivers a low blow behind Marty Elias’ back to break it up. Despite his offense, Strong puts the Ankle Lock on Mundo again, and this time, Mundo submits!  Strong was set to snap the ankle, but once Matanza appeared, he allowed him to go after his Ultima Lucha opponent. Taya’s attempt to go after Matanza ended with both halves of the couple taken down by the massive monster.

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

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