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3 Impacts From Impact (October 4 & 11, 2018)

The countdown to Bound For Glory reached its finality with the last two Impacts before the big event! With that, here is a special double feature edition of 3 Impacts From Impact:

First from October 4:

Moose made a bit of an impact that night (understatement, I know) when he actually held Eddie Edwards’ wife, Alisha, hostage, while demanding a meeting with his former friend. Moose turning on Eddie was perhaps one of the more stunning betrayals in Impact’s recent history, and he has long since stated that Eddie was never there for him when he was down and out after his loss to his now-ally, Austin Aries. The confrontation led to another match being made for Bound For Glory; pitting Eddie and Moose against each other one-on-one. Part of me is expecting Alisha to turn heel, but I don’t know how much sense it would make. An argument for this is that Alisha has also suffered due to Eddie’s behavior and actions towards Tommy Dreamer, and as devious as she can be, she could choose Bound For Glory to betray her husband. Heck, for all we know, Alisha and Moose could have been devising their plan while waiting for Eddie. On the other hand, Alisha is all Eddie has left, and with that, I can’t see Eddie’s only remaining means of support suddenly abandoning him at BFG. Stranger things have happened though.

Speaking of stranger things (not the Netflix show), the evening saw Murder Clown emerge and compete against Joe Hendry. Murder Clown was part of Katarina’s vendetta against not only Hendry, but Grado as well, as it was a month prior that Katarina’s declaration of love for Hendry did not end well for her, as she was embarrassed by Hendry. In fact, the pair had spent several weeks humiliating Katarina, and that led the vengeful villainess to enlist Murder Clown to not only defeat Hendry, but destroy him in the process. The evil Katarina added a bit more insult to injury with a low blow to ex-boyfriend Grado.

Allie and Kiera Hogan had been standing strong against Su Yung and her undead bridesmaids, but on that evening, they suffered a huge and painful setback. Despite Allie’s attempts, not only did Kiera lose to Su Yung, but she ended up as the third Knockout to end up stuffed in a coffin. With her only ally against Su taken out, Allie is left hearbroken, and appears to be on the verge of desperation. Where will this lead her? More on this later in the feature.

From October 11:

The biggest impact from the final show before BFG came between LAX and the OGz, as they met in the ring for the final time before their contest at the event. In the weeks that passed since the match was made, a cease fire took place between both sides. Konnan abided by the cease fire, and he has advised Ortiz and Santana to do the same, even with King making attempts to provoke Konnan into violating the cease fire. King has shown that he doesn’t care about the consequences and what the big bosses could do to him, and Konnan was quick to point out that King has angered the bosses with his actions, leading to Konnan telling King the news from the bosses:  the cease fire is over! The two sides brawled for the first time in weeks, and there will be plenty more to come at Bound For Glory!

The problems with the Desi Hit Squad led to Gama Singh making the ultimate decision: members Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh will face each other to find the weak link between the two. Gama added another stipulation: the loser is out of the Squad! There was heavy hesitation, especially from Gursinder after Rohit appeared to have hurt his shoulder. That hesitation cost him, as Rohit defeated his partner, and in response to his regret, he was smacked around by Gama. And that was done to the winner of the match; imagine what Gursinder’s fate is, other than being ousted from the Squad.

We would learn that Father James Mitchell will induct Abyss into the Impact Hall of Fame, but before he does so, he had some business with Allie. Allie had a look of desperation after seeing Kiera Hogan stuffed in a coffin by Su Yung. A grudge match was made that night, but regarding Allie’s visit to Mitchell, she wanted to go back to the Undead Realm. Mitchell stated that her soul was already taken with her previous deal, but Allie’s plan was not to get that back, she wanted payback on Su. This whole thing has me very intrigued. First off, James Mitchell involved in a Knockouts feud is epic enough. Secondly, I have a sinking feeling we’ll see Kiera resurface as part of the forces of evil, either on her own or as a turned servant of Su. Either way, BFG will be interesting!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! A Bound For Glory edition is coming!

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