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Indianapolis was the location for Tuesday night’s Smack Down Live and the main objective was centered around all of the fallout, following Super Show Down from Saturday morning in Melbourne.  The show kicked off with a rematch involving Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair. The stipulation was that if Becky Lynch were to be disqualified, Charlotte would become the new champion. This was a result of Becky’s disqualification, yet subsequent title retention, at Super Show Down.

What a crazy ending to this segment, but at this point nothing should surprise us about the lengths these two superstars will go to! I cringed when Charlotte missed on that moonsault outside of the ring. She could have blown out both of her knees. So the double count out keeps the belt on Becky & satisfies the match stipulation. As a result of this chaos, General Manager Paige made a special announcement regarding the upcoming all female pay-per-view, Evolution:

First ever, huh?  How soon we forget that in June of last year Asuka faced Nikki Cross in a Last Woman Standing match:

Regardless, this should be one heck of a match on the pay-per-view & by all rights, could steal the show.


Miz tried to stir up some bad blood between A.J. Styles & Daniel Bryan, but neither superstar took the bait. This forced Miz to lose his cool & spout off another fantastic promo, where he literally called “next” on the winner of this upcoming title match:

Man, he is so good. Miz single-handedly saved this segment from the approaching boredom toward it was headed. The show then segwayed into an A.J. Styles versus Shelton Benjamin match-up:

Daniel Bryan applauding & showing his respect at the end will probably be a clip that becomes part of the video montage prior to this match. If there is a falling out or these two just play the roles in a story of who is the better wrestler, I really feel that moment will be in the beginning part of the compilation.


The WWE World Cup tournament was announced & began taking place this week, for the upcoming Crown Jewel pay-per-view. Superstars will compete in a tournament, that will ultimately name a winner in Saudi Arabia. Raw had a few preliminary matches & Smack Down Live’s first qualifying match pitted Jeff Hardy against Samoa Joe:

I thought this was a smart, sensible way for Jeff to win that didn’t come at Joe’s expense. Joe’s knee injury was a result of his No Disqualification match against A.J. at Super Show Down & it would make sense that the injury had not yet healed.

The second qualifying match involved Randy Orton against…….Big Show?!

Wow this was the first time I’ve seen Big Show on live television since….I can’t remember when. Show looked ok & has a long working relationship with Randy, so they took pretty good care of each other in this match. The ending was great for the villain, with Randy using a eye poke to gain the advantage toward winning the match. A pretty good match by all accounts.


Last week, Aiden aired a video clip with a quick cut ending called One Night in Milwaukee. It put Lana in a very bad light, as she was seen approaching Aiden in his dressing room & the last words spoken were her saying, “Aiden, I want you.”  I wrote that I fully expected another quick cut scenario this week from Aiden & he didn’t disappoint:

So that kind of ends this part of the angle then, I guess? I felt that they could have stretched this out another week before the real video was aired, so maybe creative has a different angle they want to use next?  We’ll obviously find out what they come up with next week, but this could also just end up going right to their one on one match at this point.


Finally, next week’s Smack Down Live is episode 1,000 for the show. The Undertaker has been announced as a confirmed appearance for the show & so has Rey Mysterio, Jr.! Rey has even been announced in a World Cup qualifying match against Shinsuke Nakamura. By all logic, that sounds like a scenario that Rey should be victorious in.

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