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3 Impacts From Impact

Another explosive Impact from Mexico is in the books, and the countdown to Bound For Glory is on! Who delivered the biggest moment? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

In Knockouts action, Tessa Blanchard defeated Faby Apache in a match stemming from their verbal confrontation a week prior. Tessa put herself over as the greatest of all time, but she would be interrupted by Taya Valkyrie, who opted to challenge Tessa (in both English and Spanish) to a match for the Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory. Tessa later ranted about Taya in a backstage interview, but ended up accepting the challenge. This match being made is no surprise. For one, it will give Taya the ultimate spotlight, and two, her real-life husband, Johnny Impact, will compete for the World Title, so it appears that both husband and wife will leave BFG as champions.

The war of words continued between the OGz and LAX, as after the latter team defeated the Desi Hit Squad, we saw King emerge and further tarnish Konnan’s legacy. King stated that Konnan was once someone to be looked up to, which led to King taking out a mask that Konnan once donned years prior. Konnan ended up losing the mask in a match a long time ago, and according to King, that was when he started “leeching” off young talent, naming Ortiz, Santana, Homicide, and Hernandez as Konnan’s many victims. The segment ends with King setting fire to Konnan’s mask, the latest shot fired in this feud. Plenty more will be delivered in their contest at Bound For Glory.

Joe Hendry and Grado spent weeks humiliating Katarina, but they are not free for her wrath as of yet. During the duo’s celebration of Hendry’s latest music video (which was an ode to his friendship with Grado), the evil Katarina appeared with a “surprise,” for the duo–in the form of the ominous Murder Clown. After going over the Murder Clown’s history of carnage and pain, Katarina stated to Hendry that he will be his next victim, as they will face each other on the next Impact, adding that Grado can watch. Oh boy. This angle went from silly and hilarious to very interesting.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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