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The 2nd Mae Young Classic Round 2 Preview

After the first four weeks of the second annual Mae Young Classic, the field has been cut in half. The opening round is over, and we are down to the Sweet Sixteen! The second round of the tournament starts this Wednesday, but here is a preview of the eight matches:

  1. Meiko Satomura vs Mercedes Martinez – Each woman main evented an episode of this year’s tournament. Meiko defeated Killer Kelly in the first episode’s main event, while Mercedes defeated former Knockouts Champion Ashley Rayne in the main event of Episode 2. What I love about this match is that this is a battle between seasoned vets, and I would think that these two women will main event one of the two episodes that will feature second round matches. I also expect this to be hard hitting; Mercedes can really deliver a ruthless style, and I think Meiko is capable of doing the same.
  2. Lacey Lane vs Taynara Conti – This is a very interesting one. Lacey Lane defeated Vanessa Kraven in the first episode to advance, while Taynara Conti made up for last year by defeating Jessie Elaban in Episode 4. This will be interesting because we saw Lacey flat out bewilder Vanessa in her match, and I would expect the same demeanor from Lacey as she faces the always no-nonsense Taynara. Should be a bigger personality clash than Taynara’s match with Jessie.
  3. Toni Storm vs Hiroyo Matsumoto – The popular Toni Storm’s quest to go further than she did last year got off to a successful start, as she defeated her nemesis, Jinny, in Episode 3. Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Rachel Evers in Episode 4’s opening match, which ended up stealing the show. One thing I hope happens is that Hiroyo acts as a very ruthless heel in her second round match. We saw a bit of that against Rachel Evers, and given Toni’s popularity, I would think that Hiroyo would become evil and vicious in an attempt to destroy her opponent.
  4. Mia Yim vs Kaitlyn – Both women competed during Episode 3; Kaitlyn defeated Kavita Devi in the episode’s opening match, while Mia Yim defeated longtime foe Allysin Kay in the episode’s main event. We should see the completion of Mia’s heel turn in her match against Kaitlyn, as she appeared to be more villainous in her character and personality entering the tournament. This match overall will be an amazing one, and Kaitlyn will definitely show that she’s still got it, even though she never really lost it.
  5. Tegan Nox vs Nicole Matthews – This match is a battle between a pair of women who served as alternates in last year’s MYC, but never got the chance to perform. Their chance came this year, and Tegan Nox literally kicked off the tournament with her victory over the evil Zatara in Episode 1’s opening match. Nicole Matthews advanced with her victory over Isla Dawn in Episode 4. This should be a very good bout between two amazing and talented women.
  6. Rhea Ripley vs Kacy Catanzaro – Another competitor who has changed her attitude between tournaments is Rhea Ripley. Rhea turned heel months before this year’s tournament, and she brought her new heel persona in the second-ever match of the tournament, as she defeated MJ Jenkins. As for Kacy Catanzaro, the American Ninja Warrior alum defeated Reina Gonzalez in a David vs Goliath type contest. The interesting note about this match:  Rhea and Reina are allies at NXT live events. Now the tournament doesn’t really allow a lot of room for storylines, but Reina getting involved in a revenge plot against Kacy would be interesting. Regardless, this should be a very good and captivating match.
  7. Io Shirai vs Zeuxis – Io Shirai ended the opening round this past Wednesday with a short but sweet victory against Xia Brookside, while Zeuxis defeated Aerial Monroe in a captivating match in Episode 3. Hopefully, this contest will be longer, because I think this will be one of those matches that everyone talks about. Io, from what I saw, is just amazing in the ring, and so is Zeuxis. Both women give a lot of personality as well, so this match will defintely not disappoint.
  8. Deonna Purrazzo vs Xia Li – Deonna Purrazzo defeated Priscilla Kelly in Episode 2’s opening match, while Xia Li made up for last year by defeating Karen Q in Episode 3. I have to say, out of all of the second round match, this is the one I am most eager for. I’m a huge Deonna fan and have been for a few years; she is just amazing in the ring. I am hoping that Xia Li turns heel for this match, not only because of Deonna’s popularity, but because seeing Xia Li as a lethal villainess would be just amazing.

The Mae Young Classic continues this Wednesday, and will end with the finals at Evolution on October 28.

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