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Which Team Is The Most Valued NFL Franchise?

Forbes Magazine releases a yearly list of the most valuable NFL franchises.They have just released the new list and the same team is not only still on top, but they have increased their lead over the second most valuable team. They actually increased in value 4% from last season.The Dallas Cowboys organization is worth an estimated $5 billion value while continuing its lead over the rest of the league for the 12th consecutive year.

Image result for jerry jones nflOwner Jerry Jones’ Cowboys are the first sports team to eclipse the estimated $5 billion mark, according to Forbes. Which is kind of funny knowing that the Cowboys have not been to the Super Bowl in 23 years. Maybe the Big Game is not all that important. The second place team has been to quite a few Super Bowls lately. the New England Patriots came in at second place, valued at an estimated $3.8 billion.

The largest increase from last season to this season was enough to place the Los Angeles Rams at number 3, jumping 7% to be valued at an estimated $3.2 billion It is worth noting that values for both the Rams and Oakland Raiders are based on estimates of revenue for their yet-to-be-finished new stadiums. The Rams are expected to be playing in a new Inglewood, California, stadium for the start of the 2020 season, while the Raiders are expected to play in a new stadium in Las Vegas by 2020.

Three other NFL franchises were valued at over 3 Billion dollars. The New York Giants (estimated $3.3 billion), Washington Redskins (estimated $3.1 billion)and the sixth-place San Francisco 49ers also reached the $3 billion mark at $3.05 billion.

As a whole, NFL team values increased by 2 percent, the slowest yearly growth since 2010, according to Forbes. The average NFL team is worth an estimated $2.57 billion.

Where Did The Rest Of The Teams End Up?

You already know the first 6 so, we will start with the 7th team. The two numbers that follow each team will be current value and 2018 revenue.

7) Chicago Bears   $2.9 B   $431 MImage result for NFL Logo, money

8) New York Jets   $2.85B   $443 M

9) Houston Texans   $2.8 B   $464 M

10) Philadelphia Eagles   $2.75 B   $458 M

11) Denver Broncos   $2.65 B   $427 M

12) Green Bay Packers   $2.625 B   $434 M

13) Atlanta Falcons   $2.6 B   $451 M

14) Baltimore Ravens   $2.59 B   $417 M

15) Pittsburgh Steelers   $2.585 B   $415 M

16) Seattle Seahawks   $2.58 B   $413 M

17) Miami Dolphins   $2.575 B   $414 M

18) Oakland Raiders   $2.42 B   $335 M

19) Minnesota Vikings   $2.4 B   $408 M

20) Indianapolis Colts   $2.38 B   $373 M

21) Carolina Panthers   $2.8 B   $396 M

22) San Diego Chargers   $2.275 B   $346 M

23) Arizona Cardinals   $2.15 B   $380 M

24) Kansas City Chiefs   $2.1 B   $380 M

25) Jacksonville Jaguars   $2.08 B   $391 M

26) New Orleans Saints   $2.075 B   $413 M

27) Tennessee Titans   $2.05 B   $371 M

28) Tampa Bay Buccaneers   $2 B   $383 M

29) Cleveland Browns   $1.95 B   $375 M

30) Cincinnati Bengals   $1.8 B   $359 M

31) Detroit Lions   $1.7 B   $351 M

32) Buffalo Bills   $1.6 B   $364 M

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