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Smack Down Live rolled into Tulsa, Oklahoma on Tuesday night just 2 days after the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view that produced a NEW Smack Down Live Women’s champion: Becky Lynch. This week’s episode initially began with a quick video recap of the title match on Sunday. After that introduction, we waited until the very end of the night to see Becky Lynch & Paige in an official, in-ring coronation for the new champion. Lynch called out Flair fairly quickly. Charlotte appeared, entered the ring, & explained to Paige that she wasn’t there to fight. I’ll let the women take it from here:

That bleep was Becky again calling Charlotte a “bitch.”  Aside from Ciampa/Gargano, this has been the best feud in WWE all year. Both Nakamura/Styles and Samoa Joe/Styles was & currently is very good, but this story is so far above that. Becky’s groundswell fan support over the last few months has really been the foundation for her current character. The fans felt her frustration in the losses, then cheered with her during the win streak, then also felt the wind come out of the sails with the Summer Slam triple threat announcement, lost their minds for the heel turn, & have been completely on-board with her ever since. Conversely, Charlotte is doing the exact opposite & getting booed while doing very babyface antics. It’s working SO well…..for now. Eventually, Charlotte needs to start playing by a different set of rules to make this rivalry “white hot.”  She teased doing that at times in promos leading up to last Sunday’s match, but if she could legitimately become a character that fans boo & still respect in the ring……well then you have a fantastic meta-babyface versus meta-heel feud brewing. With the top billing that these 2 are receiving on Smack Down Live, they could entertain a rivalry that has shades of Austin/Rock to it.  Charlotte’s charisma on camera is nearly close to Rock’s & honestly, she’s a much better heel character. I hope it happens, but there’s no need to rush it. Let’s just enjoy the ride & hopefully this becomes a feud that is talked about for years down the road.


What was supposed to be a feud that was talked about for years down the road, has maybe become the third major story on Smack Down Live? This week, it might be fourth.  However, the show began inside the ring in Tulsa this week with MizTV.  He began the segment by stating that he & Daniel Bryan will meet at Super Showdown in Australia in a #1 contender’s match for the WWE championship. Ok, so that’s pretty big news. That means the writing’s on the wall for Samoa Joe. If Joe doesn’t defeat Styles at Super Showdown, A.J. then either faces Bryan Or Miz for the belt. At this point, I doubt Joe defeats A.J. in Australia. A.J. is teflon & anybody that opposes him, when the stakes are on the line, has lost.  I keep saying “this is the time to switch the title” but it never happens & even though the international crowd in Australia would embrace Joe with the win, you can’t have Bryan or Miz as the #1 contender in waiting with a rematch by Styles taking precedent. It seems way too cluttered. So by going with that logic, the babyface versus heel match coming out of Super Showdown would lead to: A.J. Styles versus The Miz. That seems unlikely, but we’ll see. One thing’s for sure, The Miz/Daniel Bryan feud is ending soon. However, Smack Down Live has a few more weeks to get some legs out of the rivalry, so Bryan interrupted Maryse’s appearance on MizTV:

And with that, Maryse is no longer appearing on Smack Down Live… least according to her. At this point in the story, Bryan is anticipating Miz’s tricks which further leads me to believe that this feud will soon dissolve.

A.J. Styles faced Andrade “Cien” Almas in the match of the night. This was so good, I wish this would have been without commercial interruption:

Almas is positioning himself as a main card player right now, so his fate now lies in the hands of Zelina Vega & creative. If she can do all (or most) of his promo work & creative can find the right road for them to travel, Almas could be a title holder by year’s end.


Now this is why I stated earlier that Miz/Bryan was the fourth most important story on Smack Down Live this week.

1) Becky/Charlotte      2) A.J. / Joe    3) Rusev/Aiden?!

Yes, it finally happened. After months of teasing this split, English finally was the one to initiate it. What wasn’t shown in this clip was Rusev admonishing English backstage for their loss at Hell In A Cell. Then English bad-mouthing Lana behind both Rusev & Lana’s back (in camera frame) then a zoomed out shot showed Lana standing behind English. She stated that she was going to relay this outburst to Rusev & was unable to before the match. Whatever, I’m just glad we FINALLY got here. English was feeling like a worse version of Damien Sandow shadowing Miz years ago. The gimmick ran its course so let’s get to the match where they get their differences out & go their separate ways already!

Lastly, in a night of foreshadowed feud restarts, Randy Orton was shown in a WWE production truck demanding to see the gruesome footage of his Hell In A Cell match against Jeff Hardy. Near the end, he states that what he did to Jeff Hardy will “pale in comparison” to what he does to his next victim:

Who will that be? Personally, I’m rooting for Randy to cost Daniel Bryan his match at Super Showdown & that opens a gateway to Miz/Styles & also Orton/Bryan.

Time will tell….thanks for reading!

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