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Baltimore Orioles, Where Have You Gone?

Since about 1972 or so I have been following The Orioles. I remember well 1979 and why I still can’t stand Willie Stargell or The Pirates, 1983 with a dominant World Series performance, or the Why Not Season. Also, Buck brought us back to a measure of competitiveness in the last few years.

However, this season has been hard to endure and fathom. I cannot imagine that the team will resemble anything close to the current product in 2019. I don’t blame Buck, although some of his hard headed decisions (if they are his) can be called into question.

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Photo by; For The Win

Money wasted and misapplied can be put under the microscope, players either past their prime, failing to match past outputs or generally not MLB material abound. Pitching remains awful, even with the infusion of some stars from other teams.

The product is awful, especially at the cost to see it live.

I look forward to Spring Training, but I would like it to begin without Duquette, who I think is a joke. I would love for Buck to be here, perhaps as the new GM? As far as manager, no idea. All I can say is that whoever it is will need more weapons, MLB caliber pitching and a real plan for the future. All of that is missing now.

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