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WWE Women’s Dream Match

With the WWE Evolution event coming October 28th we here at cleatgeeks thought it would be a good article if we each came up with our own WWE Women’s Dream Match. The playing field was completely open, you could choose any Diva or Women’s Superstar. Just give me a why and how it would advance the current superstar’s career. This is what we came up with.
Vincent is first up, because he is the newest writer for us. He contributes every week with great articles that give you the fan a wrap-up of 205 Live.

Nikki Cross vs Lita

Image result for nikki cross nxtImage result for wwe LitaThis is being billed as past, present, and future so why not mix up them to help create stars? People love Lita and is considered one of the best women wrestlers in WWE history and Nikki Cross is unknown by a majority of WWE’s fans since most fans do not watch NXT. If fans that are watching Evolution get their first glimpse at Nikki Cross and more importantly looking dominant against a legendary figure, that can only help her career. Cross has never been a champion in WWE as of this writing so the idea of getting such a huge win can jumpstart her career and get more eyes on NXT. I only want this match to happen if Nikki Cross wins clean. If Nikki Cross isn’t going to be a member of Sanity on the main roster (which is a shame in itself) then they should build her as a psychopath that can be crazy enough to win by any means necessary. Basically, be what WWE should have done with Bray Wyatt. Cross was on the stage for the announcement of Evolution with zero explanation and her not getting a singles match would be a little heartbreaking. Lita would certainly be limited in the ring, but the idea of Lita “passing the torch” of being tough enough to compete with anyone would be a major rub for Nikki Cross that she could use to begin her main roster career.

BrianAwesomeGuy is next up, every week he gives you the opposite of up. He gives you the goods on Smackdown Live.

Sure, we’ll see Alexa Bliss face Trish Stratus but I’m not sure that qualifies as a “dream match” for anybody. 42 year old, long ago retired Trish & the former Raw Women’s champion isn’t the first match fans would ask for.

My “dream match” would pit Ronda Rousey against Shayna Baszler. Their journey as members of the “Four Horsewomen” alliance from MMA into pro wrestling has been well covered, but as most wrestling friendships go, they eventually become fierce enemies.

Eventually Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir (wife of NXT’s Roderick Strong) should join their fellow Horsewomen in WWE & that might be a few years away still. WWE has already teased a Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair/Sasha Banks/Bayley showdown against The Horsewomen a year or so ago. While we all wait for Shafir & Duke to arrive, there is PLENTY of time for Rousey & Baszler to fight, feud, and reunite. That’s my hope. Shayna’s catch wrestling background gives a unique wrestling style in NXT. She often does joint manipulations in matches & will regularly strike those manipulated limbs on her opponents. It’s a very gruesome visual for fans in attendance & watching at home. Trust me, I’ve seen it as both. Ronda has an UNBELIEVABLE in-ring motor & is really starting to show an offensive move set that fans can buy into as authentic. Her mat skills are mind-blowing for a competitor so green in WWE…..but having Nattie Niedhart, Kurt Angle, & the best of the best at the Performance Center train you sure helps. Shayna’s mic skills are FAR better than Ronda’s, but she’s been at this longer.  Ronda might need a manager at this stage of her career to do most of her mic work i.e. Paul Heyman with Brock Lesnar.

Would fans buy this as a legit feud, given their incredibly public friendship?
Who cares?! JUST GET THEM IN THE RING & FIGURE IT OUT LATER!  These two women could have the type of match against each other that not only raises the bar for all women wrestlers, but really changes the industry.
Image result for beth phoenix wweImage result for nia jax wweI owner of Cleatgeeks, Michael Ballentine have been watching wrestling since I was a child on Saturday mornings. I am not a huge fan of the Divas of wrestling, as I prefer wrestling over bikinis and pillow fights even if you are doing so Rated R.
Let me set up my dream match. Beth Phoenix in doing play-by-play on the current Mae Young Classic. I would show the semi finals live on the WWE Network. In that nights main event, I would have Nia Jax do a run in and in one fail swoop take out both competitors from behind. I would have one of those competitors be Katlyn. I would then have Jax take a mic and say that she is tired of watching little girls in the ring, and that a WWE ring is for real women. She would then challenge Beth Phoenix to a match at WWE Evolution to prove who the dominate female really is in the WWE. Have a pissed off Phoenix stand up at the announce table and bad mouth Nia for the world to hear live before she excepts the challenge, thus making my dream match of Beth Phoenix vs Nia Jax.
By doing this live and at the Mae Young Classic semi-finals, this would allow WWE to give these two women more exposure. They could then have their rematch on the following edition of Smackdown Live. Have Katlyn loose by submission to her opponent.
Then at the match at Evolution, have Katlyn do a run in and attack Jax during their match that would allow Phoenix to win. In building the story between Nia and Katlyn, have it be that when Jax interfered in the Mae Young Classic match that she actually injured whatever body part she was submitted with on the episode of Smackdown. Katlyn then blames Jax for her loss and costing her the tournament so she exacted some revenge on her at Evolution which starts a lengthy feud between those two ladies.

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