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Notable Fantasy Football Players to Sell Now

After week one of the NFL and the Thursday night game of week two, some players have had an amazing showing while others aren’t preforming up to where they’re expected. There are some players who you should try to sell now that they’re stock may be the highest it’ll ever reach, and some players that have under preformed that will more than likely turn around their slow start to the season. Of course, after one week your views on players shouldn’t change too much but like always some players have a huge spike either positive or negative and people freak out about what has happened.

There are many players who had an amazing week 1 performance that you should sell high on after such a good performance that more than likely will not repeat/continue throughout the rest of the season. Of course, Fitzpatrick is not going to go through the rest of the season and produce a ridiculously good season, but he had such an amazing week 1 performance that I’ve seen a few people take the bait and trade decent assets to acquire him hoping for that 40+ point performance again.

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Unlike QBs there are a ton of RBs that have had good week one performances that I’m sure won’t continue. For example: James Conner, Jay Ajayi, Austin Ekeler, and Philip Lindsey. Personally, I only see James Conner having very limited short term value. He had a great week one and I’m sure he will perform well until Bell comes back but then again, the instant the report that Bell shows up he loses practically all of his value, yet currently Conner holds value similar to a Jordan Howard caliber player who is an absolute stud and will be amazing for many years to come. Also, I’m sure the Steelers will go out and get Tevin Coleman or a different RB stud this offseason when Bell departs from the team at the end of the year. Jay Ajayi had a reasonable week one but took limited stats, and only had 15 carries which isn’t great for where he is valued at after week 1. If you take away those 2 TDs he only would have accumulated 6 points which is not great. But you cannot be starting a player confidently and making blockbuster trades for a guy who is so touchdown reliant. Austin Ekeler had a good week one but still has such a handicap due to him never going to be able to move up to become the starting RB or even the 3rd down back due to Gordon’s great pass catching ability. If it wasn’t for a TD and a 30 yard reception, Ekeler wouldn’t have been much especially due to his 10 touches compared to Gordon’s 24. He had a good game and might be a decent guy to keep on your bench if the benches are deep. Lastly, and most controversially Philip Lindsey has a very high amount of value yet who truly knows how this year will continue for him. You might as well just sell him for the good safe value instead of risking him being a week 1 wonder. With Booker and Freeman both there, I can only see such limited value from him and a ton of uncertainty.

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Just like the RBs, there are a ton of WRs that have a fair amount of value that you should try to move and get some better players. Some players I would try to move while they have some good value would be: Desean Jackson, Ted Ginn, Emmanuel Sanders, Kenny Stills, and Quincey Enunwa. With most of these players my biggest question is consistency as the year continues. Before the game Desean Jackson wasn’t even listed as the WR2 for the Bucs, he was listed to be tied with Godwin but continued to have a great game, but then Jackson got hurt which has always been an issue in his career as well as a severe doubt that the Bucs will have another game this year that replicated their week one let alone to continue this for multiple games. Ted Ginn played a great game with a fair number of targets and a touchdown. But with all of the other options the saints have and the high doubt that they’ll score that very high total of points again makes me have a ton of concerns about him. Emmanuel Sanders has a high chance of continuing to be viable as the season progresses but after such an amazing game I personally just don’t see him putting up such amazing stats again. He is week to week startable player for a team with weak WRs but the trade value for him is very high after such a great performance. Kenny Stills has always been a decent WR to have on the bench in my opinion, but he’s always been a guy who produces 2-4 amazing games and then 12-14 Bad to average games. It has always been a struggle to determine the games he is going to perform well in, and with Parker coming back the reliance on Still should go down some. Lastly Quincey Enunwa is on my list to sell now. He had an amazing game that has drawn a ton of looks from fantasy owners for has availability in most leagues. But I see him as a high upside player with a very low floor. In that game he played well but Robby Anderson didn’t as well as Kearse coming back I see him losing some touches. With a rookie QB there are so many questions around him and I feel you could get some great value off of him so you should take the smaller risk and move him for a reliable piece.

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