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Is The WWE’s Womens Movement An Evolution?

The WWE has done a wonderful job with promoting Women’s Wrestling, even as far as the upcoming PPV, all female card. That the powers that be have decided to name Evolution.

That’s a huge step in an industry historically dominated by males….Here’s my issue.

There are a handful of talents that “set the stage” in the female ranks. Charlotte, Asuka, Bliss (more gimmick than talent), Rousey (talent with no gimmick), Natty, Ruby Riott, Ember Moon…maybe a few others.

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Generally speaking (and don’t lose your minds), this genre is still geared to a male, mouth breathing audience that enjoys the views, more than the in-ring product. At live events, the Neanderthals stand with mouths agape at the beauty that stands before them, they wouldn’t know if they were wrestling or bringing them a beer.

Again, the product itself has improved and is usually watchable. However, the inclusion and focus on the division has more to do with pleasing a certain crowd than it does improving the product.

Rousey came in and took jobs right away. She now has the title and her opponents are being lined up. VKM and the WWE machine has a weak spot for “flavors of the month” unless you happen to be his chosen ones, i.e. Reigns, Miz, Lesnar, HBK, HHH, Rock, SCSA, others.

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I still see the women’s division as a distraction more than an enhancement to the overall product. How good will a three hour pay-per-view be with only women in the ring and on the mic? The ladies are a small percentage of the overall product. They are split up between two different shows, and usually do not have but one or two matches on either program. They only have two titles, and no real rivalries going on to speak of besides Charlotte and Becky, and that is for a title! Is there enough talent to do a whole event? This is the first event of it’s kind, so to just have an event would be uneventful, they need to do something special.

Is that why they are bringing back the women superstars of years past? Do they know that they don’t have enough talent to deliver a good event with their current talent, so this was their alternative? By bringing these female talents, is the WWE admitting that they can’t do an entire pay-per-view with their current talent?

Again, I do want to give the current women some credit. They have broken some barriers that I thought I would see another women do. They wrestled inside Hell In a Cell, had iron men matches and those type things. But to say they can carry an entire three plus hour event is overstepping the bounds they have broken recently. There has been an improvement in the women’s wrestling product within the WWE, but there has not been an evolution. Only improvement.

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