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NBA Top 10 Thursday: Top 10 Point Guards

As we head into the Final month of no basketball, ranking players is going to get more and more fun, so today I go through and rank who I think are the top 10 point guards heading into the season…..


Number 10: Jamal Murray: Denver Nuggets

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Murray is heading into his 3rd season as a pro, and he is still trending upwards. He made significant gains in almost every stat from his rookie year to last year and will look to improve even more. Nearly doubling his ppg average, (9.9 in 2016 to 16.7 in 2017) and taking up his FG, Rebound, and assist numbers, Murray is a super star on Denver’s offence and will likely get that same recognition this year league wide.


Number 9: Eric Bledsoe: Milwaukee Bucks

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Like Murray, Bledsoe saw some major improvement in the 2017 season, taking many of his stats up (17 ppg, 47% FG.)  In 2017, he moved cities, leaving the Suns after 5 years. As the Bucks start off a new coaching regime, Bledsoe will likely shine even brighter.


Number 8: John Wall: Washington Wizards

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If not for injuries, Wall would be much higher on this list. He has been to 5 All-Star games and has the skills to rank much higher. But missing 41 games will no doubt take some kind of toll on him. If he can get back to numbers like we saw in 2016 (23 ppg, 10 assists, and 45% FG shooting) then Washington is bound for a good run in the East.


Number 7: Ben Simmons: Philedelphia 76ers

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The reining NBA Rookie of the year, Simmons will only get better. Simmons averaged 15.8 points, 8.1 rebounds, 8.2 assists per match-up. While Philly didn’t go as far in the post season as many thought they would, they have a very dangerous squad that includes Simmons, and star center Joel Embiid.  (If you want to see where the Top NBA Centers rank, click here!)


Number 6: Jrue Holiday: New Orleans Pelicans

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After almost a decade in the league, Holiday had one of his truly best seasons last year. He threw up career high scoring numbers (19 ppg) and also chipped in 6.0 assists, 1.5 steals, 1.5 triples and nearly a full block every game. Playing along side star Anthony Davis no doubt helped his numbers as well.


Number 5: Damian Lillard: Portland Trailblazers

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Lillard had one of the best season overall of his career in 2017-18 and received 1st Team All-NBA honors. As the face of the team, Lillard came up clutch so many times and helped Portland reached the number 3 seed in the West. Even though Portland, came up short in the playoffs, getting swept by Utah and Lillard’s numbers looking far worse then they had all year, the Blazers are in prime position to make another run with Lillard at the helm.


Number 4: Chris Paul: Houston Rockets

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Oh man, the bad luck Chris Paul had when so close to the Finals. An injury in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals was a turning point in that series. Health played a role in Paul’s less then spectacular season in Houston. Once know as the “Point-God,” Paul missed a career high 24 games and the last 2 of the WCF. He averaged just 7 assists, the lowest number since his rookie year. That said, a return to health, plus playing on the same team as currant MVP James Harden, and his still elite level skill set should have him see a major up swing in 2018.


Number 3: Russel Westbrook: Oklahoma City Thunder

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Say what you want to about Russell Westbrook, bu you can’t knock his game on many levels. He has averaged a triple-double over the last 2 years with 25.4 points, 10.1 rebounds and a league-best 10.3 assists per contest. His main flaw is his selfish play sometimes, but with another year playing with Paul George coming up, and the team getting better by releasing Carmelo Anthony, you can expect Westbrook to become more of a team player.

Number 2: Kyrie Irving: Boston Celtics

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If Kyrie had stayed healthy and played like we know he would have, many things would be different right now. One, the Celtics would likely have been in he NBA Finals, and two, he would be number 1 on this list. After having surgery to repair his knee, an infection is what ended up finishing his season. The time he did play though, he was great. He racked up 24 ppg, shot 49% from the field, and averaged 6 assists. Next year returning health and with one of the best young teams in basketball should make Boston the team to beat in the East.


Number 1: Steph Curry: Golden State Warriors

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Streph shows few of slowing down. Playing on a team of all-stars, Curry is free of having to carry a team and is therefore likely to have many more years of success. He racked up 26 ppg, shot 46% from the field and an amazing 42% from downtown. The thing to watch with him is the lingering ankle issues that have plagued him his whole career and cost him 31 games. The Warriors were able to go on that stretch fine with all star Kevin Durant leading the charge, that said, Curry is still the most important member of this franchise. With out him, the offence slows down quite a bit, and while still able to win, Curry makes it all so much easier. He’ll likely get a shot at a 4th ring this season.


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