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NBA Top 10 Thursday: Top 10 Centers

Number 10: Andre Drummond: Detroit Pistons 

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Last season was a good one for Drummond. He averaged 16 Rebounds a game, a career high for the 6 year vet. Also adding to his improvement was his work at the free throw line.  Before, he was sitting at just 38% from the line, last year he bumped it up to 60%


Number 9: Nikola Vucevic: Orlando Magic 

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A real leader on the Magic’s offence, Vucevic is almost the total package in a basketball player. He’s an amazing passer, and play maker. Last year he took his 3 point shooting up a notch, making over 60 and recorded his first tipple double.


Number 8: Kevin Love: Cleveland Cavaliers

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With LeBron James off to L.A., Kevin Love is now the face of the Cavs. Love has had a rough year, suffering 2 panic attacks, a broken hand, and a concussion during the playoff series vs Boston. That said, he is now Cleveland’s most reliable scorer and will have to play at a high level once again if the Cavs want to make the playoffs in the post-LeBron era.


Number 7: Al Horford: Boston Celtics

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Al Horford is making a name for himself now not just for his defensive skills, which are league leading, but now scoring. He has made himself a viable 3 point threat, making 42% from downtown. You can talk about Kyrie and Tatum as the main scorers for the Celtics, but don’t sleep on Horford.


Number 6: Clint Capela: Houston Rockets

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An excellent dunker and Averaging 13 points and 10 rebounds last year, Clint Capela is part of the back bone of the Rockets offence. He led the NBA in shooting percentage from the field, with 65%.


Number 5: Rudy Gobert: Utah Jazz

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Because of Rudy Gobert, the Jazz ranked in the top three in multiple defensive categories, including opponent points in the paint and opponent second chance points, and Gobert finished fourth in total blocks. Along with averaging 10 points and 10 rebounds, Gobert is a an all around threat on both sides of the ball.


Number 4: Demarcus Cousins: Golden State Warriors

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Yet another star player has jumped on the Warriors championship train. Cousins is looking for a huge bounce back after tearing his ACL in January. Now part of the fast paced Warrior offence, he will need to keep up with his team. Before his injury, he averaged career highs in both points (25) and rebounds (12) while also shooting 47% from the field. If he can stay healthy, he should be be a huge part to getting Golden State to yet another…..sigh….well, you know.


Number 3: Nikola Jokic: Denver Nuggets

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Jokic is a rising star in the NBA. After a slow start to last year and a minor injury, Jokic blew up on offence. He racked up the 4th most triple doubles in the league last year (10) and averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds a game. He also shot 39% from downtown. A skilled passer and leader on offence, Jokic will only continue to improve and get Denver that much closer to the post-season.


Number 2: Joel Embiid: Philadelphia 76ers

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Perhaps the most dominant player in the Eastern Conference, and one of the most in the NBA, Joel Embiid is looking to place himself in all time greatness. Despite missing his first 2 NBA seasons, and playing only 30 games in the 2016-17 season, Embiid came back with a fury last year, averaging 23 points and 11 rebounds over 63 games. Probably the most gifted player on this list, only his injury history keeps him from number 1.


Number 1: Karl-Anthony Towns: Minnesota Timberwolves

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The big man up north, K.A.T has kept turning heads last year.  He played all 82 games for the third straight year, shot an amazing 42% from downtown, and led the NBA in double-doubles with 68.  Consistency and protecting the rim seem to be his only weaknesses, but he keeps trending up and improving and will likely continue to dominate this year.


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