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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 10)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We open things in the office of Antonio Cueto, as he receives an invitation to Johnny Mundo and Taya’s wedding. “It’ll never last,” Antonio quips. Kobra Moon enters and demands a rematch for the Trios Championship. She is not in a good mood; she lost Drago last week after losing to Worldwide Underground, a fact that Antonio was quick to remind her of. Kobra Moon states that she doesn’t need Drago and that she wants what the Tribe deserves. Antonio gives her wants she wants:  the Reptile Tribe will challenge for the Trios Championship in tonight’s main event!

Matt Striker stated that the match is official, and Vampiro also added that Killshot will also challenge for the Gift of the Gods Championship tonight. As for the action, The Rabbit Tribe–sans Mala Suerte–is in the ring, and Paul London was quick to rip his former ally and later enlist Saltadore to fight in defense of the Tribe. Antonio says that Saltadore will be the next sacrifice, and in comes Matanza! London actually prevented his ally from running off, sending him into the clutches of the diabolical Matanza. Saltadore pulls off some moves, but Matanza manages to finish off his opponent faster than you can say “squash match.” So Saltadore joins his fallen brother (among others) in Matanza’s collection, with London actually showing pleasure over what occurred.

The Trios Champions are still having problems, as Killshot continued to voice his bitterness over what occurred the Aztec Medallion match. Son of Havoc and The Mack were both surprised to learn that Killshot would be challenging for the Gift of the Gods Championship, with Killshot stating that after he wins the title, he hopes his partners retain the Trios Championship, while also stating to Havoc that he doesn’t like him.

The Gift of the Gods Championship contest is next, and challenger Killshot makes his entrance, followed by the champion, Dragon Azteca Jr, who had a successful title defense against Mariposa last week. Azteca starts off with a pair of chops, but the technical wrestling follows. Killshot is ejected from the ring, but he late delivers a double stomp to Azteca before diving on top of his opponent. The challenger gets the first near fall, but Killshot places Azteca in a submission situation, which the champion escapes. Azteca starts bringing the fight to his opponent, including a head scissors outside the ring! After another two count, Azteca takes Killshot to the top rope, only for the challenger to fight back, leading to the combatants trading shots and chops! Killshot delivers the Kill Stomp from the top rope, but despite this, he only gets a two count! The champion fights back against the challenger, and it ends up resulting in Azteca getting the three count and cementing his second successful title defense in as many weeks!

We see Drago, sitting alone, before he is joined by Aerostar. Drago was freed last week thanks to Johnny Mundo’s wish, and he is feeling regretful for his actions under Kobra Moon’s evil control. Aerostar says that Drago is not to blame for his actions, but Drago believes that he is not deserving of Aerostar’s friendship and must leave. That is just a beautiful segment, I absolutely love it.

Speaking of Kobra Moon, the evil queen enters with Jeremiah Snake and Daga, as the main event is underway. Melissa Santos emphatically introduces the Trios Champions, but we only see two of them:  Son of Havoc and The Mack. It could be said that Killshot is licking his wounds after losing to Azteca, but it also adds to the friction between the champions. Other than being a wrestling fan, I am also a hockey fan, and I know a power play situation when I see one, and that is the case with the challengers. It’s 3-on-2, and Kobra Moon is in the ring getting a dropkick from Mack. Mack later battles Jeremiah, but Killshot appears! Looks like the sides are even and Killshot is fighting back in response to Jeremiah spitting in his face. Killshot entered the evening with everything to win, but has everything to lose, and we now see a borderline Human Centipede situation between all six participants! Wow!

A series of high flying dives follow, first from Mack, then Daga, and finally Havoc. Kobra Moon’s attempt was thwarted by Killshot, but Jeremiah Snake appeared and took down Killshot, and later assisted Kobra Moon into delivering a head scissors to Killshot. Kobra and Jeremiah later take the fight to Killshot and get a two count due to Havoc breaking up the pin. Jeremiah and Havoc later go at it, but Killshot enters and delivers a kick to Jeremiah. Daga takes down Killshot, Mack kicks Daga, Kobra Moon enters, but ends up on the receiving end of Mack’s Stunner, leading to a Stone Cold impression from Matt Striker. Jeremiah places a submission move on Mack, but Havoc breaks it up. Havoc’s dive accidentally hits Killshot, but Killshot took it the wrong way and shoved Havoc off the top rope! This allowed Jeremiah to pin Havoc, and the Reptile Tribe have captured the Trios Championship, the first championship for Kobra Moon!

Killshot sits by Havoc and taunts him, blaming Havoc for losing the titles (not true at all). Havoc holds his shoulder, which appears to be injured, and Killshot responds by delivering the Kill Stomp to Havoc. Mack is furious over what Killshot has done, but Killshot simply blew Mack off before leaving the ring. In Killshot’s mind, and he stated this before, Mack made his choice regarding which partner he was siding with.

Cage is brought out to the ring, and as announced earlier in the program, he’ll be challenging Pentagon Dark for the Lucha Underground Championship in a Last Man or Machine Standing Match next week. However, Cage barely got a few words in before Pentagon entered and went after the challenger! The battling combatants took the fight all over the arena, which included Pentagon channeling his inner Jeff Jarrett and striking one of the band members with a guitar! Nobody is safe; not fans, and not even security! Pentagon and Cage continue brawling over the crowd and later into it, absolute chaos! Cage bumps into Father Rick O’Shea, and grabs him by the collar before Pentagon delivers a chair shot to Cage. O’Shea blessed Pentagon, but the Lucha Underground Champion actually breaks O’Shea’s arm! The fight continues even as the credits roll, wow!

Mack enters Antonio Cueto’s office and demands a match against Killshot, only for Antonio to remind Mack that he already has a match for next week:  a Haunted House Match against Mil Muertes! Whoa!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

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