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NBA Top 10 Thursdays: Top 10 City Jerseys.

Hi everyone, this is my first article in a while so I hope you like it!  It feels good to be back home here at CleatGeeks!

One of the best things the NBA did recently is the creation of it’s City Jerseys. They bring out the unique flavor and attitude of each city or state that the team proudly represents. Today, I go through and list my Top 10 City Jerseys. This list is purely my opinion and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.  Ok, let’s jump right in!



Number 10: Phoenix Suns.

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This one draws it’s inspiration from the rich Hispanic community in Phoenix and Arizona. This is such a clean look with the 2 shades of purple and the word fonts. Definitely hope they keep this one for a while.


 Number 9: Orlando Magic.

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This one is just fun. According to the team’s website, “The Magic’s City Edition uniform celebrates the magic that exists in our solar system and beyond.” This is by far one of the coolest uniforms not just in the NBA, but sports as a whole.


Number 8: New York Knicks.

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This one is very cool. It pays tribute to the city’s fire department and really, what’s better than that? New York’s fire department is one of the finest in the country and this jersey is a great way to show how much they mean to the people of the city.


Number 7: Washington Wizards.

 Image result for washington wizards city jersey

This one is pure fire! For me, white is one of the best looks and this jersey pulls it off perfectly. The side designs are shaped like the Washington Monument and the dot on the i is a basketball. This has a very D.C. feel to it and  should even be their main uniform I think.


Number 6: Philadelphia 76ers.

 Image result for philadelphia 76ers city jersey

This one is on this list not so much for it’s looks, but it’s historical background that I love. The color is a nod to the paper that the Declaration of Independence was singed on. The word “Phila” is written in cursive font like the words on the Declaration as well. Add the red and blue stripes on the arms and collar and this makes one very patriotic outfit.


Number 5: Toronto Raptors.

   Related image

This one is a far cry from the Raptors regular colors. The black and gold is not only really awesome looking, but a nod to one of Toronto’s favorite sons, Drake. The gold arrow pointing up north is a really nice touch.


Number 4: Golden State Warriors.

Image result for warriors city jersey



The Warriors did a really nice job on this one. The jersey pays tribute to the Chinese culture of the Bay area in California. This is not only an important nod to the city, but also honors the teams relocation to the Bay area, which was the same year that San Francisco’s China Town opened up. The blue dragon design over looking the Golden Gate Bridge is such a sick look for the champs.


Number 3: Memphis Grizzlies.

Image result for grizzlies city edition jersey



The history behind this jersey is by far the best of any of these uniforms. The bold white look with black lettering pays tribute to the civil rights struggle that took place in the 1960s.  The Grizzlies press release on these says it all

“The story behind the uniforms dates all the way back to February 1, 1968, when two Memphis Sanitation workers, Echol Cole and Robert Walker were crushed to death by a garbage truck. This incident and years of dangerous working conditions led black sanitation workers to strike. This strike coined the slogan ‘I Am A Man’ and eventually brought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Memphis only weeks later to march alongside the protesters. It was on that very trip that he was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel on April 4, 1968.”

The wording is in the same font as the wording that was on those signs. Hopefully this uniform stays in their line up for a while.


Number 2: Denver Nuggets.

Image result for denver nuggets statement jersey


Ok, this might be the homer in me that put this jersey so high, but the Nuggets really did a great job on these. The Nuggets overhauled their whole look for the 2018-19 season.  These uniforms embrace the colors of the Colorado state flag, (red, blue, and yellow.) and the word mark proudly displays the nick name of Denver. As a Nuggets fan myself, I will definitely be picking one of these up.


Number 1: Miami Heat.

Image result for heat city edition jersey



This one is it. It is clean, it is fire, and, it is just as cool as it gets. The Heat decided to go with one of the greatest parts of Miami history by designing this jersey with the iconic TV show Miami Vice in mind. The light blue and pink, coupled with the word font are direct throwbacks to the show. As a huge fan of Miami Vice, this one was a no brainer for me.


Well, what do you think of this list? Hit me up on Twitter @GeeksportJosh and tell me what jerseys you think should be on this list.


Thanks for reading!

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