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205 Live is preparing itself to get ready for the Biggest Event of the Summer and actually having a match on a pay-per-view since the Greatest Royal Rumble back in April. The show opened with General Manager Drake Maverick hyping up Lio Rush vs Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander vs Jack Gallagher with both Drew Gulak and The Brian Kendrick banned from ringside for the show. WWE had running text talking about the death of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, which was a very nice touch from the company to do over 24 hours after his passing.

The show opened with Nigel McGuiness, Vic Joseph, and Percy Watson hyping up the Cruiserweight Championship match of Cedric Alexander vs Drew Gulak at Summerslam.

Lio Rush vs Akira Tozawa

Lio Rush comes out and runs down the crowd and says they have the honor and privilege of “watching this 23-year piece of gold.” He says Tozawa will feel the rush tonight. Akira Tozawa comes out next. Tozawa gets a lot of early offense, but Rush takes control of the match towards the end as he is sitting on the top rope and Tozawa tries to climb up for a superplex and Rush just pushes him off and hits the Final Hour for the victory to remain undefeated at 5-0. I love the charisma and raw talent of a Lio Rush and would not be shocked to see him in the main event picture sooner rather than later.

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The commentary team begins to talk about the challenger for the Crusierweight Title, Drew Gulak as we cut to a video of Gulak training at the Performance Center as B-roll footage as he is talking about becoming the next champion.

We see highlights of Hideo Itami vs Mustafa Ali and get an interview with Drake Maverick about Ali’s health. Maverick says that Mustafa Ali has been suffering from extreme exhaustion and is expected to make a full recovery, but Maverick takes some of the blame. Maverick says Mustafa Ali will not compete in 205 Live until he believes Ali is 100%. Great way to build more heat on Itami by taking out one of the crowd favorites.

Hideo Itami vs Trent Newman

Itami squashes Newman and hits a couple of basement dropkicks in the corner, which knocks Newman out cold. The referee stops the match and awards the victory to Itami. After the match, Itami drops Newman once again and screams “respect me” before leaving the ring. Feels a little backwards to have Itami knock Mustafa Ali out of competing and then a jobber instead of vice versa, but it seems like Itami is getting set for a nice heel push on 205 Live and that could only lead to good matches.

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Next is a similar video as Drew Gulak, but this time it is of Cedric Alexander. We see Cedric training and he mentions that he is undefeated in 2018 and says no man on the roster is more dedicated to 205 Live than him.

Drake Maverick is backstage as Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy walk in. Maverick congratulates them on their victory last week but is upset that Murphy, who was the illegal man, was the reason Nese got the pinfall over Kalisto. He makes Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy vs The Lucha House Party in a tornado tag match next week. It also announced that the rubber match of TJP vs Noam Dar will happen next week.

Cedrick Alexander vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher 

This match was good as both these wrestlers have good chemistry together. I just never really got into the match since they were pushing the whole “Cedric Alexander has not lost in 2018” and you knew the streak wasn’t ending at the go-home show to Summerslam. The match was back-and-forth and Gallagher has the advantage with Cedric down in the middle of the ring and Gallagher charges him. Cedric gets up and hits a spanish fly and gets the pin for the victory.

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After the match, Cedric Alexander is heading up the ramp as Brian Kendrick attacks him from behind and throws him in the ring as Cedric Alexander fights back. Cedric hits the lumbar check on Kendrick but Gulak comes from behind and locks in the Gu-lock for a few moments before grabbing the title and placing it on Alexander’s prone body as the show goes off the air.

All in all, it was a good show as usual with three different matches. The cut-and-paste aspect of the two hype videos for the Cruiserweight Title match was a little bit disheartening, but it was still a good show that built some intrigue on the match at Summerslam. Make sure to keep your eyes out for my predictions for both NXT: Brookyln IV and Summerslam coming to the website later this week.


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