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Dear Patriots Fan, Move On From the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots have celebrated unprecedented success for almost twenty years. In fact, there has arguably never been a football team with the same level of success over a two decade period. This success is ultimately owed to two people – Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. In fact, the love and devotion toward Coach Belichick have gone so deep that the mantra “In Bill We Trust” has been accepted by many Patriots Fans. While the success of Bill Belichick cannot be questioned, it has come at a price.

Coach Belichick does not like to disclose any information to the media. Anyone covering the Patriots during his reign has no doubt come to expect non-answers and little detail into both his line of thinking, and the team’s direction. This was most famously highlighted by the “We’re on to Cincinnati” press conference after the Patriots 2014 blowout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Belichick keeps his cards close to his chest, and that has consistently been his track record as a head coach.

Now enter Super Bowl LII, with the Patriots close-fought loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. In what was an offensive showcase, the Patriots fell short in the League’s biggest game to yet another NFC East team. The biggest strategic question mark that came from that game was the benching of Cornerback Malcom Butler. Butler, who was the hero of Super Bowl XLIX, had been the Patriots starting Cornerback since the 2015 season.  For some reason, which is only truly known by Coach Belichick, Butler was benched for the biggest game of the year. Had the New England Patriots won the game, no one would have questioned the decision, but because they fell short, it was the first thing that people pointed to.

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Ever since that game ended, many people have tried asking Bill his reasoning behind the decision. Each and every time people seem baffled and surprised they don’t get an answer, and continue to waste their time and breath by asking again and again. Have you not paid any attention to this team before this year? What has EVER given you reason to believe you would get an answer from Coach Belichick about this? He has never been someone to disclose that type of information, and he never will be. Give up, move on, it is no longer relevant and you are wasting your time.

Look, I understand why you want to know and agree it is a very valid question – but why bother? It is a new season, with new issues, and it just doesn’t matter anymore. Butler’s time with the Patriots has come and gone; now it is time to focus on the here and now. Who will lead this committee in the backfield? What is the solution at wideout with the recent roster changes? Focus on what matters this season, not history that has already been written. From one Patriots fan to another, just move on.

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