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The Roller Coaster Ride of Kirk Cousins

The day is October 10th 2012, little did we know how big of a day this would be for two NFL QB careers. It was 3rd and Goal at the 2-yard line, with 6:22 left on the third quarter, when RG3 would take the snap, then roll out to the right, and try to make a move for the Touchdown then would get hit head to head, which would result in a concussion. Every Redskin fan asked themselves, who is our backup? Little did they know they drafted a future 1-time pro bowler with the 7th pick in the 4th round of the 2012 draft. This would not be his only time coming in a game after RG3 got hurt, his most known appearance was coming in the game, in the 4th Quarter of the Redskins Vs Ravens game leading his team to a game-winning drive against the soon to be Super Bowl champs. After that game, Kirk would start gaining Attention to not only the Redskin fanbase but also the whole NFL fanbase. He was not only a 4th round pick who came out of Michigan State poised to be a backup for life, but he was finally being seen as a future starter in the NFL even if it wasn’t for the Redskins.

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He would start a whole season for Redskins until 2015, but he would start the last three games of 2013, and then 6 games in 2014, and then finally be given the keys to take full control of the offense in 2015. By this team, he has gained the nickname of Captain Kirk and would be the centerpiece to the famously known acronym, HTTR. The year 2015, he would lead the Redskins to a 9-7 record and an NFC East division champions, and a ticket to play the Packers in the NFC Wildcard game. By this point, he has all the support around the team and fanbase, no one expected the Redskins to make the playoffs, but “Captain Kirk” put the team on his back and lead them to the promise land. Even though they would lose that game against the Red-Hot Packers being lead by one of the all-time greats Aaron Rodgers, the optimism around DC was off the roofs, everyone loved Captain Kirk and thought he could answer to leading them to another ring.

Fast forward one year, and now the whole Fanbase is calling him, “A Statpatterth seed Giants.  He threw for 287 yards with a completion percentage 62.9 and a ratio of 1-2. People only want to remember his “Choke” interception in the possible game-winning drive to put them into the playoffs, but the whole game should be seen as a team lost not just Kirk losing the game. The defense still allowed 19 points against the first half of starters and a second half against a lot of backups, and offensively struggle to have any run game to be heard of. The defense allowed Paul Perkins to rush for 106 and Rashad Jennings to add-on 52 yards and a TD, while Rob Kelly only ran for 33 yards which allowed the Giants to not respect the run game at all. Somehow the whole game falls under that one interception from Kirk, no the other 3 quarters where they should have put away a team that was already looking forward to the playoffs. This one game would be the start of the demise of Kirk and the Redskin organization.

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Now in the 2016 Off-Season, the rumors of Kirk wanting to get paid big due to his Good Regular Season stats started to create a ripple effect around the organization. With only one playoff appearance and a 26-30-1 seems like nothing special, and with that analysis, they decided to Tag him. He was not pleased at all and felt disrespected but knew he had the opportunity to earn that payday the following year.

Now in the 2017-2018 Regular season he would have to lead this team to a successful season to be able to reach the big money, but with a season derailed by injuries, he ended up just finishing the season 7-9 with a stat line of 4093 yards and a 27-13 ratio, which in most minds is an above average season but nothing special, but when accounting the injuries and below average WR play, just leading to the team to a 7-9 season with the those stats is impressive. Going into the off-season everybody knew Kirk wanted the big contract, and most fans wanted him to walk due to all those names he gained by in 2016, which then allowed for a big Off-season to be had for the NFL.

The first big move the Redskins made was trading for Alex Smith in the off-season, which meant Kirk was going to be in a different NFL uniform in 2018 but how? Were they going to Tag and Trade and straight up let him walk?  They decided to lose all that value, and let him walk to Free Agency where he’s been the most confident prize since Peyton left the Colts in 2012. He was untimely decided to sign with Vikings which then would lead us to the question, What Kirk do we expect?

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Do we expect the highly appraised Kirk or the Kirk that gained all those nicknames back in Washington? Every Fan of Minnesota expects the 2015 Kirk to come back, and everyone should by just looking at the team. He has to Pro Bowl caliber WRs, an above average Offensive line, a good Running Back but us coming back from an injury which leads to questions, but the Biggest improvement, is that he is going to be playing with a top 5 defense behind him. With a win or go home game the Vikings won’t allow a Paul Perkins caliber player run for 100+ yards against them, they will shut the run down and not be the reason they lose. This is Kirks first True time having a great team behind him, and a Super Bowl should be expected from this team with all the talent that the roster has. If he fails to even come close to winning a ring, then maybe we should actually recognize him as a 4th rounder talent, but until this season is complete we should expect the most from him, and not hate on him. He has never had a fair chance in Washington, and this is the season to see the true Kirk and have all the Redskins fans who believe they got an upgrade at QB to sit there in embarrassment for calling Alex Smith better than Kirk Cousins

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