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Indianapolis Colts Preseason

3 Huge Takeaways From the Horseshoe in their 2018 Preseason Debut.

As an advit diehard born and raised corn fed Colts fan. I loved seeing Mr. Andrew Luck back on the field. We haven’t seen that wonderful bearded smile since January of 2017.

The first two drives I was watching with such close intent on his shoulder. Could be take a big hit and get back up? Was he going to actually give it all he had? What kind of Andrew Luck would we see?

What we all saw was the same fantastic methodic drive we have all come to know and love. I was very pleased to have my guy back under center…finally!

Final stat line 6-9 64 Yds 0 TD 0 INT


On this second takeaway; I had a good solid story I was going to do on Jacoby Brissett. But after watching Phillip Walker (5-8 88 yds 1 TD) I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Signed a futures contract in January of this year. I didn’t see this coming. I know it’s preseaon but that’s what we are here for right?

His 10 yd TD pass to Darrell Daniels was the highlight of the night in my opinion. He effectively outplayed Brissett. (6-8 35 yds) Which I thought was very appealing.


Final takeaway; for me personally was the Colts never die attitude. The defense though at times looked sluggish. (First game keep in mind) they had a different feel to them. A nasty in your face ball hawking presence. Loved the interception in the end zone by Nate Hairston in the second quarter. This defense under new head coach Frank Reich will be much improved in my mind sooner rather than later.

All in all I am one happy satisfied Colts fan this week knowing my boys are making a comeback this season. We finally seem to have things going in the right direction.

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