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3 Impacts From Impact

An absolutely thrilling Impact is in the books! Who delivered the most memorable moment? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Kiera Hogan made good on her promise to be at Allie’s side during her battle against Su Yung, as the pair competed against the Knockouts Champion and one of her undead brides. The match ended well for the pair, as they defeated Su and her bride, with Allie pinning the Knockouts Champion. However, Tessa Blanchard entered the ring and attacked Allie, showing that the war between these two was not over. In addition, Tessa revealed her motive: she was not going to sit by and let Allie get a title shot before she does. The Knockouts Championship picture has become quite interesting.

Speaking of interesting, the Grado/Katarina/Hendry angle gained more intrigue, as their feud with Eli Drake continued. Grado challenged Eli to a tag team bout, with Eli searching for a partner against Grado and Joe Hendry. Both Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley came out and went after Grado and Hendry, but after the dust was settled, Lee was officially established as Eli’s partner, and the two of them defeated Grado and Hendry. After the match ended, Eli furthered the proverbial fans by again suggesting that there’s something going on between Hendry and Katarina. One of the long list of TV and film tropes is “Jerkass Has a Point,” and Eli could be telling the truth about Hendry and Katarina. Only time will tell if Eli is right.

Eddie Edwards has made his intentions clear: he wants the World Heavyweight Championship. For the second straight week, Eddie delivered a kendo stick attack to Austin Aries after he was humiliated by Anthony Carelli (the former Santino Marella in WWE). We later saw him interacting with his wife Alisha, who had stated in an interview that she was ready to move on and compete in the Knockouts Division. There are still problems between them, as Alisha told Eddie to get some help, but all Eddie would say is that he will be World Champion again. I can’t wait to see Alisha back in the ring again, but if this thing with Eddie continues, one has to wonder where it will lead to.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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