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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 9)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We kick off with Antonio Cueto on the phone in his office, where he is encountered by the sinister Mariposa, who comes on to him. Her true reason to visiting Antonio is to receive a Gift of the Gods Championship match, which Antonio denies her. However, after Mariposa bribes him with cash, it appears an arrangement has been made. Interesting.

On to the temple, where the Rabbit Tribe is in the ring. Antonio appears and voices his pleasure over Paul London being in the ring, but he states that only one of them can compete in this opening match. London chooses Mala Suerte, who London claimed “failed” the White Rabbit, and as a result, he’ll have to deal with Matanza. Mala Suerte brought the fight to Matanza, which happened to include some cartoonish sound effects! Though Mala Suerte did outlast Matanza’s last sacrifices, he still fell victim to the monster, and he joins a much, much more sinister club.

Next up, a match with interesting tag team partners, Joey Ryan and Worldwide Underground’s Jack Evans, and their opponents are none other than another interesting pair: Xo Lishus and Ivelisse. Hmmm. Two sets of strange bedfellows battling each other, and it starts up with Evans and Ivelisse in the ring, with the former taking control. Ivelisse later gets on the offensive, with her arsenal including a head scissors. Ryan enters, but he is cornered by Ivelisse, allowing Xo Lishus to tag himself in and deliver his unorthodox offense to Ryan, though it appears that an attraction has been made between the two. Evans enters, looking for payback against Xo, who delivered an upset win against Evans some time ago. Ivelisse re-enters and fights both opponents before she’s taken down by Evans.

Evans gets a two count, but continues on the attack. He sends Ivelisse to his corner, allowing Ryan to tag in. Ryan remained on the offensive, but Ivelisse escapes, allowing both combatants to tag out. Xo and Evans in, and the former gets a two count due to Ryan breaking things up. Xo and Ivelisse double team Evans, and the former later delivers his moves on Ryan, not realizing that Evans is the legal man. Evans enters and placed Xo in a submission situation, and though Xo doesn’t tap out, he ends up passing out, giving Evans and Ryan the victory. However, Evans continued to keep Xo in the submission, ignoring his partner’s pleas to let him go due to the fact that they won. Ivelisse broke things up, and we see Ryan confronting Evans over his actions, with Evans stating that it was not over between him and Xo.

As Matt Striker confirmed, Mariposa received her Gift of the Gods Championship opportunity, and it served as the following match. Dragon Azteca Jr. made his first defense of the title, which is a golden ticket to the Lucha Underground Championship, and though he vowed to not remove the belt until he cashes in at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, he promises to be a fighting champion. Mariposa delivers a low blow and a near low blow to start things off, but only gets a two count. Azteca gets his bearings together and delivers a kick to Mariposa’s head, and gets a two count of his own. We all know what Mariposa is capable of; she’s not only psychotic and ruthless, she’s also cunning. Her cunning got her this title opportunity, and she nearly lost it after Azteca’s 450 Splash! Azteca couldn’t believe it, and Mariposa would express shock of her own when her devastating move only got herself a two count. She tries again, but Azteca counters and pins Mariposa, making his first defense a successful one! Azteca survived the malevolent Mariposa, but it is a LOOOOONG way until Ultima Lucha Cuatro!

Now the match we’ve waited a week for: The Reptile Tribe vs Worldwide Underground in an Atomicos Match. The evil Kobra Moon has vowed for weeks to make Johnny Mundo bow to her and she may get that wish if she and her tribe are victorious. She referred to Mundo’s actions to Vibora as cold-blooded, but she respects it, and she delivers a new member of her tribe: Jeremiah Snake! The man formerly known as Jeremiah Crane was resurrected by Kobra Moon after his time in the casket following Grave Consequences weeks ago. So Daga and Drago are with Kobra Moon and Jeremiah Snake; meanwhile, Mundo decides to make changes of his own, telling Ricky Mundo to sit on the sidelines for this match. He stated that he needed to find someone he can count on to fight the Reptile Tribe, and it was none other than Aerostar! This is doubly shocking, as Aerostar is part of WU for this match, but other than that, Aerostar was partners with Drago, as the two of them and Fenix were the Trios Champions until Kobra Moon slithered her way into Drago’s path.

So here are the stipulations for this main event. If the Reptile Tribe wins, Johnny Mundo must join the Tribe, giving Kobra Moon what she wanted for weeks. If WU wins, Kobra Moon must grant Mundo one wish. After the chaos is put at bay, we see Mundo and Jeremiah in the ring, but he is later dropkicked by Aerostar, who later dives and lands on everybody! Drago does the same, and later on, Taya dropkicks Daga and dives on top of the entire group! Mundo and Jeremiah fight again, but Kobra Moon’s attempt to help her new henchman leads to her being tossed out of the ring by Mundo. Jeremiah later circles the bases and bowls over WU, and later gives the announcers a scare. He later approaches Taya in the ring, with Taya giving him a one gun salute. The two combatants continue battling in the ring before Taya tags in PJ Black, who dominates Jeremiah with his offensive arsenal. Mundo and PJ later team up on Drago, which includes simultaneous kicks to Drago’s head, before both of them are taken down by Jeremiah.

Jeremiah tags in Kobra Moon, and Mundo finds himself outnumbered, but still kicks out on a 3-on-1 pin! Even soe, he had Drago, Kobra Moon, and Jeremiah in the ring, and it was only due to his WU cohorts that Mundo wasn’t successfully pinned. Aerostar again took down the Tribe, as he wants so badly for him and Drago to be back together as brothers in arms, like they once were before. Mundo delivers the End of the World to Drago, and gets the winning three count! Worldwide Underground wins, and with the victory, Mundo remains with WU and gets one wish from Kobra Moon, which Mundo lets her know! An unselfish Mundo decided to use his wish for Aerostar, and his wish is for Kobra Moon to free Drago! Taya appears to be upset over Mundo’s unselfish decision, and she lets him know her feelings as Aerostar unchains Drago, who revels at his newfound freedom.

Taya takes the mic and lashes out at Mundo, while tearing up over his actions. However, Mundo said that Kobra Moon couldn’t grant his wish, because only Taya could grant it. At that moment, PJ pulls out a ring for Mundo, and Mundo gets down on one knee and proposes to Taya, with an emotional Taya happily accepting! What a night!!!

We later see Ricky Mundo with that doll of his, apparently with sinister plans for the happy couple. Oh boy.

That’s the Lucha Lowdown for this week! Until next week!

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