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The Art of Being Grateful (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

This weekend’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony reminded me just how misguided we are; mostly in the case of Ray Lewis and Randy Moss.

Both of these athletes were elite during their playing time, and, arguably the best at their positions. However, weaved into their speeches were “happy thoughts” and battle cries for “peace”, “love” and “justice.”

Their personal lives notwithstanding, I find the abuse of the public stage to be woefully out of control. Everyone knew Ray Lewis would be preaching and yelling and sweating, but his rant lost focus soon after her started. Moss, for his part, thought a tie with names of casualties of this world would make for a good look.

This is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Thousands of players have stepped on the field and only a select few make the cut to Canton. In my opinion (and that’s all it is), how about focusing on what you can control. Your accomplishments, the game and how it has given you opportunities that most don’t have?

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Photo by; USA Today

It should not be a political forum or a preaching pulpit for anyone. That’s not what the fans came to see we are already saturated with that every minute of every day.

Two of the best, often criticized for making some bad decisions off the field. Were not satisfied with that, they had to make wrong decisions on a different stage, a stage that was meant to honor them.

This can be added to their list of bad decisions.

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