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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 8)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We kick things off in the temple, with Daga in action. Of course, where Daga is, Kobra Moon–in all her slithery glory–is near. His opponent is PJ Black, the high flyer of the Worldwide Underground, as the war between the two factions continues. Technical style to start things off, until Daga takes down PJ and gets a two count. Daga stays on the attack, and delivers what appears to be a guillotine choke, which PJ gets out of. Two count for PJ, and he later puts Daga in the dangerous Pendulum move. PJ continued delivering his offense, nearly winning with a backslide, leading to the two combatants trading shots. PJ later corners Daga, but Daga gets out of it and delivers a DDT, which turns into a submission move! PJ gets his right foot on the ropes, forcing the hold to be broken. PJ delivers a reverse suplex and later places Daga in the Dragon Sleeper submission. Daga powers out and delivers an onslaught of shots followed by a dropkick. A two count for his efforts, but Daga had PJ in a near crossface situation.

The two combatants trade shots again; PJ’s enziguri shot misses, but he manages to connect with a kick. Daga thwarts his opponent’s attempt at a top rope move, and later delivers a top-rope Frankensteiner, only for PJ to turn it over and nearly get the victory. Daga ended up defeating PJ with a modified wrist lock submission, much to the delight of Kobra Moon, who summons Drago and Vibora. The quartet beats down PJ, and with Vibora set to deliver a piledriver, Johnny Mundo and Taya enter to save their cohort. Ricky Mundo arrives later on, and actually tries to fight Vibora, to no avail. PJ delivers kendo stick shots to Vibora, and that becomes the weapon of choice to beat down Vibora, leaving WU standing tall. Kobra Moon tells Mundo that the Reptile Tribe is in his future, only for Mundo to dare her to try to get him. The challenge is made:  next week the two sides will face off. If the Reptile Tribe wins, Mundo pledges allegiance to Kobra Moon. If WU wins, Mundo will get whatever he wants from Kobra Moon. This will be epic!

The Mack is in the locker room, where he is confronted by Catrina, who warns him that Mil Muertes is coming for him. She stated that death swirls around him, and it was at this moment that Mack was spooked by the remains of Mack’s cousin, Big Ryck. Wow!

The new Gift of the Gods Champion, Dragon Azteca Jr., speaks about winning the title and his drive to become Lucha Underground Championship. He knows that Ultima Lucha Cuatro is a long ways away, but he says that he will defend his title against any and all comers. The only way he removes that title, is when he’ll turn it into a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship at Ultima Lucha Cuatro!!

The Rabbit Club are in the ring and they are set to challenge for the Trios Championship! The Mack, Killshot, and Son of Havoc enter to defend their titles, and it has been an odd and somewhat combustible partnership since Havoc was announced as Dante Fox’s replacement. Mainly, Killshot has been the one frustrated over Havoc’s addition, and he was upset when he lost his chance at the Gift of the Gods title in a match against his partners. After a staredown, we see Killshot and Mala Suerte in the ring, until Havoc tags himself in–much to Killshot’s dismay. Havoc and Mala Suerte battle, until Paul London gets in and corners Havoc, who later dominates his opponent. Saltadore is tagged in, but Havoc tags in The Mack, and he fights his checkered opponent for a two count.

The Rabbit Club regroup, and it later results in London and Saltadore tripping up Mack. In odd occurrence, we see Killshot toss Mala Suerte towards Mack and London, and it’s followed by a series of high flying moves! Killshot and Mack team up on London, but London’s partners deliver a Tower of Doom! Havoc delivers a double stomp followed by a moonsault, but he’s tossed out by Mala Suertre, who later fights Mack. London holds Killshot, who fights out of it and goes after Mala Suerte. Killshot stomps Mala Suerte and later London, but Saltadore fights him on the top rope, only to be stomped by Killshot, completing the hat trick. Mala Suerte delivers the Cutter to Killshot, but Mack has his own WWE Hall of Fame move:  the Stunner! Killshot decided to pick up his partner’s scraps and took the winning pin on Mala Suerte, so while the Trios Champions retain, Mack and Havoc do not look pleased with their partner’s actions.

Main event time, and as mentioned before, Cage and Pentagon Dark are in tag team action against each other, but each of their partners are unknown. Seriously, every time I see Cage, I want Melissa Santos to serve as a villainous manager for her real-life beau, but digressing, Cage revealed King Cuerno as his partner for the main event. The Lucha Underground Champion, Pentagon Dark, enters, and he states that he can take on both of them alone. And so it’s official:  no partner for Pentagon, he’ll face Cage and Cuerno on his own! Even for the champion, it’s an uphill battle, as the duo relentlessly decimated Pentagon, and it was at that moment that Cage sent Cuerno on his way! This revealed that Cuerno was merely a hired gun for Cage, who pins the champion for the victory. After the match, Cage delivers a pair of Conchairtos to the champion. Holy cow!

We see Johnny Mundo (in his Indiana Jones gear) and Taya in the lair of the Reptile Tribe, only to end up facing Vibora, who outpowers the former Lucha Underground Champion. Taya strikes Vibora with the bat, and after knocking out their foe, they take Vibora’s head!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

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