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3 Impacts From Impact

The fallout from Slammiversary has come and gone! Who made the biggest statement after the event? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The biggest impact came at the beginning, as Austin Aries gave a passionate promo about his title defense from Slammiversary, and he stated that he would take on any and all comers. In a huge surprise, Eddie Edwards came from behind and took out the champion with a kendo stick: the same weapon that was given to him by Tommy Dreamer. Eddie defeated Dreamer in a grueling House of Hardcore match, after which the Innovator of Violence apparently passed the torch to his opponent. Eddie’s message was clear: he wants the World Title that he once held nearly two years ago, and this title encounter, if it happens, would be amazingly epic.

Johnny Impact made his first appearance on the Impact program in a while, as he defeated Trevor Lee and later stated that he plans to take care of Kongo Kong. I mentioned Eddie going after Aries, but I hope that match happens sometime in September, and that Johnny’s comeback leads to a title opportunity at Bound For Glory. One of two World Title teases in Impact now is Johnny, the other is Moose. By that, I mean, we fans believed that Johnny would be elevated to the title earlier, but they backed off for reasons that are still a baffling mystery. Seeing as Johnny will be featured in the upcoming season of Survivor, his call out to Kong should be the beginning of the quest for the title.

Scarlett Bordeaux made her anticipated Impact debut, doing so on the mic instead of in the ring, though that will definitely come soon. She stated that she wanted to be a representative for women’s rights, despite drawing a blank when the name Susan B. Anthony (the woman responsible for the 19th Amendment being passed in 1920) was mentioned. Scarlett stated that she’s tired of being “hot-shamed” and she’ll be the best in the Knockouts Division. Scarlett being a heel is no shock, but that promo was a nice surprise; that and her entrance reminds me of a mix between Eva Marie and Lana. She’ll definitely shine in the Knockouts Division; I’ve seen Scarlett’s work before and she is just spectacular!

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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