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Orioles Bird Feed; What Does The Future Hold?

This season has brought us historical ineptitude from The Orioles, across all positions and players. Staring at the standings, wins/losses and basement dwelling performance is numbing to the mind.

So, what does the future really hold for this team, management and fans expectations?

According to Dan Duquette, they are, in fact, rebuilding. The problem is, Dan is connected closely to Angelos (team owner) and usually speaks from a cue card he is given. Dan went missing during the weeks of decline where Orioles fans were left wondering if this might be the worst team to run onto an MLB field?

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In recent weeks, we have seen the exodus of Machado, Britton and Brach, with the “promise” of some high-end prospects and building for the future. In the case of Brach, the Orioles actually received an International draft spot, so no physical player was involved at the time of trade.

At the recent meeting of “State of the Orioles”, Duquette stated “I would expect the club would take the payroll down next year and the year after and reinvest those resources in younger ballplayers,” So, that really sounds like a two season rebuild, at a minimum.

Thus far, The Orioles have received eight (8) prospects in the various trades. Again, quoting Duquette “We should be able to do that and get back to competitiveness.” They have received OF Yusniel Diaz, RHP Dean Kremer, IF Rylan Bannon, RHP Zach Pop, IF Breyvic Valera, RHP Dillon Tate, LHP Josh Rogers, and RHP Cody Carroll.

The future of both Duquette and Showalter (manager) is also in question. Personally, I find Duquette to be mentally absent at times and dull in the public eye. He might be a good “baseball man” but he always seems to be an extension of Angelos, and nothing more.

Buck deserves better support from both players and management. He is still one of the best and simply has a roster of either minor league talent or gross underachievers.

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Much faith has been lost in “building around” Jonathan Schoop, given his complete collapse this season. More time has been spent talking about this emotional state with the loss of Machado instead of his performance on the field. Friends change teams all the time, that should not be the focus here.

Personally, I expected about 85 wins this season…that dream was gone in May! While I due respect the moves that have been made thus far, I still fear that there are teams out there that work the trade process better than The Orioles. In most scenarios, only time will tell.

In 2019, there will be a “new look” Orioles team. Younger players, less money and management staff TBD….not sure that is worthy of optimism, fear or both.

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