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21 Things You Might Not Know About Brian Christopher

The WWE lost two different superstars on Sunday, one of them was Brian Christopher. For those of you who have been following our site for a while you know that instead of mourning the death of our sports stars we here at cleatgeeks would rather celebrate their accomplishments. We do this by providing our fans and fans of these superstars an article such as this that details their many accomplishments, 21 of them to be exact, so here we go.Image result for brian christopher wrestler


  1. Many of you know that Brian is the son of Jerry “The King” Lawler. But did you know that he is also the brother of wrestling referee Kevin Christian?

2) Lawler began his career as one half of the masked tag team “The Twilight Zone” with Tony Williams under the individual ring names of Nebula (Lawler) and Quasar (Williams) in the United States Wrestling Association.

3) It did not take Brian long to unmask and continue his career as “Too Sexy” Brian Christopher. While in USWA he feuded with wrestlers such as Jeff Jarrett, Bill Dundee, Tom Prichard, and The Moondogs, and even his father Jerry Lawler.

4) Brian was never revealed to be Lawler’s son while in the USWA, in 1999, fellow Power Pro Wrestling wrestler Doug Gilbert broke kayfabe and admitted it during a shoot interview.

5) Brian then joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1997, still known as Brian Christopher, and began to compete in the light heavyweight division. Christopher made it all the way to the final of the Light Heavyweight Championship Tournament only to be defeated by Taka Michinoku.

6) Even in WWF/WWE Jerry and Brian never admitted on camera that they were father and son. A notable example of this was during the Light Heavyweight Championship match at Judgement Day 1998 between Taka Michinoku and Christian, when Jerry Lawler reveals that he wants to see more of Brian Christopher – to which Jim Ross replies “Haven’t you got some baby photos?” Often a running joke was that someone (usually a commentator) would mention their relationship, which led to both of them adamantly denying that they were related.

7) In mid-1998, Christopher started teaming up with Scott “Too Hot” Taylor to form the tag team called Too Much. For a while, he and Scott Taylor played up a quasi-homosexual angle that involved them speeding around on scooters/mopeds and culminated with Too Much riding off on the back of the Disciples of Apocalypse’s motorcycles.

8) On the June 13, 1999 edition of Heat, Brian and Scott adopted the ring names Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty, returning after a hiatus, and later becoming faces. Their tag team was renamed Too Cool, and were later joined by Rikishi, becoming three of the company’s top fan favorites.

9) They enjoyed an immensely popular run as Too Cool, as well as success in the tag team division, defeating Edge and Christian in May 2000 on Raw to become the Tag Team Champions.

10) The trio’s run ended in late 2000 when Rikishi was revealed as the man behind the wheel of the car that hit Stone Cold Steve Austin at Survivor Series. Shortly after, Rikishi turned heel and turned on his teammates.

11) While Scotty was sidelined in 2001 with a broken ankle, Lawler formed a short-lived tag team with Steve Blackman. Shortly after Brian was released from the company for illegally conveying drugs across the Canada–United States border.

12) Christopher then started wrestling on the independent circuit. He did so in two Championship matches for the World Wrestling All-Stars promotion. On February 24, 2002, at the second WWA pay per view in Las Vegas, Lawler wrestled WWA Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett for the title, but lost. In April 2002, Lawler wrestled in a fatal-four-way match for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship at a house show where again he lost to Nathan Jones, Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett.

13) From June 2002 until April 2004, he worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as Brian Lawler. This was the first time, that by virtue of his name he admitted that he was in fact Jerry Lawler’s son. He did so to form a group called Next Generation with fellow second generation stars David Flair and Erik Watts.

14) In April 2004, Jim Ross was still head of WWE Talent Relations. The last move he made under that official title was to re-sign Brian Christopher. Unfortunately, he only appeared in four matches, one against Kane, one against Wavell Starr, one against Christian, and the last one against Garrison Cade.

15) He was later released after only one month with the company after John Laurinaitis took over as head of WWE Talent Relations. Prior to his release, Lawler was scheduled to take part in a Battle Royal for the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, but he was replaced by Maven.

16) From 2004 to 2011 Christopher returned to the indy circuit. He wrestled for a variety of companies including; Memphis Wrestling, UWF Live, and SAW.

17) On November 21, 2009, Lawler reunited with Rikishi, and the duo defeated Orlando Jordan and Umaga in a tag team match on the Hulkamania Tour of Australia in Melbourne.

Image result for brian christopher wrestler18) On the March 14, 2011 episode of Raw, Lawler returned to the WWE as a heel in a segment between Michael Cole and his father, Jerry Lawler, where Brian would side with Cole, saying that he felt that Jerry never cared for him and that he was ashamed to be his son. Lawler indirectly agreed, telling Brian that he was a bigger screw-up than Charlie Sheen.

19) Lawler returned to the WWE on January 5, 2014, appearing on the “Old School” edition of Raw and reuniting with Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty, for what would be the final time, to take on 3MB in six man tag team match. His team was successful in winning, turning Lawler back to a face in the process.

20) He made what would be his final WWE appearance, on NXT Arrival in February 2014 as part of Too Cool in a losing effort as mystery opponents to The Ascension, who defended their NXT Tag Team Championship.

21) Brian Christopher held 16 different single or tag team titles in multiple indy wrestling companies. The pinacle of his career was holding the WWF Tag Team Titles as a member of Too Cool.

He had marginal success in his professional career, but his personal life was not so kind to Brian. Lawler was arrested in February 2009 for disorderly conduct. On June 26, 2009, Lawler was arrested for public intoxication just before 3 am. According to the police report, Lawler “became very belligerent” once in custody, and threatened the police officer who arrested him. On July 13, 2009, Lawler was jailed for 30 days after failing to attend an in-patient treatment center as part of his plea agreement. In early July 2018, Lawler was again arrested and jailed for a DUI and for evading police.

Sadly, while in a jail cell, Lawler hung himself and was pronounced brain dead on the morning of July 29, 2018.

Everyone at cleatgeeks mourns the loss of the vibrant 46 year old WWE superstar. We pause and say a prayer for the family and friends and fans of Brian Christopher and hope you do the same.



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