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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 7)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

First off, I just have to say, if I haven’t said it already, I just love the chemistry between Matt Striker and Vampiro. Have since Day One. With that, the action starts with Sammy Guevara facing off against Jake Strong, another grudge match for the former ECW Champion and WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Strong teamed with Guevara and Big Bad Steve in a Trios Championship match in the season opener, but they came up short, leaving Strong to take down his partners and break Famous B’s ankle. Strong competed against Steve and beat him, now he’s facing Guevara. Guevara started off arrogant and confident, but all of that went away quickly, this was mostly a one-sided match from the get go. At least it was from the start, until Guevara dove on top of Strong, and later took over the match from outside the squared circle. Despite Guevara’s fight, Strong put him in the Ankle Lock, leading to a submission victory. After the match, Strong snapped the ankle. This guy should meet Pentagon Dark.

We later see Vinnie Massaro in the ring, and shortly afterwards, Antonio Cueto appears. He stated that when he saw Vinnie, his first instinct was to fire him, but he changed his mind, figuring Dario saw something in him. Antonio says after seeing Vinnie in Aztec Warfare, he had no choice to offer him…a pizza. It had pineapple on it, which upset Vinnie (can’t say I blame him), but it looks like that pizza was intended to be Vinnie’s last meal, as he’ll be next up to be sacrificed by Matanza, who enters and whales on the pizza boy. Vinnie later brings the fight to Matanza, and it looked like an upset was in the works. However, Vinnie, well, wore himself out running the ropes, and that led to Matanza flattening Vinnie like a pizza…on the pizza…for a three count. We see the pizza boy taking Vinnie’s wallet, but he ends up flattened as well, and Vinnie becomes another notch on Matanza’s belt.

At long last, the Gift of the Gods Championship Match is next! The Mack came out first, followed by Dragon Azteca Jr, and one of Mack’s Trios Championship partners, Son of Havoc. Following those three, King Cuerno, Dezmond X, and last but not least, Ivelisse. Yes, this is a six-way match instead of the traditional seven-way format, as last week’s battle royal determined who would be eliminated from competing in the match. Mack’s victory allowed him to take Mil Muertes out of the match. However, Antonio decided to throw yet another monkey wrench into things, as he decided that the Gift of the Gods match will only be a three way, as a three-on-three match will take place involving the six combatants. The winning team will fight for the Gift of the Gods Championship, and Ivelisse & Son of Havoc were given the option of choosing their partner. Of course, they chose Mack, and the three of them will face off against Azteca, Dezmond, and Cuerno.

Mack and Cuerno started things off, but Azteca quickly entered the fray, with Dezmond tagging in. All the while, we see Killshot, the final third of the Trios Champions, watching from above. As viewers recall, the Trios Champions competed in a match for two Medallions, with the Medallions going to the winner and the losing combatant who wasn’t pinned. Killshot was pinned in the match, and that left him feeling bitter at both of his partners. Meanwhile, Ivelisse takes down a not-so-gentlemanly Dezmond, before fighting Azteca and putting him in a submission hold. Cuerno’s kick to Ivelisse breaks up the hold, leading to a two-count from Azteca. Dezmond is tagged in, and he brings the fight to Ivelisse, who finds herself in a vulnerable position. She later delivers an enziguri to Dezmond, and both combatants tag out, with Mack and Cuerno in the ring now, with the latter later going over the top rope and taking down his opponents. Havoc follows suit after fighting off Dezmond, and brings in the legal Cuerno. Havoc’s Shooting Star Press misses, and Cuerno counters for the three count! Mil Muertes appears and takes down Mack outside the ring, as Mack is the reason why Mil isn’t competing for Gift of the Gods. Killshot’s attempt to save his partners resulted in an inadvertent shot to Havoc, allowing Mil to take down the rest of the Trios Champions!

Regardless of the chaos, Cuerno, Azteca, and Dezmond’s victory meant that they went from teammates to opponents, as they later fought for the Gift of the Gods Championship. Cuerno broke up Dezmond’s near fall and picked up one of his own, and the fight continued on with Dezmond taking control against his seasoned opponents. He is later in the ring with Azteca, while Cuerno’s on the outside taking a breather…at least until he entered and kicked Dezmond’s head off! Azteca leaps over Cuerno and the top rope and took down Dezmond, but the hunter is on the hunt, diving through the ropes and subduing his two foes! Cuerno gets a near fall on Azteca, and the masked combatants continued battling on their own until Dezmond rejoined the fray. We see an apparent double submission situation, as Cuerno had Dezmond tied up while Azteca had Cuerno’s ankle. Wow!

All three of them take the fight outside the ring, much to the crowd’s delight. We later see Cuerno dragging Dezmond and placing him on a guard rail, and he later focuses on Azteca, who he tosses towards a collection of wooden chairs! The Gift of the Gods Championship is one step away from potentially becoming Lucha Undeground Champion, and all three men went all out, including Dezmond, who dove on top of his masked opponents! Dezmond places Azteca in the ring, but his 450 misses! He delivers a shot to Azteca, but his plan to plant him from the top rope fails, as Azteca delivers a head scissors and gets the three count on Dezmond X! Azteca captures the Gift of the Gods Championship, and he now carries a golden ticket to a potential Lucha Underground Championship! It’s only a matter of time before he cashes in that opportunity!

We later see Marty the Moth being dragged around, by someone in leather boots. That someone is Marty’s sister, Mariposa, who wakes up Marty with water from the vase. She finally explains why she did what she did to him at last year’s Ultima Lucha: she felt Marty lost focus with his obsession with Melissa Santos and with taking Pentagon Dark’s teeth. Mariposa said that Marty’s true goal is Pentagon’s title, and that he is destined for greatness. Pentagon vs Marty; I’d love to see that!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

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