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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 6)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

The show kicks off with the same people who ended last week’s episode:  The Rabbit Club. With a more sinister look, Paul London entered the ring and faced off against the debuting Dezmond X, in a match for the last remaining Aztec Medallion. When we last saw the Rabbit Club, they brutally killed, yes killed Mascarita Sagrada, after Sagrada led him to the White Rabbit. Any belief that their murderous actions would lead to any sort of power or advantage was squashed, as Dezmond rolled up London to capture the final Medallion.

Antonio Cueto comes out and congratulates Dezmond for his victory, as he’ll participate in next week’s Gift of the Gods Championship match. He later called out the seven Medallion winners to place the Medallions on the belt to declare their spots in the match. First up was Dragon Azteca Jr, followed by King Cuerno, Ivelisse, Dezmond X, Son of Havoc, The Mack, and Mil Muertes. In true Cueto fashion, Antonio decided that seven was an unlucky number and that only six combatants will participate in next week’s Gift of the Gods match. One person will be out, and it will be decided in an impromptu battle royal, where the winner will choose who is out of the match. Already, Cuerno, Ivelisse, and Dezmond are out, and Mack and Havok ousted Mil Muertes and Azteca! Two-thirds of the reigning Trios Champions are left, making an interesting conundrum. That was solved quickly when Havoc actually sacrificed himself and performed an over the top rope Suicide Dive, fitting, because it eliminated him and gave Mack the victory. So who did Mack choose to eliminate? Not surprisingly, the biggest threat: Mil Muertes.

Next up, Vibora enters the ring, with the fiendish Kobra Moon, as he faced off against Johnny Mundo, who had his better half, Taya, with him. It didn’t take long for the women to get involved, and that involvement led to Mundo gaining the advantage, but only for a one count on Vibora. The fight continued on, with Mundo going to the top rope, and diving on top of Kobra Moon! After Taya talks trash, PJ Black is shown waiting in ambush, and he decked Vibora with a chair while Taya distracted referee Justin Borden. Mundo’s End of the World, however, only delivered a two count! A frustrated Mundo superkicked Borden, and Worldwide Underground was set on destroying Vibora, only for Drago and Daga to even the odds. Vibora fought off Mundo’s attempt with a chair by delivering a chokeslam, but that only got a two count!

We later see Ricky Mundo get his boss out of harm’s way, but they both ended up taken down by Vibora. The fight marches on, with Johnny Mundo delivering a series of kicks before being taken down by another chokeslam, this time for the victory. A pleased Kobra Moon entered the ring to celebrate with Vibora, but it was shortlived due to PJ and Taya’s chairshots. Daga and Drago returned as well, resuming a huge brawl between the two sides!

We later see Ricky Mundo with Jack Evans, the only WU member we didn’t see in the fight. Ricky lashed out at Jack for not being out there and helping his fellow members, only for Jack to again explain that he doesn’t like snakes and walk off. Ricky’s creepy doll suggests that he should eliminate Jack like he did to Angélico. The plot thickens.

On to the main event, which was made last week: Cage challenging Pentagon Dark for the Lucha Underground Championship. Though this was made last week, it had been stewing for several weeks after Cage’s attack towards Pentagon, and it was last week that Pentagon cost Cage one of the Aztec Medallions, but gave him a shot at his title. The superheavyweights went at it outside the ring before finally going inside and battling it out. Cage gave Pentagon everything and then some in his quest to capture the title, but he came up short, as Pentagon finished off The Machine and retained his title. Pentagon thwarted Cage’s attack and attempted to break his arm, only for Cage to successfully fight him off and take down the champion. He later reminded Pentagon that he can’t break his arm, because he’s not a man, he’s a machine!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

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