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Are WWE And UFC Setting Up For A Huge Cross Promotion?

I think that the two huge conglomerates are building for a big confrontation between two of their top superstars to drum up ratings to try to boost both companies. Some of you may have seen that Monday Night Raw drew its worse rating last week in a few years and UFC just had their contract with Fox bought out by ESPN who has been working with WWE much more lately than in the past.

My suspicions on this cross promotion started with this. Tell me this was not completely set up. This looks like WWE in a UFC octagon. Honestly, it is what WWE has always had, and what UFC has always been missing. Good lead up to a fight. I have always called WWE/WWF a soap opera for men. UFC is just sticking two fighters into a cage most of the time, no build up no show, just a fight. The only thing the face-off was missing was Lesnar carrying the WWE Universal Championship to the octagon with him.

So now, you have a popular UFC fighter, and a face performer that most viewers are behind because of the two weight classes and the fact that as he pointed out in the video, he is 39 in Daniel Cormier. Who is now set up to face the heel performer in WWE Universal Champion and challenger Brock Lesnar. Despite what the MMA purest may think, you need more than just two good fighters to pull off a really true big event. If you just rolled your eyes, let me give you two words, Conner McGregor. His personality, love it or hate it, love or hate him, it makes no difference, it is the fuel that burns the eventual fire that takes place. This fight will happen, and it will be huge for both brands.

Then last night on the Extreme Rules pay-per-view WWE did their best to keep the storyline relevant by doing this.

And of course you can’t have a storyline involving Brock Lesnar without including Paul Heyman, mainly because Brock is not talented enough to both wrestle and talk. He is kind of like the UFC in that respect. If you would take Paul Heyman away from Lesnar you have have a decent wrestler with no build-up. So ofcourse Heyman has to respond. He actually responded with multiple tweets, but I will only include this one.

Back to the UFC portion of this for a moment. The question of when Lesnar would be cleared to fight was answered this past Monday, as USADA released a statement stating the current WWE Universal Champion re-entered the testing pool on July 3 and had six months and four days remaining, meaning he will be eligible to return on Jan. 8, 2019.

So now we actually have a date. That helps us with the timeline, and that also means the next first date the fight can occur on is on Saturday, Jan. 19, the third Saturday of the month, the customary day for UFC PPV events. But the fight is not going to happen on this date. There is another date that makes tons more sense for a variety of reasons.

Turn in your slips at work now and ask off for this date, Saturday, Feb. 2nd, trust me. Why does this date make so much more sense? The location first, and the event the next night. The event will take place in Las Vegas, the day before Super Bowl 53. In years prior, the UFC would put on PPVs the day before the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, banking on out-of-towners coming in from all over the world to watch and bet on the game. In the last three years, the UFC has gone away from the model and instead put on “Fight Night” events, with, for example, the 2017 show taking place in Belem, Brazil.

But there will be two WWE superstars who will be the octagon that night. No, that is not a miss print, I meant to say two. This will more than likely be Cormier’s last fight in UFC. People who are big UFC fans are going to hate this next sentence, so brace yourself, here it comes. Daniel Cormier will win this fight, and both fighters will no that is the result before the bell even rings, yes like WWE the result will be predetermined. The fight will not be fake, but the result will be known and agreed upon ahead of time. Cormier has imposed a hard deadline of retiring on his 40th birthday on March 20th, so the fight fits nicely into that time line as well.

Image result for braun strowman money in the bank

But who will be the second WWE superstar in the octagon that night? His name is Braun Stroman. Why will he be there? Because he will perform the most epic cash in ever. For those of you reading this who are not wrestling fans, let me explain. Strowman won a ladder match against other WWE superstars to capture the Money In The Bank briefcase. The briefcase allows Stroman to cash in said briefcase anytime, anywhere for a Universal Championship opportunity. The stategy behind this is for the holder of the briefcase to pick his spot when the champion is the most vulnerable. Brock will be really vulnerable lying in the middle of a UFC ring. Stroman will come from the back, with his theme music playing and a WWE referee by his side to pin Brock and take his Universal while the world is watching the biggest UFC event of the year. It will also be no coincidence that WrestleMania 35 will take place a short time later on April 7th and a rematch can occur between Stroman and Lesnar at WWE’s biggest event of the year.

And there you have it, the largest cross promotion event, possibly ever. I see the pieces falling into place. And I not only hope this happens, but I honestly think it will. Just remember, you read it here first, and I called it first.

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