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3 Impacts From Impact

Independence Day was over, but there were still plenty of fireworks at the Impact Zone! Who delivered the biggest explosion? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Without question, the biggest Impact was made by LAX, and it was delivered towards…LAX?! I will gladly explain. For weeks, Konnan had suspected that Kingston was behind the attack on him, which took out Konnan and allowed Kingston to take over. Ortiz and Santana regained the tag titles in Konnan’s absence, but even with that, Konnan’s suspicions remained. It all came to ahead in the final segment of the program, where Kingston admitted to having Konnan taken out, saying that Konnan’s time was up. At this point, I expected Ortiz and Santana to turn on Konnan, mainly due to the fact that they won the belts back with King, but to my surprise, they didn’t. A bigger surprise came when the tag champs were attacked by none other than Homicide and Hernandez…the original LAX duo! Now, Homicide had only been away from Impact for several weeks. For Hernandez, it had been a few years! Regardless, we should now expect an LAX vs LAX match for Slammiversary!

Following Allie’s appearance in defense of Madison Rayne, the pair banded together in tag team action against Su Yung and one of her undead brides. I myself was enthused over the fact that one of the undead brides would be in action, and it was a very interesting affair. However, the evil Tessa Blanchard inserted herself into the fray and went after Madison, still bitter over losing TWICE to Madison already. Allie eliminated Tessa from the equation, and the heroic pair still ended up winning. Now, a part of me hopes that there’s room for Tessa and Allie to face off at Slammiversary, we should find that out.

In more Knockouts action, Katarina competed on Impact for the first time in six years, as she defeated another returning face in the form of Rebel. Grado, of course, was by Katarina’s side, and after the match, they were both greeted by Joe Hendry, who is a friend of Grado’s. Hendry was revealed as the newest member of the Impact roster, and it was also revealed that he and Katarina had some history. My humble opinion: Katarina’s turning heel. When she returned as Grado’s girlfriend, I felt that it was a matter of time before she dumped him. Hendry’s debut and revelation of a past between him and Katarina may open the door for that. It may be gradual, but we may see Hendry make the turn first, and then Katarina dumps Grado for Hendry afterwards. Only time will tell.

Those are my 3 Impacts from Impact! Until next time!

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