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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 5)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We kick things on the temple, and Cortez Castro is in the ring with a Singapore Cane in hand. As to why he’s in the ring, well, Antonio Cueto is out to cover that base. He revealed what we know:  that Castro’s a police officer. Antonio also got to the root of the matter, Castro is Matanza’s latest sacrifice, and in just a matter of seconds, Matanza defeated Castro, and afterwards, Castro joined Mr. Pectacular in Matanza’s growing list of sacrifices.

Next up, one of the five remaining Aztec Medallions is on the line, as the always sleazy Joey Ryan faces off against Ivelisse. Ivelisse is coming off getting a violent revenge on former boyfriend Jeremiah Crane during Grave Consequences, and she is now looking to do something she’s never done: compete in a Gift of the Gods Match. Ryan proved to be a formidable foe, but Ivelisse continuously countered against the offense of her opponent. This includes Ivelisse delivering various lethal kicks to Ryan, as well as a German Suplex for a two count. Ryan set Ivelisse up for a Power Bomb, but Ivelisse gets out of it and delivered a Sunset Flip for the victory! Ivelisse joins Dragon Azteca Jr and King Cuerno as collectors of one of the Aztec Medallions.

Another Aztec Medallion match follows, but it’s a very interesting one. It’s a three way match, and the participants are the Trios Champions: Killshot, Son of Havoc, and The Mack. Antonio Cueto comes out and decides to add yet another wrinkle to this already intriguing match:  a second Aztec Medallion! In this match, the winner gets one medallion, and the other goes to the defeated combatant who was not pinned. The champions wasted no time fighting each other, and as the early stages of the match showed, if there is an antagonist in this match, it’s definitely Killshot, who was taken out of the ring, allowing Mack and Havoc to go at it in the ring. Killshot gets back in, only for Mack to take him back out and deliver an over the top rope dive on top of his partners.

Mack and Killshot fight in the ring, while Havoc is out of the ring momentarily, but he does get back into the fray. As Matt Striker mentioned, it would have been easier for Havoc to stay out, he would win a Medallion regardless of what happened in the ring, but that is not Havoc’s style. Killshot talks trash to Havoc, with Havoc answering back physically, leading to a back and forth battle with shots being traded. Mack gets back in, and all three combatants fight in the ring against each other. Mack delivered a tackle to Havoc and later turns his attention to Killshot, who delivers a clothesline to Killshot before receiving a dropkick. Havoc later delivers a double curb stomp to both combatants, but he is later on the receiving end of Mack’s offense.

After all of that, Mack’s near fall was actually the first of the match, with Havoc kicking out and staying alive. Killshot prevented Havoc from delivering his finisher, and took him down, only for Mack to end up delivering a Stunner to Killshot! BOTH of Mack’s opponents were down, and when it came to the choice of which one to pin, Mack decided to pin Killshot for the victory. As a result, Mack received a Medallion for the win, and Havoc got one because he wasn’t the one pinned. Killshot, of course, didn’t take things well, as he shoved away Havoc and knocked Mack’s Medallion out of his hands.

There are now two Aztec Medallions left, and one of them is on the line in the main event, as Mil Muertes, along with the new-look Lady in Red, Catrina, faces off against Cage. This match was made a week prior, after Cage took down Pentagon Dark in his quest for the Lucha Underground Championship. When super-heavyweights clash, it’s expected to be a brawl, but the combatants started things off by delivering some technical wrestling moves…THEN the brawling started. Cage actually grabbed Catrina by her hair, but he paid for it at the hands of Mil Muertes. The combatants returned to the ring, but Mil inadvertently speared the ref, allowing Justin Borden to enter as a replacement and nearly count a victory for Cage. Cage took out Borden, but Rick Knox enters and counts two in Mil’s favor. Mil took down Knox, leaving no new officials left.

Nevertheless, the fight continued, and both men delivered a vicious fight to each other, with Cage set to deliver a chair shot to Mil Muertes. However, in a huge shocker, Pentagon Dark revealed himself to be disguised as a fan, and he beat down Cage with a steel chair! After Cage was placed back into the ring, Mil Muertes delivered the final blow to Cage, picking up the victory and an Aztec Medallion, while Pentagon Dark got his payback. However, the usual Lick of Death from Catrina did not follow, as her new look comes with a new demeanor. Pentagon informed Cage not to feel bad about losing the Medallion, as he is giving Cage something better: a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship next week!

For the first time this season, the Rabbit Club make an appearance! So does Mascarita Sagrada, who promised the group that he would introduce them to the White Rabbit. We finally see the White Rabbit, with Paul London wanting his guidance for whatever he wishes. The White Rabbit wanted them to do one thing:  kill the man who brought them to him, Sagrada. London does so by bludgeoning Sagrada, much to the White Rabbit’s amusement. Wow.

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

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