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Interview with Baltimore Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey

On July 7th, multiple former professional Football players, current NFL stars, and collegiate athletes were in Orange Beach, Alabama to help coach young athletes in a football camp led by former NFL star Running Back Bobby Humphrey. Among those in attendance to coach the younger athletes were his sons, Marlon Humphrey, a former Alabama Crimson Tide Cornerback and current Cornerback of the Baltimore Ravens and Maudrecus Humphrey, former Arkansas Razorback and UAB Blazers Wide Receiver. Marlon Humphrey was selected 16th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens from the University of Alabama. Humphrey was selected by the Ravens due to pass coverage support he would supply efficiently for the Ravens. In his first season in the league last year, he accounted for 34 total tackles, 11 pass deflections, and 2 interceptions. Marlon did not come into the league as a starter but he did come in and performed more efficiently than a typical role player of the 3rd press coverage Corner. In a defense looking for youth and high-velocity talent, Marlon Humphrey is already filling into his role as a future starter and star for the Baltimore Ravens defense once CB Brandon Carr either retires from the league or either (or Jimmy Smith) departs due to free agency.

Marlon was coaching the younger athletes in multiple drills including skills that pertain to Defensive Backs. After the camp, Marlon was gracious enough to be interviewed on multiple topics including the camp, his rookie season last year with Baltimore, the team’s current track record going into the 2018-2019 NFL season, and his teammates. Marlon was very open to the topics and was generous enough to give the time and details in the interview.

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What attributes are important for younger athletes to learn first when coming to these camps?

“The main thing about coming to these camps is technique. Once you kind of build a technique, you just build and build and build. Once you learn wrong, it’s a little bit tougher to change these things you learn at just a young age. You always mainly want to learn it right the first time whether you are going really slow or going really fast. Just go at your pace and learn the technique.”


What is your mindset going into the upcoming season?

“Just to build on last year, I felt like I got a little comfortable last year. I got adjusted to the quickness of the game and some of the Wide Receivers. I know or think we play some more powerful offenses this year. So, I know it will be a tougher job especially on the Secondary.”


What are some attributes you believe define you the most as a key Defensive Back for the Baltimore Ravens?

“The thing I would say that defines me the most is even-kill. You know either when you make a big play and then you make a bad play, you always want to stay at an even level. You want to stay mentally stable all the time, that’s one of the main things you can have at Defensive Back. You can never get too down on yourself and you can never get too high on yourself.”


You guys lose S Ladarius Webb in the offseason, how significant is his loss of leadership and playmaking ability?

“Ladarius Webb is actually one of the major guys that we lost, especially for me last year. I remember that as soon as I came in, he seemed like he was the guy that didn’t want to see me fail and wasn’t going to let me fail. There were a few times last year in the season when he would tell me “go tell coach, you wanna go in the game.” He would say things like that to me and he was also like “if you want to go into the game, show them you want to go into the game.” He would really let me know that he wanted to see me play and that he was always going to look out of for me and to make sure if I wasn’t doing right.”


Are you guys going to have a defensive structure this year?

“We have a new Defensive Coordinator (Don Martindale), who thinks we got some smart guys in Eric Weddle, Terrell Suggs, C.J. Mosley, those are the kind of leaders of the different positions on the defense. Coaches can always coach but ultimately the players are out there playing, and our new Defensive Coordinator is kind of letting the players have a little input of what we can do on the field. So, I really like that he is being a player’s coach and really trying to utilize the best of our defense.”

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General Manager Ozzie Newsome added your former teammate at Alabama, CB Anthony Averett, in the 4th round of this Draft. How does it feel to be teammates again?

“It feels good, I remember that we actually had lockers right there next to each other at Bama. It’s always good when you can add another Bama guy. Coming from there, I know how (Nick) Saban teaches and how they are going to be groomed. Knowing how he is going to come in and add to the depth of how Secondary is good.”


What do you think he will contribute this upcoming season and what are the best attributes of his playmaking ability?

“D.B.s’ one of the key things is speed. I think speed will definitely be one of the better things that he’ll have this season. I remember him at Alabama, he was the fastest guy on the team so anytime you can add somebody that is that fast is always good.”


Terrell Suggs is entering his 16th season in the league, all with the Ravens, how does it feel having a veteran/future Hall of Famer as a leader on the team for so long?

“Really good. I didn’t watch much NFL football growing up so when he was on the team ending this year, I told him ‘man, you are the real deal. I didn’t come in here thinking of what you’ve done in the past. I just wanted to judge you off the now’ and he ultimately showed me something.”


Your team adds former Heisman Trophy winner in Quarterback Lamar Jackson in the 1st round, what does he bring to the Ravens’ organization right now?

“I think he just brings diversity, he can not only throw the ball, but he can also run the ball. So, when you Quarterback that can do all of that for your team, it’s a good feeling.”

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What have you learned the most under the guidance of fellow Cornerback Brandon Carr?

“He is another guy, an older guy, that helped me with just learning the ropes, coming in as a rookie. He is just another great veteran that’s been really helping me out.”

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