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Straight Up Smack Down


The “go home” show for Extreme Rules guided Smack Down Live to Manchester, New Hampshire. (I had to google it because WWE was apparently not proud to be there?) MizTV began the night, as he introduced his two very popular guests; Daniel Bryan & Kane…..

Great opening segment for the night’s show & I can’t criticize any portion of the execution or the creative part. Well done! This was the solid backdrop for the rest of the show & really helped keep the audience invested until the very end. When we finally got to the end, here is how the main event shook out:

So Bryan gets the pinfall on Eric Young, but the act afterward really looked like a part you would see after the show went “dark.”  I’m surprised that WWE aired this type of audience pandering, but since they had pyro to set off (which is uncommon now), it makes sense that they would want to get the most eyes they could on that segment. Heck, I’m writing about it so I guess that means it worked, right?

Also, New Day versus SAnitY was announced for Extreme Rules’ Kickoff show this Sunday.


Asuka got another shot at James Ellsworth this week, in a lumberjack game. Not shown in this clip was Carmella taunting all of the lumberjacks individually & differently, before James was introduced. Also not shown was James’ introduction, where he came to the ring & removed his shirt, then stated “None of you ladies are ready for Asuka but James Ellsworth is!” (while Carmella was standing RIGHT behind him).  If you were not convinced by James’ declaration, his T shirt clearing reiterated that statement.

Asuka gets her revenge, but that wasn’t all! GM Paige had some mighty words for the Ellsworth/Carmella crew following the match:

Low key, Smack Down Live had a televised A.J. Styles versus Shinsuke Nakamura match on the show this week! You know, the “Dream Match” that had been repeatedly billed as such at Wrestle Mania & in the months afterwards? One difference though……no this was not another Last Man Standing match, Rusev was sitting ringside:

How is that fair, Paige? Styles & Nakamura had a full length match (not really shown) & their reward for their Extreme Rules’ opponents interference is now having to participate in another consecutive match? Where’s the logic in that?!

The match was also entertaining, but I’m struggling with that announcement by Paige. Rusev made a pretty good case for his chances this Sunday:


FINALLY!!!!  After a month-long tease, Andrade “Cien” Almas faced former friend Sin Cara in a match this week:

Well, I guess the wait was worth it! I was very impressed by their match & thought that as far as WWE’s pay-per-view matches go, this match would have been more than worthy to be on a Sunday card. The pace was good, the two had fantastic chemistry, & really kept my interest. I also like that Almas won with one of his set up moves & not the finisher. That little detail is lost so often on lesser opponents nowadays. Almas SHOULD defeat Sin Cara with the Crotch-to-the-Face.


Enjoy Extreme Rules on Sunday & as always, thanks for reading!

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