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This is a new weekly article where I plan to give you the fans 10 happenings wither they be rumors, opinions or facts about the wrestling business. Everything is up for grabs WWE, Impact, Ring of Honor, NXT and the independent circuit as well. These 10 things are in no particular order so throw everyone out of the ring, and let’s start the 10 Count!

It looks like WWE is going to soon be bringing back Saturday Night’s Main Event! Along with the other WWE shows going to the Fox networks, which we will discuss in this article as well, it looks as though the shows that Fox is loosing from their current UFC deal, will simply be replaced with WWE programming.

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A few days ago the WWE, as it often does has open tryouts at their performance center in Florida. There were two interesting names that surfaced from the Instagram videos WWE posted this weekend. The first was Chelsey Green, who you may know from her Impact Wrestling days as Lauren Van Ness. She also has former WWE ties as she was a competitor in the reality based WWE show Tough Enough. The second interesting name that surfaced from these tryouts was former Impact wrestling star Robbie E. It is not known how much interest the WWE has in either of these wrestlers, and just because they tried out does not mean they were given any kind of actual contract.

Another former wrestler who may be coming to the WWE is Katlyn. She was actually spotted backstage at the June 22nd NXT taping. As we all know, she would most likely have to have a stint in NXT before the WWE would grant her a main card contract. She was not in the ring during that taping, so I can not confirm that she is actually back with WWE. I hope she gets another shot, as I thought she was one of the most beautiful and physically fit women’s wrestlers since Chyna.

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As of October 1st 2019 the following 5 year contracts will begin. Monday Night Raw will stay on USA as this is one of the 5 year deals. Smackdown will then go from Tuesday nights to Friday nights and will be aired on the Fox broadcasting company.

On June 30th the WWE did a show in Tokyo Japan where they made a rumor official by saying popular Japanese women’s wrestler Io Shirai has signed with the company and that she will be appearing on the NXT brand. Not only was it announced, but she actually made an unannounced appearance and she told the sold out Tokyo crowd herself.

The WWE did announce to us some vital information about the 2018 edition of the Mae Young Classic. The announcement was the two dates when the WWE will be filming the event. They will be August 8th and 9th from Full Sail Arena in Florida. The WWE did go on to say that there will be 32 participants and that they are from 12 different countries.

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Last thing on the new television deals with Fox and NBC. It has yet to be confirmed, but several sources are saying that as of October 1st FS1 will also start airing NXT. Plus, Fox also wants to do a studio weekly segment as a wrap-up type show as to what happened in WWE each week much like their weekly UFC show with the same premise that they are loosing.

The WWE injury list seems to be growing by the minute. The injury list includes; Ruby Riot, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Jason Jordan, The WWE did a show at Madison Square Garden on July 7th, at the show MoJo Rawley defeated Bobby Roode in what has to be called an upset. But that may not be the entire story. It seemed that during the match, Roode may have injured his knee and they may have changed the outcome of the match between the two of them because of the injury. That would leave me to believe that Roode knew he would be out for a long period of time, and he may as well put over MoJo. Speaking of being out for a long period, half of the Fashion Police seems to be having the same problem.

I wanted to give you an update on WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt. Two Fridays ago Bray was involved in a 3 car head on accident. No one was riding in the car with Bray, but the car was totaled. He missed the next Raw due to his injuries, but he did compete in the live event this past weekend in Philadelphia.

Lastly, there was the incident at UFC 226 between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier. It was like I went to a UFC event, and a wrestling build-up took place. Is the UFC taking a page out of the WWE playbook? I wonder this, have the WWE and UFC been planing something big all along? I will propose something in an upcoming article, but for right now, let me give you this video. But, let me warn you, at the end, Lesnar uses some language that kids should not hear.


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