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Does Ronda Rousey Deserve Her Spot In UFC Hall Of Fame?

Ronda Rousey was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on July 5 at The Pearl at the Palms in Las Vegas. She was at the event in person as part of the ceremony. I was shocked when she did not win the WWE Women’s title at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view, to set on the podium beside her written speech, but more on her WWE status later.

Before I give you my opinion on her induction let me give the words of Dana White, UFC President via the official press release; “There would be no women in UFC without Ronda Rousey. Ronda is an absolute pioneer who helped me personally, and a lot of other people, look at women in combat sports differently. She accomplished everything she set out to do with UFC and became a global icon and role model in the process. Today, the women’s divisions are packed with incredibly talented fighters and they produce some of the best fights you’ll ever see. We’re proud to announce Ronda as the first woman to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.”

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Photo by; Las Vegas Review-Journal

Rousey (12-2) holds victories over former UFC champion Miesha Tate, former Olympian Sara McMann, Liz Carmouche, Cat Zingano, and Alexis Davis. Even despite losing her final two Octagon appearances via knockout at the hands of Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes, “Rowdy” is still considered one of the best female fighters of all time.

While I am throwing out quotes, let me give you a few more; “Every now and again, you get an athlete that transcends sport, that transcends gender, that just stands for something so much bigger, “ said UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan boldly claimed that “there is no one who is a bigger pioneer of mixed martial arts.”

Here is also a quote she gave before she took to the podium; “This is an immense honor, to not only take part in bringing women to the forefront of this sport, but now the UFC Hall of Fame,” Rousey said in a statement. “May I be the first of many.”

But Does She Deserve The Spot?

I will give Rousey credit, the UFC gave women’s fighting credibility, exposure and money, with Rousey being the star. She was the biggest sensation in the sport, igniting crowds and pay-per-view cards. She didn’t change the game, she invented it. She also changed the business model. An activity deemed too uncomfortable for the UFC was quickly everywhere, with Rousey appearing in commercials and movies, on magazine covers and red carpets.

Then in November 2015, she was kicked senseless by Holly Holm and it all came crashing down. A little over a year later, she returned following bouts of depression and anxiety, and got destroyed by Amanda Nunes. Rousey ended her MMA career at 12-2, including 6-2 in the UFC.

And eight fights in the UFC is all you have to do to get into it’s Hall of Fame? She didn’t even win them all. As mentioned above, she won her first six matches, lost her last two matches and then, she made her money, tucked her tail and ran for the scripted WWE. Now I love the WWE and she will more than likely be much more succesful in the WWE than she was in the UFC. But that is not the point we are debating here. We are looking at her career in the UFC and based upon it are debating if she deserves the ultimate honor of having her name preceded by the words UFC Hall of Famer.

There is no other hall of fame for any other sport that would let a person in their hall of fame after only 8 games, or even 8 seasons. I don’t care what kind of impact she had, between her 6 victories she was in a UFC octagon for 1077 seconds. Her 2 losses were a combined 6 minutes 48 seconds which means her total time in a UFC octagon was less than 25 minutes. No matter how good she was or what her record was, that is not an impact, that is a flash in the pan.

She is NOT a hall of famer. She was a good fighter who beat average competition, but when the competition got better, she got beat. Then she retired. She is the epitome of being in the right place at the right time. I don’t fault her for it, but she is NOT a hall of famer because of it.

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