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3 Impacts From Impact

With Slammiversary getting closer, who delivered the best moment? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

The program began and ended with Madison Rayne and Tessa Blanchard, as the latter interrupted the former’s promo regarding her quest for the Knockouts Championship. Madison was quick to remind Tessa that when they faced off in the ring, Madison won, leading to a rematch taking place. As the saying goes, “second verse, same as first”; Madison won again. However, Su Yung and her twisted undead brides appeared and surrounded the ring–Tessa acted like she was going to fight off the brides, only to walk off and leave Madison on her own. In a surprise, Allie appeared and saved Madison from Su’s minions, and one has to believe that she has unfinished business with Su.

Sami Callihan and the rest of oVe made an impression on Pentagon Jr., as a cage match ended with the trio beating down the former Impact World Champion and even unmasking him! oVe takes pride in being habitual line steppers, and this instance led to Pentagon making a challenge to Sami: a Mask vs Hair match for Slammiversary. Sami accepts and vowed to expose Pentagon, making this a very interesting bout for the big event. If I recall, I don’t think these two have faced off in Lucha Underground yet, so seeing this on an Impact PPV will be absolutely epic.

The X Division received a new addition in the form of Rich Swann, who debuted on Impact as the opponent of former X Division Champion Trevor Lee. Swann, of course, is known for his recent tenure in WWE, which saw him capture the Cruiserweight Championship and shine as one of the top stars on the Cruiserweight-based program, 205 Live. In his Impact debut, Swann picked up the victory over Lee in what was an impressive match, and now comes the burning question. How long until Swann is in the X Division Championship picture? Slammiversary is weeks away, but one has to believe that Swann will be knee deep in the title picture after the event passes.


Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Until next time!

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