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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4, Episode 4)

Welcome to the Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the latest edition of Lucha Underground!

We begin with the familiar leather boots of Catrina, as she walks towards Fenix and takes his life force, using it to reignite her own. Meanwhile, Melissa Santos is shown looking at photos of her and Fenix, mourning the man she loved. She is later approached by Catrina, who stated that Fenix gave his life for the woman who truly loved him, and gave her medallion to Melissa, as Catrina no longer needs it. Whoa.

On to the temple, Big Bad Steve is in action, and with The Beautiful Brenda at his side, he is set to face off against Jake Strong in a grudge match. Jake and Steve were partners with Sammy Guevara in a Trios Championship match, but after their defeat, Jake not only took out his partners, but he broke the ankle of Famous B. Steve is looking to avenge Famous B, but as the early stages of the match showed, he was off to a bad start, as Jake dominated Steve from the get go. It wasn’t even close. Jake delivered an absolute onslaught towards Steve, and ended it with the Ankle Lock, forcing Steve to tap out. After the match, Jake delivered a Gutwrench Powerbomb to Steve. An ankle breaker; methinks Jake should meet Pentagon. Can you imagine?!

Antonio Cueto is in his office meeting with King Cuerno, and the topic is the Gauntlet of the Gods. Cuerno stated that the Gauntlet was stolen from him, and as both of them stated in agreement, the Gauntlet is a dangerous weapon. Cuerno stated that its danger is why he stole it from Mil, but someone stole it from him. Antonio offered an appeasement:  an Aztec Medallion. In fact, an opportunity for one. Cuerno’s opponent: none other than Chavo Guerrero. Later on, Cage enters and wants Pentagon after his attack last week, however, Antonio doesn’t acquiesce. He states that Cage will have to win one of the Medallions to get a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship, and his opponent for his match next week…Mil Muertes. The plot thickens.

Tag team action now, with Kobra Moon and Daga facing off against the first couple of Worldwide Underground, Johnny Mundo and Taya! I myself have been looking forward to this because Taya and Kobra Moon are my two faves in Lucha Underground, and the match starts with Taya and Daga going back and forth, but Taya’s momentum is stopped by Daga. Taya tags in the Mayor of Slamtown, Johnny Mundo, but Daga continues his dominance, even getting a near fall on the former Lucha Underground Champion. This match was weeks in the making, as Kobra Moon cost Mundo at Aztec Warfare, and it was two weeks ago that Mundo and Taya took down Drago and Kobra. Speaking of Kobra, she enters and gets a near fall on Mundo before Daga gets back in. Taya is knocked off the apron, allowing the duo to focus on Mundo.

Mundo and Daga in the ring; the former delivering a high flying spin move for a two count. Taya finally gets back in, and she and Mundo begin double teaming Daga. However, Mundo’s attempt at a superkick inadvertently strikes Taya, and this allows Daga to tag in Kobra, who delivers her kicks to both Mundo and Taya. The women are left in the ring, and it was at this moment that PJ Black entered and delivered a kick to the back of Kobra’s head, allowing Taya to deliver a curb stomp and get the victory. Their celebration is cut short when Vibora enters the ring, clutching Taya and Mundo before PJ breaks it up. Despite being outnumbered, Vibora takes down the trio, and delivered a splash to Taya before taking down Mundo with a chokeslam followed by a standing moonsault! While Taya and Vibora are held down, Kobra Moon vowed to Mundo that he would bow down to her and refer to Kobra as his queen.

We later see Matanza warming up before he is visited by Antonio, who stated that it was time for his son’s first “sacrifice.” Oh boy. Mr. Pectacular is in the ring, his first appearance since his Aztec Warfare debut. Antonio comes out, and I think two and two are coming together here. My gut feeling is right, as Antonio announces that for the first time, a Sacrifice to the Gods will take place, and Matanza will deliver that sacrifice. Mr. Pectacular delivers a dropkick but spends WAY to much time reveling in it to realize the utter danger he’s in. That kick is all he gets, as Matanza flat out destroyed and dominated him in no time flat. And in an utter flash, Mr. Pectacular disappears.

Main event time in the temple, as Chavo Guerrero faces off against King Cuerno in a match for one of the six remaining Aztec Medallions. Dragon Azteca Jr. won the first one two weeks ago by defeating Drago, and after a fight outside the ring, Chavo placed Cuerno inside the ring to finally get things started. Cuerno delivers a clothesline to stop Chavo’s momentum, and the two delivered blows to each other before Cuerno tossed Chavo out of the ring. Chavo swings and misses with a chair and ends up having the chair kicked to his face by Cuerno. The combatants are outside the ring again, with Chavo tossing Cuerno over the rail and into the crowd. Cuerno, with help from some fans, stands on the rail and delivers a high flying move to Chavo.

Back in the ring, Cuerno climbs the ropes, only for Chavo to stop his momentum and deliver a superplex to his opponent. After a near fall from Chavo, the foes continued battling it out, with Chavo picking up another near fall. Chavo later resorts to his family’s tradition of shady tactics by exposing a turnbuckle, but Cuerno prevents himself from going head first into the exposed steel on numerous occasions. Cuerno climbs the top rope and takes down Chavo before ejecting him from the ring, and later delivers a suicide dive towards Chavo. However, with the combatants back in the ring, Chavo delivers the Three Amigos, but two-thirds through, Cuerno counters with a modified piledriver and gets the three count! He joins Azteca in collecting an Aztec Medallion, and is one step closer to becoming Lucha Underground Champion!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!

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