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Are The Warriors A Dynasty…….Now?

The Warriors easily won their third championship ring in four years as they swept a best-of-seven series against the Cavaliers, and the debate is well underway, are the Warriors a dynasty? In a nutshell, it is as clear as the new white Curry 5 sneakers.

The Warriors had to defeat the Rockets in seven games to get to the finals, but the end of the western conference finals helped catapult them over the top. Even LeBron James was impressed with the Warriors during the finals. “They’ve got four Hall of Famers on their team in Klay, Dray, Steph and KD,’’ said James.

BJ Armstrong, who played along Michael Jordan for the first three-peat said that the Warriors are on the cusp of being considered a dynasty. “They’re right there,” Armstrong said. “For them to have a sustained level of excellence like they’ve had, I don’t take that for granted and I think anyone who’s played or observed this game knows how difficult that is for one, let alone to be here four times and have an opportunity to win three speaks for itself.”

Curry was on the Warriors when they won an abysmal 26 games in his rookie season in 2009 and while it took a few years, he was able to predict what the future would hold.

I would characterize the Warriors as better than an NBA team, they are closer to being a street-ball team if not a street-ball team already. They are so good that to beat them, you can not make many mistakes and expect to beat them. Opposing teams can play as perfect as possible and the Warriors will still find a way to inch out a win. When Curry makes insane shots, it is fair to ask, is this man human and that is one of the ways how you can describe the Warriors since they became a dynasty.

A keen observer would think that as the playoffs come around that eventually the Warriors may lose some of their basketball swag and start to struggle in some key stats such as points scored and three-point field goal percentage. That has not happened. Curry got injured for a few weeks towards the end of the season and there was some concern, would he be able to play to his full potential once the playoffs came around. While he missed the first round, Curry continued his consistent play in the playoffs. He averaged over 25 points a game, while dishing out 5 assists a game and he played some solid defense as he averaged nearly 2 steals a game.

For some teams that win a championship in any sport, it is so easy to conclude, we are satisfied with winning one or two championships, but that is not how the Warriors roll. The Warriors could have easily won their fourth consecutive ring and if that had happened, there would be no plausible reason why they are not a dynasty. In the 2000’s the Warriors had some real bad teams and while they have won six championships, their overall record in 72 seasons is still below .500.

During the western finals, there was some concern whether the Warriors would be able to advance, but they were able to play through their mistakes and they caught fire at the right time. After game one of the finals, there was little doubt that the Warriors would win another ring.

It has been well chronicled that the western conference is extremely competitive and the ability to go into hostile environments such as Houston and San Antonio and come out stronger than before is nothing short of impressive. For some players, going into hostile environments will eventually catch up, but it does not scare anyone in a Warriors jersey, it motivates them even more. There is no debating whether the Warriors are a dynasty, they have been consistent for a sustained period of time and have not lost any of their greatness along the way.

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