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The Lucha Lowdown (Season 4 Premiere)

It’s the middle of June, hockey and basketball are done, and that can mean one thing: Lucha Underground is back! Not only that, the Lucha Lowdown is back as well, and with a recap of the fourth season opener!

Following a recap from Season 3, Season 4 kicked off with the funeral service for Dario Cueto, while his father, Antonio, is told that the Temple in Boyle Heights cannot be used anymore, while it was revealed that he was the one who ordered the hit on his son! Season 4 barely getting its feet wet and the shockers are coming already! Wow!

We now see Melissa Santos conducting a 10-bell salute to Dario, only for Antonio to appear and interrupt the service. After a shot of announcers Matt Striker and Vampiro, Antonio introduces herself as the new owner of Lucha Underground, and even promised a new champion, as Pentagon Dark will defend the Lucha Underground championship in Aztec Warfare! Later on, we see Killshot and The Mack, two-thirds of the Trios Champions in the ring, with Antonio informing that the champions will be in Aztec Warfare, but with their partner, Dante Fox, MIA, Antonio stated that not only will the pair start the match, but the #3 entrant will be their championship partner! The #3 entrant was none other than Son of Havoc, and the three of them started the match.Image result for lucha underground season 4

The first countdown is on, and #4 is none other than the King of Sleaze himself, Joey Ryan! Like always, Joey brings out the handcuffs and chains himself to one of the ropes, a tactic he’s used many times. Entering at #5 is Mr. Pectacular, who we Impact fans know as Jesse Godderz, with Aztec Warfare being his debut for Lucha Underground. The first elimination came when Killshot rolled up his partner, The Mack, much to the Mack’s shock. Already, the defending champion Pentagon Dark makes his way in at #6! Joey, for some reason, decided to go after the champion after freeing himself from his cuffs. Bad move. Pentagon eliminates him quickly. Son of Havoc goes after him, only to get nearly pinned by Killshot. SOH does get the drop on Killshot, eliminating him.

And who enters at #7?! Tommy Dreamer!!! After Mr. Pectacular is eliminated, the Innovator of Violence stares down Pentagon before they fight, and we later see the match’s first female entrant, as Mariposa enters at #8. The demented sister of Marty the Moth took down Dreamer and swung the Kendo Stick towards the champion. Dreamer strikes Pentagon, leaving Mariposa to end up eliminated by Son of Havoc. Outside the ring, Dreamer brings out the thumb tacks, but he ended up tackled on top of them by Pentagon! Pentagon eliminated Dreamer, and Vinnie Massaro enters at #9–and receives a pizza. Massaro even offered a slice to Pentagon, only for Pentagon to shove it in his face and eliminate him. Only in Lucha Underground.

Image result for lucha underground season 4Entering at #10 is another former Impact Wrestling name, Hernandez! He briefly appeared for LU three years prior, including participating in the very first Ultima Lucha, and he quickly got in Pentagon’s face. It would be his undoing, as he would be eliminated by Pentagon, but not before getting his arm broken. Pentagon and Son of Havoc fight, with the former eliminating the latter. At #11, the former champion, Johnny Mundo, enters, and the two of them battle it out. #12, originally supposed to be Angélico, is actually Ricky Mundo, and he and Johnny team up on Pentagon before Ricky is quickly eliminated. The Triple Crown Champion, Fenix, enters at lucky #13, followed by Jeremiah Crane at #14. Crane delivers a chair to Fenix’s midsection, and later delivers a brain buster to Fenix, which doesn’t work in his favor. Mil Muertes enters at #15, with Catrina at his side of course. The second-ever Lucha Underground Champion mows down the competition, but the rest of the combatants fight back, ending with Fenix quickly eliminating Mil Muertes!

Daga enters at sweet #16, with the deliciously evil Kobra Moon at his side. He’s tossed out by Crane following a flurry of offense, and at that moment, Chavo Guerrero returns to Lucha Underground as the #17 entrant! Crane mocks Chavo, only to end up taken down and eliminated by Pentagon. Chavo enters and fights Pentagon before eliminating Fenix. As for the aforementioned Daga, his stay was short lived, as Mundo eliminated him. King Cuerno enters at #18, while Kobra Moon lets out her anger over Daga’s elimination. Dragon Azteca, Jr enters at #19, and he quickly goes after Chavo and Mundo, the former WWE guys, before delivering an aerial attack to Pentagon. Meanwhile, Kobra Moon returns with Vibora, who is not in the match, and sends him after Mundo–as he was the one who eliminated Daga. And who enters as the 20th and final entrant? Marty the Moth! The first time he’s seen after his humiliation, and he pins Mundo, capitalizing on Kobra Moon’s wrath.

Image result for lucha underground season 4

Chavo ambushed Azteca with a chair, but his attempt at the Frog Splash was thwarted by King Cuerno, who delivered his own splash and eliminated Azteca. Cuerno had Pentagon up on his shoulders, but Chavo takes Cuerno down with the Gory Bomb, eliminating King Cuerno. Chavo himself is eliminated by Pentagon, and we are now down to Pentagon, and an unlikely finalist in the form of Marty the Moth. Marty the Moth as Lucha Underground Champion? It almost happened on two occasions, as he picked up two near falls on the defending champion. We see Marty actually biting Pentagon’s fingers, and takes down Pentagon, but only for another two count! Pentagon delivers a flipping Piledriver to Marty, and a second Piledriver leads to a successful title defense for Pentagon Dark! Of course, this is followed by the breaking of Marty’s arm, Pentagon’s sinister symbol.

Antonio Cueto congratulates Pentagon, but announced that next week, he would defend the title against Matanza! Wow, what a way to kick off Season Four of Lucha Undeground! Next week, and the weeks to come, should be off the chain!

That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!


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