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Welcome back to my weekly 205 review/recap. Make sure to tell me what you thought of the show in the comments below and follow me on Twitter @VinPensabene.

This week’s episode opened up with a recap of last week’s main event between Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy where Hideo Itami interfered and took out both competitors. The recap includes a voiceover of 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick calling Itami’s actions “reprehensible and unbecoming of a competitor of his stature.” Maverick adds that those actions will not be tolerated and Itami will be punished by not being allowed to appear in tonight’s show. He adds that tonight’s main event will be Tony Nese vs Cedric Alexander. I really like the openings of 205 Live with Carter recapping the previous show as a refresher and would love to see things like that implemented on the main roster.

The actual show opened with the Lucha House Party vs in a six-man tag team match. Kalisto ran to the back during their entrance and grabbed a pinata with Drew Gulak’s face tapped on it. Dasha Fuentes asks Jack Gallagher, The Brian Kendrick, and Drew Gulak why they are teaming up and they say the numbers advantage has been apparent and want to end the Lucha House Party.

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The crowd didn’t really seem to be into the match at first but the athleticism of Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik towards the end of the match got the crowd interested. Drew Gulak had a visible pin, but the referee noticed Gulak grabbing the tights and didn’t finish the three count. Kendrick had the Captain’s hook on Dorado but Dorado rolled through and reversed it into a rollup and with a grab of Kendrick’s tights got the pinfall. Really weird to give the faces a win via shadiness, especially that Maverick made it sound like this was the finality of the fued, but it seems like it will not be.

We next see a selfie promo via Hideo Itami’s twitter where he says he will be the next Cruiserweight champion and he that neither Buddy Murphy or Mustafa Ali respected him. I really hope that we are approaching the end of these selfie promos, but I fear we are only at the beginning of it. At least we don’t have words shooting at us as the wrestler says them.

We cut to Drake Maverick texting (because who doesn’t do that when they are in charge of a show and it is live) and Buddy Murphy comes in. Murphy comes in and says he will not wrestle until he gets a match against Itami. Maverick informs him that Mustafa Ali also had the same request and told Murphy as a word of advice when talking to his boss, to come in with requests and not ultimatiums.

We have another selfie promo, this time from Mustafa Ali and you can almost see the writer writing this promo as Ali is speaking it. Ali mentions that he almost defeated Murphy last week and says that he will be one step closer to the Cruiserweight championship match and that he hopes both Murphy and Hideo Itami are watching.

Next we have former Cruiserweight champion (remember that? not many do) Akira Tozawa against a jobber named Steve Irby. Irby’s idenity was revealed to be indy wrestler Joey Lynch, a student at Heath Slater’s wrestling school and does a decent job in his role. In the length of time it took to write this paragraph, Tozawa hit a senton from the top rope on Irby for the pin.

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After the match concludes, we get another vignette from Lio Rush from a rooftop. Rush says he feels disrepected since there have been two cruiserweight tournaments and the best cruiserweight hasn’t been involved. The aspect of time was obvious with Rush having an hourglass and prominently showing his watch at the end of the video. Big things for Rush seem to be in order and I can’t wait to see him with the title soon.

Tony Nese is shown backstage doing dips before cutting a two sentence promo before their match and continues to do dips afterwards. WWE does not have Nese in the correct role right now as a henchman but it’s only a matter of time. Speaking of promos, we get a selfie promo from TJP basically repeating his gripes from last week.

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Tony Nese vs Mustafa Ali came up next and Nese’s entrance always kills me as he counts his 8-pack as he says he has eight reasons why he is better than Ali. He says he has an additional one as Buddy Murphy walked out behind him. I always wondered how live crowds react to those as they don’t get to hear the dialogue. Murphy and Nese circle Ali before Cruiserweight champ Cedric Alexander comes out to ringside to even the odds.

This match failed to reach the heights that previous main events of 205 Live but both men put in a good match. Mustafa Ali picked up the victory with the 054.

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