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The IDP Geek Huddle: The “IDP Tipster” 6/10/18


The introduction to what should be an ongoing series as the off-season events unfold in the NFL is short and sweet. We are here to cover those under the radar “sleeper” or “flier” IDP players who may have something to offer us in 2018 and perhaps beyond. And any additional info that may be relevant for a winning edge. Remember that all bets are not locks and nothing is ever full proof, but when it comes to filling in the tail end of our rosters for IDP value we want to get a jump on the situations at hand as early as possible. Who knows maybe even jump on the info to bail on a few players at times. We will cover per case on each player at what level the situation is to the best of our knowledge. While keeping in mind we can not advise that a player already inserted with any worth on a roster be replaced at the early stages of these tips. So take heed how you approach this info. I’ll try to define things as the way they are, but don’t expect as deep of  “takes” as you might see normally in my other articles. The object here is to just get the player on our radars as they develop and then act accordingly.

Eagles Linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill

FLIER APPROACHING SLEEPER: Eagles 2nd year LB Kamu Grugier-Hill is turning heads while running with the 1st team defense at mainly the Weakside LineBacker. To note, LB Nathan Gerry has also seen time with the starting unit as well. With Hicks and Graham nursing back from injuries the 2 youngsters have been getting those reps in OTAs and auditioning for the vacated weakside LB role that Kendricks had held. Fast fact on who may have an edge, Grugier-Hill was the player the Patriots tried to sneak onto the practice squad in 2016 and the Eagles snatched him up and never let him off the active roster. While Nathan Gerry was drafted by the Eagles the 6th in 2017, cut, sent to the practice squad and, finally, called back up to play special teams. Which LB should we think might have held more value? Don’t “take” this wrong, Gerry is firmly still on the radar as a flier, but per OTA reports Grugier-Hill has been the one making the plays and catching the attention of the coaches. Now we know that in a perfect world that the WLB spot for the Eagles isn’t normally a full-time position when Hicks isn’t hurt over the last couple of years. Something that helped keep Kendricks borderline relevant in that time span. But without going really deep here, Hicks has a hard time staying healthy, and some indications are that it could have been Grugier-Hill that would have prompted the Eagles to release Kendricks as well. And just because the Eagles haven’t been using the WLB full time with Kendricks, it doesn’t mean that they may not have wanted to. The weakside is a relevant LB on 99% of the 4 – 3 defensive schemed defenses in the NFL. And there is no reason to think that the Eagles DC Jim Schwartz, a former head coach who is famous for his type of 4-3 “wide” defense, doesn’t want his WLB to actually be on the field more. In five years in Detriot and one year in Buffalo, his WLBs were on the field as every-down players. There is some “upside” here with KGH if he wins the role. KGH is likely going undrafted in full redrafts and on the waiver wire in standard size leagues, do you have a hole to fill? possibly a “flier” 3 – 4 outside linebacker to drop? How about too many cornerbacks? According to KGH’s combine report, there is a reason old Bill in New England took him as a compensatory pick late in the third round in 2016.

Bonus Flier: Keep tabs on Nathan Gerry as well. Again, Jordan Hicks has a hard time staying healthy. And when the pads come on all bets are off. It isn’t far-fetched we end up seeing both KGH and Gerry come into play. And Joe Walker is also in the wings recovering from his own injury and not entered the picture as of yet.


Chiefs Rookie Armani Watts

FLIER: We are going to list Chiefs 4th round safety Armani Watts as a flier with momentum. The Chiefs recently released Ron Parker and they weren’t too happy overall with Eric Berry’s replacement Daniel Sorenson by the end of the season as a full-time starter. Sorenson may have been IDP gold for us but for the Chiefs, his PFF grade of 40.7 (Poor) reflects his play on the field. All indications are they were surprised that Watts fell to the 4th round with Brett Veach himself saying:

“We didn’t anticipate Armani Watts falling that low” … “This guy’s a really good player and we had some big grades on this guy.”

Eric Berry will return from injury and will likely secure the free safety position for the Chiefs to try and keep the superstar away from the line of scrimmage and out of harm’s way more. And they are certainly not betting on Sorenson to make some great leap in his playing heading into his 5th season. So Watts has little to moderate competition to win the strong safety role if he can step up. From what is being stated they want him to succeed just as much as they know they need him to. He actually had positive grades with “upside” to become an instant starter or even an in-season starter option when it’s a matter of time Sorenson does falter. He does have some work to do to gain the Chiefs trust, but we need him firmly on our radar as his situation has “upside” as a potential IDP play. According to the current Rookie Draft ADP info on (that I like to play on personally), he is going undrafted in standard size leagues. And is likely sitting on the waiver wire as you read this. As a Flier, he has one step heading to be a sleeper sooner than later.

Tipster: If there is an owner in your league(s) that may believe that Raiders Khalil Mack being switched back to a designated defensive end from last years outside linebacker, take advantage if possible. As an OLB he was basically a Tier 3 / Low Tier 2 in 2017. When designated as a defensive end he has always been Tier 1 DL player and normally an upper Tier 1 DL play every week.
Keep in mind that these articles may not always be “crisp” as we go, the object will be to get the info out ASAP and sometimes the formalities may be lacking. Especially when “in-season.”
know there are only two players and one I have been hinting on for a week or two on Twitter. It is early yet and if the players I tip-off to were always so easy to find we wouldn’t be gaining an edge to win by covering them. I do have another couple players coming out soon, so stay tuned as I gather up my info so I can “Tipster” on them with confidence.
Here is to hoping that something here gives you the winning edge. Please feel free to follow and contact me @HBogart27 on Twitter or email me at titled “IDP Tipster.”  I would be happy to follow up on this and every article I write or just anything IDP. Thank you for reading.

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